Training The Tits

Training The Billibongs

Training The Tits

In this bonus scene, we join the great Natasha Pleasing as this babe acquires a workout in, and then a boob-creaming. Her astronomical naturals fall without her tank top when she bends forward and back.

Bilingual in Russian and Italian, Natasha’s body language needs no translation. Her personality needs no translation also. If Natasha ever worked out love this at a fitness center, everybody would avoid what they were doing to give her their full attention.

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Journey To Uranus

Journey To Uranus

Journey To Uranus

Autumn Cumz is the real-life sister of SCORE adult model Anna Loren. “Autumn took a pair of nudie images of me in her baths and we sent them in online to SCORE throughout,” Anna said in an interview.

“I at no time even thought about it, but she brought it up and I thought it sounded love enjoyment. Not a problem. My family has a very open mind about sex.”

Our photographer asks Autumn and her ally if they’d love to make a porn episode. They’re into the idea ‘cuz they make videos in their bedroom for themselves so he brings ’em to his afternoon photo-shoot. That fellow 1st asks Autumn a petite in number questions then has her suck on her guy’s ramrod. She rubs her twat as she blows him. Autumn looks admirable with a penis in her throat and makes those popping sounds when she takes the schlong with out her mouth. That babe could have a career making porn. She uses her mouth better than many competent sex stars.

It’s time to shag. Autumn mounts his pecker and rides it unyielding. This babe shaves her cunt to heighten her sensitivity. This couple enjoys rogering and Autumn takes his directions out of hesitation. He is trained her well.

Autumn likes his dick in her booty. This babe sticks it in the air for penetration. Her backdoor is taut but his methodical drilling eventually opens her up for his complete shaft. Autumn is actually turned on by the anal injection. They switch positions so he can bonk her booty in missionary.

After she cums, that babe wants his nut-batter. This chap unloads a biggest volume in her open face hole and outstretched tongue. This babe resumes mouthing his meat, cleaning his shlong with her tongue, the cum on her face running on her zeppelins. Autumn clearly likes the taste of her guy’s cum.

This clip made us wonder if Anna is as boiling hawt at sex as her sister.

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On The Rocks

On The Rocks

On The Rocks

Lillian’s build and scoops remind us of a certain type of SCORE model. Beauties adore Daizie Kellogg, Mariana, Clare, Renee, Lily Valentine, Harley and Dawn, the Canadian who often wore eyeglasses.

“I like to wear cute, little skirts and low-cut tops. When I go out, I love all eyes to be on me,” Lillian says upfront. With her sexy clothes off, you’ll identify her natural melons outstanding, and if you’re a pussy-man, you’ll love her thick, strong snatch-lips.

“On the outside, I may look passive,” warns Lillian, “but when I wish sex, I like to tease until the skirt chaser can not take it and makes his move on me. I need sex at least five times a week and lots of foreplay, especially nipp mouthing and licking and boob squeezing.”

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Elle’s Big Bells

Elle’s Bigger than typical Bells

Elle's Bigger in size than standard Bells

Elle Flynn has a couple of handcuffs and a paddle. U can use them on her or that babe can use them on you, if that’s your thing. If kink doesn’t float your boat, go the straight-on way and screw her engulfing face hole, large bosoms and pink pussy-hole. Elle loves riding the cowgirl way…way in advance of this babe became a Adore Ranch filly.

Elle described some of her beloved things. “Good kissing and neck biting always sends me to the moon. I adore to be manhandled sometimes. No thing likewise coarse. A wonderful spanking is tons of pleasure.”

What’s the most admirable compliment Elle ever got and what’s not so memorable?

“The ultimate is a toss-up betwixt my firm handshake, smile and ‘Helga unt Olga.’ Those are my fun bags named by this hippie honey I used to know. That babe was kinda hot in spite of the long underarm hair. The worst was being said I belong in upper management ‘cuz of my meticulousness.”

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Nurse Alix Heals A Hard-On

Nurse Alix Heals A Hard-on

Nurse Alix Heals A Hard-On

This man’s inflated organ is in Nurse Alix’s healing hands. A Voluptuous Gal, Alix Lakehurst is a true hotty of mercy. This smooth operator compliments her on her nurse’s uniform, the latest fashion in boner-building fuck-wear.

“Did your whoppers acquire bigger?” her patient asks. Alix laughs. “They probably have!” that babe replies. “So u adore my dress? Wanna see what’s underneath,” Alix tanalises, her voice guaranteeing a fun time in numerous minutes. He dives right for her right teat and sucks. How could that lady-killer resist?

No breast-man, if given the opportunity to take up with the tongue, copulate and squeeze Alix’s Fourty two inch, 34DDD titties would turn her down. That stud rises from his sick daybed to vigorously bonk her funbags and then pound the hell out of her cum-hole. That stud eventually donates his load, which that babe catches on her bra-busters and in her wide-open throat. An handsome nurse.

A petticoat chaser could have no hotter fuck-nurse than Alix Lakehurst. She’s a naughty, bawdy sex-doll when that babe craves to be and we were satisfied to visit the SCORE Hospital For Hung Studs & Babes With Big, Hanging Fullsome funbags.

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Fuck The Delivery Guy

Shag The Delivery Lad

Fuck The Delivery Guy

Holly Wood instructs a load of groceries for a party. The delivery ladies man turns out to be JMac who is breathtaking at delivering loads. JMac tends to move from job to job (tow truck operator, A/C repairman) ‘cuz this buck winds up rogering his big-boobed customers and acquires laid off, in more ways than one.

Holly did not order woman chaser service with the groceries but she’s not a girl to turn down an opportunity for some hot fun. When this dude sees Holly’s smoking bod, larger than typical bouncy bosoms and big wazoo, that dude decides to stick around and receive her all sticky.

We talked to Holly to investigate if the delivery service was pleasuring.

SCORELAND: What was your prefered position with JMac?

Holly: Jackhammer or pile-driver was definitely new to me for filming. It allowed him to get unfathomable and actually felt mind blowing! JMac and I hit it off just now! It was such a pleasure scene to do, truly!

SCORELAND: When u are watching your scenes, what’s hotter to you: u looking into the digi camera or not looking into the digi camera?

Holly: It depends on the scene! The one and the other are hot to me! I pay more attention to the sounds and groaning happening than where my eyes are.

SCORELAND: Would you say that doggie is the favourite fucking position for most of your boys back at the Bunny Ranch?

Holly: Doggie-style is very popular with the gentlemen I see at the Bunny Ranch! Just as popular is the tit-fucking! Guys really do get the supreme of one as well as the other worlds with me!

SCORELAND: If u were to do a girl-on-girl or a girl-girl-boy scene in the future, who would be the SCORE Goddess and man u would want the majority?

Holly: Dolly Fox is a sexy blonde who I’d love to play with! My second goddess crush is Katie Thornton. She’s just unbelievably hot! And for the gent, Jax Slayher! I have been dying to work with him! We are truly friends in real life so I know our scene would be with out this world!

SCORELAND: Katie and Dolly don’t do hardcore with men but that would be a dream mini-orgy. Thank you for one more wanton scene.

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A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

Delotta wraps her bon-bons around the pants-pork, using her heavy mellons as a weenie massager. She mouths to the hilt and licks balls.

“I’m a 34G-cupper,” says Delotta. “That’s why I’m alotta Delotta! I’ve a tiny body except for my pantoons and my a-hole. I guess my breasts are additional specific. My ass is priceless, but my billibongs are with out this world. I can do a lot of enjoyment stuff with my meatballs, likewise. I can hold things betwixt them and beneath ’em with no hands.

“My love melons are great for tittyfucking. I can slap you with one, but they’re quite enormous. They can hurt you if I hit u too rock hard with ’em. And I like when men suck on them. A fellow can suck on them for a half sixty minutes and I’d be glad. I love cock. I love to force it down my throat and watch how much I can take. But I’ll gag myself. I don’t need somebody to gag me. Plenty of boys love for me to smother them with my boobies. I love doing that.”

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Roxi Is Hot. Fix Her A/C.

Roxi Is Sexy. Fix Her A/C.

Roxi Is Hot. Fix Her A/C.

Roxi Red is willing to enter a juicy tank-top contest. The A/C has broken down and she’s using a slight fan to try to nifty off. Go into the A/C serviceman. Why, it is her SCORELAND fuck-buddy JMac. That A/C is never plan to acquire fixed now.

JMac makes his service call but forgets all about the busted unit when he sees Roxi again. He’d rather put his greater than standard tool to use in Roxi’s blower and betwixt her bigger in size than run of the mill front grills. Roxi forgets how hawt she was ‘coz this babe is feeling a different kind of heat now, a heat that goes down to her toes.

Roxi will be cooling down her jumbo jets soon sufficient. As soon as JMac fully services his customer, pounding her in a variety of poses from the A/C repair manual, including a piledriver on the floor. To entire the job, that man drops a larger than standard load of rod coolant all over her magnificent 38K naturals.

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