SaRenna Lee – SaRenna Lee’s Sex Toy & Anal

SaRenna Lee’s Sex tool & Anal

SaRenna Lee's Sex-toy & Anal

SaRenna began stripping in 1989 and decided in 1992 to make exotic dancing a full-time career. That babe retired from the club touring scene in June of 1996. It was an action-packed time. “In Texas, when u work in a exotic dancing club, the stage is secondary. U make almost all of your specie doing lap dances. I have always loved the stage, but I was not very valuable at working the floor coz I used to acquire intimidated.

“So one day I went over to a club called Gigi’s that booked features to see how they did it and detect out how to receive started. It was a joy place where almost all of the features have been. Tiffany Towers, Breasty Dusty and since lots of the dancers lived in Houston, I had quite a bit of exposure to the big-busted queens of the circuit. L.A. Bust lived in Houston and so did Letha Weapons, Traci Topps and Kayla Kleevage. I asked all the dancers how they did it and finally just got up the nerve and went for it.”

After several years raising a family and away from the cameras, SaRenna now does web-cam and video-clip modeling, teaming up with another SCORE legend and fella Boob Cruiser, Casey James. Once a showgirl, always a showgirl.

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Jenna Valentine – Bikini Valentine

Swim dress Valentine

Bikini Valentine

More things you should know about Jenna Valentine who is killing a bathing suit in this pictorial and episode. She deserves her own sit-com on network television, in our opinion.

Much loved movies:

“I adore horror vids. I love old-school Universal, so Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature From The Dark-skinned Lagoon. I like the maturer ’80s slasher episodes like Freddy Krueger and Jason and Halloween. I like The Heartless Dead remake. Lots of recent horror episodes I am not into. I adore those. I’ve all of those on DVD. All the darksome ‘n’ white ones. I fall asleep a lot to Dracula, the darksome and white one with Bela Lugosi.”

Jenna’s television viewing habits:

“Dance Mamas. I like Toddlers & Tiaras. There’s something about child pageants that truly makes me cheerful. I guess they’re hilarious. I wanna steal someone’s kid and put ’em in a tanning booth and come into ’em in a pageant. I crave to compete with batty pageant mommys. I have been watching In nature’s garb and Afraid, which is about putting 2 strangers in a terrible place with crocodiles and bugs and they’re nude and they can merely bring one item, and it is so laughable. They have to be in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with a hatchet and they receive to survive. I too look at Boardwalk Empire.”

“I don’t actually watch plenty of TV coz I work a lot, and I love to read, also, so I must choose if I’m gonna read or watch TV, and sometimes I just need a break from the world and desire to view grown-ass women yelling at each other. They have so many problems! I cant observe the Kardashians. They’re so boring. I can’t acquire into it. I adore when Gordon Ramsay yells at people. I suppose it’s hot. There is something hawt about him. This chab spits out food and throws stuff. It’s humorous.”

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Sabrina Linn – Sexxx Superstar

Sexxx Superstar

Sexxx Superstar

Sabrina Linn is a real HORNY HOUSEWIFE, not a fake Hollywood M.I.L.F.. That babe is a good-bad hotty who calls the editor of SCORE “sir,” and says “I’m a Mamma. I am a really fine cutie in the community. I’m a very wonderful, enjoyment and worthy little cutie who does everything proper and a crazy goddess who does anything freaky and wild and does my own thing.”

Champ has the ramming honors in “SeXXX Superstar.” The harder Sabrina’s banged, the nastier the position, the more remarkable she seems to have enjoyment it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but a gang bang her adore a whore so the adrenaline and her slit juices can flow. Coming to SCORE allowed Sabrina to express that filthy gal side of her. It’s a place where hotty’s can live out their screw thrill-fantasies in a secure environment with dedicated cocksmen. Then see the results when they get home.

Back home in Texas, Sabrina is a different person. She has a lot of male allies who probably drool all over her and that babe loves their company but as this babe told, “I do not group-sex my friends!” Sabrina was a exotic dancer at one time but she had at not time posed nude on-camera. She’s a swinger. “I’ve been active in the swinger couples lifestyle for 20 years, and if I’ve a paramour who’s in the lifestyle, then we’re active,” says the double-G blonde bombshell.

Sabrina’s tats and piercings are part of her bad gal persona in the body of a wonderful angel. “I got these piercings adore 20 years agone ‘cuz…I do not know truly why I got them. I just wanted to acquire my areolas pierced. But then I put the larger than standard hoops in them ‘cuz my bazookas are so large, the petite hoops looked truly strange. Almost all standard people have teeny, small hoops in their breasts.”
The tattoo artist who inks her up is a buddy but not a fuck buddy. “I go out on the boat with him. But I think it was really strange for him [to tattoo Sabrina] because this chab does know me and the whole entire time that stud was doing it, I think this chab was a little uncomfortable, and other bucks had to come in to watch what that smooth operator was doing, so…yeah. That was charming nuts. He was right by my muff, and we all hang out together, and they can at not time a gang bang me ‘cuz we’re friends, so I think that was a crazy experience for him. I don’t gangbang my friends!”

Sabrina too has a non-sex scene as a doctor in the opener of a video with teen vixen Vee Cummings and she’s as fine as any actress on TV. It is part of the 18eighteen DVD Legal age teenager Rectal Exams.

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Angel Wicky – A Star Is Boned

A Star Is Boned

A Star Is Boned

Sweet Angel Wicky plans to stage a cabaret display so she places an classified advert for a piano player to accompany her singing. Looking saucy in her party outfit and feminine fedora, Goddess greets her first applicant, Leny.

It becomes apparent to an increasingly annoyed Cutie that Leny doesn’t know what the bonk this chab is doing. Hotty blows her sweet demeanor and demands an answer. It turns out that his friend told him all about Angel’s big juggs and fantastic body and he wanted to meet her so this man pulled this con job. Goddess winds down after hearing his lame explanation. His next special flaunt with Girl better not be lame.

Angels pulls his face into her greater than average meatballs and gives him exactly what this ladies man wants. Rising up to the occasion, Leny may engulf at the piano but that fellow is priceless at fine-tuning sexy vixens love Hotty. She puts him to the test by taking his cock and showing him what the lung force of a disciplined singer is adore. Beauty engulfs his employees with her ravishing, accustomed face hole and then bonks it with her large love melons. This babe sits on him for a sexy screw, bouncing up and down as her pointer sisters swing and shake. It’s a miracle that the piano bench’s legs do not crack.

Cutie likes ramrod in her arse (her 1st hardcore scene at SCORELAND was a DOUBLE PENETRATION, “Angel & The Bad Males.”) and she wants this fraud’s cock up her arse also. Angel’s enjoyment meter breaks its needle as her arse rides his pole. Her screams of enjoyment fill the room and she wishes more. Hotty Wicky likes to get sticky with inflexible dicky.

“I think each girl prefers bigger in size dick,” Goddess told us in her hot sing-song voice. “I like the sizes and shapes of dick that are in porn. That’s supposed to mean around Twenty 3 cm long [9 inches] and three fingers thick to make me feel full.”

“I’m a very controlling woman. I adore being on the top ‘coz I can do what and how I want. I adore missionary with my gazoo up. That is the two superlatively fine positions for me to easily play with my clit, get maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my love tunnel.”

A star is boned.

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Summer Leigh – Boob Cruise Paradise Part 1

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 1

<i></i>Boob Cruise Paradise Part 1<i></i>” title=”<i></i>Boob Cruise Paradise Part 1<i></i>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=SCORE Classic Videos presents Boob Cruise Paradise, the story of the massive Boob Cruise of the five voyages. In 1998, SCORE‘s CEO and President John Fox wrote as a preface to the Boob Cruise edition of SCORE magazine, “From the pre-cruise party the Friday night previous to the Cruise to our last morning breakfast, there was a valuable ripe soul to this year’s Cruise. We feel it was the almost all gracious one ever. We call our Cruise the unsurpassable dream and make almost certainly of me, it just doesn’t receive any more worthwhile than this. To all of u who fantasy of one day experiencing this fantasy called ‘Boob Cruise’….enjoy!”

This was the humongous Cruise of ’em all with twenty-four angels, some of the hottest names in the big-bust world, some of them now retired but at no time forgotten. The model roster was immense surpassing the number of glamour models of the 1997 Cruise. There was a mix of returning shipmates (Europe DiChan, Heather Milk cans, Casey James, Linsey Dawn, Minka, Big breasted Dusty, Sana Fey, SaRenna Lee, Vanessa, Nicole Tyler, Brittany Andrews) and newbies (Dawn Stone, Girl Eyes, Deanna Baldwin, Skye Blue, Nicky Tanalize, Bobbie Wonders, Connie Kline, Adele Stephens, Rachel Rocketts, Summer Leigh, Roxy Rider, Sammie Dark and Summer Cummings).

Boob Cruise Paradise showcases the parties, the nightly stripping on deck, the beaches, the fun in the sun and all of the activities of a Caribbean cruise. It sailed from the island of Antigua on March 29, 1998. Summer Leigh, sailing on the Boob Cruise for the 1st time, was asked to keep a written diary of her experiences to capture the models’ side of the event.

We start in Miami as the gals pose for the paparazzi before boarding the jet to paradise.

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Anja – Fucking A Huge Boobed Black Beauty

Rogering A Mountainous Boobed Dark-skinned Dish

Fucking A Stupendous Boobed Darksome Beauty

SCORE detected 20-year-old Anja throughout an agent in Germany. That buck lucked out and knew it when he saw the size of Anja’s fullsome funbags. Usually almost any angels are somewhat nervous when they do their 1st hardcore scene with a lad, but Anja was as relaxed as a hotty could be. This turned out to be a wonderful fuck scene.

Anja charming much just forgot that the digital camera was even rolling when the act began. Her boyfriend was very easy-going, and that helped Anja unwind. When Anja did acknowledge the digi camera with a direct look into the lens, this babe popped a greater than run of the mill smile–all whilst his prick fucked her luscious fur pie.

This movie scene really lets u see how the juvenile, cherub-faced, darksome German beauty’s large mangos dangled and bounced while that babe and her friend got their sex on.

Anja was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany. Her father is Cuban and her Mom is German. Anja had F-cup bosoms at 18-years-old. In Germany, they call cuties adore Anja “busenbabes.”

Merely 5’3″ yet hoisting a whopping 36F rack, Anja was the kind of angel who was constantly ogled in the street. Even females have to view a body like this. Voluptuous magazine was her destiny.

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Barbara Angel – Angel Of Big Tits

Girl Of Bigger than run of the mill Love muffins

Angel Of Big Tits

The “Angel of Big Tits” is always lascivious to expose her stuff for SCORELAND and in Voluptuous mag. Barbara is a very open gal. But you know that already.

SCORE: What kind of tops do u like to wear?

Barbara Angel: I prefer to wear a top with a neckline but just low sufficient to get fellows to think about what is hidden under my hawt outfit.

SCORE: What kind of raiment do you wear at work?

Barbara Angel: I wear constricted blouses and skirts above the knee with glamorous stiletto heels.

SCORE: What’s your prefered television display?

Barbara Angel: Definitely “The Bigger than standard Group action Theory.” In Czech it is “Teorie velkého tresku.”

SCORE: Your favourite book?

Barbara Angel: Anything by Terry Pratchett [British fantasy novelist-ed.]

SCORE: Favorite swallow?

Barbara Angel: A Bloody Mary.

SCORE: Favourite actor?

Barbara Angel: Paul Walker. His passing made me very sad.

SCORE: Do jealous sweethearts ever say everything about your bra buddies?

Barbara Angel: Yep, many times. Among the most common are such phrases like “Wow! You’ve very big marangos, u probably cannot sleep on your belly and they have to constantly hurt your back, right?” Sometimes some of their comments make me quite uncomfortable but that’s how people can be.

SCORE: Do u do things topless or naked at home like cleaning or watching TV?

Barbara Angel: If I could, I’d actually spend the whole day stripped. I sleep undressed. I dress only when I go out. Now in winter, at home, I wear bottoms and a precious linen robe. Even now I am wearing ’em.

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Juliana Simms – Meet Juliana Simms

Meet Juliana Simms

Meet Juliana Simms

The highly chesty Juliana Simms was your holiday greeting goddess, a Xmas surprise that’s the superlatively fine of all surprises at SCORELAND. Does anyone remember who the first Xmas surprise gift gal at SCORELAND was? Desirae was her name.

Juliana is a florist by profession. One of our model scouts saw this beautiful darksome brown and could not aid noticing how large her bouquets were. That smooth operator chatted her up and said her about The SCORE group and their search for big-busted models. Instead of just thanking him and going back to what that babe was doing, Juliana was very interested. And now this babe is here.

Juliana said that babe had a pair of the colossal bosoms in her town when that babe turned 15 and as she matured, they grew bigger. Juliana can’t buy bras off the rack so this babe has to have them custom-made for her. This babe can’t live without to wear push-up bras. And there’s a lot to poke up.

In the evenings after work, Juliana likes to view television or take a stroll with a girlfriend previous to winding down and gonna ottoman. If she’s got plans with a lad, she’ll cook dinner for him, and maybe if this chap is very favourable….

Juliana laughed at this part during her episode interview (Along Comes Juliana).

This smiling buck begins her movie with a measuring tape, strips to play with her awe-inspiring naturals and lets you examine every luscious inch of her voluptuous body. She’s a flower of a girl.

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