Annie Swanson – Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

In the Classic SCORE clip Topmost Annie Swanson, Annie’s head-hunter sends the busty housewife to another job. It is guaranteed that Annie is plan to acquire into more trouble this time when that babe meets fella nursing assistant Lilith. Employed as a candy striper in a local hospital to help the patients with sponge bathroom and monitoring their life signs, Annie is destined to become a popular employee.

At first her merely thought is about her job. After all, this babe is been throughout two previous jobs the head-hunter sent her to. This is not intend to be easy with lewd brunette Lilith. She’ll be Annie’s guide into candy striper-patient fucking.

Joey is beautiful racked up but his jock is intact and that is all Lilith and Annie have any interest in. How the sofa didn’t break in their sloppy 3some is a miracle of modern medicine. The cuties run Joey throughout his paces and, for a head trauma sufferer, all of his required functions are working good! They even come up with some atypical positions…the deeper the fit, the more valuable. With two boob goddesses underneath his control, his prognosis for shooting a load of cum all over them looks precious. Or is this buck underneath their control?

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Cat Bangles – Topheavy & Tidy

Topheavy & Tidy

Topheavy & Tidy

Everybody hates cleaning the abode. We all do. So sit back, pop a brew, and see Cat Bangles do that job for u. Wow! Who do you know? You couldn’t hire a housekeeper with a rack and humongous funbags like hers even at Rent-A-Brickhouse. She’s even come perfectly dressed for the occasion. Relish her labors. Every inch of ’em.

“I like to put on constricted wife-beaters and watch how boys react when they check me out,” says Cat. “I usually receive a ton of attention from studs and angels.” And we know Cat does. ‘coz her rack is one-in-a-million.

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Puma Swede – Puma Swede At The Whore Motel

Puma Swede At The Whore Motel

Puma Swede At The Slut Motel

Before we get to the part where Puma Swede hilariously mutters Swedish obscenities by a back alley dumpster as she trolls for tricks to shag for money, let us backtrack a dunky in number years.

In 2004, Puma came to SCORE. Her name then was Johanna. That babe showed her billibongs. This babe showed her bottom. That was it. She didn’t do much. Kinda just stood there and smiled. We were tearing our hair out.

Then that babe came back two years later and this babe was fucking her brains out. The Swedish heat came out. Puma was always funny with a wacky, pervy sense of humor but now this babe was laughable and screwing.

“I’m a sucker for larger than typical knockers, but shooting for SCORE, I feel so tiny cuz all the other girls have mountainous boobies,” Puma said four years ago. “I need to go and get ’em larger. But I’m going to await a pair of years, and then I am gonna go bigger in size than average. Then I’m plan to come back to SCORE. I urge ’em titanic. But I’m going to go step-by-step. First I’ll go a little greater, then I’ll go a little more, then I’ll go a little more.”

Well, Puma did not go larger but that babe did come back to copulate some more and appear on SCORETV and she’s still rogering funny. Now back to the trash dumpster pick-up.

Puma is clothed to raise testosterone levels in a hot pink costume. A car pulls up with an interested buyer. He indeed doesn’t wanna buy Puma’s cookie, just rent it. They continue to the bimbo motel of Puma’s prepossession where her trick acquires to explore the pink lining of her Swedish grip. Puma gives him a ride worth his specie. That babe doesn’t take Swedish Kronas, just US dollars.

The thing about Puma is this. No matter how rock hard that babe tries to be a sleazy, immoral whore and a banging lewd skank, she can not avoid being a wholesome, gorgeous, beautiful Swedish country angel. A matter of joke world, ain’t it?

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Sheridan Love – Sheridan’s First Hardcore

Sheridan’s First Hardcore

Sheridan's First Hardcore

SCORELAND‘s Sheridan Love special proceeds with her 1st hardcore scene, and the gent to take her XXX cherry is super-stud JMac. JMac was turned on by Sheridan from the very pont of time this chab first met the captivating brunette and it’s elementary to see why.

Sheridan has been banging girls since that babe began sexy adult modeling. At SCORE, her bosom buddies have been Charlee Seek and Holly Brooks. “I love bigger than typical boobs on chicks, and I adore to play with ’em. I love the hourglass look,” told Sheridan in 2011. Large milk cans make Sheridan pleased. Her meatballs and the meatballs of other hot beauties.

“I knew this day would come eventually,” said Sheridan with a grin. “I just wanted to take my time. You know, work my way in. That kinda ram. At first I was truly scared. Nervous. JMac actually made me feel comfortable and everyone at SCORE always makes me feel comfortable. That guy was titanic, Oh, My God, I didn’t think it was plan to fit!”

Sheridan waited for the time to be right. That babe moved at her own pace and made her own decisions. And now that she’s done her 1st boy-girl, it’s obvious that she is as hot and as amorous as an pro pornstar. Sheridan bounces on the 10-Pounder love it’s a trampoline. Her moves are ultra-sexy. Her tit-fucking and oral-service skills are intensive. Many of Sheridan’s fans have been waiting since day one to watch her do the nasty with a porn experienced. And that time is now!

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Laura Lion – Is there anyone hornier than a Czech porn star?

Is there anyone hornier than a Czech adult star?

Is there anyone hornier than a Czech adult star?

To say that Laura Lion can’t live with out a ladies man blasting her arsehole is adore saying that San Quentin penitentiary is a gated community. This babe loves ramrod unfathomable inside her chocolate hole. Here she is with 2 guys double-teaming her. She could take the astronomical dicks in her throat, vagina and butt with the greatest of ease. It was extraordinary. And somebody had the nerve to write that hotties are the weaker sex. Nonsense. They didn’t see Laura in motion engulfing and screwing multiple rods.

Laura likewise called herself Laura Lyon, Lena, Lenka, Lenka Moskwitsch, Lenka Lyons and Yvette Boutillon in the 100+ episodes she has made all over Europe. It’s difficult to explain why some porn women use a zillion glamour modeling names. Sometimes a studio will rename a gal. Laura was very much in demand by one as well as the other European porn producers and American studios who went over there to discharge her. In 2006, Laura got a boob job, increasing her size and firmness. Her new fun bags were a definite improvement.

Supposedly Laura moved to the USA and now lives in Los Angeles but we were not accomplished to verify that. U not at any time know if a angel like her wants to resume her porn life.

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Larissa Linn – Coal Miner’s Fantasy Girl

Coal Miner’s Fantasy Girl

Coal Miner's Dream Girl

Larissa Linn graduated from the High-school of the National Mining University. Her field is numbers. Not mining for coal or metals. Her expertise is auditing and accounting. One could say that this babe is a diamond in the rough and her figures actually add up beautifully. She might enjoy nude modeling with out clothes most of all. Larisa’s a coal miner’s dream dream gal.

This episode afresh displays why Larissa is each inch a dream. Heaven is Larissa in sofa expecting for u to join her and enjoy her hawt bod, spread pink pussy and glamorous, large natural bouncy bosoms.

Just a mere Twenty years mature, Larissa says there’re several things this babe cant live with out. They are her phone, her much loved places and people, her cam and high heels. She wants to go to The United States of America. That babe likes dogs. This babe reads Chekhov.

This gal is consummate.

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Ana – Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

In chapter 2 of Supreme Annie Swanson, the employment agent sends Annie out for some other job. This one is managing a ladies clothes outlet.

There’s no other breasty cutie more wonderful suited to dressing and undressing other hotty’s than Annie–especially hawt pussycats love Ana. Annie was girlfriend material but this babe also liked sexy beauties such as Lilith and Autumn-Jade.

As soon as Ana strolled in the store, it was craving at first sight. They could not keep their hands, lips and mambos off every other. It is favourable that the store is not doing any business so Annie and Ana can relish each other’s soaked vaginas and vertical areolas with out any annoying customers getting in the way. Doc Johnson makes a guest appearance.

This is a smoking sexy shopping session and a classic Voluptuous scene!

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Harmony Reigns – British Big Boobed Boss Lady

British Big busted Boss Lady

British Big breasted Boss Lady

Breasty and alluring, Miss Harmony Reigns is in dire straits. She cant discover a secretary who is adept sufficient to hire and time is running short. Harmony has a business to manage. She cant afford to waste time on hopeless wankers.

The next charmer for Harmony to look at is Lutro. That woman chaser is not British but this petticoat chaser is the final applicant of the day. After Harmony explains what this babe needs, Lutro tells her that this chab speaks very little English and did not understand a word she said. This does not sit well with our beautiful Miss Reigns. However, she’s ready to extend herself. And there is no doubt that Lutro is plan to extend something too in a small in number moments cuz Miss Reigns is very hawt and has a hell of a body.

Miss Reigns runs a underware and undergarment company. Since Lutro’s English is non-existent, and Harmony’s last assistant by no means kept samples of their bras in the office, she unbuttons her tight blouse to expose him exactly what that babe sells. Harmony unhooks her undergarment and hands it to him for his perusal but he’s more focused on looking at her now-naked breasts. And he still doesn’t understand what Harmony is saying.

“I wonder why all my assistants always just desire to observe my mounds,” Harmony says to herself, feeling exasperated. We feel for her.

“I wanna help you,” Lutro says and begins fondelling Miss Reign’s colossal mellons. This kind of assistance was not what that babe had in mind originally but this could still figure out. There are only two directions this interview could go. This babe could either send him on his way or they can copulate their brains out on the ottoman in her office.

Miss Reigns makes a decision to take the latter approach when that babe sees what Lutro is packing. He may not be pro to do much for the company but that dude can keep Harmony contented. And maybe he’ll learn some British slang for hooters and a-hole along the way.

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