Valentina’s Sexy & Stacked

Valentina’s Hot & Stacked

Valentina's Hawt & Stacked

Valentina Monroe hears all kinds of compliments about her 36DDD-cup bumpers all the time. It truly took tons of time and effort to encourage her to model for SCORE. That babe wasn’t sure at 1st.

“I receive to wear a brassiere,” Valentina told. “When I sleep, I wear a camisole, but when I get up in the morning, I put on a undergarment 1st thing. My boobies are too heavy to be free. I usually need to have a brassiere fitting.”

Valentina told that babe masturbates now and then but prefers sex each single day and loves to be on top. This babe can’t live without foreplay that is gentle and cushioned. This babe has no interest in girls or public sex, has not at any time been in a three-some and said her kinkiest experience was in a doctor’s office but she didn’t come into detail.

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Sha By The Sea

Sha By The Sea

Sha By The Sea

Sha Rizel made the voyage to the Dominican Republic for the second time since 2013 as a worldly, well-versed SCORE Beauty among a group of relative newcomers. In addition to those Caribbean supergroup discharges, Sha had been photographed in Ukraine and Prague.

Sha looks the same as she did in 2013, slender, stacked, hot and fetching. That babe hasn’t changed at all. Her fun bags may be a little larger. Nature tends to instruct that a very slim angel shouldn’t have actually bigger in size than standard, natural pantoons but there have always been exceptions.

Sha has a wealth of experience in naked modeling and was a large aid to the employees in many ways…a kind of big sister to the other cuties. In her captain’s cap and swimsuit, sensational Sha looks willing to take dictate of the island.

SCORE editor Dave wrote in the December 2018 issue, “When you have a combination adore Sha + Bikini, you could pose her in front of cardboard and nobody would notice the background. But u know us: We’re suckers for photographing big breasted chicks in tropical locations.”

Fact is, exotic, outstanding locations put a hotty in a specific mood, something cardboard can never accomplish.

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Busty Island Beauty

Big busted Island Ravisher

Busty Island Beauty

On the big breasted island paradise Alexya shared with her fresh allies and SCORELAND Girls, she could be called over-dressed in what she’s wearing in this scene. All of the angels are free spirits at heart and Alexya may have been the freest spirit of the group. That babe made friendships yet would go to the beach alone for sun.

The gals shared rooms on the island. Alexya’s room mate was Sha Rizel who had a sisterly affection for her and the other gals and especially worried about Alexya

A vegetarian, Alexya was in the right place and the right time. There were a variety of fruits in the Dominican Republic that babe had not ever tasted in advance of in Romania.

“It was not work,” Alexya said. “It was like being on vacation. I savour being a model very much, and this was the most-wonderful shoot I’ve ever done.”

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Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

Maggie Green acquires a unyielding shag from JMac. This chab unveils Maggie who the boss is.

When Maggie first appeared at SCORE, this babe never even broached the subject of sex in conversation. Now talking about it’s just the beginning previous to this babe does it on-camera.

“I’m pumped up for tit-fucking,” Maggie admitted, and that’s the ultimate truth. She receives tons of it. “I like to do it. It is one of these things that at 1st, I was love, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the lad truly gets into it…and I like the noise it makes. It makes a sexy noise!”

The lighting in this clip and matching fotos is on the moody side with a dark edge to it. Maggie receives it coarse. It is a game of domination and submission and the name of the game is total male control.

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Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, sexologist, has left Los Angeles and now lives in Seattle where the locals are more relaxed despite the gallons of coffee they consume. But her good work continues.

This is a SCORE case from the files of Dr. Rosen, PhD. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. U watch, Carlos craves to fuck his wife’s rectal hole. His pleasing hubby thinks anal is filthy and repulsive and doesn’t desire to let him stick it to her behind.

Dr. Rosen tries to unveil his bride that anal-copulation can be pleasurable but the wife refuses to listen and angrily leaves. Poor Carlos. His sex life is in tatters. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes him by the hand and leads him into her intimate chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen have to fulfill her obligation as a sexual educator and teach distraught Carlos how to properly bonk his wife’s anus.

That babe 1st gives him a oral-stimulation, using tons of running spit, engulfing the penis all the way down her throat. Dr. Rosen is not a head-sucker–a scientific term for a hotty who only sucks the first inch of shlong.

Dr. Rosen too knows the value of slobbering her drool on dick. When it’s time for rear entry, Daphne has Carlos screw her Booty whilst she lays on her back. This allows a great check without the girl’s love tunnel. To add more sweetening to the fudgepacking, Daphne unveils Carlos how that babe massages and stimulates her hairless twat while he pumps his fuck-tool in and out of her tush-tunnel.

Carlos is in nice wazoo with Dr. Rosen.

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A Bra-Busting Girl Named Luna Bunny

A Bra-Busting Angel Named Luna Bunny

A Bra-Busting Cutie Named Luna Bunny

“I’m a nasty goddess,” Luna Bunny says in the understatement of the year. Luna’s from Los Angeles, goes to high school, does sexually excited things to herself on-webcam and plays video games.

Luna indeed knows how to costume her hot, big-boobed rack. In this scene, she stretches out a sheer, white turtleneck and wears a short skirt over panty knickers. Ideal for high-school campuses and being the star first-year student body who gives her classmates wood.

One time Luna tosses off her hawt clothes and underclothing, she teaches us a course in the anatomy of the Luna Bunny. That babe can expertly engulf her nipples, smth most large-breasted cuties can do by the time they become high school sophomores.

Among Luna’s specific talents, which are many: “I know the whole Shrek movie scene from starting to end, word for word.” Her sexual dream is to fuck her professor. Maybe this guy should await until she graduates, especially if this gent is tenured.

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Amie Taylor: Bouncing Her Way To Your Heart

Amie Taylor: Bouncing Her Way To Your Heart

Amie Taylor: Bouncing Her Way To Your Heart

Late bloomer Amie Taylor told her meatballs grew larger than run of the mill when that babe was 18 and they just kept growing. This babe blossomed later than some, earlier than others. This babe had the immense breasts in her neighborhood.

Her neighborhood happens to be in Romania, a land that is giving the world an awful lot of zeppelins. Part of this is fueled by the humongous web digital camera business in Romania that’s revealing how many big-boobed cuties there are in that small nation. Romanian pioneer adult model Joana Bliss have to be their role adult model if not their guidance counselor.

Girl-next-door Amie likes laid back, spontaneous dates. Italian restaurants are pleasure. That babe can’t live without to spend time with her allies, doesn’t play or look at sports but loves to walk, and this babe does an exceptional job of bouncing on that mini-trampoline. A tit-man could view her do that over and over afresh until he got severe eye-strain. This photo set freezes some of Amie’s boobs-in-motion action.

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Dildo Cunt-fuck

Sextoy Cunt-fuck

Dildo Cunt-fuck

Simone Ray had one more side to her and that’s why this babe expressed that at the SCORE Studio.

Simone reminded us of slender and stacked Brit Adele Stephens, a charming golden-haired who became one of the busiest-ever models in the Britain.

“I like to play pool and poker and go lap dancing,” Simone said. “I do not have any fetishes, but my allies say I’m more into sex than they are.”

SCORE editor Dave wrote “Simone was a real-estate agent. I’ve always had a thing for Big-Boob real-estate agents. They’re always hawt. They always show off their goods to close a deal.”

“Dildo Cunt-fuck” is the kind of vulgar title u watch on the DVD or magazine racks of a sleazy, sticky-floored porn store in a bad part of town. But that is what Simone gave herself.

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