Kitana Has Two Sides. Both Wild.

Kitana Has Two Sides. One as well as the other Wild.

Kitana Has Two Sides. The one and the other Wild.

South Beach angel Kitana Flores stops traffic when this babe walks to the beach. She’s one of SCORELAND‘s hottest gals and her hardcore scenes are the substantiation but she’s just as smoking when she’s getting down by herself.

“I swim a lot and I dance a lot,” said Kitana about how she keeps her bod in consummate shape. “I do lots of stripping at home. And I ride bikes. I do everything. I keep myself very busy with activities. I love playing volleyball and tennis, also.”

Plus tons of sex.

“My teats are very sensitive, so if a boy begins there and slowly works down my body, he’s gonna discover that my cum-hole is already very juicy previous to that charmer even does everything to it. I adore my wazoo spanked hard. You gotta leave a handprint there afterwards so I know u did the job.”

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Tit Chat: Meet Tia Clegg

Tit Chat: Meet Tia Clegg

Tit Chat: Meet Tia Clegg

Fresh at SCORELAND, Tia Clegg has a sit-down with our photographer about her life in the UK, what kind of boyz this babe loves, how she treats her large love bubbles, how many times a day she has sex, her favourite shagging position, hobbies and all that valuable stuff. You know, the kind of questions u can’t ask the waitress at your prefered breakfast place.

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How To SCORE With Sexy Girls

How To SCORE With Hot Angels

How To SCORE With Hawt Girls

Dulcinea is renting a house from an “art collector.” He eyes the chesty and leggy brunette hair and knows a work of living art when this charmer sees one. This babe enters the house wearing a taut, low-cut top that reveal off her treasures and ass-hugging shorts. Brick figures he should throw a proper housewarming party for his fresh renter and Dulcinea is game for that.

SCORELAND: Did u see the scenes you discharged final time in our studio?

Dulcinea: Yep! I could not await to view them.

SCORELAND: Did you check out ’em alone or with someone?

Dulcinea: My husband and I viewed all of them together, but I’ve likewise shown them to several of my allies. In fact, my best ally from college was truly satisfied of me so this petticoat chaser observed majority of ’em with his girlfriend, as well.

SCORELAND: What did u think?

Dulcinea: I completely couldn’t believe it was me, really. I’m typically so coy, but I feel like being in front of a camera is my calling! It’s like I just sort of blossomed. It was too a immense turn on to see that I could hold my own with accomplished ramrods. Everybody has been so supportive. The best reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. That smooth operator was so stoked I did adult modeling, so he wanted to view it previous to he and his wife played with my spouse and I. It was facile to tell that buck was truly savouring watching me ‘coz that lady-killer got potty rock hard in the 1st few seconds. I was too nervous to make the 1st move, but I should’ve gotten things started by engulfing his pecker right there!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex during the time that watching your scenes?

Dulcinea: Not yet but I going to with my new scenes, for sure!

SCORELAND: Has shooting your original scenes changed you at all?

Dulcinea: Yep, remarkably so! I used to be so self-conscious of my body and my own sexuality. After coming here and being treated love a queen– getting my hair and makeup done, being styled, and getting to copulate insanely sexy boys! –there was no way I could go back to being quiet, bashful, little ol’ me! I am much more confident approaching people now, because I see myself as hawt.

SCORELAND: Do u like looking in a mirror during sex? It’s not like watching yourself in a movie scene but it can come close.

Dulcinea: Absolutely! I used to have a headboard that was a mirror, which was always epic. Mirrors are especially fun during fuckfests and group sex.

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I Got The Hots For Miss Rio

I Got The Hots For Miss Rio

I Got The Hots For Miss Rio

The past ten years, there’s been a wave of sexy, juvenile woman teachers sexting, seducing and screwing their students. Some of ’em have gotten pregnant. The news is full of those incidents.

We got to tell ya, for the almost all part, the teachers in our day were battle-axes that would kill any concupiscent teen’s stiffy. Not this day! This is one more indictment of the sub-standard educational system in America that has existed for so many years. Our sex-ed teacher was a male Fitness Centre teacher and a real jack-off, not a female like Ms. Daylene Rio.

How many of you’ve had a teacher like Daylene Rio, a spitfire flaunting her big Lalin girl mounds and Lalin girl butt? What Daylene does in this SCORE clip is reveal u how it should be done.

Ms. Rio’s lesson plan for today is to demonstrate the proper technique for a hand job with the assist of a dummy. Unfortunately, two overgrown punks in Daylene’s class are disruptive and unappreciative of her efforts. Ms. Rio banishes those troublemakers.

That leaves her with only one scholar. This well-mannered student will be the lucky recipient of a one-on-one tutoring session. This babe first gives him an oral-stimulation exam. It’s one of the stiffest tests she is ever created. Daylene then teaches him the proper form for intra-mammary intercourse, which the commonplace person knows as titty-fucking.

Daylene removes her knickers, top and bra for the next lesson in non-marital coital fornication. That is right…right there on her desk. Most students are favourable to receive a gold star next to their name. This guy acquires a quality education with Daylene’s face hole, love tunnel and milk sacks as her training tools. This chab can imagine what Ms. Rio’s after-school special need to be adore.

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A Lavish Picnic Spread

A Lavish Picnic Widen

A Lavish Picnic Spread

Lavish Styles has a personal coach who acquires on her to work-out harder before this chab receives on her to lick his inflexible cock. He has Lavish run up and down stairs and do boob-bouncing calisthenics previous to they call it a day and acquire down to the real business at hand. Fuckin’!

Lavish is not liking his fitness exhortations at all and she’s leaking without gas. That babe will need a fill-up and his dick will serve as the pantyhose. Lavish lays on a towel to stretch out her legs. Carlos takes this opportunity to finger her unshaved slit, bringing the finger to Lavish’s throat so she can engulf off her own juices.

Carlos tells Lavish to stick her butt in the air so that stud can finger-fuck her deeper. Well, it has the appearance of this training session has moved on. This chab disrobes undressed and receives on his back so Lavish can eat his 10-Pounder and tit-fuck him from up top. Once he’s hard, that babe rides him in cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. They switch to a precious doggie shag to receive deeper insertion into her snatch. This way, Lavish can turn her gorgeous face to view him during the time that this man plows her and asserts his rightful male domination of her slender body.

Carlos gets on top of her and holds up her thighs so he can copulate her even harder, then that lady-killer pulls out so this babe can toss off him off with her own hand, an always-welcome sight. Her rapid-fire jacking empties his balls all over her belly and juggs. There is nothing more amazing than a work-out scholar who actually obeys her instructor! After this exercise routine, a priceless nap sounds love the ticket!

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Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Danielle Derek is making up for lost time away from SCORE with this rockin’ anal scene. With cuties or with lads, Danielle is one ultra-hot playgirl. Her petite, skinny body topped by supersized juggs has made distracted boyz walk into parking meters back home in Brooklyn, New York.

When Danielle wakes up, this babe is horny. Jimmy is in the dining room reading the newspaper. Danielle squeezes into a skimpy shorts and a halter top that jacks up her large, thrusting hooters. That’ll receive Jimmy charged for act. Or maybe not coz this chab keeps his head buried in his paper, oblivious to her fantasy-slut look and her come-on.

This doesn’t sit well with Danielle, who has to ask him several times if he urges to shag her in the gazoo. This gent still doesn’t receive the message so Danielle leaves the kitchen where she is been making him an iced coffee and bounces over to him, demanding the hard 10-Pounder. What Danielle urges, Danielle gets and what that babe wishes is to gargle and gag on his cock and receive butt-boned in a boiling-hot screw scene. When it comes to boiling-hot bonk scenes, no one boils it more fine than Danielle.

Does Danielle watch her scenes with any chap friends?

“Other girls’ scenes, yep,” Danielle replied. “But with my scenes, I crave the lad focused on my wet crack. He doesn’t have to be focused on me in my movie scenes.”

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Lustrous In Latex

Glossy In Latex

Shiny In Latex

Hitomi puts her purple fetish-lingerie and steps out onto the terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the mountain range. It is a stormy, phat, drizzly day and the wind is whipping up smth fierce.

Hitomi braves it, challenging the forces of nature to a showdown. Her supernatural body vs. what the weather can throw at her. Nothing stops Hitomi when it comes to showing that gracious body to her males watching at home.

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Factory Girl

Factory Angel

Factory Girl

Now what’s a goddess adore Morgan doing in a dank, gloomy industrial warehouse, seemingly tied to a pallet? After all, this is the Sunshine State. Do not forget, we’re talking about a ravishing heart with a degree in Food Science who managed technical systems in food manufacturing and developed recent products for her company previous to she caught adult modeling fever on the Boob Cruise.

For starters, Morgan’s showing off that great body in diminutive shorts and a see-through mesh top. If you are a wazoo ladies man, this one’s for u too. When it came to toy play, that babe knew exactly how to use ’em and hold them so u could indeed see it going into her shaved-slick fur pie. Morgan called her love bubbles her “line crashers.” “My zeppelins are so large, I can knock people aside,” explained Morgan. “Big breasts have many advantages, likewise many to mention.”

Man SCORE Goddess Daphne Rosen told, “I loved making Big boobed ‘N Wet with Morgan in Miami and rencounter fans with her and Danielle Derek at the SCORE booth in Las Vegas. That babe was so much fun and so worthy to spend time with.”

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