Desiree – “I Know They Are Not Looking At My Eyes”

“I Know They Are Not Looking At My Eyes”

Desiree tends to costume more casually when that babe goes out. “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of cutie,” that babe is told. This day, that babe is going more formal in a dress although she gets out of it fast.

“When I’m out, I always have a brassiere on cuz they need support. Coz I don’t have anyone to hold ‘em up for me.” We’re sure Desiree has no shortage of volunteers to lend a hand. Especially after they see those bigger in size than typical natural mellons willing to fall with out her tops.

Desiree almost became a police officer. She should pose as a fantasy cop one of those days in a short skirt and low-cut top.

“I indeed wanted to be part of the NYPD. I wanted to be a cop. I was a dancer and then I quit and decided to go back to school and acquire my Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.”

Fresh York’s loss is the breast-man’s gain.

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Annellise Croft – Busting Bad

Busting Bad

Busting Bad

Lower the volume when you turn this video on. Annellise Croft, a fresh adult model at SCORE, is a screamer. That babe is hawt, wild and a horny cougar with talent and skills at gratifying herself and her bonk boyfriend.

“I love the idea of being a glamour model and having sex on-camera. It turns me on to know I am being watched,” Annellise tells SCORE. Yet that babe has not at all modeled before. Not at any time danced in a undress club. That’s surprising with that body and her sex appeal. “I always wanted to try adult modeling but never had the chance until now. Thanks, SCORE Group.”

Annellise found SCORE through a friend of Bea Cummins. Fate, timing, call it what you will. “I’m an exhibitionist who absolutely likes to pose in front of a digital camera. But only for my ally. I’ve done a not many photographs, but not for a pro photographer.”

Born in Britain, she’s now a resident of the America and loving it. As the expression goes, Annellise too has “nipples that can cut glass.” They’re two of the pointiest, elongated areolas you can identify.

“I’ve just come without a long-term relationship. There was not also much sex. I’m hoping to change that and receive a lot more. Truthfully, I haven’t been out too much, but when I leave here, I intend to have a lot more sex ‘coz having sex in your studio made me feel like I want it a lot.”

Until this scene, Annellise hadn’t had sex in seven months! Check out how she spanks her clitoris fast, her hand moving at supersonic speed while the shlong plunges into her muff. Annellise sticks her long tongue out ready for nut-butter when this dude prepares to spray his sex cream in her throat. This babe swallows all the cum that doesn’t land on her meatballs.

“I hope to be the next Bea,” says Annellise. Welcome aboard!

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Bunny Brooks – She’s A Happy Bunny

She’s A Happy Bunny

She's A Cheerful Bunny

“I’m not pliant in any way, shape or form. I’m kinda headstrong. I am so innocent-looking but…”

That’s Bunny Brooks, a beginner at SCORELAND. Bunny has large bra-busters, a bodacious bod and a perky personality. This day is her SCORELAND debut, and she’ll be appearing in October 2014 issues of SCORE and Volputuous.

Bunny has a hobby many bucks will have joy knowing. Beer drinking! “I relish drinking beer. I spend tons of free time with other beer connoisseurs at my prefered bar, Taco Mac Sports Grill!”

What about other hobbies?

“I have enjoyment thrashing others.”

“I’m a webcam model so I relish using sex-toys and machines. I have a copulate machine. It thrusts. Multiple glass toys. Double dildos. Strap-ons. A sex swing. U name it, I have anything except a Sybian, which is next on my list.”

Bunny likes playing with other girls and screwing them with strap-ons. This babe visits swinger undress clubs and describes what that babe does there in her video.

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Veronika – Cock Drainer #3

Shlong Drainer #3

Cock Drainer #3

Veronika was a blonde bra-buster who made a splash, dropped out of sight and returned a hardly any years later as a redhead. She was a little bustier, boasted more of a brickhouse bod and still loved everything related to hard boners on film.

This classic is a hardcore scene which was featured in the DVD, SCORE Schlong Drainers. Veronkia screwed a cocksman aptly dubbed, Mr. Trousersnake. This man quickly jumps Veronika’s bones, rushing her love a defensive end would in football. This is the kind of lad a big breasted angel like Veronika wants.

“I need to have sex with a smooth operator,” Veronika told our staffers with the assist of a translator. “I think I would go mad if I didn’t have a stud inside my pussy for more than a week. I don’t care what a guy’s face looks like. This dude can be ugly for all I care, but if this chab can shag subrigid for a long-time, that is precious for me.”

Veronika is not sure what her plans are for the future, but that babe desires to keep banging on digital camera for at least a not many more years. We’ll have u for as lengthy as you’d love, Veronika.

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Sha Rizel – Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

“A lot of fellows will bring me flowers and invite me out to dinner. Too, some fellows invite me to go sailing with them. That’s very pleasure. Each dominatrix-bitch can’t live with out feeling stylish and knowing that fellows admire you. But sometimes it can be a bit too much. There should be a balance to it. Chaps shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes check out my eyes.”

These words are by Sha Rizel in an interview. Wonderful. Enchanting. Delicious. And now prepare for something totally different from SCORE‘s Novice of the Year 2013.

Here is a side of Sha Rizel you haven’t seen. General Sha has taken over and no one leaves until Sha receives the information that babe needs. You’re un-cordially invited to be questioned by her. She has ways of making you talk that no stud can resist. Beatings, sleep-deprivation, torture, drugs, hypnosis, extortion? Bah, these are old, obsolete techniques of interrogation and information extraction. Sha’s approach is absolutely different and leaves no bruises. You’ll be begging Sha for the privilege of spilling out anything by the time she is done with you. You will watch in this photo widen and movie, Sha In Charge. Now…where have you hidden your subrigid drive?

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Melissa Mandlikova – Knocked Up

Knocked Up

Knocked Up

If you were to list some of the SCORE or V-mag glamour models you’d predict would A) acquire pregnant and B) pose preggo, who would you list? Would blonde Czech cupcake Melissa Mandlikova be on that list?

Melissa contacted one of our photographers with the news that she was knocked-up, SCORE asked her about posing. At 1st somewhat hesitant (Melissa was always the relatively demure type since 2006 when she 1st started adult modeling for SCORE), Melissa thought about it and decided to let the other shoe drop, so to speak.

Melissa is six months preggo in this photo widen and accompanying episode. The fair-skinned golden-haired ravisher now carries a stupendous abdomen bump, her greater than average hooters are greater and her once-pale areolae are a unfathomable, brunette, the color of Columbian coffee, as her hormones flood her body and produce more pigment, a natural part of the gestation cycle.

There’s some other Melissa clip and glamour photoshoot and it will be published next month at SCORELAND. Thank u, Melissa Mandlikova!

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Hitomi – Shiny In Latex

Shiny In Latex

Shiny In Latex

Hitomi dons her purple fetish-lingerie and steps out onto the terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the mountain range. It’s a stormy, cool, drizzly day and the wind is whipping up smth fierce. Hitomi braves it, challenging the forces of nature to a showdown. Her supernatural body vs. what the weather can throw at her. Nothing stops Hitomi when it comes to showing that gracious body to her males watching at home.

“Hitomi is some amazingly worthy mastix. That babe is a great representative of the mighty nation of Japan! One of the top big-bust models EVER!” Donald writes.

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Angel Wicky – Date With A Hot Angel

Date With A Hawt Gal

Date With A Hawt Angel

Beauty Wicky and her date Thomas have dinner plans. They discover a swanky restaurant and Gal dresses even more glamorously than that babe normally does for the occasion. They toast with bubbly in their private booth. Thomas expects some act after dinner, maybe in some hot hotel with mirrors on the ceiling. This dude doesn’t expect Gal to get so sexually excited in advance of they even eat.

Angel jacks his schlong right there in the booth and blows him. This man shags her large scones during the time that this babe sits and after this chab clears some of the dishes and champagne bucket off the table, lays Goddess on it and copulates her whilst that babe is still in her dress. Her briefs pulled to the side, Angel is rogered fast and subrigid. She takes off her costume and undies, leaving her heels on, and they proceed their specific meal. Angel even finds an raunchy and breast-slanted way to enjoy their dessert. This ravisher is a big busted sexual tornado.

We asked Gal in the Czech Republic if this babe has had sex in public since she has sex drive that’s off the charts, and this dream video plays with the theme of public banging.

“Yes I’ve. In a car and in public. For shooting, it’s nifty and desirous. But for sex with anybody I love? No. The truth is I can not savour it and concentrate. I don’t feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, slight space, people around…I need quiet and a comfortable place, where can I do what I urge and how I desire, without anyone else around.”

Is there everything Girl desires this babe were more worthy at sexually?

“Hmm…no. I cant think of everything. Is that even possible now after all I do?”

“For me, the most important thing is that I’m a perfectionist. I am a sex star and I have the congratulate and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and dreams of the people who see me. So I concentrate on making flawless scenes and pix. I try to do my best so everyone will have enjoyment them…and me.”

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