Alysha – Wicked Alysha talks and fucks herself with giant toys

Naughty Alysha talks and screws herself with humongous toys

Naughty Alysha talks and bonks herself with colossal toys

Naughty Alysha, aka Alysha Morgan, has done plenty of things in her life. More than just about any female on Earth. She is a dominatrix who has drilled the astronomical toys in the world. But, until now, that babe had at no time done one thing: That babe had not at all been interviewed whilst banging her pussy with dildos.

But now, it is happening. Alysha, who’s Fourty and from Tampa, Florida, is doing just that and doing it very well. Of course, there are times when Alysha is so overcome by the titanic weenies filling her cunt that this babe has to take a break to collect her thoughts, but for the majority part, this is non-stop talking and sex toy fucking. And it is very hot. Super sleazy.

Among the things Alysha reveals:

“The bawdy cleft is an magnificant muscle. That babe will go right back.” So do not worry if your cock isn’t as big as Alyssa’s toys. It’ll still feel nice inside her muff.

That babe too tells us why and when that babe started shaving her muff.

And that babe discloses why she is by no means been a lap dancer.

“I’m afraid I’m gonna fall and look love an idiot,” she says. “I’m very bashful.”

Yeah, right, Alysha. But u know what? We’re never plan to argue with you.


Sheridan Love – Bikini Girl

Swimsuit Angel

Bikini Girl

Bathing costume hotty Sheridan Adore luxuriates at a swanky pool on a steamy Miami day. That babe makes it steamier. Sheridan needs to nifty down so she kicks off her heels and drops her swim suit top off her bigger in size than run of the mill melons. Stepping into the pool, Sheridan ditches her bottoms and top. The cool water refreshes her hot bod.

Sheridan receives the crave to cum and, just in her birthday suit, walks into the house to stretch out on the sofa, engulf on her pierced teats and spank out the bigger in size than typical O. Her Florida afternoon is shaping up very nicely!

Sheridan lives in Las Vegas. With her looks, this babe could easily fit into the South Beach lifestyle, a place where the cuties naturally do not wear tons of clothing. In general, Sheridan loves causing a riot when this babe leaves the house. “I dress hawt when I go out, with lots of cleavage,” told Sheridan, a tiny beauty (5′) with 34G-cups.

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Mianna Thomas – Sports Girl

Sports Angel

Sports Girl

Mianna Thomas’s body has been zombifying poor boob suckers since she 1st busted out at SCORE. She’s so banging great. This boob is no exception and becomes a villein of her teats previous to working his way down to her pussy-hole. When we first saw Mianna, we thought this babe was a fantasy, the second coming of the now-legendary, now-retired, British chocolate gal Sammie Dark-skinned from the late ’90s. But Sammie by no means drilled lads on-camera like Mianna does.

“I am proud of my tits” says Mianna. We’re cheerful this babe says this. “I love ’em.” Sometimes Mianna will meet a gent who just desires to shag her funbags, neglecting her cum-hole. “There was one charmer; I was randy and that Lothario was lewd. I was telling him to ‘stick it in me, stick it in me!’ Instead, he put it right in betwixt my pointer sisters and just started screwing ’em. And I was, adore, ok, that is fine. And that’s how he got off. He came all over my fullsome funbags and he had quite a bit of cum also.”

We’d wait that with a beauty who has a 13-inch difference betwixt her bust measurement and her rib cage. Mianna has a very natural smile and doesn’t try to play it serious or vamp it up. She has a relaxed personality and is relishing herself. That is what most SCORE boyz wanna watch.

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Terry Nova – Calling Terry Nova

Calling Terry Nova

Calling Terry Nova

We’ve got a Terry Nova titty treat! Whatta cutie. 2 women in one! We’ve observed Terry dressed like a high school beauty in her July ’08 SCORE fotos and widening her legs for entry by a rod slinger. Our gent is back in Prague once again, phoning for the hottest playgirl around. Who’s this fellow going to call? You’re damned right. Terry Nova! Terry’s not ever likewise busy for us. She reveals up at the house looking adore a billion Czech Crowns. Terry’s dressed like a streetwalking hooker, willing, willing and experienced to ride the pole of love. Where did she identify this outfit? That babe comes over in a two-piece skintight top and bathing suit bottoms below a black lace micro-dress that reveals almost any of her butt-cheeks. It looks adore we’re gonna receive a very sexy copulate on the sofa and Terry’s ready now for rod in her butt.

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Dakota Kelly – Dakota Kelly Flashback

Dakota Kelly Flashback

Dakota Kelly Flashback

When Dakota Kelly made this video, that babe was using the stage name Daisy Dukes. (She introduces herself by that name.) Even then, Miss Kelly sounds like the published author this babe would become when this babe says, “To get into a woman’s couch, you must receive into her head.”

Dakota appeared in SCORE mag several times (May ’94, September ’98) and on daytime TV talk reveals and radio reveals a few times. Clip cameras using tape were a long way from the crisp HD discharged on memory cards of today so this tape is showing its age. Dakota is super hawt through this montage, discharged in October, 1994.

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Minka – Rack It

Rack It

Rack It

Outside of a scarcely any images Minka one time mailed our office a scarcely any years agone, we’ve not at all observed Minka whacking tennis balls on a court. We asked if we could photograph her playing in one of her personal tennis outfits. We did not want a glamour photoshoot of Minka with tennis as a theme. We wanted to photograph Minka indeed playing against an opponent on a real tennis court. The tennis experienced who partnered with her for this series of pics was shocked at her extreme skills, how unyielding that babe hit and how that babe could handle her racket with such big bosoms. “She’s incredible,” this chab said. “Minka could beat any woman player at this exotic dancing club and almost all of the studs.”

Truly, back home in Las Vegas, Minka is a sought-after teammate at tournaments and regularly travels with out state to play in singles and women’s doubles matches. Minka too plays in charity benefits and usually wins. Minka practices almost every single day and that’s no mean feat in Nevada’s brutal spring and summer heat. That babe is not just the world’s #1 Asian Big boobed Queen. That babe is the world’s #1 Asian Breasty tennis superstar.

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Lily Madison – Joy Sticker

Enjoyment Sticker

Joy Sticker

In her own quiet way, Lily Madison has made big-bust history. She is the 1st westerner to have her twat eaten out by Japanese superstar Hitomi and that babe is the 1st SCORE Novice of the Year winner to do a girl on girl scene with one more SCORE Novice of the Year winner.

“Hitomi knows how to eat twat very well,” Lily said. “She is so glamourous and she has such bigger than run of the mill, squashy bumpers. I loved playing with them.”

Bigger than typical Pete definitely appreciated their breasty love-in. “Loved it! Lily, u are a stunner, almost certainly about it! If u are ever in Newquay on holiday, you and I get to go out for a beer or 2….”

Lily divests herself of her taut suit and gets down to a nekkid cum unveil, working over her greater than average natural juggs and twat with fingers and a thick toy. After all the webcam unveils she’s given, Lily can handle any kind of enjoyment stick with the expertise of a fighter pilot.

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Angela White – Angela’s bedtime toys

Angela’s bedtime toys

Angela's bedtime toys

SCORELAND: Do you view any sports?
Angela: I like watching soccer and boxing.
SCORELAND: What do you urge to try in life that u haven’t done yet?
Angela: I really wanna go skydiving. The thrill would arouse me.
SCORELAND: What would be your dream car?
Angela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a darksome Ford Crown Victoria LX.
SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a charmer can say to a woman?
Angela: “I rogered your foremost friend.”
V-Mag: What sexually satisfies u the best?
SCORELAND: The more you turn me on in advance of the sex, the more gorgeous the sex is. I like to be tanalized till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me.

In these fotos, Angela uses a sex-toy to display how she can’t live without it stuffed into her. Has any teen goddess ever been handier with a screw toy?

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