Emilia Boshe – Personal Sex Trainer

Personal Sex Coach

Personal Sex Trainer

It is a buffet of big-boobed hotties at SCORELAND. One day, hot Daylene Rio is playing with her jugs and vagina. The next day, it’s a new discovery like Katie Thornton, Larissa Linn or Samantha Lily. It might be Alyssa Linn dancing on a dude’s pole next or a look down mammary lane at a busty legend. Surprises are part of the pleasure. Variety is the spice.

A larger than run of the mill, bigger than standard surprise is the return of Emilia Boshe, this time to rub her monumental love melons on a fortunate lad and have full-on sex with him. The SCORELAND Blog pulled in a couple of dozen comments to a posting announcing Emilia’s 1st boy-girl with Tom.

Commented Euan, “Emilia’s attractive on her own, but even more wondrous with a schlong. And this babe looked like she loved each second of screwing on digi camera in what was a breathtaking scene. A greater than run of the mill thank u to Emilia for sharing this with us and I hope we’ll see you back shooting with more of the SCORE men in the future.”

That time is now. Emilia returns for a private fitness training session with Dennis. This chab first works Emilia out, stretching her arms and beefy thighs. Clothed in a skimpy sheer two-piece that displays her areolas and areolae throughout the material, Emilia casts a quiet spell over the coach and in advance of lengthy, his ramrod is what is getting stretched out during the time that manipulating Emilia’s limbs. It’s gonna be hot time for ‘em. Dennis massages an area above Emilia’s big pointer sisters and finds himself holding a handful. Each breast might be twice as big as his head. Together, Emilia’s milk sacks make any wang vanish.

Fitness class can expect until some other day. This day is a breast holiday when Emilia Boshe bares and shares her brickhouse body with a horny charmer in round 2.

Danke, Emilia Boshe!

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Slone Ryder – Hot Tub Hump Machine

Hawt Tub Hump Machine

Hot Tub Hump Machine

This was Slone Ryder’s first XXX scene. Slone was a naturally large busted dancer who found Voluptuous mag in an unconventional way. She retired just as she was getting warmed up.

Told Slone, “I was exotic dancing for a number of years at The Manhattan Strip club in Richmond, Kentucky and I even did some softcore films. But, I felt love I was willing to do something a little more gutsy. I was getting a little bored and decided I wanted to branch out and get into modeling and performing in hardcore films. I’ve always wanted to do that, but I just at no time sought out the opportunity. I indeed had a Voluptuous mag at my abode and I saw your email address and I sent u an email and that is what got me here. My brother is a distributor in our area. I knew about Voluptuous, so I asked him for a copy. I was very curious ‘coz I had heard of the company and wanted to watch what it was all about.”

Slone was a natural at posing exposed (from her stage work), masturbation and screwing on-camera.
Her bigger than average hooters acquire Slone plenty of attention. Who wouldn’t get a lump in their pants seeing that body?

“My measurements are 40-32-40, and my brassiere size is normally a 34DDD or even an E-cup, but E-cup bras are much more difficult to detect, so for almost all of my bras I’ll go a size bigger in size and wear a 36DD. That fits indeed snug, but it acquires the job done.”

It sure did.

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Iva – Busty Euro Maids Iva

Big busted Euro Maids Iva

Busty Euro Maids Iva

Three superstacked angels (Veronika, Iva and Marketa) each apply for a position they watch in a newspaper. They inspect that position means doggie, missionary and so on. The audition for the job means wealthy nutcase Mr. Trousersnake receives to fill their openings previous to this man can come to a completion. In Iva’s case, this babe acquires a double “interview” in her love tunnel and darksome hole by Mr. T and his pal.

The guest star in Big breasted Euro Maids is Polish covergirl Ines Cudna. As the head maid, Ines gives no head but does lead in Trousersnake by his pecker when he arrives to “interview” Iva. Pretty soon, Mr. Trousersnake’s tag team boyfriend George arrives from parts unknown and joins in to make it an Iva sandwich.

Iva has an unbridled, unrestrained enthusiastic taste for sex and that babe could turn any buck into a animal. Iva was a hotty with a great body and large zeppelins who did anything perfectly and loved doing it. That babe was nice to go with anal and Dual Penetration. Iva was all of 19 when that babe made Busty Euro Maids and whatever the porn fellows dished out in this clip, that babe could take it. Sex was a sport for her and being filmed made her hotter and nastier, as it appears to be to do to many girls. The hawt little brunette hair retired from porn too in a short time. In the “Separated At Birth” section of the Boob Beat column in SCORE magazine, we celebrated the resemblance between Iva, Kristy Klenot and a goddess from Romania who initially appeared in late 2010, Lana Ivans.

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Barbara Angel – Where Angel Goes, Good Times Follow

Where Cutie Goes, Admirable Times Follow

Where Beauty Goes, Admirable Times Follow

“I don’t like foreplay,” says Barbara Beauty. U don’t read that too often. She wants to get down to the act. Barbara has a high sex drive. That babe rates it a ten with out ten. Barbara has no yen for kinky fetishes in her personal life although this babe thought her female-dom scene with Neeo was hot and nasty. Discharged in a dungeon, this chab teaches stern Lady Barbara a lesson and fucks her rock hard on a thraldom table after chaining her up and punishing her. “I have a passive personality in any case so I adore manly studs.” Barbara enjoys the role-playing part of nude modeling whether she’s flying solo or paired with a ladies man. That babe loved the sex sofa this babe attempted in one more scene. “I play with myself a lot if I do not have a fellow with me and I am alone.” She’s not alone often. Tit-men wish to date her and they seek her attention.

Barbara Angel’s favorites list:

Favourite television show: The Bigger than standard A gang bang Theory
Favourite movie: The Family (Robert DeNiro)
Favorite author: Terry Pratchett
Favourite band: Green Day
Prefered perfume: Bruno Banani Hotty’s
Prefered drink: Bloody Mary
Favorite foods: Steak
Favorite actor: Paul Walker
Prefered singer: Katy Perry
Favourite past-time: Walking my dog Puddle
Future interest: Sky diving
Peculiar talents: Solving puzzles

Barbara goes retro-glamour in this scene. But no ’50s pin-up goddess ever played with her large marangos and slit love this on-camera back then.

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Samantha Lily – Sexy Lovely Sam

Hawt Lovely Sam

Sexy Enjoyable Sam

Writes Roberto, “Wow, she’s so new, so glamorous, the archetypical girl-next-door! And what to say about that couple of alluring super-big mams? I’ve no words to describe what I feel inside my pants just to view her. I guess this babe will be one of the foremost discoveries of the year. Wonderful job, SCORE men, for bringing to us this kind of first-class pleasant heart.”

Samantha Lily could have chosen to work part-time at some archetypical job whilst this babe studied for a degree in veterinary science. Toiled anonymously at some company. Fully dressed. Instead, Samantha chose to reveal her outstanding body and large bouncy bosoms. That babe has blessed tit-men with her revelation. Can world peace be far behind?

Would the people who know Samantha be surprised to see her adult modeling and going on the Web undressed?

“I think they will be surprised if they watch me bare, but I love my body,” Samantha told. “I like it so much and I’m contented of it, so I don’t care what they say.”

Samantha too told, “I think my bouncy bosoms are still developing cuz lately my pantoons were a little bit smaller. I went to the same shop and the bras which I bought before were a little bit smaller. I do not know why they are still growing.”

Thank u, Samantha Lily.

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Jayden Prescott – SCORE Reader’s Wife

SCORE Reader’s Wife

<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” title=”<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” src=”http://www.bigtitwomen.net/wp-content/uploads/jayden-prescott-score-readers-wife.jpg” /></a> 
<p class=Jayden Prescott’s got a big busted fetish. This is an understatement. “I have 100 SCORE DVDs and dozens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines at home,” wrote Jayden.

Jayden took four very basic in nature’s garb images at home (just standing, arms at her sides) and emailed them to the SCORE studio (model@scoregroup.com).

When Jayden arrived, this babe said that that babe and her boyfriend are larger than typical fans. Her partner has been a SCORE and Voluptuous reader since 1993 and is a SCORELAND member also and the reason that she’s a fan. Encounter and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life’s goal for him. His own SCORE Cutie at home!

They read each issue cover-to-cover and they collect the DVDs. They know a lot about SCORE‘s history. They’re fans. A dream audience. There are two movie scenes of Jayden on the SCORELAND Blog. When Jayden arrived, she said that moreover posing in nature’s garb, this babe wanted to try XXX boy-girl action. With anal also! This was like hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas.

“I’ve got the highest husband, letting me do SCORE whilst he’s home,” Jayden said. “He did not even mind that I’m going to have sex. In fact, he encouraged me to do it. The thing that attracted me to my partner was how consistent this chab was. This skirt chaser is a down-to-Earth lad. At not time pushy. At not time judgmental. This chab kinda lets me do my own thing. That’s the superlatively valuable part. He lets me be here, and this woman chaser is at home working. He’s been reading the magazines since 1993. Beautiful much since the beginning. My husband was the second boy I have had sex with. The skirt chaser I am with this day [JMac] will be the 3rd chap I’ve ever drilled.”

Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a favourable woman chaser! Having this hottie around the abode, a big breasted hottie who’s into the SCORE scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys hawt outfit and fuck-me shoes…well, that’s the paramount boob heaven for a breast-lover. Right? When Jayden was getting widen and rogered in the studio, we could hear her yells of fun throughout the wall. She is a sensational sex partner and clearly loves cum all over her love bubbles and on her lips. Jayden is a SCORE Girl and is contented to be one!

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Larissa Linn – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Larissa Linn who’s fresh to SCORELAND. We’re sure she’ll be a hit with the Boob Brotherhood. A ally said hot Larissa that she should model and recommended SCORE. This petticoat chaser showed her some TSG magazines and the web resource and this babe was immediately interested in coming on-board.

Larissa’s breast growth spurt began early. “I had the colossal scoops in school,” Larissa says. “It was difficult to identify good-fitting bras. My bumpers grew so fast that I quickly outgrew my bras.”

Larissa is a poetry muscular. “I love to write poems. I’m a romantic.” We may not have the soul of a poet but when it comes to great large bouncy bosoms, we know it.

In the Bonus video, a SCORE cameraman sits with Larissa. Receive to know her. You’ll be seeing more of this breasty and alluring sweetheart!

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Alexis Silver – Busty Fuck Bunny

Big breasted Fuck Bunny

Busty Shag Bunny

Alexis Silver (Mamazon The Clip) feels clammy and sticky on a sexy day. That babe gives a decision to refresh her enchanting body with a cool shower. Just in time for u, her date, who’s been staring at her shower throughout the washroom window. The POV bonk act starts with hawt blowjob cock-worship when u reveal up to sex her! You don’t feel like taking this pleasing, busty youthful female out for a meal. You’ll just shag the shit with out her in her bedroom and make her larger than average fullsome funbags all indecent and sticky when she drains your balls. So Alexis’s day started sticky and ended sticky.

Sadly (at least for us), Alexis quit and started a business back home in the Great Britain. But she enjoyed her porn life whilst it lasted.

“Sure, there are angels in porn who don’t savour it,” Alexis told us previous to her decision to leave the porn world. “They’re idiots. They acquire to receive without the business because they’re bringing down the reputation of our industry ‘cuz then they’re saying things love, ‘Oh, I’m being humiliated, I’m being exploited’ and all that garbage. I adore my work. I adore performing. I get off on it. It’s not even so much the sex I have enjoyment. I savour the fact that I know there’re guys sat at home jerking off watching my stuff. That is what indeed receives me going, and I love putting on a performance for somebody.”

Alexis liked this kind of P.O.V. porn. “If I can observe the digital camera, and I adore looking at the camera, I do, and if I can’t look at the digi camera, I do tend to close my eyes ‘cuz I wish to view the digital camera. I think it is the special flaunt thing. I crave to be looking into the camera so I’ll feel a bit of a personal connection with the viewer. I wish the lad at home to know that I am looking at him and thinking about him, nearly adore, ‘I desire I was banging you right now’ or ‘I urge I was sucking your rod right now.’ For me, there is a very personal connection between me and the viewer. One of the almost all precious parts about porn is knowing that anybody is watching me.”

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