Summer Leigh – Boob Cruise Paradise Pt. 3

Boob Cruise Paradise Pt. 3

Boob Cruise Paradise Pt. 3

What did it mean to sail on the Boob Cruise? It meant staggering to couch every night at four a.m. and waking up 2 hours later for another day of action and a recent island. It meant eating at a busy table of busty shipmates where there’s by no means a silent moment. It meant stripping with a scantily-clad beauty who laughed when her larger than average love melons fell out of her suit. It meant looking at a pure dark-skinned sky and noticing the stars adore at not time previous to. It meant the heady scent of suntan lotion and sweat emanating from suntanned girl-flesh. It meant living in your own separate world, and whatever was happening back home, well, that didn’t matter. The ship was the world.

This ship, the Star Clipper, sailed to Anguilla, Prickly Pear Island, St. Maarten, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and other islands that almost any people know about only from voyage magazines and television.

This leg of Boob Cruise Paradise kicks off with the morning aerobics class on deck. This every day workout was open to everyone although most of the boys were still sleeping off the previous night or on their second cup of coffee. A tiny in number were on the sidelines watching the larger than standard captivating expose as the angels in their skimpy gym stylish clothing moved in unison. Morning and early afternoon photo discharges were the command of the day, the one and the other on the deck and on Virgin Gorda. The evening was for dinner followed by strip exposes performed by the high reaching exotic dancers and then climaxing with partying all over the ship until early morning. The booze and the scoops flowed freely.

Wrote Chuck, returning passenger and the ship’s log slaver that year, “To be appropriately blunt, and from talking to the fellows, I think I speak for everybody who went on Boob Cruise ’98, the merely bad thing about this entire week is leaving! I swear, if anybody were to handcuff all of the passengers and beauties to the ship and hand me the key, I’d toss it overboard!”

“I tell everybody that Boob Cruise ’98 was the wildest week of my life,” recalled passenger P.R. “And that includes innumerable Mardi Gras, fraternity parties, bachelor parties and other parties. I came for the honey bunnys, and they were anything I thought they’d be and more, but I likewise enjoyed my stay due to the great boyz I met on the Cruise, the SCORE employees and the complete sailing experience!”

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Bianca – Brick House British Bird Gets Banged

Brick Abode British Bird Receives Tag-teamed

Brick Abode British Bird Gets Banged

Bianca was a toothy British brick abode who checked in at 40-26-36 with natural 38DD funbags. Some of the boys from our London studio at the time discovered her working in a restaurant. Facially, this babe had a resemblance to SCORE Boob Cruiser of 2000, Donita Dunes.

Bianca posed nude and widen, then returned to accept an suggest to discharge hardcore with SCORE‘s regular pro-stud Tony DeSergio who was a precious teacher for her. This chab put her in the right camera-ready positions and whispered orders. By the time that dude doused her bigger than typical mounds with his British ball cream, Bianca was fully trained.

“I was ready, absolutely,” Bianca said in her clipped Brit accent. “I try by no means to do everything halfway, and I of course was not gonna hold back when it came to having sex!”

Bianca was easygoing and crazy. That babe showed up at the studio on-time and ready for act. A little nervous but that is the norm for newcomers.

Bianca knew what she liked in the sack. “Doggie style is the majority outstanding. Missionary’s good, but you have to feel it much deeper when you’re doing it doggie style. Plus, I adore the way it feels when a skirt chaser grabs my haunches and just pounds away at my cookie doggy position. Or this stud can reach around and grab my billibongs.”

Whilst riding Tony sitting up and facing the digital camera, Bianca’s love melons swung up and down loose and free and this babe even sucked on her nipp. During the time that fucking her from behind, Tony fingered her chocolate hole and then afresh when Bianca was on her back. She was an apt scholar.

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Harlow Nyx – Gets Her Kicks

Gets Her Kicks

Gets Her Kicks

Solely 22-years-old, big-boobed Harlow Nyx has observed more act than a maid at a cathouse. And she has an nearly photographic memory for detail when talking about her prefered experiences. Harlow talked about an orgy this babe went to. Now that babe talks about a one-on-one that babe considers the unsurpassable.

“I met him at a party. I was just like, ‘You look good. I’m plan to sit by you.’ It was some crazy, coarse, kinky sex, and it was astonishing. I had not ever cum adore that previous to. This man had a large strapon. Indeed thick. A solid seven or eight inches, but, damn, it was thick. And this chab had mucho stamina. We went for five, six hours in advance of he came. I was loving it.

“I came so much! I am plan to need to say five, six, seven times. That guy should’ve been a porn buck. This ladies man brought a bag with him. Out of this bag this chab pulls straps, scarves, ties, candles. Just a bunch of ram. This chab tied me up. Whipped me with the straps. Oozed candle wax on my scones. Put a gag in my face hole. Put my belts in my face hole and bound them up real tight with a thong. That was precious.

“He went rock hard on my booty. That ladies man fucked my hooters. This chab shoved them jointly and screwed ‘em. I got coarse likewise. I could take his knob totally down my mouth, and whenever I started to gag, he’d wrap his hand in my hair and poke my head down, and I could feel that thing going down my throat, and I’d kick off to gag on that. Major saliva strings. It was dripping everywhere, down to his balls and anything. What a night that was.”

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Cassie – XXX Cherry Busted

XXX Cherry Busted

XXX Cherry Busted

Cassie is a beauty. Our man in Prague discovered this Voluptuous damsel during the time that on the chase for recent busty angels. Cassie was game to go and while that babe was being interviewed, he asked if she’s like to reveal her moves in bed with a boy. Czech girls tend to be liberated, free and potty and Cassie has a sexy glint in her eyes that was kind of a tip-off.

Paired up with guy Steve, Cassie was an bonkers first-year student in the art of rogering on film. Steve had a ball with Cassie’s immense, pliable natties. Her pale-colored, wide areolae encircle darker teats, nipps her porn teacher went berserk over previous to switching to sucking her love tunnel (Euro-studs tend to be more into eating out a girl’s snatch with relish than their American counterparts), tit-fucking her fleshy jugs really unyielding and burying his tool inside her to pound Cassie in a bunch of perspired positions out of the obscene lad sex manual.

Cassie says she’s a passive cutie in ottoman although she has a feisty side that came out on film with Steve. She says she can’t live without a gent who goes nuts on her mambos because that increases her excitement. Beauties in hardcore pix often see the digital camera. During the clip, Cassie likewise stole glances directly into the camera that added some supplementary bad angel heat. Maybe being photographed made Cassie more assertive or she was just flushed with adrenaline.

Cassie’s beloved position is doggie-style. This babe is into straightforward fucking and engulfing. “I don’t love kinky sex,” says Cassie, “I’m likewise coy to have sex in public, adore at a park or in a car. I don’t care for a-hole stab or fingers in my booty and to have sex with more than one stud does not have interest for me. I have merely kissed a gal. I’ve not had sex with a beauty. What I do wanna try is sex on a swing. This looks pleasure.”

It bears a resemblance to Cassie craves to do another scene with a porn gent. Guess that babe liked her smashing with Steve!

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Ingrid Swenson – Bring Those Hooters Here

Bring Those Bouncy bosoms Here

Bring These Milk shakes Here

Ingrid Swenson is a SCORE Goddess from Miami Beach. A diminutive and stacked golden-haired, this babe loves to spend time at the beach and beach lap dancing clubs wearing skimpy bikinis that are too constricted for her 34DD milk shakes. Ingrid is married to a SCORE browser who gave her permission to unveil off her body for our cameras. This lady-killer likewise gave her permission to let other boyz screw her wonderful and unbending on-camera. Now that is a Boob Brother. Years back, dudes didn’t crave to know the angels were married or had boyfriends but now there is been a tidal shift in attitude by browsers and movie scene viewers.

“My sexual fantasy was to be in a men’s magazine and to make a porn movie scene,” says Ingrid. “Not with a goddess, but with lads with large dicks.”

Ingrid receives banged and jizzed stiff, taking a cock-filling unfathomable and fast in nasty positions. Being married to a SCORE fan raises the question of why be married if she is going to receive rogered by other chaps, but the same question could be asked of swinger married couples. The reason is that they want a stable, steady, non-monogamous relationship with a hubby and they crave the occasional new copulate spouse for the thrill of it and the passion of doing it on film for everybody to have fun, just adore married SCORE glamour models Kelly Christiansen, Siri, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and Sharon Pink. And their husbands don’t mind. They adore to see their SCORE brides injected with strange jock now and then. One was asked about that and his response was “Kicks.”

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Daylene Rio – Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Female-dom of big bumpers and wazoo likewise, charismatic Daylene Rio is willing for it. Not the Battle of the Sexes. This babe is ready for the Clash of the Sex Titans. When it comes to Daylene giving the weenie TLC and getting her own gratification, she’s a gold medalist in the coliseum of copulation with a Ph.D in erotic knowledge.

“I like multiple orgasms, foreplay, giving a kiss, snuggling and spooning,” says Daylene in her seriously raunchy, baby-doll voice.

“I feel hawt when I am all dolled-up, sipping some wine and lap dancing sensuously. I adore to look sexy by wearing see-through leggings, no panties or below garment or wearing see-through clothes. When I want it, I will walk up to a charmer and just now tell him I am attracted to him. I dont hold back!

“I’ve watched my SCORE vids and DVDs by myself but for some reason when I’m on a date, the skirt chaser is always showing me clips of my scenes.

“Shooting my first scenes at SCORE [in 2009] did change me, in a wonderful way. I am much more open to sex and I suppose I am more aggressive now.

“The sex I’ve had always looks different when I see the clip later on compared to when I am making it. I notice things that I didn’t notice before until I watched it. It made me feel worthwhile to see that SCORE made a DVD [XXXtreme Daylene] of only my scenes. That’s by no means happened anywhere else.”

Even though Daylene has a couple of the king-size and sexiest wobblers at SCORELAND, that babe says her booty and her eyes are her finest features ‘coz “the eyes say it all.”

Welcome back, the seriously sexy Daylene Rio. And that’s a fact, Jack!

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Summer Leigh – Boob Cruise Paradise Part 2

Boob Cruise Paradise Part TWO

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 2

In Part TWO of Boob Cruise Paradise, the focus is on photo shoots and on-deck strip brandishes by many of the superlatively fine in the world. Vanessa, Summer Leigh, Connie Kline, Deanna Baldwin, Brittany Andrews and Heather Meatballs take it all off. A group of angels led by SaRenna and Sana Fey shake things up in the piano lounge as a passenger tickles the ivories. Casey James flaunts her mega-boobs on that piano.

Everywhere you go, a hotty is in scanties or just wearing the wind. Huge-breasted Englishwoman Sammie Dark-skinned, Dawn Stone, Beauty Eyes, Nicole Tyler, Rachel Rocketts…hot angels flaunting their big mammaries and soaked twats all over the ship and the beaches. It is extraordinary, an assembly of big breasted sexbombs. Most of them exotic dancers back home.

They knew how to entertain the males in a time when webcams did not exist and cuties knew how to socialize with dudes in the real world, not through an internet connection. The dancers take over in the evening with their on-deck stage flaunts. Sana, Rachel, Minka, Summer, Breasty Dusty, Europe DiChan and Nicole brandish how it’s done in greatly uncommon spectacle recordings.

Summer Leigh was asked to write a diary whilst a passenger, Chuck, wrote the official log. Here’s an excerpt from Summer’s notes.

“The a matter of joke thing about the exotic dancing is we dancers by no means watch other angels dance. We’re always arriving in a undress club when some other is leaving. So, this is actually a treat. And, do not be misled, there is a degree of competitiveness amongst dancers. We all wanna do better. God, I’m so glad nobody had sex out there or did everything indeed erotic that would get a XXX-rating. How would I top that?”

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Fleur Rose – British Rose

British Rose

British Rose

Fleur is absolutely unknown in North USA. SCORE used to film her in United Realm at our former studio in London. This lovely thing is half French and half English. Her face have to be the French part judging by the pouty throat and exotic almond eyes. Fleur’s bigger in size than run of the mill, pointy melons appear English.

When Fleur shot this bonk scene this babe was twenty-four and measured 42(36DD)-26-34. Her areolae are very prominent and that babe had fine trimmed bawdy cleft hair. Fleur worked in an office all day in the marketing field and once told that babe did not feel at all hot at work. So Fleur became a undressed model and transitioned to hardcore sex flicks as a filthy little English whore. She shot beneath lots of different names too, including “Rose,” and did plenty of lesbian scenes and masturbation movies with greater than typical toys.

When Fleur showed up at the studio in London for this XXX meeting, the studio chaps didn’t recognize her for a second ‘cuz her straight hair was given the dreadlock treatment. Fleur is very limber and flexible and this came in very handy since her copulate boyfriend truly pinned her to the couch with his erection. He licks her twat, smth she likes, and that babe lifts her legs up in the air and then behind her so his tongue can truly acquire into her sweet spot.

The porn scene in the U.K. remains very different than in America. If Fleur were American and had lived in L.A., she’d have made 100 porn episodes. According to various sources, Fleur supposedly moved to Tenerife, Spain, a country where lots of British ex-pats make their home. Everybody we know says this babe no longer models..but u not ever know.

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