Casey Deluxe – A Traditional German Dessert

A Traditional German Dessert

A Traditional German Dessert

Not exactly a traditional German dessert through Deutschland, just at SCORELAND. We call it boob-schnitzel and Casey Deluxe will be making it today in the kitchen. But first golden-haired natural Casey has to get comfortable by removing her reservoir and shorts. That babe loves how her legs look in heels so she leaves ’em on as that babe climbs onto the kitchen counter.

Look at as Casey rolls the spunk and covers her big bazookas and the rest of her naked, pale body in the pleasant, sticky stuff. Admirable enough to take up with the tongue off. What a yummy treat this need to be.

What satisfies sweet-faced Casey, furthermore creamy desserts and showing every inch of skin?

“Doggy-style, being licked and giving blow jobs with swallowing,” informs Casey. “I am valuable at giving head. I adore to have sex four-to-five times a week. I have tried bondage and Sadomasochism. What I haven’t done yet? Sex with one more cutie, sex in public and a threesome.”

She’s youthful. Lots of time to try all of those activities in the future if she feels like it.

Danke, Casey Deluxe.

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Amy Anderssen – A Global Obsession

A Global Obsession

A Global Obsession

Amy Anderssen (November ’14 SCORE covergirl) is indeed a global obsession.
She’s a fire starter in daybed scorching the sheet with her raunchy heat. Her hard-cock friend will be pulling out his tights to put out the fire. He’ll succeed but the flames will ignite one more time pretty soon after. Amy is a very concupiscent girl and she needs action.

“I would not date a boy unless I am plan to copulate him after,” Amy says with a laugh and gleaming eyes. “What’s the point? Usually I am forcing them into the bedroom. Usually I am the one that wishes it.”

Amy attracts attention, so much so that you’d think some TV network would suggest her a reality show love her idol, Kim Kardashian.

“I love Kim. This babe is one of the reasons I went from golden-haired to brunette. She’s the poster angel for that kind of look. She’s one of my role glamour models. I think in my hair and the eyes and the eyebrows, I can look love her. In some pictures, I can see a resemblance. I hope I look like her! Usually people view me in a certain way. They know something’s up with me. People try to talk to me a lot. People buy me wine on the plane, but it is annoying coz I wanna see my movie scenes, so I try not to make eye-contact.”

Well, u can’t blame guys for trying. They urge to live their fantasies also.

And if there was an Amy Anderssen reality show on TV, what would it be about?

“I’ve thought of that. U would just see me globetrotting all over the country, just being Amy. I run all my stuff from my web resource to my shoots. I do not have an agent. I have done everything on my own. I came to The United States of America on my own. U would just watch me handling my business, handling my life, the bullshit, the precious, the bad, the unattractive, the attractive, the celebrations. And there’s a lot happening daily in my life. I adore to keep busy. I can’t just sit there and do no thing. I’ve not at all been this person.”

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Daphne Rosen – DP Party From Boob Science

DOUBLE PENETRATION Party From Boob Science

DP Party From Boob Science

In the SCORE feature video Boob Science, geeks Dexter and Sheldon have conjured up the superwoman Mandy in the privacy of their nerd bedroom by using their PC equipment and some magical a-bra cada-bra.

Their creation Mandy, played by Daphne Rosen, has immense titties and a excited fuckin’ body that won’t quit. Mandy takes nerds Sheldon and Dexter to a house party filled with potty people trashing the place. The party is too crashed by tough biker-babe Angel Gee and her two idiotic thugs.

Mandy has the force so Dexter and Sheldon knock out the bullies easily. This impresses Beauty, who receives soaked over tough boys. Mandy says to Hotty, “Hi, Goddess. These are my wards, Dexter and Sheldon. They’re dying to fuck u.”

“I adore studs who know what they desire,” Gal answers. “You could say the boys made me who I’m this day,” Mandy says. Now they’re a foursome and willing for a naughty, immodest, carnal super-sex party. The four move over to the sofa and the two super-bra-busters engulf their ramrods while the wasted partygoers watch. The group stumbles off and the two fortunate goofballs jam their subrigid boners into Mandy and Angel, each which way but loose.

Unfathomable mouths, stupendous milk shakes and taut holes are open for filling. Dexter and Sheldon get below and over Mandy and Dual Penetration her soaking-wet love tunnel and her renowned rectal hole whilst Hotty rubs their balls and pricks. The party is just starting. Dexter and Sheldon have lost their geekosity thank’s to this supernatural superwoman Mandy.

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Lorna Morgan – Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan’s romp on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas begins with Lorna and her soon-to-be flat mate getting acquainted on the way over to the SCORE beach house, showing their bigger than run of the mill mangos during the drive.

Once in their room, the 2 try out their beds by jumping on them, something all big breasted beauties do when testing mattresses. (Exactly what Lorna and her flat mate Kerry Marie did in On Location Key Largo.)

Sat on the dock of the bay with fishing rod in hand and wearing a see-through white blouse, Lorna talks and exposes love bubbles. The beach abode was across an islet from Spanish Wells, one of the majority populated areas of sparsely-populated Eleuthera and the arrival of Lorna and her bosom buddies became the talk of the locals. Despite their mellow lives, the islanders don’t approve of public nudity so the cuties and the photographers had to be careful during discharges. The challenges of shooting in nature’s garb vixens in public are many; also many to list.

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Danni Ashe – East Meets Chest

East Meets Chest

East Meets Chest

During the Large ’90s era of the classic SCORE Cuties such as LA Bust, Traci Topps, Angelique and many more, girl-girls were very popular. It was too a way to get some explicit sex (at least in the video version of a scene) with the girls who wouldn’t bonk boys on-camera, such as Colt Fourty five and Tawny Peaks.

East Meets Chest was Minka’s first girl-girl in November 1994 SCORE just now following her launch in the October ’94 issue. Minka was coupled with the queen of the mainstream internet as this babe would be known a few years later, Danielle “Danni” Ashe. To charter SCORE Males, the realization that Minka and Danni had at it 20 years ago may be a jolt.

Danni only did girl-girls, as many big bust fans know, and did a lot of ’em at the SCORE studio in London, United Kingdom. Her ottoman (or sofa) partners in the ’90s included SaRenna, Chloe Vevrier, Becky Sunshine, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lisa Lipps, Traci Topps, the late Valerie Fields and more.

Most of these shapely girls out-gunned naturally breasty 32FF Danni in the chest department but not in the worship of areolas, slits and other goddess bits. So she was a hot sex-buddy for greenhorn Minka.

At this time, Minka wasn’t the mega-boobed tit-an this babe would gradually become, so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and brunette hair Oriental hottie getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native.

In the first part, Danni is the assured one, tongueing Minka’s furry slit and stiffening her hyper-sensitive nipples (which a phat breeze can get upright). Minka repays the favour by eating out Danni’s blonde love tunnel. They receive into a 69. Danni fingers and tongues Minka’s gap, sucks on her teats some more and then copulates Minka with a larger than standard cock-shaped toy.

Danni retired in 2006 after selling her web site and related companies following an breathtaking run as an early pioneer of the adult web. Minka is still active to today while almost any of her peers have too left the world of exotic dancing, exposed modeling and porn.

A classic slit love-in scene of two magnificent angels.

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Jenna Valentine – My Busty Valentine

My Busty Valentine

My Big-Boob Valentine

It is Jenna Valentine’s fourth time showing off her sensational body to The SCORE Group’s cameras since November, 2009. Jenna’s third time was in Mexico for On Location Puerto Vallarta (“Puerto Vallarta Vacation” at SCORELAND). Notice anything different furthermore the three tats on her legs? An additional H is involved. As in 36 double-H.

“My zeppelins have gotten bigger, which is strange cuz I lost tons of weight and I feel adore they shouldn’t acquire bigger in size cuz I have been doing this Pilates and ballet-bar class every single day,” Jenna said. “It’s like Pilates mixed with a ballet class, but it hurts. It hurts worthwhile. I have no idea why my titties got bigger in size. I do not wish ’em to grow any more. This is admirable enough. When I started with Voluptuous, I was a 36F. Then I was a 36H. I was heavier in Mexico, though. It was sad breakup weight. I am an emotional eater. I’ve plenty of feelings. My Twitter name is ‘all of the feelings.'”

Active on Twitter and Instagram, Jenna’s done with web-camming for now. She is on to other activities.

“I’m a model coordinator for I’m a makeup artist, primarily for porno, but I’d adore to branch out. I adore doing commercial makeup. On the porn sets, the boys are always saying, ‘When you do your first scene, can it be with me?’ and I am like, ‘Nope. I’m at not time doing it.’ They say, ‘When you see people having sex on the set, does it make u randy?’ It makes me really overtired. I nap on-set. I don’t even view girl on girl. If I was plan to see porn, I would observe girl-girl, but I do not observe any of the porn we film. Actually, between makeup and Gods Angels, my life is love a king-size slit. I’m seriously living in a labia. There’s snatches everywhere! I acquire emailed wet cracks! Then I look up and there’s a muff on-set. Sometimes a dick.”

Welcome back, Jenna Valentine. There are no penises in your SCORELAND discharges. In other words, no bawdy cleft blockers to click this link the way.

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Sheridan Love – Beauty, Booty & Big Boobs

Looker, Gazoo & Big Funbags

Beauty, Booty & Large Boobs

SCORE: What do u seek in a dress?
Sheridan: Usually I try to find dresses that u can get actually priceless cleavage without. It is indeed rock hard to detect outfits that can fit my juggs, waist and a-hole. I search for the supreme boob outfits I can identify.

SCORE: Is it subrigid to find impressive clothing with your size love muffins?
Sheridan: Greatly stiff. I’m so contented of the way I look that I do not mind going out and flaunting it. If you have got it, flaunt it.

SCORE: Keep flaunting it. What gets you supplementary slutty?
Sheridan: I like to be petted, like a cat. I’m too extremely ticklish. Bucks or hotty’s in a uniform turn me on. Watching movie scenes with beauties and larger than average toys and everything vampiric acquires me sexy.

SCORE: If u could get away with it, what would u do?
Sheridan: I would go to a theme park and ride anything in nature’s garb. The adrenaline rush would make me super-horny. I would identify a renowned landmark and have sex there.

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Beverly Paige – “Cream My Pie” Requests Beverly

“Cream My Pie” Requests Beverly

Let’s get right to the point with Beverly Paige. Her pleasant mouth and her tight, young muff are man-magnets. She is a little shy, a little teasing. Tony acquires naked fast and sits on the ottoman next to a fully-dressed Beverly. Lazily pulling down her tank-top, that man cuddles and feasts on her ripe zeppelins, squeezing and rubbing ’em. She holds his meat-thermometer whilst this chab sucks her nipples. “I crave a tit-sandwich,” this chab requests. “Is that what you call it? Oh, a motorboat,” replies Beverly. She’s pleased to accommodate him as this chap buries his face in her unfathomable deep cleavage.

Beverly stands to brandish him all of her attractive body. Now she’s completely nude. That babe leans forward and starts to mouth-worship his erection, her bazookas resting on his haunch love a boob shelf. Bev sucks ramrod love a well-trained 40-year-old nymphomaniac HORNY HOUSEWIFE. Advanced beyond her years. This babe becomes his fuck doll–soft, delicious, unrepining, lovely. He has tag-teamed many hotties but this one is extra-special. A creamy cum-hole injection will be Bev’s gooey and oozing award for being such a hawt and hot fuck. Beverly Paige can make any stud blast a major load.

“I have been with lads who pay no attention to my zeppelins!” Beverly says in a shocking statement that filled SCORE staffers with disgust.

“I adore getting my teats played with and licked. I adore it! I feel love, ‘Hello! I have those! Play with those!’ Boyz just ignored ’em! They do like it when I give them head. I’ve been said I’m precious. You cant just put a jock in your throat. That’s love a boy putting his fingers in you and that’s it. You need suction without teeth. U acquire to use your hands and lick the right places.

“You have to see your husband and watch what this chab can’t live out of and what is turning him on. Everybody is different. I just do not want balls in my throat. I am all about the weenie. I will ask the boy where he wishes to cum–on my fun bags, on my back or my face. If he wishes to cum in my mouth, if it tastes admirable, ok, I’m nifty with that. Boys love twat. Usually the titty-fucking thing is just at the starting coz they wish to try it.”

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