Gianna Rossi – Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

Gianna Rossi Part 1

The DVD On Location Large Boob Paradise follows the day-to-day play of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the 1st and solely time these SCORE superstars modeled jointly, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one goddess. Today is Gianna’s day.

In Part 1 of Gianna’s chapter, we pursue the tall brunette preparing for a day of discharges, from awaking her up to getting her hair and makeup done. She heads to the beach, plays topless tennis and tries her hand at croquet. “I like being photographed,” Gianna said. “It just feels run of the mill to be in front of the digital camera. It just feels natural to me, but it is not that I am saying to myself, ‘Oh, I’m going to be on digi camera.’ It’s just phat.”

“Cool” is Gianna’s midst name. She flew from laid-back Seattle to Los Angeles to Miami and met some of the SCORE team for the last leg to Eleuthera Island. An American sex star, known for her take-no-prisoners style of hardcore, collision an Australian, a Welsh-woman, an American newcomer and a Czech gal who spoke merely her native language was a glamorous weird mix of personalities but ultimately a successful one.

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Rachel Rocketts – Superbusty Pussy Fun

Superbusty Love tunnel Joy

Superbusty Pussy Fun

During the classic SCORE years of gigantic hair and huge breasts in the bigger than typical ’90s, Candy Cantaloupes was one of the greater than typical names on the super-boobed exotic dancing club circuit, appearing in exotic dancing clubs love Flashdancers and Recent York Dolls.

Candy Cantaloupes was one of the most popular of the ’90s supersized SCORE Cuties and anybody with one of the shortest careers. The 1st place that babe ever danced in was the Cheetah I club in Phoenix, Arizona. “When I auditioned, I was likewise scared to take my hands off my hooters,” Candy said a SCORE editor.

Candy was done with dancing and glamour modeling very quickly and supposedly enrolled in a college in Recent York to study biology. Or so the urban legend goes.

Rachel Rocketts is a five-time SCORE mag and Boob Cruise ’98 glamour model and gogo dancer from Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to other SCORE editions, Rachel was too in the October ’95, October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes and November ’98 editions. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1998 which was the humongous of all five and this babe was very popular.

In 1999, Rachel started a strippergram service in the Detroit area called “Bunnies.” I attempted to interview Rachel about her fresh career move, but, aside from one preliminary phone call, I at not time connected with her anew. That babe by no means called me back so I moved on.

All I knew was that that babe occasionally danced at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan. Her attempt at a website shortly ended (the URL ultimately picked up by a cyber-squatter in Canada) and her fan mailing address closed down.

Then in July, 2013, SCORE reader R.J. sent me a surprise email. This ladies man met Rachel Rocketts and this babe was still exotic dancing.

“It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit a hardly any blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park. I strided in and this babe just now caught my eye. I asked her for dances and that babe introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure. I named off several big busted entertainers I have met and she knew a few of them. That babe did great dances. Mammaries looked pretty much the same. That babe had blonde highlights. Very marvelous angel. She said she worked there on weekends of Tigers games.”

Rachel and I texted a not many times (this babe gave R.J. her number to give to me) and I debated myself about asking Rachel if that babe wanted to glamour model anew. The side that did not desire to talk to her about bare modeling again won, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that if a girl really wishes to model, she will contact us herself. A lot of former adult models do exactly that. So I felt that Rachel was content enough to do her thing at Bouzouki.

Besides, it is worthwhile to know that Rachel’s still showing her goodies since so many of the original SCORE Girls have retired.

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Karina Hart – Babes & Bikes

Hotties & Bikes

Babes & Bikes

Karina Hart rode a horse in the clip Busty Riding Academy. Here this babe is on a iron horse. A Harley-Davidson V-Rod sport cruiser may be a bitchin’ backdrop for Karina but the Slovakian looker has finer, softer lines, 34G-cupper twin turbos and she’s not at all bitchin’!

It is rare that riders or bike shops contact us about using their bikes in shoots but let us know if u want to watch more Hotties & Bikes by emailing

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Shelby Gibson – Chat With A SCORE WILF



SCORE‘s studio manager spends numerous moments chatting with fresh SCORE Beauty and reader’s wife Shelby Gibson in this Bonus clip discharged on-location. Super-slim, impressive, trim and stacked, Shelby reminded the veterans here of the classic SCORE-Girl look of the Large ’90s.

Shelby likes art, loves to paint and decide. Her spouse encouraged her to glamour model. Shelby was going to send in her at-home images five years agone and almost did after taking ‘em at home but she changed her mind, not feeling she was ready for this step. Now, five years later, Shelby is ready! And how!

Some things take time, cant be rushed and are worth contemplating for.

Thanks, new SCORE playgirl, Shelby Gibson.

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Kelly Christiansen – A Fuck On The Wild Side

A Copulate On The Wild Side

A Bonk On The Wild Side

Kelly Christiansen’s story is adore that of a few other SCORE models such as Jayden Prescott and Barbie Kelley. We wish there were more like those babes. They have husbands that are SCORE Men: browsers, site members and DVD buyers. Adore Jayden’s spouse, Kelly’s generous partner encouraged Kelly to pose, and beyond mere nudity and vagina widening. Seeing Kelly fuck other bucks on-camera (in the safe environment of the SCORE studio) turned them both on. Hardly any husbands are this liberal!

“My spouse reads SCORE,” told pleasant, 36H-cupper Kelly. “He’s a web site member, also, and this chap also buys some videos. This chab said, ‘Hey, look, they have this site,’ so we viewed the little introductory clip and that chap said, ‘You should do this.’ This gent was very open about it. And that smooth operator likes cuties love me.” Kelly’s SCOREVideos scene is based on one of her own fantasies and occasional “hobbies.”

Kelly loves going to lap dancing clubs. “I went to a club with my gent, and the beauty came over to dance for us. They had individual stages. And this babe asked if this babe could pull me up on stage, and she was just wild over my mammaries. That babe told, ‘Can I take off your shirt?’ and she took off my shirt. And she wanted to take off my pants, and this babe took off adore everything and we charming much simulated a duet on stage in front of everybody. It was barmy. My boyfriend loved it. Boyz were watching and throwing dollars.”

In this scene, Kelly is a waitress in a exotic dancing club. All of her customers but one leaves. That sounds love one of our dreams also!

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Emilia Boshe – Garden Of Big Boobs

Garden Of Big Scoops

Garden Of Larger than run of the mill Boobs

Back home in Germany, Emilia’s life hasn’t altered all that much since her original SCORELAND appearances two years ago. This babe dotes on her dogs, goes to the vids, meets friends to socialize and watches soccer.

There is the fun-loving Emilia and there’s the serious-looking Emilia. “I was timid growing up. I’m more assertive and confident now,” says Emilia.

Emilia just lately contacted SCORE and was game to model one time more so we quickly made arrangements. In this fresh photo-shoot and video, Emilia visits a tranquil garden in her first-ever outdoor scene for SCORELAND. She carries a picnic basket filled with fruit and other goodies, one that that babe will enjoyment her pussy with.

“Emilia is maturing very nicely and what a set of milk cans. Her scenes with SCORE are her superlatively wonderful ever and that babe is far likewise worthy not to be watched. This domina is sexy, hawt hot!” writes Sean.

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Angela White – Candids



What would a breasty holiday be out of a collection of fotos? Here’s a big photo album of daily life on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas during Bigger in size than typical Boob Paradise week. Candid moments of playing, dangling out jointly, exotic dancing, oozing in the rain, spending quality time at the beach and more; a record of what big-boobed angels do jointly when they’re below one roof with a bunch of snap-happy digital camera operators.

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Nikki Diamond – Why It’s Good To Be Short

Why It is Valuable To Be Short

Why It's Precious To Be Short

Some might say it’s not so great to be short, but if you’re with a taller super-busty girl (love large, belting blond Nikki Diamond here), it is a different story. They can give you shelter when it rains if you stand under them and your mouth is in direct line with their nipps. Her short copulate friend in this scene loved to pile-drive angels with greater than standard fuckin’ bumpers.

“I grew up in Los Gatos, near San Jose, California, a little surfer hottie,” says not-so-little 40FF-bra-snapper Nikki Diamond who was even taller than her 5’8″ height ‘coz she always used to wear stripper’s platform heels. “I was a Miss Texas at 18. Lads were always hitting on me but I was more interested in horses and cheerleading.

“I was a abode beauty at the Men’s Lap dancing club in Houston, Texas when an agent convinced me to become a feature dancer. I like to reveal my body to bucks and I’ve a fine time doing it.”

It took a long-time to get Nikki to fuck and engulf a fellow in a episode. She’d done a lot of girl-girls (her toy fests with Dawn Stone and Tanya Danielle are epic lesbo moments at SCORE) but not on-camera penis.

Nikki won a slew of dancer awards in 1999 and 2000. That babe met a SCORE photographer and decided that SCORE was the mag for her.

Last we knew, Nikki was still living in New Orleans. SCORE hasn’t heard from her in a long time. This babe at no time went to Los Angeles and discharged porn. That babe had the aptitude for it, but then anew, plenty of large boob models, such as Tanya Danielle, don’t do boy-girl porn. Maybe Nikki got married and settled down. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. A wife love Nikki at home would be a lot of enjoyment every night, especially if you are short.

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