The Oily Voluptuous Porno star of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Porno star of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Adult model of The Year

This is a specific movie pont of time in a few ways. The photographers usually shoot a stand-alone Bonus movie scene, such as a glamour model being interviewed in a living room, taking a shower or trying on bras or bikinis.

This time we’re still on the set where Vanessa Y. doused her curvy bod with oil and that babe is still sliding around the floor exposed and slick from head to toe. Her photographer then lets her in on the news that he’s been holding back from her ‘coz this guy wanted her reaction on-camera.

That news is about Vanessa winning the Voluptuous Sex star of the year contest (July ’16 V-mag). Since that babe doesn’t go on social media web sites that posted the announcement (different from Hitomi who’s on numerous social sites 24/7/365) and the magazine was shipping from the printers when she posed for this discharge, Vanessa did not know. Plus, your editors wanted to surprise her by having her photographer tell her face-to-face.

Congratulations, Vanessa, a hotty who’s rigid to hold. ‘cuz she’s slippery.

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Angela White – This babe was solely Nineteen

She was solely 19

She was only 19

“These scoops were made for jacking!” read the headline next to Angela’s photo on the cover of the December 2004 issue of Voluptuous. Angela was solely Nineteen years old when that issue hit the newsstands, likewise juvenile to buy a beer in the United States, mature sufficient to brandish her screw holes for all the world to see.

“Trust me, if I adore u, you will not receive to buy me any beer to acquire into my pants,” Angela disclosed. “I’ll be all over you. I may be merely Nineteen, but you have at no time observed a hornier teenager than me! I would give you so much tit play. I would suck u off so fine, and I would let you fuck my ass so hard, you’d be dying! Trust me, you’d be begging me to kewl my jets.”

Trust us, Angela. We sincerely doubt that.

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Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

The definition of “busty dominant-bitch,” Juliana Simms has the same kind of natural effervescence and bubbly, happy personality as Joana and Maya Milano. They’re too extraordinarily similar in looks. Juliana’s even said this babe would like to meet Maya (and Samantha Lily).

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u have any crave to visit the United States?

Juliana: Very much so, yes.

SCORELAND: Where do u love to tour?

Juliana: I love to voyage very much. My fantasy is to visit the Caribbean islands love Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

SCORELAND: If u had three desires, what would u crave for?

Juliana: Health for my family, no war and to have a green card to live in the USA.

Juliana gives herself a rubbing and a creaming in a do-it-yourself spa treatment. By the time she’s finished, her large breasts and consummate cum-hole are well-coated.

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Selexia Rae – Selexia’s Lingerie Voyeur Fuck Fling

Selexia’s Lingerie Voyeur Screw Fling

Selexia's Underware Voyeur Shag Fling

Selexia Rae ordered hawt lingerie but the delivery at no time showed. That babe is in the midst of speaking to customer service when her neighbour JMac brandishes up with her package. It was mistakenly delivered to his address by the stupid courier service. JMac notes the return envelope and sees where it came from. Selexia thank u him and closes the door, leaving him standing outdoors.

But that will not avoid him. That Lothario is also lustful. He is watched Selexia in a skin-tight costume and urges to see her change into her recent purchase so this chab sneaks around to a window and watches her change. Selexia begins masturbating when she sees him, and walks over to the window. In a outlandish, peepshow style scene, Selexia crams her teats against the glass, which JMac licks. Selexia sees JMac’s poker sticking with out his fly and invites him in to shag her, a task this fellow is concerned to perform. She strokes his shaft as this chab kisses her meatballs and neck. She receives into a kneeling stance and begins blowing him with her pierced tongue, mouthing the balls and licking every inch, her head guided by his firm hand.

He tells her to tell lies on the daybed. He straddles her chest, schlong betwixt her fullsome funbags so she can engulf it more and wrap her larger than average bazookas around the shaft. Her bawdy cleft needs attention likewise. That buck pumps her in missionary whilst that babe quickly rubs her adore button with her fingers. They save the hottest, fastest thrusting for a exotic dance fuck, Selexia sitting on his lap. Reaching the point of no return, JMac acquires up, poses Selexia on the floor in a kneeling pose and furiously beats off in her face. Her face and her flickering tongue is splattered as this charmer busts his nut all over her pleasant face. All this just for being a priceless neighbor. It pays to care about your community.

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Rachel Raxxx – Big Bouncin’ Bonin’

Larger than standard Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

Rachel Raxxx is only 18 years aged and that’s cause for celebration for a bunch of reasons. 1st and topmost is Rachel’s becoming a SCORE Gal. She’s a total knockout with sensational natural milk shakes. The second is her getting it on for the SCORE cameras. Angels love Rachel don’t come along daily of the week and we’ve got over 20 years of showcasing big-bust beauties to back up this statement.

JMac knocks on Rachel’s front door looking for her daddy. Rachel answers the door in a nightie that’s falling off her 30 double-J breasts and high heels. Dad’s not home and that gives JMac a reason to celebrate. Fascinating, young thing that she’s, Rachel takes him by the hand and brings him to a couch. This babe craves some joy and JMac is barmy to give her all she needs. It doesn’t take lengthy previous to he’s got his rod inside Rachel!

“Sometimes u can put them in their face,” told Rachel about the things that babe can do to a ladies man with her enormous wobblers. “A lot of times I don’t must do anything. They just go for ’em. Seize on ’em or engulf on them. I can wrap ’em around their ramrod and jack ’em off with them. U can do a lot with bigger than typical mambos. Fullsome funbags are joy. I love having ’em.”

And we’re feeling blessed that Rachel came to SCORELAND to play. This babe has a double mag launch that doesn’t happen often, November ’16 Voluptuous and December ’16 SCORE.

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Big Bouncin’ Bonin’

Bigger in size than standard Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

JMac is not looking for Pokemon when he knocks on the door of a house where Rachel Raxxx is walking around wearing a sexy pink nightie and heels. Wow! He’s looking for her dad but dad’s not home. That is worthwhile. Rachel invites him in, takes him by the hand and walks him over to a bed.

Merely 18 years old, beautiful Rachel is a very well-developed juvenile female. Stacked to the maxxx is a more astonishing description. That babe lets JMac know that she urges him to stay and play. Her eye-banging makes that clear.

For the first time ever in recorded history, JMac asks a cutie why that babe is clothed in skimpy underware. Rachel tells him that she’s got a crush on him and wore it for him. (That babe must have seen some of his SCORE movies.) This man reaches out for her bigger than run of the mill mellons and the bonin’ commences! With his head in her lap, she covers his face with her funbags. Who needs oxygen?

This is one of Rachel’s favourite things to do and her goal is to…”Probably suffocate ’em. When I put them on their face, they can not breathe or see or move. They’re like weights. I have him sit down on my lap and take a deep breath. Then I take my hooters out. Then I lay ’em on the guy’s face. They can not watch or breathe. Then I move them around their face a little.”

This is called big-bust nirvana.

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Joana Bliss – Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss

“My erotic fantasies are to have many orgasms all of the time, like cosmic ones,” told Joana Bliss, SCORELAND‘s stacked new-age flower child. “The blend of spiritual like and Tantric sex is very satisfying to me. It has changed me a lot, but it’s not so easy to explain. It’s smth u must experience. I have joy being with cuties, as u know. My prefered position is 69.”

This isn’t the first time Joana’s cum by toying herself. She was using toys over ten years agone in her earliest appearances. “I love to masturbate ‘cuz I feel it is very healthy to release the sexual energies and not let these energies build up for likewise long in the body.”

Joana might be the supreme “sensuous lady.” On-camera or in person, she has loads of confidence and sex appeal.

“I don’t have sex on the 1st date with somebody but it happened one time. It wasn’t sex. It was smth more than that. I can’t just have sex right away or it can not be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. I acquire to feel a connection and know my boyfriend.”

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Alix Lakehurst – “I’m Too Busty For My Top”

“I’m Too Big breasted For My Top”

Alix Lakehurst admires herself in the mirror. That babe has a great, luscious rack but adore almost any honey bunnys, this babe is unsure of herself and can be needlessly insecure. Angels can be their own worst critics. They do not admire their bodies adore us boyz admire ’em. Mr. Steele reassures her by giving her mountainous jugs the attention they deserve. They’re creamed and massaged which Alix enjoys cuz that babe is highly breast-oriented and breast-sensitive. After lavishing this care on her sweater-globes, this chab slides her the aged meat roll. Her face hole wraps tightly around his hog, mouthing the shaft in preparation for skewering her constricted, pink wet crack. Her reward for being a sexy copulate is the gift of nut-juice on her pointer sisters, chock-full of creamy goodness for gals like Alix to rub into their skin. It is a scientific fact that the chemicals in cum are good for a girl’s love muffins. We swear it.

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