Christy Marks – Christy Marks Part 1

Christy Marks Part 1

Christy Marks Part 1

In agonizing over the adult model selection for Greater than standard Boob Paradise, we had a scarcely any goals in mind. 1st, we were looking for naturally endowed glamour models who would prove equally glamourous to the one and the other SCORE Dudes and V-Men.

Secondly, we wanted to take this opportunity of shooting offshore in the Bahamas to work with some of our finest international adult models. The newest version of the United States government’s 2257 regulations forbids U.S.-based companies to shoot any models that don’t have YOU.S. identifications on YOU.S. soil. However, it’s legal for us to shoot ‘em at an offshore location.

We were too considering Merilyn Sakova, Melissa Mandlikova and Anna Song for this journey. However, they couldn’t obtain visas to trip.

As for Christy Marks, she’s from rural Pennsylvania and we had no such concerns. That babe is a sensational adult model, and we wanted to take this opportunity to discharge photos and clips of her against spectacular scenery.

What did Christy do with her free time?

Christy, and Lorna Morgan, spent tons of time on the Internet. Christy, in special, is a real PC geek, and this babe enjoyed checking out her emails from fans, surfing the web and basically just looking around.

The angels and the SCORE workers all lived jointly in the same abode all week. It is a large abode, but with five big busted women and a staff of 12 people, things could receive very constricted at times…and that is a precious thing!

Dinner always tastes a lot more worthwhile when the guests come with five pairs of larger than average, natural meatballs that are barely contained in tight, low-cut tops (the gals weren’t wearing much…or anything at all). Meals are a lot more enjoyable when the conversation starts with Christy saying, “Have any of u ever lost smth down your cleavage?”

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Jarmila – Redhead’s Big Boobs Drain Balls

Redhead’s Greater than average Hooters Drain Balls

Redhead's Large Scones Drain Balls

Jarmila was twenty-two and a red-haired dish when she shot this scene with a pro-stud. At the time, Jarmila measured 44-30-42 and weighed 174 pounds. She’s 6’1″ tall! This woman is an Amazon or should it be Mamazon?

“I am a greater than standard woman so I don’t identify so elementary a smooth operator to be compatible,” Jarmila said. “Still, it is more fantastic than other countries. Many Czech guys are ordinary height of 180 centimeters (5’11”). That’s tall compared to rest of Europe. When I step into high heels, I’m also tall for almost any males I meet! So when I go out, I donot wear such shoes.”

This episode is from the DVD SCORE Knob Drainers.

“I was playing with my meatballs and making a fellatio for my boyfriend. I could tell I was doing admirable ‘coz this man was making moans and saying ‘Jarmila, you suck my dick great!’ That made me feel wonderful.”

Like all Europeans, George licked Jarmila’s pussy and got his tongue in there, different from most American guys who give the outer labia a cursory take up with the tongue, if at all. These Euro-dudes love the smack of twat. This chap screwed the shit out of Jarmila, especially hard when they did doggie, and then dropped a load on her bigger than typical meatballs. Jarmila tapping his cum-covered cock-tip on her pierced tongue was a priceless touch.

Jarmila was what we call a “one-hit wonder.” She solely appeared in one scene at SCORE. Jarmila made a few more pornos in Europe previous to quitting and settling down, her wild oats sown.

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Joana – The Countess of Cleavage

The Countess of Deep cleavage

The Countess of Cleavage

Joana is responsible for plenty of wood and many loads lost. Finding her back in 2003 was one of the highest events in big-bust history. That she stays active in front of the digital camera is a testament to her longevity and how well she takes care of herself. A New Ager, Joana lives a healthy lifestyle; not austere, but very holistic.

“I am a vegetarian. I like mushrooms. I don’t eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs. This goes jointly with my spiritual life. I meditate and do Yoga. I practice Tantric Yoga likewise.”

That doesn’t mean that Joana lives an ascetic lifestyle.

“I go to lap dancing clubs with allies. I like plenty of different music. I like dance music. 1960s music. Mature music. I adore disco. I like to dance, but I receive to be careful about what kind of exotic dancing I do coz my big fullsome funbags bounce all over the place!”

One day, we’ve gotta see Joana dance. Without any clothes on.

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Maya Milano – Traffic Stopper

Traffic Stopper

Traffic Stopper

“I at no time dreamed my picture would be on the cover of a magazine,” Maya Milano emailed the SCORE photo employees that lensed her in Prague about the Holiday ’14 edition of Voluptuous. “There are so many photos of so many gals on the web that I suppose they donot stand out. Now, to be on the cover of a real mag is a particular thing, I feel. So I am very randy and pleased. When I saw it, I told, ‘Look at that cutie!’ Then I said, ‘Oh, it is me!'”

In the 1st 18 pics of this fresh photo-shoot, super-gorgeous and massively-breasted Maya is shown walking on a bridge. Passing cars honked their approval. Fortunately, no one drove off the bridge. There’s a hardly any minutes of video of this in “Behind The Scenes” interspersed with Maya creaming her big juggs.

Maya makes SCORELAND a more pretty place. She’ll be in the trickling for V-mag Beginner of the Year 2014.

“I thought, ‘If the gals in SCORELAND can do it, why not me? My melons are as big as theirs.'”

We love how Maya thinks.

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Marille – Marille’s Big Titty Ramrodding

Marille’s Bigger in size than average Titty Ramrodding

Marille's Bigger than typical Titty Ramrodding

Mr. Voluptuous Magazine Chap has left the Hollywood scene and fled to Prague–which some say is Europe’s majority swinging town. And that is where our hero meets Marille, a soaked and stacked juvenile female with real buckin’ hangers and a glamorous face. Marille’s soft-spoken and polite, but if that charmer wants to shag her, Mr. V. is going to need to loosen the death-grip on his wallet. Marille’s English is valuable. She wears a low-cut top to advertise her goods. They make big mellons over her strappy costume. Who could resist?

It is similar to hiring a fitness instructor except the schlong gets stretched instead of the calf muscles. Mr. V. is very polite. This chab prefaces every request with “May I?” Life is so much easier and pleasuring since he stopped playing the field and started seeing professionals.

Marille worships his strapon with her soaked face hole for a fine amount of time. She’s in no hurry to move on. From the pont of time Mr. V. permeates her tight Czech cunt with his screw chisel, her handsome pussy is sopping succulent. Marille is a companion who enjoys being rogered rock hard by sex-crazed chaps. Mr. V. can tell that and drills her knob aperture as rock hard as that guy can.

Marille rides his 10-Pounder with grinding intensity, soaking his dick with her trickling bawdy cleft juices. Part of their deal is her agreement to let him squirt his meat-thermometer fluid on her fresh, quivering mangos. His aim is off and her open face hole catches some of the man cream which she swallows like a good cutie. Mr. V. has learned firsthand why Marille is so popular. He suspected as much before his pants came off. Marille’s phone number will be at the top of his call-back list.

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Mia Callista – She’s lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She is lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She's lovin' it and havin' it her way

“Once you bucks came along, there was no doubt I wanted to do it,” 21-year-old Mia Callista, aka The Big-Boob Hotty Who Works Behind The Counter at the Hamburger Joint, told of her reaction when that babe was approached by a bunch of SCORE editors about modeling. “I did not must think twice. I saw the web site, saw topless vixens and said, ‘Yes!’ And then I identified out it was likewise hardcore porn, and then I got indeed excited.”


“Because that is even more wonderful than posing topless. That’s getting paid to do my hobby. I like fucking!”

That’s obvious in those images and the accompanying episode. Mia’s enthusiasm and love of sex come through. It’s a shame that she spent so much time working at the burger joint when she should’ve been here. But we’re very cheerful we detected her first.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, but I didn’t know how,” Mia said. “I view a lot of porn and I always watch porn when I masturbate. I would Google porn sites, but I not ever knew who to contact.”

We contacted her. That babe gave us the big thumbs up. And, now, she’s banging on-camera for the first time.

“I’m so amorous!” Mia told.

She is not the only one.

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Gianna Rossi – Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

The DVD On Location Large Boob Paradise follows the day-to-day play of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the 1st and solely time these SCORE superstars modeled jointly, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one goddess. Today is Gianna’s day.

In Part 1 of Gianna’s chapter, we pursue the tall brunette preparing for a day of discharges, from awaking her up to getting her hair and makeup done. She heads to the beach, plays topless tennis and tries her hand at croquet. “I like being photographed,” Gianna said. “It just feels run of the mill to be in front of the digital camera. It just feels natural to me, but it is not that I am saying to myself, ‘Oh, I’m going to be on digi camera.’ It’s just phat.”

“Cool” is Gianna’s midst name. She flew from laid-back Seattle to Los Angeles to Miami and met some of the SCORE team for the last leg to Eleuthera Island. An American sex star, known for her take-no-prisoners style of hardcore, collision an Australian, a Welsh-woman, an American newcomer and a Czech gal who spoke merely her native language was a glamorous weird mix of personalities but ultimately a successful one.

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Rachel Rocketts – Superbusty Pussy Fun

Superbusty Love tunnel Joy

Superbusty Pussy Fun

During the classic SCORE years of gigantic hair and huge breasts in the bigger than typical ’90s, Candy Cantaloupes was one of the greater than typical names on the super-boobed exotic dancing club circuit, appearing in exotic dancing clubs love Flashdancers and Recent York Dolls.

Candy Cantaloupes was one of the most popular of the ’90s supersized SCORE Cuties and anybody with one of the shortest careers. The 1st place that babe ever danced in was the Cheetah I club in Phoenix, Arizona. “When I auditioned, I was likewise scared to take my hands off my hooters,” Candy said a SCORE editor.

Candy was done with dancing and glamour modeling very quickly and supposedly enrolled in a college in Recent York to study biology. Or so the urban legend goes.

Rachel Rocketts is a five-time SCORE mag and Boob Cruise ’98 glamour model and gogo dancer from Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to other SCORE editions, Rachel was too in the October ’95, October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes and November ’98 editions. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1998 which was the humongous of all five and this babe was very popular.

In 1999, Rachel started a strippergram service in the Detroit area called “Bunnies.” I attempted to interview Rachel about her fresh career move, but, aside from one preliminary phone call, I at not time connected with her anew. That babe by no means called me back so I moved on.

All I knew was that that babe occasionally danced at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan. Her attempt at a website shortly ended (the URL ultimately picked up by a cyber-squatter in Canada) and her fan mailing address closed down.

Then in July, 2013, SCORE reader R.J. sent me a surprise email. This ladies man met Rachel Rocketts and this babe was still exotic dancing.

“It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit a hardly any blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park. I strided in and this babe just now caught my eye. I asked her for dances and that babe introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure. I named off several big busted entertainers I have met and she knew a few of them. That babe did great dances. Mammaries looked pretty much the same. That babe had blonde highlights. Very marvelous angel. She said she worked there on weekends of Tigers games.”

Rachel and I texted a not many times (this babe gave R.J. her number to give to me) and I debated myself about asking Rachel if that babe wanted to glamour model anew. The side that did not desire to talk to her about bare modeling again won, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that if a girl really wishes to model, she will contact us herself. A lot of former adult models do exactly that. So I felt that Rachel was content enough to do her thing at Bouzouki.

Besides, it is worthwhile to know that Rachel’s still showing her goodies since so many of the original SCORE Girls have retired.

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