The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Choice

The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Choice

The Breast-man's Super-Natural Choice

“People ask me what kind of dudes I adore,” told Roxi. “I tell ’em I like worthwhile, ravishing guys who know how to treat a dominant-bitch. Certainly, this chab has to adore bumpers. He has to appreciate all of me, not just my bra-busters, and urge to receive to know me. Sometimes, fellows will check me out and they look adore they’re plan to pass out. I think it is funny but I suppose it is fascinating also.”

It’s going to be five years since Roxi started modeling at SCORELAND. Modeling was something this babe always wanted to do and then that babe identified TSG. It’s surprising that with her looks, the vastness of her incredible naturals and her spectacular, brick-house bod Roxi at no time modeled before 2012. That babe knows the effect that babe has on men (and vixens also).

In breaking news of the beneath garment strap-busting kind, get willing to watch Roxi’s first anal dance scene with a porn charmer, coming your way! Roxi’s attempted anal in her personal life but at not time had her wazoo boned on-camera. It is smth we not ever thought would happen.

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Born To Cum

Born To Cum

Born To Cum

Kiko Lee wasn’t a tease-bomb from the initiate. “My dad is real strict, so he not at any time told us about sex,” that babe told us. “He not at all said us about what chicks look love. And my Mother, she’s the same way. She at not time said me. That babe had me in baggy gracious garments and glasses. I was probably the stupendous nerd in school. So I didn’t know everything.”

In Born To Cum, Kiko, who personally admires the way of the Geisha, picks a Geisha dream to bring a stud to a indecent, happy ending.

Kiko Lee has a couple of the monumental areolae u could find, 4.5 inches in diameter. That is not effortless to identify, especially in a goddess with Oriental genes.

Kiko said that babe gang fucked former baseball star Pete Rose. Guess this chab digs Asians ‘coz this petticoat chaser later married a smokin’ sexy Korean ravishing heart who was born when Rose turned Fourty.

“He came to me. I was walking around Vegas shopping. He had his manager and one of his bodyguards come receive me, and they told, ‘Pete Rose wishes to meet u.’ I was looking at ’em love they were nuts, and it turned out that this chab did. So I figured, ‘Why not?’ even though this skirt chaser is a lot older than me, so I met him and talked to him, and that night we went to dinner. Then we went back to his condo and had sex.”

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Sex & Big Bras

Sex & Bigger in size than average Bras

Sex & Bigger than typical Bras

We envy these bra delivery men. They lead such interesting lives. This courier hits the freakin’ jackpot when this chab delivers a box of bras to mega-popular SCORELAND Girl Milly Marks. Boyz would kill to be in his position. Milly does more than sign for her delivery. This babe invites him in to observe her adult model her fresh purchases and then teaches him a not many things about horny beauties that fry his wiener.

SCORELAND: As a girlfriend, u are a…

MILLY: Definitely a 10, but I’ve barely had the chance to be a girlfriend. It doesn’t happen a lot.

SCORELAND: Why are you a 10?

MILLY: I am always slutty. I am always willing to help people out. I am always there for anybody sexually and in any other kind of way.

SCORELAND: On a scale of one to 10, your whoppers are a…

MILLY: Eleven.

SCORELAND: Your butt is a…

MILLY: U can be the judge of my gazoo. I’m not potty about my booty. I suppose my marangos are my most fantastic feature.

SCORELAND: On a scale from one to 10, your irrumation skills are a…

MILLY: I am getting more incredible each single day. For an archetypal jock, I am glamorous nice. For a porn meat-thermometer, I’m getting more precious. It is rock hard to put a gigantic 10-Pounder down your throat, so I’m getting better, I’m trying. I am a nine with out 10 for an archetypal cock and working toward that for a porn schlong. I’d say I’m a seven.

SCORELAND: Milly, you are a lot higher than a seven!

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Bangin’ Jug Rub

Bangin’ Jug Rub

Bangin' Jug Rub

Elle Flynn is ready for her breast rub-down, as is Carlos who is batty to get his fingers on Elle’s heavy hanging fruit. Towel-clad Elle takes the staircase to hooter heaven and acquires into daybed for her rub-a-dub-dub rub-down.

Carlos spends some quality time working over Elle’s oiled-up jugs. Her prone, shining body is willing for a different kind of rubdown. Carlos cock-massages Elle’s greater than standard hooters, cock-massages her pink slit and wraps up her rub-down by rogering her throat and dropping a load in it as this babe sucks his wang, arms at her sides adore a living love-doll.

A Like Ranch Hotty in Crystal, Nevada these days after becoming a Voluptuous adult star, Elle loves lots of neck giving a kiss and mild biting and some hair-pulling. That babe has dreams of getting rogered in the woods, and curved weenies turn her on. One of the buttons this babe likes pushed is a spouse with a curved rod banging her while this babe plays with her like button at the same time. That combo launches Elle into outer space.

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Watching The Movie K-JUGS

Watching The Episode K-JUGS

Watching The Clip K-JUGS

It is a clip within a movie scene. “Hot porn and popcorn! Breathtaking!” Cherry Brady declares as she prepares herself. That babe changes from her hot and sexy businesswoman’s attire to a hawt and hot brassiere and knicker set this babe has brought back from a shopping journey. “Don’t forget the hot little shoes. Some fuck-me pumps. Very sexy!” Cherry reminds herself. With out the bag comes a couple of pink FM heels.

Cherry pops the K-JUGS disc into her laptop and receives comfy. As Cherry watches Bailey Santana’s office worker scene, she does a blow-by-blow commentary during the time that this babe plays with her luxurious, pliant body and her massive 40G milk cans. This babe pulls aside her recent straps to display her pink, warm love tunnel so she can finger it as that babe receives off watching the action in K-JUGS.

A toy would come in handy now. What about that realistic-looking, flesh-colored cock-vibrator, Cherry? Doesn’t it do the job more wonderful on your concupiscent pussy than these slender steel sex toys that look like pencil flashlights?

Cherry gives her lovely fur pie and mammoth, much-worshiped bouncy bosoms a entire pleasuring, cumming just as the skirt chaser on her laptop screen discharges his screwing wad into Bailey’s open face hole. She pops a popped corn into her throat and awaits the next K-JUGS scene.

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A Day On The Water

A Day On The Water

A Day On The Water

The Miami day is alluring and so is a specific visitor to the Magic Town. Hitomi is perfectly clothed for today’s activity. She wears a swim costume top that can not cover her bigger in size than average titties and miniature denim shorts. It’s sunny and clear, a flawless day to take to the water in a speed boat.

Hitomi’s destination is no average tourist spot. It’s a village of shacks and houses called Stiltsville near Key Biscayne. Constructed in the 1930s, this former “renegade” village was athletic on concrete pilings ten feet above the water line. For years, the place boomed with party goers from each social level. But no more. Time and hurricanes took their toll.

Hitomi had not at all viewed everything adore it. She piloted the boat for a not many knots, the captain at her side, and then turned the wheel over to him so that babe could pole dance as they sped towards Stiltsville. Hitomi had at not time pole danced in advance of for us so it is a treat to watch her moves.

After disembarking, Hitomi explored this forlorn structure, a very atypical place for her to stripped her magnificent body. She could not quite feel the history swirl around her. How many people had strolled and partied on these now-desolate decks over the many years? One thing is certain. None of the girls who’d been here previous to could have matched Hitomi for breasts, body and looker.

And when her trip was entire…after this babe had graced Stiltsville with her presence, Hitomi and her friends sped back to the Magic City.

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Wrapped In Plastic

Wrapped In Plastic

Wrapped In Plastic

We’d have loved to have observed Daphne Rosen walk down the street in a see-through plastic costume and high heels. She’d have done it if asked but we did not wanna think of the carnage that sight would cause on the streets.

This is a uncommon photo series because Daphne is already stripped in heels. In the past, that babe would wear some stripper-style costume or constricted top that clung to her gigantic mangos. Her SCORE studio ally Tony Rubino had just met Daphne for the first time but this fellow had observed her pictures in SCORE. Who says porn doesn’t bring people together? This buck was anxious to slide her the sausage so this chab goes from fully clothed to starkers in one photo frame. This is called The Daphne Effect.

Daphne does a standing copulate, something we didn’t see her do often when that babe was in porn. There are some great images of Daphne engulfing weenie with her legs splayed so we can see her astronomical jugs hanging. This is a pose that each tit-man can’t live out of. That babe even thoughtfully spreads her ass-cheeks open so we can see her butt-hole and twat. This hotty knows how we think. The coup de grace is Rubino’s tool plowing into Daphne’s backdoor. It is unbelievable how constricted her wonderful backdoor remained as it got tapped.

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The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

The Big breasted Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

The Big boobed Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

This is not the way u reckoned the day to go. It was just a routine day like any other day. U were plan to the store to pick something up and then going right home on this cold, snowy day. U didn’t wait to pick up a lady with a traffic-stopping figure, a smile so bright that babe could blind you and a body so hot, she can turn snow into water. So when you saw this bouncing, shivering honey bunny, dressed in a thick sweater and little denim shorts, standing in the road trying to hitch a lift, u slowed down. She bears a resemblance to a goddess traveling the countryside with her backpack and hiking shoes. When this babe lifts up her sweater to expose her twin mountains nestled in a constricted underneath garment, you do a 180 and drive back. Her name is Vanessa Y. Just Y.

“Please, it is so cold,” Vanessa pleads. You’re plan to turn down a damsel in distress? This babe hops in, glad for the pick-up. So glad, she lifts up her sweater afresh to brandish her appreciation and cuz that babe can’t live out of to tanalize. You live down the road. Vanessa can warm up there. And whilst she’s at your place, this busty road tripper can educate u what “bush baby” truly means.

Congratulations to Polish Princess Vanessa Y., voted top Voluptuous Adult model for the second consecutive year, as announced in May 2017 V-mag. This is a feat accomplished solely by four other super-models. It isn’t unexpected when the number of comments Vanessa receives at SCORELAND and the letters to the editor of the mag are considered . They’re not just one-liners either. Many of them are short essays. Vanessa’s appeal produces a beefy effect.

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