Amaya May – 38G Tank Busters

38G Reservoir Busters

38G Reservoir Busters

Welcome recent Voluptuous Gal Amaya May, a dance instructor and webcam model making her first visit to SCORELAND. Amaya’s bra is loaded for act and she’s willing to unleash her natural 38G tits.

“I’m a little bit nervous but super-excited about my first time here,” Amaya told. “I do some webcam modeling at home but it’s a little different being in front of the larger than typical camera. I’m a very raunchy person. I cannot expect to have sex for the camera. I am nervous but I am not coy. I like showing off my melons. I can’t expect to get stripped to let the world see those bigger in size than average bra-busters.”

“I started getting love melons when I was actually youthful and I loathed ’em. Now, it is like ‘Holy Crap!’ I receive a lot of attention and I adore to have them played with. Sometimes I play with ’em myself. They’re too fine to resist.”

Amaya’s got tan-lined mounds that are firm, packed solid and look very heavy. She actually smacks ’em around in her initial debut video and gives them a wonderful workout in advance of her hands move south to her clitoris and muff! Observe a Bonus clip of Amaya doing cartwheels.

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Dawn Stone – Ultimate Dawn

Paramount Dawn

Ultimate Dawn

Topmost Dawn Stone is a SCORE Classic scene of a great name in SCORE and big-bust history. It’s part of the “Ultimate” DVD series that includes Summer Sinn, Julia Miles and Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

This is the end of the DVD, after solos and a toy-sharing girl on girl with brickhouse bra-buster Nikki Diamond. Dawn’s date with Sean ends with a group-sex and a load of cream squirted all over her monumental scoops. Dawn only made a pair of hardcore scenes and this was the solely one that has her with super-sized bra-busters. (The enchanting golden-haired from North Carolina started bare modeling as a natural.)

Dawn went on two Boob Cruises, her first in 1998 and afresh in 2000. Her southern pizzazz and gregarious, affable nature made her a larger than typical favourite with the boyz. You know those southern cuties.

The lads loved photographing Dawn during the week, especially during her night-time and beach-side under garment modeling session. Her trademark positions showed off her pliant, flexible positions. She’s close to a contortionist or a yoga teacher, putting her ankles behind her head for sensational fuck-me positions.

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Terry Nova – Everybody Can’t live out of Terry

Everybody Loves Terry

Everyone Can't live out of Terry

Among the great naturals of this big busted world, there are great naturals who fly solo and there’re these who have no hesitation about getting their freak on when the cameras roll. Ever-smiling, doe-eyed Terry Nova may look bashful and quiet to you if you ever happened to meet her but you know more worthwhile. This babe is one of the hottest and horniest big-boobed porn stars. Terry’s popularity has kept her in SCORELAND‘s Top Rated Twenty Models listing. “With hotty’s like Terry and many others, the Czechs could rule the world. I assume that the only reason they don’t is that they’re likewise busy screwing their women’s pointer sisters…and I do not blame them,” Jared sagely observes. That dude may be right about that. Terry is one of the easiest-going girls our studio workers ever spent time with.

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Terry Nova – Anal With Terry

Anal With Terry

Anal With Terry

Terry Nova is just in time, arriving when this lascivious hombre needs stress busting and a release from his frustrations. Leave it to Terry to handle this charmer. This babe knows exactly what breast-men adore. To really make his day, Terry even opens her asshole to his thrusting tool. This chab puts her through a workout, ramming, jamming and cramming her a-hole during the time that Terry wants him to jizz her massive jugs. It’s a done deal as solely Terry Nova can pull off.

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Minka – Minka On South Beach

Minka On South Beach

Minka On South Beach

Minka toured South Beach while shooting segments for the preeminent DVD Maximum Minka and came close to causing numerous fender benders. The photo of Minka standing nonchalantly at a bus prevent is a classic. She caused quite a stir with passersby who spotted this super-vixen walking around Miami Beach. In a taut top, jeans and boots, Minka channels cult star Tura “Varla” Satana of 1960’s drive-in and Russ Meyer clip fame. If there’s an award for longevity and dedication in the big boob community, Minka wins it, milk cans down.

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Angela White – Angela & the big, dark-skinned copulate toy

Angela & the larger than average, dark-skinned copulate toy

Angela & the large, dark fuck toy

Angela was Eighteen years old in 2003 when that babe flew 16 hours from her native Australia and became the first Aussie bra-buster to visit our studio in Miami, Florida. That was a large event for her, made even larger when she made her first SCORE appearance in the December 2003 issue. These pics are from that issue.

“What does being in SCORE mean to me?” Angela White said. “It means everything! It honestly does. All throughout my childhood, all I ever wanted to be was a adult model. Being a glamour model meant that u got to prove to everybody that you were impressive. I guess I truly wanted to do that ‘coz I was insecure about my appearance. I was nice-looking chubby as a kid, so I thought I had no hope. At that stage, of course, I was young; likewise juvenile to think of men’s magazines as an option. At 12 and 13 years old, I lost weight and became indeed thin. I was expert to do a bit of modelling then, but certainly, I was still unhappy ‘coz I was flat-chested.

“Being flat-chested was a real issue for me ‘coz I felt so different. Most of the other beauties had a little bit of curve, but I had the body of a lad. I used to cry about it when I got home from school, and my mum always told me not to worry cuz this babe knew that I’d catch up to ’em and overtake them. I was around 14 years mature when I developed, and ladies man did I develop! Everything moved at a fast pace from then onwards. I became pleased with my body.

“My dream was to appear in SCORE love so many of my idols, like Linsey and Autumn. Honestly, it still seems surreal to me that I’ve really made it. I feel more fine about my body now than I ever had. I am now getting even more attention from guys and it feels actually great. What does it mean for me to appear in SCORE? It means my body can lastly acquire the appreciation that it deserves, it means that I am actually living my dreams and it means that I can finally be myself.”

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Lila Payne – The Busty Book Club

The Big busted Book Club

The Big busted Book Club

Darksome, lace-up boots, a mini-skirt and a taut, cleavage-busting top. Lila Payne wears them well. The goddess from Oz cuts a spectacular figure in and with out hot outfits. This scene makes us feel like beginning a book disrobe club but merely a club filled with big breasted cuties.

“My scoops are heavy,” says Lila, a BDSM expert and a private escort based in Melbourne, Australia. “They weigh six kilos (13 pounds) total. People ask me a lot if I’ve back pang. But I do not. I’m a meaty gal.” We’ve viewed Lila working out with Yoga in a Bonus video and that keeps her flabby, flexible and healthy.

“The best compliment I’ve heard was that I am wise and mature for my age. Ones I don’t care for are, ‘You’ve got mountainous billibongs.’ As if I hadn’t noticed.”

In a second, bonus movie, Lila chats about life as an escort in Oz and the countries she visits.

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Alexis Silver – Drivin Miss Silver

Drivin Miss Silver

Drivin Miss Silver

You’re driving down the street on a handsome, sunny day, SCORE Lothario. U turn to look to your left. Then…WOW! Great milk sacks and booty alert! The hottest hotty you’ve ever watched is strolling. That babe is wearing a tightie-whitie t-shirt, and tight, high-riding denim arse shorts. She’s got that special walk all girls receive when they wear skyscraper stripper heels. Then u recognize her! That babe is Alexis Silver, the British porn mega-star. You’ve jerked many a load out watching her engulf and fuck in Fuckin’ Mo Love bubbles, Mamazon The Video and Stacked Street Strumpets #2.

U pull over to greet her. She comes over and u chat her up. This babe invites you over to her friend’s place where she’s staying and tells you this babe is got a ass-ramming in her wazoo to prepare her darksome hole for a movie scene the next day. “A woman in the streets and a freak in the sheets,” Alexis points out. U have to the abode where u savour a hot bonk with this babe.

This babe is got energy, a bawdy British throat and an overflowing enthusiasm for sex; a female who can’t live without a no-strings afternoon of sexy and enormous snatch and ass-banging. She disrobes nude, leaving the heels on, and begins by putting on a little flaunt for u. Your eyes shift to the anal intercourse stretching out her black hole. In several minutes, your enlarged penis will take its rightful put in that bootyhole.

She sucks your prick hard, playing with your balls with an underhand toss off, smth many beauties are not trained to do when they are first taught to eat dick. That babe gives you the deepest deep face hole, not that bullshit head-sucking routine. Alexis slurps to the root. U bone her chocolate hole in missionary and the tightness of her backdoor feels unbelievable as you bore in and out. It is a worthy thing u brought your camcorder ‘coz you can relive this unforgettable time with Alexis for years to cum!

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