Amy Anderssen – SCORE’s Bikini Girls

SCORE’s Swim suit Angels

SCORE's Bikini Girls

Petite tops straining under marangos that have been known to bust the strings that try to hold ’em. Extreme swimsuits below bizarre stress. Who can stretch out the tops of bikinis, swimsuits and monokinis adore these stacked sirens?

SCORE and Voluptuous have enjoyed their share of bikini-clad sun-bunnies. Being located in Florida is a great opportunity for beach and pool photo sessions. The Boob Cruises and Caribbean islands have been a great source for bathing suit action. And we’ll happily give the British and European girls their time in the sun likewise…we’ll go to them or fly ’em to some tropical paradise.

SCORE Swim costume Gals is a bodacious blend of big-boobed swimsuit busting hotties, an all-star team of titillating, topheavy teasers. Here at SCORE, the cuties do swimsuits right. This clip is stuffed to the max with super-chested dolls.

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Minka – Win Minka’s Undergarment, Love muffins & Vagina!

Win Minka’s Brassiere, Milk cans & Snatch!

Win Minka's Undergarment, Bosoms & Cookie!

What more excellent way for a SCORE browser to receive a SCORE Girl’s autographed brassiere this chab is won than from the model herself? Our hidden cameras caught it all. This chab is shocked to open his door and watch Minka standing there with his prize in her hand. This charmer has won more than this smooth operator entered for when Minka has him unbutton her top exposing her mega-boobs. He then sucks, licks and smooches her globally noted teats, 2 of the pointiest teats ever viewed on a SCORE Girl. That babe could have congratulated him and left but Minka comes to a completion to give him the ultimate prize.

Minka buries his pecker betwixt her Fifty six inches of hooter heaven and then drops to her knees for one of her illustrious blow jobs. This lucky SCORE Dude is willing to absolutely lose his clutch on reality but Minka’s not losing her grasp on his pipe as she gobbles it down her face hole and spreads her legs for his pipe!

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Angela White – Angela works it out

Angela works it out

Angela works it out

A beauty with a body adore Angela’s doesn’t must workout, but if that babe wants to invite us to look at her workout routine, we’re all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn’t spend much time truly exercising, unless u count squeezing her larger than typical mellons and banging herself with a marital-device as exercise.

Here’s more from Angela’s 1st interview in 2003.

SCORELAND: U kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan.
Angela: I adore Lorna Morgan.
SCORELAND: Any other gals in particular you love?
Angela: I adore Linsey. I suppose I have got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really adore? I like them all. I really love, I do not know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya.
SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl.
Angela: The XXX discharge with her, I’ve the centerfold on my wall.
SCORELAND:Let’s say right now, you can have any adult model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be?
Angela: Can I’ve two? Autumn-Jade and Linsey.

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Rockell – Yoga Bare

Yoga Exposed

Yoga Bare

Yoga is Rockell’s beloved way to stay fit and pliant. Mud wrasslin’ seems to be her second beloved. The agile and appealing Alabama angel does a dreamy workout with a medicine ball in the movie scene and exposes us her yoga moves in the pictures. Who could teach in the same room as Rockell and not drop a dumbbell on his foot?

SCORELAND: So, Rockell, do u have any laughable habits? Anyway mud wrestling?

Rockell: No, no thing truly funny that I can think of.

SCORELAND: Do you adore to sing? We’ve the feeling that you do.

Rockell: Yep, I do truly. I go to karaoke once a week.

SCORELAND: Do seat belts fit u comfortably?

Rockell: Seat belts do tend to go right between my deep cleavage. That’s all part of having large, impressive naturals love mine I think.

SCORELAND: Do u dance when u are playing music at home?

Rockell: I love to dance. For sample, I’m at home listening to Led Zeppelin and exotic dancing to the beat right now.

SCORELAND: Do u wear high heels around the abode?

Rockell: I like to wear heels during play time! That’s my favourite time of day. Dress up is enjoyment for all, in my opinion!

SCORELAND: So you wear high heels at home, you sing and u dance. Have you ever been a pole dancer? Do you ever go to clubs as a customer?

Rockell: I indeed have enjoyment intend to clubs with friends. It’s tons of fun. I haven’t really ever danced in a club in advance of but I took pole aerobics. I’d love to commence back another time. I give props to the sweethearts that are able on the pole. It is a lot harder than it looks. Kudos ladies!

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Dylan Ryder – Happy Hour Hooter Hottie

Happy Sixty minutes Hooter Honey

Happy Hour Hooter Hottie

You see her in 10,000 bars around the world. The super-sexy, breasty and handsome girl having a swallow. She is clothed in a little nothing designed to be a boy magnet. Consummate hair. Perfect make-up. Dylan Ryder is one such attraction. Why did u spill your drink down the front of her costume? To lure her back to your place with the promise of drying her off? Well, it worked. And the sex doll in the closet didn’t scare her off ‘cuz Dylan’s a very erotically inclined angel and that babe enjoys having her bazookas felt up by strange fellows. She’s the go-to angel for no-strings sex. Before lengthy, this babe is squeezing your shlong through your boxers and ready to be fucked, telling u how admirable your dick tastes in her fascinating, girly voice. Acquire willing to exert some energy because Dylan is depending on you for a hawt shag while her costume is drying. Bar pick-ups are not always this marvelous. You’ve lucked out!

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Katie Thornton – Sun Goddess

Sun Mastix

Sun Goddess

“I adore touching my juggs,” Katie Thornton said. “They’re very sensitive. My nipples especially are so sensitive. Just the slightest touch is pleasing. You could blow on ’em and I would tingle.”

Katie warms up under the Miami sun but she cant acquire too warmed up outside. There’re passing pleasure boat with built-in sexy blonde bombshell detectors in their dashboards and people across the water with telescopes that can read the numbers on a satellite in orbit. So Katie heads indoors for a little intimate display for us and a happy ending. “When I am home alone, I adore to rub it with a toy,” Katie explains. “That’s my prefered way.” No toys are at hand so Katie lets her fingers do the walking.

“I have all my SCORE magazines at home in frames on the wall of my little bedroom. I’m indeed satisfied of ’em. I’ve enjoyed anything I have done. I love my hair, my makeup, my hot dresses. It’s all worthy.”

It is better than good. It is incredible.

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June Summers – You’re Busted!!

You’re Busted!!

You're Busted!!

June Summers is one tough probation officer. One tough cop. She carries a badge and packs a big brassiere. Badge number 40-26-36. Somebody has to protect society and June has dedicated her marangos, throat, fur pie and ass to the cause. The big boobed redhead does not take any shit from the miscreants and perverts she has to keep an eye on. It is a bawdy job but June has the right tools for the job. In fact, her mind is dirtier than the slime she has to keep in line. That is what happens in You are BUSTED!!

June checks up on one greasy low-life, making sure that this chap is obeying the law and staying a decent citizen. She’s ready to unveil him how she keeps her wards on the up and up. June too makes sure his shaft is on the up and up. Resembles this dirtbag is carrying a concealed weapon in his underclothing. Who does he think he’s? A politician? June’s going to must check it out. Her pro mouth, cleavage and tight bawdy cleft will serve that purpose. June Summers: Undercover Cop. The poster beauty of cell block 34FF. There is no nightstick that babe cannot handle. Officer Summers merits her own TV brandish!

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Christy Marks – Fantasy Lineup

Dream Lineup

Dream Lineup

Eleven big busted naturals, seven days, one old-school castle on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. This marked the 1st time Christy Marks and Karina met in person. By now, Christy and Terry Nova were old chums from their Big Boob Paradise romp. We badly wanted Merilyn Sakova to come join the parade of pulchritude but she could not acquire over, to our disappointment. Most of you should know who every of those cuties are so we’ll skip the lineup I.D.. This is not the biggest lineup we have ever had. Why do we love those lineups so much? ‘cuz u can truly watch the differences in physique among the models that u wouldn’t pick up in a solo pictorial. In this lineup, Terry Nova’s height and overall size actually stand out.

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