Casey Deluxe – Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

Hot Tub Swimsuit Hottie

 Hot Tub Swim costume Hottie

Casey began as a swimsuit glamour model, and she’s appeared in many German magazines and newspapers. She’s the main model for Saxini and Nixxxe, a German designer of micro-bikinis. Casey was posing topless on the net when that babe learned about SCORE and connected with one of our photographers.

It’s really not elementary to detect Big-Boob German adult models. In new years, we’ve lucked out with Annina, Emilia Boshe and Alexa. Even so, we’re not overrun with German applicants and our scouts there rarely see anyone.

“If you need a reason to go to Germany, you are looking at her!” comments Matt. “Great beer, breathtaking food and the finest babes betwixt Germany and Poland. I hope I run into her at Oktoberfest when I go back this year! More Casey!”

On this day, SCORE took Casey to a posh spa where that babe could dip her sexy body in a hawt tub and peel off her swim suit. And you get a ringside seat.

Casey says that males are too coyness to come over to her and chat her up. Even so, Casey says she enjoys the attention that babe does get. We’re sure she would be glad to autograph her first appearance issue of SCORE (February ’15) if she were asked.

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Lilith – Conquest Of The Curvy Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Buxom Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Curvy Cockteaser

Lilith was a model referred to SCORE by another adult model, Exotica. Exotica was featuring in the exotic dancing club Lilith danced in. That babe told Lilith to call us. We flew this alluring ravishing heart in from St. Louis, Missouri for several days of shooting.

On her first visit, Lilith solely flew solo which is par for the course with many first-timers at SCORE. One time they get a taste of glamour modeling, and if they’re gutsy, they return for boy-girl action. That is how it was with this attractive brunette hair. She came back several times and did the nasty quite a not many times.

The name Lilith is from Adam’s 1st wife who became queen of the supernatural after that babe was evicted from the Garden of Eden. In other words, a bad girl. So bad she’s valuable.

“I was born in St. Louis and spent almost all of my life there,” Lilith told in her first-time interview. “I’ve been dancing on and off for about five years. Right now, I work in a totally stripped lap dancing club. We give lap dances, bed dances and hawt tub dances. Basically, it’s a regular exotic dance in a tub. Dudes wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the bra-busters! The lads love milk shakes in their faces!”

We talked to Lilith about a diversity of subjects: Milk cans, sex, mammaries, tits and sex. And exotic dancing. Some say we’ve one-track minds. They try to smear us.

SCORE: What satisfies you the paramount? Forget about the chap.
Lilith: I suppose actual penetration. We just shag.

SCORE: Any favorite positions?
Lilith: Any and all. No thing special.

SCORE: Have you ever gone with a woman?
Lilith: Not totally. I had a girl eat my pussy one time. I liked it.

SCORE: Have other dancers in your lap dancing club hit on u?
Lilith: Lots of the girls in my disrobe club are pretty straight. Other strip clubs, yes, I’ve had that a lot. But I love most of all lads.

SCORE: What’s your own favorite way to satisfy a lad in daybed?
Lilith: Regular sex. And I adore titty-fucking. That is what u lads call it, right?

SCORE: That’s what we call it. Do you love plenty of that?
Lilith: Yes, I do. It turns me on to see it more than anything.

SCORE: Is it your date’s idea to do it or do u wish to do it?
Lilith: It’s one as well as the other.

SCORE: Are u very vocal when a boy fucks your scones?
Lilith: Sometimes I crave him to do it. “Fuck my juggs. Copulate them,” I’ll say.

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Barbara Angel – Busty Brunettes Cum First

Busty Brunettes Cum First

Busty Brunettes Cum First

“I love to play with myself, especially when I’m alone at home,” says Barbara Goddess. Barbara doesn’t masturbate love this when she is making herself cum at home but point a digital camera at her and she’s insane and glad to put on a brandish of it with a beamer of a smile on her beautiful face.

One of the hardly any cuties at SCORELAND to say that that babe doesn’t adore foreplay (although this babe does desire her big, enormous pointer sisters with their immense areolae sucked and drilled), Barbara just wishes to receive it on with a lad without the neck-kissing and all that.

For someone brand fresh to adult modeling, someone who at not time posed in nature’s garb before or danced topless or stripped in a club, Barbara has the kind of erotic and sexual skills of someone who’s had plenty of experience in front of the camera. She does have a sexy sex life and no shortage of boys bonkers to receive it on with her and receive their faces flattened by her large bra-busters.

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Demmi Valentine – Room Service For A Busty Bad Girl

Room Service For A Big busted Bad Girl

Room Service For A Big busted Bad Girl

Demmi Valentine is planning a party and she’s dressed in her hottest cocktail outfit. The hired aid wheels in a drink tray and pours her a Martini. When this chab sees Demmi, that fellow loses it and feels up her ass from behind, then dry humps her.

Instead of outrage, Demmi can’t live out of his bad charmer behavior. After all, she’s a big boobed bad angel. If the company knew their employee was banging this client, there’d be bother. But Rocky is also hot for Demmi’s busty body to avoid. The party is hours away so there’s time to play. Rocky feasts on Demmi’s bigger in size than standard fun bags, pulling down the top of her dress and her brassiere so that charmer can get at those rock hard nipples. The sucking action acquires Demmi hornier. She craves a thick prick in her face hole.

Kneeling previous to Rocky, Demmi engulfs his erection in her throat and sucks him rock hard, making slurping and kissing sounds as she worships the jock. They hastily drop their raiment on the floor. Rocky gets on his back and Demmi sucks him some more.

Making his flag fly at full mast, Demmi lowers herself over his flag pole and sticks his shaft up her love tunnel. Her cowgirl ride is first, then that babe switches to a reverse cowgirl, her snatch stuffed with his thrusting fuck-tool. That fellow smacks his dick against her clitoris, then shoves his dick up her again.

Her groans and cries of “Oh, god” fill the kitchen area, always a admirable sign of customer gratification. They urge to explore more fucking positions. Demmi dismounts and acquires on the floor to be rogered side-ways. The customer is always right!

SCORE identified Demmi Valentine at the Adore Ranch in Nevada and invited her to show her moves. Fortunately, this babe was skillful to squeeze us, and Rocky, in. It was a taut fit and well-worth it! Demmi truly knows how to rock the jock.

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Maya Milano – Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

“New love melons to the fore!” writes Rex, a V-mag browser. “Maya Milano indeed has the voluptuous body you are known for. Those haunches are the consummate ones to wrap around one’s neck!”

“Maya Milano is incredible, exactly the kind of angel I adore seeing,” comments Sean. “She reminds me of one as well as the other Karina Hart and Natalie Fiore. Breath taking lady and I hope we watch more of her.”

Naturally humongous chested Maya isn’t fluent in English although her instruct of the language is improving. It doesn’t matter. Language differences have no meaning at SCORELAND. It is all about the goddess and her larger than standard love melons.

Through her interpreter, Maya said she has terrible problems finding bras that fit well, look fine and are comfortable to wear for lengthy stretches. That babe usually goes on-line to watch what bras look just right for her.
Maya is focused on her university studies right now but when this babe graduates, will that babe go full-time as a model or proceed part-time as that babe does now? Maya hasn’t decided but that babe has all the time in the world.

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Nadia Villanova – Bodacious Buxotic

Bodacious Buxotic

Bodacious Buxotic

Nadia Villanova makes her SCORELAND first appearance in a hot glamour photoshoot and episode that shows each inch of her stacked, skinny body. The blue-eyed brunette hair is new on the scene and discovered SCORE when a ally said her that we look for big-boobed women.

“I masturbate all the time,” says Nadia, “and I have sex each day, sometimes twice a day. I relish mouthing schlong and then getting fucked hard! My much loved position is being on top. I’m mostly passive when I’m with a boy but it also depends on my mood at the time.”
“My carnal fantasy is 3 charming cuties and three charming lads tongueing and fucking me.”

“The funniest thing a skirt chaser each told to me was ‘Where’s Cupid? ‘Cause this gent just shot me.'”

The next time we watch Nadia at SCORELAND, she’ll be bouncing with a pro-cock inside her wet crack. “Porn is the almost any joy thing I have ever done,” Nadia says.

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Angelica Raven – If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

If The Shoe Fits U Have to Squeeze Her Scones

If The Shoe Fits U Have to Squeeze Her Tits

Some angels have a “fuck-me” face regardless of their sex drives, raunchy behavior and personality. Angelica Raven has that face. Angelica (1st known as “Busty Becky” when that babe initially appeared at SCORE) goes to a shoe store and winds up getting screwed by the manager in his private office/fuck palace. Is this why men open shoe and bra stores? Makes sense. An endless supply of babes parade in and without these shops. It’s easy pickins.

“I usually make the 1st move,” Angelica said in an interview. “I know, within five minutes of collision a lad, whether or not I’ll sleep with him; all I’ve to know is whether or not he urges me. If he does, I prefer to skip the bullshit and just go after what I desire, although, I will not tell lies, I do savour teasing him for a little while beforehand. Half of the enjoyment is in delaying the fun until the absolute breaking point. I find sex is much more rough and vehement that way. Just how I love it! Being nailed truly rock hard, truly fast, and actually unfathomable! I adore rough sex and slavery, so the combination just drives me wild and makes me cum harder than anything you could ever imagine!”

The more we talked, the hotter Angelica talked, proving that all gals have a wild side, at least at some point in their lives, and that angels who receive into porn have sex drives much higher than the commonplace gal. That is what leads ‘em into making porn in the first place. Treating ‘em adore princesses doesn’t bring out their real heat. They’d rather copulate the rough stable-hand than the prince. They just won’t say it.

“I adore servitude! I adore being dominated with a little light S&m, but I also adore to dominate! I just have a tendency to acquire a little too rough when I am in charge and almost any people are scared by that so I usually end up being the compliant one. Not that I am complaining! I adore being spanked. I like the occasional compulsory unfathomable throat. I love talking smutty and being talked indecent to because I like the mental images combined with soever I’m feeling at the pont of time.”

Angelica dropped with out sight in 2004 and resurfaced in 2007, trimmer and slimmer than that babe was at SCORE but wilder than ever. Since then, Angelica’s been in and out of porn–sometimes in, sometimes MIA.

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Emilia Boshe – Jugs of The Milk Maid

Jugs of The Milk Maid

Jugs of The Milk Maid

Here’s a real-life dream hotty in a dream setting. Emilia Boshe as a dairy maid at a farm. The strapping golden-haired enters the barn area swinging her jugs, stopping to savour her larger than average, full boobies and love tunnel. Farm livin’ is the life.

“I really donot have any fetishes,” admits Emilia, a straightforward female. “But I have had fantasies of plan to a swinger married couples club. I’ve not done this.”

Emilia knows what kind of studs this babe wants to spend time with.

“I like a stud who is adorable and knows how to treat hotty’s. I do not crave to speak to lads who are rude and impatient. And what I adore to see when I watch a skirt chaser is his admirable, round wazoo.”

Jeannot64 one time wrote about Emilia, “I’ve always thought that matriarchy is far and away the almost any wondrous form of government. If bigger in size than average bra-busters ruled the world it would be a more wonderful place to live. And I daresay there’ll be merely a queen for our matriarchy: Emilia the blonde Valkyrie should rule the world!”

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