Lily Madison – Big Boobs In A Teeny Bikini

Greater than average Love melons In A Teeny Swimsuit

Big Billibongs In A Teeny Bikini

Lily Madison glamour models a not many skimpy bikinis at poolside. If this happened near any populated areas, Lily would attract humongous crowds and that could potentially lead to rioting. So in the interests of public safety, this bathing suit try-on was conducted in a private setting.

The 1st one, a blue and dark number, doesn’t cover her wide areolae. The second swimsuit, this one with fringes on the top adore smth a go-go dancer would wear, too fails to cover Lily’s areolae. A better look at how bikinis barely cover Lily is in the photo set.

Lily wades into the pool without any bikini on at all and, after playing with her consummate body, heads to happy-town with a two-finger greetings to her pink twat.

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Hitomi – The Hot Waitress

The Hawt Waitress

The Sexy Waitress

If your Boob Brothers at SCORE ate at restaurants near the office that had waitresses pumped up adore Hitomi, we’d be living life on easy street. The truth is, the girls at the Bra buddies near us and at other places are barely single-D or C-cups. It is not facile oozing a breastaurant and it’s even tougher oozing a breasty publishing company. But u don’t wanna read our laments. U want to watch Hitomi and that unbelievable body of hers.

And that is what she’s delivering in The Hawt Waitress.

Waitresses don’t dress adore this in Japan. Hitomi’s got that all-American beer and chicken wings waitress thing going on with the ball cap turned to the side and petite shorts. U can acquire a more excellent look at how Hitomi looks in her outfit in the photos. There’s a wonderful selection of full-body and medium shots previous to Hitomi acquires naked on the pool table.

In his Blog of January Third, Dave wrote, “I kept awaiting for her [Hitomi] to drip steak juice onto her chest,” the night they went to a burger joint on South Beach. It didn’t happen but in the clip Hitomi spills some sauce on her scoops (on purpose) and licks it off. This babe did not do that in the restaurant.

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Daylene Rio – Breastfeast In Bed

Breastfeast In Daybed

Breastfeast In Bed

Getting served a wake-up meal in sofa by Big-Boob fox Daylene Rio is one of the high reaching experiences a tit-man could ever have. Daylene strolls into the bedroom with a tray but who gives a bonk about eating when Daylene asks you to titty-fuck her heavy-hanging jugs?

You’ll stick your aching erection and bloated balls in her mouth and between her large mellons in a fraction of a second. Just view this Lalin girl slurp your fucking weenie. Miss Rio worships it with her spit-dripping throat adore it is a rogering god.

After poking your business into Daylene’s vise-tight vagina, u stuff it to her in five positions, all shot in P.O.V. style. And when Daylene, getting speared on her back, cups her large mambos in her hands, stares at you and supplicates you to “Cum on me,” u blast her with what feels love a half-pint of your rogering nut-juice, all over these trembling mellons!

And then when Daylene licks the tip of your drained jock and licks some of your cum off her boobs, you have expert the paramount enjoyment of being a gent served by a female every female should be.

What does SCORE regular Daylene think about when that babe sees herself getting banged in a episode?

“It’s very different,” Daylene said us. “It’s love you can’t make almost certainly of it is you. It’s like, ‘Wow, is that actually me?’ and it just receives u more pumped up to urge to do it more, and u receive a whole rush one time u see yourself, knowing that people are watching.”

How lewd does Daylene get when that babe is here. Lascivious enough that that babe will blow or ball the stunt-cock when there’s no shooting. She’ll identify a sofa in a quiet corner in the back of the studio and suck him off. That’s how amorous.

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Lavina Dream – Field Of Dream

Field Of Dream

Field Of Dream

Sweet and huge-breasted Lavina Dream, a top fave over at XLGirls, makes her SCORELAND movie and photo debut in Field Of Dream. A robust Romanian, Lavina just returned from a TSG group pictorial in the Caribbean with Sweden’s Jennica Lynn, Poland’s Vanessa Y. and mate Romanian Roxanne Miller.

Lavina introduces herself in the opener of this clip with the sentence, “Hello guys. I’m gonna strip for you.” A short comment but it tells us all we need to know! Lavina wastes no time taking out her big fun bags in a shady outdoor spot where this babe can receive nasty out of nosey neighbors.

Lavina’s 40DDD billibongs are true works of nature’s art. “I adore to dress hot all of the time,” Lavina says. “My dresses are taut and my blouses are constricted. I want my chest to be noticed.” No problem, Lavina. As we have mentioned previous to, Mr. Magoo could notice these great bigger in size than average fun bags a mile away.

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Minka – Tit Attack

Tit Attack

Tit Attack

The notorious No-Tell Motel is the setting for this chapter of the SCORE Classic clip Tit Attack. Minka provides mega-boobed full service for Matt, who’s been cruising in his SUV with a pocketful of specie when luck strikes and this chab spots the Oriental superstar in a ridiculously small dress. “How much?” asks Matt, who’s got a yen to drill her. “I charge a lot!” Minka answers with a smile, bending over and thrusting her titanic meatballs into his passenger window. “Wow! Those are some stupendous billibongs! Hop in the car,” Matt tells Minka. “You’re gonna like them,” murmurs a assertive Minka. “You fuck between my pointer sisters, get sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky. I screw you lengthy time.” They adjourn to one of the motel’s exotic copulate chambers and acquire it on. During the production of the opener sequence, Minka’s presence on the gritty streets was easily famous by a caravan of horn-blasting drivers. Fortunately, no one was rear-ended.

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Aspen – Underwear Tosser

Underclothing Tosser

Underwear Tosser

A much missed V-Girl! Aspen was one of the greats of V-mag. The almond-eyed brunette hair knock-out is a very down-to-earth female-dom and enjoyed her trips to The SCORE Group. This babe works in a regular job and her magazine pictorials and hardcore clips were flings, a way to live out her carnal wishes in a safe environment.

“The photographers, make-up artist and set dressers make me feel like a princess and then they give me a really hawt prince to screw. What princess could ask for more?”

Aspen is satisfied of her body. In her words: “Most real vixens are pumped up love me. They have fun bags, they have booties. They have curves. They are so hot and so many bucks are totally clueless to that. That is why I generally merely date fellows who are at least five to ten years maturer than me. They appreciate a real woman who bears a resemblance to me. Studs my own age or younger always want the little Barbie dolls. There’s nothing incorrect with the Barbie dolls, some are very fetching, but real sweethearts have curves.”

In this scene from Voluptuous Xtra 9, Aspen is making a call when her room mate walks into her bedroom with a handful of her underware and other woman dainties. This ladies man complains that Aspen throws her underclothes and bras on the floor instead of putting ‘em away. This is a valid complaint? Aspen begs to differ. So they bicker. And then have make-up sex in a very hot scene. Plus Steve gets to screw Aspen in the wazoo! The way these two got on was very natural. You’d almost think they were a real pair, not two strangers meeting for the 1st and final time in a episode.

Aspen can appreciate other Big-Boob adult models (such as Cherry Brady) but when it comes to sex, wang is king. “I prefer a cock that when I wrap my fingers around it, the tips just barely touch and is 7-inches to 8-inches when stiff.”

What’s the one thing, if any, that Aspen thought she can be more gracious at doing?

“Hand jobs. I am fantastic with my throat but I would adore to be adept to get a gent off just using my hands.”

That was a few years ago. Aspen may have perfected her clutch since then!

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Stacie Starr – Busty MILF of the Month

Big boobed MILF of the Month

Busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE of the Month

M.I.L.F. of the Month Stacie Starr is a real-life MILF originally from a small-town in upstate New York. Now this babe lives in Florida. An Army vet (three years), Stacie was a probation counselor and a customer service manager for three years. Now, that sort of work is productive and beneficial but so is having wild sex on-camera. She spends a lot of time on her knees at-home as well.

“I’m orally fixated,” says Stacie. “I like to engulf weenie. I enjoy light bondage and hair-pulling. I love having my gazoo spanked. I like choking on weenie.”

With that kind of attitude, Stacie Starr is a winner. What that babe does to this SCORE Lothario deserves some kind of award.

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Sensual Jane – In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

That babe managed a beach bar. Now Carnal Jane’s a adult star. “Getting your penis into Jane has to be one of the high reaching pleasures a stud can experience! ” observes SCORELAND member Groucho. Jock and Jane is right. We have a new hard-SCORE scene called “Rack ‘Er Up!” coming on February 1, ’14. Caught in the shower, Sexual Jane talks about the strangest places she’s sexed it up in. Such as sex in the street with passers-by around her and the boy. Jane remembers her experiences as we’ve to watch her soap down her big natural milk sacks and her competent cookie. More fun loving than we usually watch her, Jane jokes around with the showerhead, pretending it is a squirting wang. The dark-skinned brown honey, body oozing with water, turns around and giggles whilst that babe wiggles her marvelous a-hole.

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