Terry Nova – The Breast of Tits & Tugs Vol. 3

The Breast of Bazookas & Tugs Vol. 3

The Breast of Scones & Tugs Vol. 3

They toss off and spank your crank with downy, warm hands and breast valley. Photographed in POV (your point-of-view), it’s your man-pole that SCORE and V-mag sweethearts worship with their enormous hooters and stroking hands during the time that they observe u and urge you to fuck their scoops. Whether they are on u or underneath you or kneeling before u, those handy pleasers aim to extract each drop of cum out of you and onto their big love muffins or faces.

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Valory Irene – Sexy Sailor

Hot Sailor

Sexy Sailor

Come sail away with the very stylish Valory Irene. No boat is required. Valory will be entertaining u on a terrace with the sea in the background. There’s a adult model of a tall ship close by and Valory is the star to steer it by.

Valory doesn’t costume adore this at home. “I adore to wear hawt outfit but not too sexy. It is not always safe to walk around not wearing much clothes where I live, but I like tops with cleavage. It can be a costume or a shirt with a short skirt. Or a skirt to the knees. It depends on my mood.”

“I adore it more worthwhile when I have a shirt with cleavage. I adore wearing V-neck shirts. It’s nearly impossible for me to cover my juggs absolutely and not look immense, so I adore to unveil my whoppers so people can see that my body is not massive. I always love to look my topmost. I love low-cut, A-line dresses and glamorous shoes. Even if I am dangling around my abode, I will by no means wear sandals. I always wear heels.”

It would be very facile to crush on a angel like Valory. This babe is girlfriend material. They don’t come any sweeter. But then, you know that.

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Lolly Ink – A Pop For Lolly

A Pop For Lolly

A Pop For Lolly

“I like playing dress-up and wearing underware,” says living Barbie doll Lolly Ink who does just that very thing, picking out a hawt red number. “Lace always makes me feel the sexiest.” Sexually competent Lolly is back at SCORELAND and having a J Mac attack. By the time their nut-busting messy ride is over, the beautiful golden-haired with a very slim and stacked bod will have been pounded, skewered and hammered in many positions by his ram-rod piston in a very hot encounter. She’ll have been licked, sticked and dicked and given a greater than standard load of cum to drink.

Lolly get to have been walking a little laughable after this thriller-driller.

Will Lolly be watching this scene?

“Yes, I’ll be watching it. I always watch my scenes alone the very 1st time. I do not have sex during the time that I observe ‘em but I’ve had sex watching other people’s scenes. Being at SCORE made me realize how nice of a company u fellows are and how respectful u treat your models. I’m sure I’ll be wanton watching this one.”

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Desiree – “Jerk Off In My Face”

“Jerk Off In My Face”

“Cum on my face,” groans Desiree. “Cum all over my face.”

Dont keep a hawt lady expecting when that babe requests your jack sauce.

Desiree looks at u and plays with her big natural bra buddies and panty-clad grip. This babe rubs her clit but what that babe urges is a stiffy screwing her cunt and her face. Feed her your meat, then stuff her nice and empty the contents of your bloated balls str8 into her face. As a side-benefit, Desiree will appreciate the moisturizing properties of cock juice on lady skin.

Desiree became a porn star coz that babe wanted to acquire rogered inflexible and fine by accomplished fellows with larger than average cocks who know how to copulate hotties.

“A lot of fellows can’t keep up with me.” Desiree candidly disclosed. Let’s face it. It’s no fun for a hot, good-looking female with big fun bags to admit in public that the lads she dated and screwed were duds. They did not know proper tit-fucking either. A female love Desiree needs stiff males to give her gratification. This babe was not getting it and masturbation is not the solution.

“They cum likewise fast, or they do not want to have sex when I do. It was no enjoyment for me. The lads I sleep with cant even final adore 2 minutes in my cookie. They at not time even tit-fucked me. There is no way that these guys can try and bonk my butt!”

So what was the answer? Porn! Safe sex under comfortable conditions with skilled cocksmen whose job it’s to provide woman satisfaction. And more nice paying than slaving away for low wages working for an dark hole boss.

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Alysha – MILF of the Month


MILF of the Month

When top-heavy Tampa teaser Alysha first appeared at Thirty something magazine banging her hubby, no one guessed that 12 years later, that babe would become one of the paramount known M.I.L.F. bitches on the planet. Now that babe takes monumental cocks and giant toys up her woo-woo with the greatest of ease. And yet in all that time, Alysha by no means took advantage of Tampa’s many exotic dancing clubs to become a lap dancing stripper. “I’m always afraid I’m intend to fall and look love an idiot,” Alysha explained. “I’m very timid.” Demure? Wicked Alysha coy? The lady who bonks boys by the group? Can timid be in the same sentence with her name?

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Anastasia – Anastasia



Anastasia was going for a graduate degree when a SCORE photographer roaming Europe in chase of large scones spotted her. “If my classmates knew I glamour model like this, I know the boyz would perceive me differently and would, I’m sure, try harder to get me into their beds,” Anastasia told him, a factoid he duly renowned in his log. “Some of my professors would try too. I would await it. I keep my little secret and dont speak of it. This far, no one has recognized me and if they did, they would not be completely certain it is me.” That’s true. Most people would have a difficult time really recognizing a gal from a porn video (unless we’re talking Kayla Kleevage), and if they did, it would mean they were watching porn, right?

At the time, a Twenty three year-old Czech measuring a natural 40-26-38, Anastasia posed undressed, spread her goddess wings and stuck the toys in unfathomable, then attempted a copulate scene with a local dude.

“I wanted to try it once, at least,” Anastasia said him afterward. “I see that so many attractive gals are making porn and they savour it. They would be having sex in any case, right? There’s no longer the shame and guilt from years ago. I had much joy making this.”

Some other high school girl aided by the SCORE Scholarship Fund. Our motto: A behind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Cat Bangles – Sexy Cat

Sexy Cat

Sexy Cat

Sexy and sexy recent discovery Cat Bangles is a Boston playgirl and she’s ready to rock SCORELAND with an introductory pictorial and movie scene. You will watch more of Cat and that’s a guarantee. You’ll be seeing Cat in a slutty, hardcore scene in two weeks.

“Both of my parents are from Puerto Rico and I was born in Boston,” says Cat. “I’m a true Bostonian. I still live there.”

Cat’s milk sacks require a 36DDD brassiere. “I cant see my feet if I’m standing str8 up. I must bow over. And I adore to bend over. I was a late bloomer. I didn’t get these bad gals until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had large boobs and precious little bodies and butts, and I still wasn’t there yet. But when my breasts came in, they just blew up. People would tell me that I had a marvelous face and things like that, but my body did not actually come in until later on. My meatballs grew in all at one time and then my butt did, too. Now I just adore being stripped whenever I can.”

Cat is a sports fan and a tutor. This babe played basketball in high school and in middle school. “I really coached basketball for two years after college at a local YMCA. It was an all-boys team. But when I went to the gym, I’d be wearing sweat trousers and bigger than standard, baggy shirts. It was a community environment so I didn’t urge to scare the kids. I wanted ‘em to focus on winning the championship, not my mounds. And we did win the championship, 2 years in a row.”

Now Cat can win the championship at SCORELAND. She’s got all the right moves.

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Sha Rizel – Bikini Dazzle

Swimsuit Dazzle

Bikini Dazzle

“I was always happy with my knockers,” says Sha Rizel. Sha’s homegirl Valory Irene translated. They were roommates and mate travelers on this SCORE location shoot.

“My knockers help make me who I am, and I’ve enjoyment the attention that I acquire from them. Too, I adore showing ‘em off on the shoots I receive to be a part of around the world.”

As in the clip version, Sha tries on the skimpiest of all-time bikinis as that babe luxuriates in the sun at a hill-top mansion in the Dominican Republic. Elsewhere on the grounds are Hitomi, Joana and Valory. You know what they’re up to also involves a camera. This movie scene and photo widen is all about Sha and her magnificant, beauty-contestant body.

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