Chloe Rose – To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

That babe likes plan to comic book conventions and vids. Her favourite position is reverse cowgirl. Lovely, juvenile and chesty Chloe Rose tells us what that babe is going to do to her SCORELAND date and acquires hands-on as she describes the sexually excited details. Chloe’s girl-next-door voice is squashy and sugary as this babe talks about getting a shlong betwixt her mellons and more. We know worthy times are coming.

Chloe spoken about her background between shoots. She has a beautiful smile and her braces make her look younger than her age (this babe is 25 years aged).

SCORELAND: These lads receive to be checking out your chest all the time. How large are your mambos?

Chloe: I am a 38E.

SCORELAND: Did u kick off to develop late or early?

Chloe: Very early. I was a C-cup by 6th grade. I was a D-cup by the time I went to college. And I was nearly a DDD-cup by graduation.

SCORELAND: Are they still growing?

Chloe: Yeah, they are. I went to the doctor recently, and this gent told that they’d probably continue growing by a half cup per year.

SCORELAND: What was it adore being the big breasted beauty in school?

Chloe: It was tough at times. Playing sports, other gals did not get to worry about certain things. I did ballet for a bit, and all the other gals were flat chested and could fit into everything. There were some costumes that just would not fit me because of my melons.

SCORELAND: So were you able to play many sports?

Chloe: I danced and did ballet. I was truly into dance from tap lap dancing to jazz and hip-hop. I am on the dance team now. I likewise played plenty of basketball and soccer. I ran track for a bit, also.

We’re not plan to have the pleasure of seeing Chloe run, seeing those larger than run of the mill enormous natural wobblers bouncing and swaying. We’re going to acquire to be content with watching how her hawt date with Tony works out!

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Goldie Ray – She’s Sexy And She Knows It

That babe is Hawt And This babe Knows It

She's Hawt And That babe Knows It

Goldie Ray was born for porn. The three bears are not contemplating at home for Goldie. Just one stunt-cock. His assignment: survive a sex session with Goldie. Goldie has a voracious sexual appetite and she has decided to unleash it and express it through adult modeling.

She thoughtfully gave SCORE 1st crack at her arse crack. From the very commence, Goldie’s lips pour forth indecent talk. “I can’t await to bonk you,” moans Goldie, caressing Largo’s junk. “I can’t expect to screw your larger than run of the mill, king-size, banging 10-Pounder.”

Goldie wears a blue mini-dress that zips down the front and fuck-me shoes. “Slide your big, chubby meat-thermometer between my humongous bumpers,” Goldie breathlessly says during the time that Largo paws her bra buddies. “I can hardly await for you to fuck me with your bigger in size than typical, humongous ding-dong right in my ass!”

Goldie is a live wire and this babe can’t live out of thick prick deep inside her taut chocolate hole.

Adult films are tailor-made for Goldie and beauties with her kind of heat. That babe wants raw, nasty sex, not squashy Skinemax cable lovemaking.

Largo unzips her dress and discloses her big, creamy white juggs. Goldie’s dress and thongs come off to brandish her beautiful body in all of its magnificence. Pale, ivory flesh that supplicates to be fondelled and caressed by lustful guys.

Goldie encases Largo’s meat between her billibongs, squeezing it, and that man screws her squishy deep cleavage. Goldie wishes it in her muff, then in her taut arse and that babe urges that cum on her angelic face after her dark hole is plowed.

Back home, Goldie need to leave a trail of fatigued fuck-buddies in her wake!

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Hitomi – Lady In Red

Lady In Red

Lady In Red

This dunky package of looker, juggs and bodacious body may be solely 5’1″ but the Tokyo-based superheroine has the force to prevent the Excellent Hulk in his tracks with one wink of her eye, her winning smile and her trademark V sign. She is one in how many millions?

It is been a larger than run of the mill year for Hitomi and the year has barely begun. That babe is won SCORE‘s Porn star of the year for 2014, her second consecutive win in this category and this babe was the runner-up in Voluptuous’ Pornstar of the year contest in a constricted race with Joana, one of her three companions with Sha and Valory in SCORE On Location.

Stretching out her deep red cocktail suit, Hitomi looks willing for an evening out. Instead, she’s staying at SCORE HQ in Miami so she can take it off and put on a flaunt. Hitomi jiggles her massive natural jugs while they’re still supported in her bra. That babe sinks her fingers in her squishy flesh and her dainty hands can barely hold a fraction of her zeppelins. She sucks on her teats and licks ’em with the high reaching of ease.

Hitomi always seems like a fantasy. Yet this babe is real. An incredibly real, natural miracle!

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Bunny De La Cruz – Bouncy Breasts

Bouncy Scoops

Bouncy Breasts

Bunny de la Cruz was in and without adult action quickly. That was surprising coz everyone predicted a lengthy career could be hers. This babe hasn’t been heard from since she left porn.

34JJ-cupper Bunny was recent when she began shooting at The SCORE Group.

“I’m kind of surprised that there’s not tons of rude people here,” Bunny said to one of the TSG editors. “I’ve done some other adult modeling and most places I have been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everybody here has been very worthy. I am relishing being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very friendly.”

Big breasted Bunny got into adult clips though a familiar route: exotic dancing. U do not see many exotic dancers with such greater than typical natural hooters.

“I’m an lap dancer near my home. I dance at a hardly any different places ‘cuz I acquire bored gorgeous easily. U see the same people all the time, so I love to move around some and receive some multiformity. I adore the exotic dancing part, but I also detest sexy garments, so being bare is a worthwhile thing for me. I had a Voluptuous mag at home. I saw an classified advert there and answered it.”

Bunny had a tattoo placed in a very strategic area. When her bottoms come off, you cant miss it.

“I think my pussy looks glamorous when it’s shaved, and I have a tattoo there. It is a rainbow and above it, it says ‘taste the rainbow.’ The tattoo artist was even more uncomfortable than I was, I suppose, cuz the complete time I was telling him how much I execrated him. That shit hurt, you know? The fact that I was screaming in ache kind of took away from the experience for him. This chab said that fellow did not adore beauties to screech and cry on his table, but I could not aid it.

“I had to go back 3 times to get it completely finished. It took 40 minutes to an hour each time. It was awful, but it’s smth that I wanted. It’s different and no one else has it. Everybody always remembers it. As far as shaving, I suppose it looks and feels very clean to have my pussy bald. I’ve not at any time actually had hair down there, at least not since I’ve been sexually active. I’ve shaven it for years, so I don’t know how it feels to have hair down there.”

Why Bunny left porn, and so quickly, is unknown to us. Maybe it was a case of been there, done that. She’s missed!

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Alexis May – Alexis & Luna

Alexis & Luna

Alexis & Luna

In this SCORE Classic movie Ultimate Alexis May, the great Scot (Busty Hookers) kicked off her American arrival. In Part one, Alexis meets Luna, a glamorous American glamour model who looks so much like Alexis, this babe could be her sister, or at least a cousin.

They acquire real chummy real fast. Luna seductively sucks on a lollipop, then they engulf on their nipps and receive very close, like gals do. Now that they are well-acquainted and mashed-up, Luna puts on a humongous strap-on weenie and screws the Scottish out of Alexis, ramming into her soaking juicy “fud,” to borrow a Scottish slang word for wet crack.

“My chest makes guys instantly attracted to me over tons of other cuties, so I get their attention easily during the time that other beauties have a hard time getting attention,” Alexis told. “I mean, all I receive to do is stick out my chest and I get attention.”

How are most lads in bed with Alexis besides? Not porn bucks, just fellows?

“I think some boyz know what they’re doing, some boys don’t know what they’re doing and are ready to learn, and some lads think they know what they’re doing but do not,” Alexis said.

Alexis was just Twenty one years mature when that babe made this DVD. This babe already knew all there is to know. “I was always getting into bother with the teachers and my parents, mostly having to do with sex.”

This day, Alexis lives in Spain.

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Juliana Simms – A Busty Dream

A Big breasted Dream

A Busty Dream

“Such a dazzling looker with such soaked curves all over. Hope u plan on bringing Juliana back afresh and one time more,” wrote CVN about Juliana Simms, Voluptuous ravishing heart with tape bustin’ measurements and a gracious face.

A florist by profession, and each inch a flower herself, the green-eyed brunette hair says that babe loves to model, having been introduced to The SCORE Group by a tit-lovin’ reader (who picked up a admirable finder’s fee himself). Fortunately, Juliana didn’t pick up a vase and deck him when that gent broached the subject of modeling. On the contrary, Juliana is now desirous to keep posing; this babe enjoys being looked at. The digital camera likes every centimeter of her luscious bod.

Juliana is strictly a man’s woman. This babe has no interest in playtime with gals or in fetish activities or kinkiness.

“I adore average sex,” Juliana said. “I adore a rubdown first as foreplay. I’ve not at all been with two people in a trio. It does not interest me.”

Juliana did say this babe had sex in a public park and in an elevator, feeling bold and lewd at the time. “We put it on avoid. Love in the vids.”

Juliana, Maya Milano, Ann Calis, Larissa Linn, Samantha Lily and Anastasia form a fresh wave of Euro-supernaturals at SCORELAND. Big boobed fantasies all!

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Scarlet LaVey – Busty Bedazzler

Breasty Bedazzler

Busty Bedazzler

“When boyz stare at my marangos or say smth to me about ’em, I actually adore to pretend sometimes that I’m voided urine off about it, but it is all part of the action. I like it.”
So said Scarlet LaVey, our busty bedazzler.

Scarlet is a great Voluptuous goddess who is always willing to roll… in more ways than one ‘coz she is likewise a skateboarder. Scarlet makes the almost all of her non-stop body, greater than average 38H-cup bumpers and glamourous face. Scarlet has what it takes to rocket to the top.

Johnny has nine inches for Scarlet and she’s as hot to suck on it, and his nuts, as he’s to suck and take up with the tongue these hot, sweet-tasting nipps. This babe sucks on his weenie on her hands and knees, this babe sucks the head of his dick as it slides past the deep valley of her awesome deep cleavage and that babe kneels in advance of him to engulf on his testicles, spit a bigger in size than standard stream of saliva on his rod and suggest her larger than typical wobblers for him to tit-fuck one time more.
“I adore to be on top. I have better orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to receive there. If not, I adore doggie-style. But I adore to be in doggie-style on my knees.”

One of Scarlet’s favourite fantasies is a rock hard one to fulfill on-camera, and for us, way too much of a sausage-fest.

“I think my much loved fantasy is that I urge to have sex with 20 tattooed men all at one time.”

But hey, it is Scarlet’s dream. She’ll identify a way if that babe urges it.

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Sandra Star – Star Boobs

Star Funbags

Star Boobs

Bustier and hornier than when she 1st discharged for SCORE, Sandra Star is crazy to give her fuck partner Max full access to her astonishing body and large, bigger in size than average bazookas. Sandra’s barmy to suck on his stiffie but Max first wishes to give Sandra’s whopping-big mangos and shaved love tunnel the kind of lip service they rightfully merit. Getting her wish, Sandra worships his erection, filling her face hole. This babe lays back on the couch and spread-eagles, ready to be rogered. Max not fast sticks his meat into Sandra’s luscious, constricted muff. The German sweetheart gasps and her breathing quickens as the cock plunges balls deep into her.

“I love fleshly foreplay,” says Sandra. “But not for also lengthy!”

More than four years is a long time. Sandra’s encore was way belated. Her email about returning was a welcome surprise and created great anticipation. Sandra’s “new look” was another big surprise.

“Please glamour model some more as it would be shame for us to await that lengthy ever some other time to see this alluring dominatrix in action,” commented Greekgod when Sandra’s 1st scene following her return “Wunderbar!” was posted.

There will be more Sandra Star at SCORE.

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