Daphne Rosen – Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Daphne Rosen is the stall sexologist. This men’s room is her office and this is where that babe treats her clients’ sexual issues. This is where Daphne uses her larger than standard milk cans and taut pussy to copulate some sense into these bucks. It always works.

Daphne has drilled a lot of boyz, both competent chaps and archetypal males. She’s a sex competent, unlike the TV academicians out there with their trendy books.

“Professional dudes have been worse than the lads in my personal life,” Daphne said. “Because I’m so fine. I’ve had a higher percentage of lads in porn not be pro to control themselves than in real life, so it actually does depend on the guy and how this woman chaser is doing that day.”

Daphne was already an a bit of booty specialist when that babe supersized her scoops in 2006.

“I’ve got arse and I am thick, so if you can acquire the dick past my hips and to the hole, we’re all nice. I adore to try recent things. I’ll try everything once. If I adore it, I’ll keep on doing it, and if I don’t, I’ll just by no means do it anew. So I wanted to try it, and it was worthy.”

Daphne was the 21st inductee into the SCORE Hall of Fame in the June 2015 edition of SCORE. She’s a priceless, gorgeous Jewish cutie who made the worship of meat-thermometer her life’s work for a wonderful number of years instead of marrying a doctor or a lawyer.

“I was sort of born for sex,” Daphne said. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no choice. My throat is very, very professional. I can obviously do a great tittie fuck. My wet crack, I have heard, is completely magnificant. My butthole…very accommodating.”

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Vanessa Y. – Busted In Beaverland

Busted In Beaverland

Busted In Beaverland

Vanessa Y. has a massive following and it is simple to see why. She is perfection for many lads and her furry vagina excites a bigger than run of the mill percentage of ‘em. Wrote a member when Vanessa 1st shot for SCORELAND, “Great to see a beauty with a bush nowadays! Make her look additional fuckable. Perhaps she’ll commence a trend.” No such trends have started although recent gals Mischel Lee in Europe and Shelby Gibson support bush.

Vanessa commented about her interests in a new chat with the editors.

SCORELAND: Do you relish the fresh fantasy role play discharges (School teacher, nurse)?

Vanessa: Yeah, I enjoyed ‘em very much ‘coz they were different than my previous shootings. It is more about a fresh identity than just garments.

SCORELAND: What are your much loved brands of bras?

Vanessa: My much loved brand of bras is the Polish company Dalia. They make greater cup sizes for cuties love me.

SCORELAND: What is your much loved style of undergarment and why?

Vanessa: It’s balconette because it makes my bust look very hawt.

SCORELAND: How long does a under garment last you before you throw it out?

Vanessa: I think about half a year.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?

Vanessa: I adore to wear bikinis.

SCORELAND: Do u sleep wearing a below garment?

Vanessa: I sleep in the naked.

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Jenna Valentine – Miss Busty Coed

Miss Busty Coed

Miss Big busted Coed

It is effortless to envision Jenna Valentine as a stacked coed. This babe has the appearance of a high school beauty. No need to mentally picture that visual. It is here now in pics and a episode. Lugging books across a campus–what a nice image. Jenna once posed as a maid during a week in Mexico with Leanne Crow, Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi. That was a great photo-shoot and so is this. If there was a Miss Big boobed Coed contest, Jenna would receive our votes.

In 2009, when Jenna 1st visited, a TSG editor observed that “Jenna is not one of these unapproachable chicks that are likewise stuck-up to speak to u. To say that Jenna has an excellent personality is nice-looking darn factual.”

It turns out that Jenna is a fright flick fan.

“I like horror movie scenes. I love old-school Universal, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature From The Black Lagoon. I like the maturer ’80s slasher movies like Freddy Krueger and Jason and Halloween. I’ve all of those on DVD. All the dark-skinned ‘n’ white ones. I fall asleep a lot to Dracula, the darksome ‘n’ white one with Bela Lugosi. I love The Cold-blooded Dead remake. Plenty of recent horror clips I am not into.”

Maybe one day we should do a Halloween-style discharge with Jenna. Which video or TV character would work? Lily Munster? Morticia Addams? Vampirella?

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Camelia Davis – Busty Camelia’s Petals Are Peeled

Busty Camelia’s Petals Are Peeled

Busty Camelia's Petals Are Peeled

“I like attention,” Camelia Davis said the editors at SCORE. What a pair of pantoons that babe has. She was a hawt discovery and appeared in the movie Sex In The Marangos. “I think I live for attention. It makes me feel priceless and it kind of makes me excited, too. I adore it when I get stared at by both chaps and hotty’s. It makes me feel truly fine that they are looking at me and I know that they all desire to bonk me.”

When Camelia catches the eye of a tit-man in the street, he’s more than anxious to take her somewhere intimate and cozy and copulate her brains out! This caramel girl is more than receptive to his signals and wishes him to a team fuck her into outer space. It is time for some spontaneous high-rise tittie sexing!

“I adore to get my cookie drilled by a tongue until my muff contracts and I can’t prevent cumming. I love knob. I love to engulf it, over and over, for a lengthy time. I love to give head. Maybe it’s cuz I am so worthy at it. I like to receive it nice and luscious and suck on it love it is my sugar-plum. It feels so nice in my mouth. I adore cum. I indeed do. If a lad desires to cum in my face hole, I do not mind. And if this guy asks to cum on my juggs, that’s valuable, too. I like to watch it splattering all over my chest. I like to play with it and rub it into my teats. I guess cum is hot.”

U could not do more good than Camelia Davis as your shag bunny friend-with-benefits. That babe likes sex in the scones!

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Red Vixen – SCORE WILF Makes It Big

SCORE WILF Makes It Bigger than average


It’s cocktail time for redheaded ravishing heart Red Babe (April 2015 SCORE). That babe has a sip and takes an ice cube out of the shaker. Oozing the melting cube down her greater than standard hawt milk sacks, Red laughs with a shiver. Her melons are soaked now. Rocky comes behind her. That gent wants to play the ice cube game now too, leaking a cube along her mellons and her neck. This dude lowers her suit to suck and take up with the tongue Red’s damp and running teats, giving ‘em specific attention with lengthy, unbending suction.

Red stands up by the daybed. From behind her, Rocky lifts up her red dress and takes it off her, revealing her gracious, toned and bosomy body. Her skin is creamy white. This babe takes his meat-thermometer in her hand, then turns around to face him. That stud stands on the sofa so Red has only to slightly bend forward to take it, Holding his testicles with her right hand, Red sucks his erect knob. That babe licks his shaft love a sugar-plum with a lengthy tongue and sucks it while glancing at the digital camera. Her cheek bulges from the head of his prick in her throat.

Red cups her sexy large mangos jointly and Rocky shoehorns his weenie inside her cleavage. This smooth operator slips it between her love muffins, heating up her funbags even more, then sticks it back in her face hole. Holding the back of Red’s head, he pumps her face hole. Hands at her sides, her love bubbles dangling, this babe deep-throats him.

Red gets on top of Rocky who’s now laying on the ottoman. She sucks his weenie to rock hardness and climbs on top of him, face to face. He screws her unfathomable with increasing speed, holding her booty. Red screws him back, her thighs pumping. Her sounds of sex fill the room. They avoid so Red can acquire on her side. Rocky slides his beef back into her red-haired pussy for a sideways screwing. Red rubs her clitoris as the meat-thermometer drills deeply into her pink. Her greater than run of the mill bra-busters shake and jiggle with each thrust. There’re more poses to explore. Red Chick is every inch a sex dominatrix.

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Ines Cudna – Busty Euro Maids

Big-Boob Euro Maids

Busty Euro Maids

The Busty Euro Maids-Iva, Veronika, Marketa and Ines Cudna-all meet for this table-top angel party. The table was rock hard but their bodies are cushioned. (The episode takes place indoors.) Marketa and Veronika share tongues, as do Ines and Iva. Marketa and Iva widen Ines’ legs open during the time that Ines sucks on Veronika’s teats.

Veronika and Iva share a lengthy Doc Johnson in their cunts and throats. Marketa plugs Ines with a vibrator. Ines fingers Iva. Compared to the video in which the cuties were oblivious to the cameras, here they are posey, looking at the camera in group-oriented poses as they mash milk shakes and clits and cum with toys. A scorecard would be handy to keep track of what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Mr. Trousersnake plans his grand finale.

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Gianna Rossi – Obedient Fuck-Slut

Resigned Fuck-Slut

Obedient Fuck-Slut

Coming on adore a mean-ass bimbo, Latex-covered Gianna tries to teach Ashley a lesson in woman dominance. The tables are turned and Ashley takes control, making Gianna his bonk serf. Red-blooded ladies man power wins. Fetish kinkster loses. This scene unveils what a super-sex star Gianna was when this babe was shooting porn.

In a SCORE interview, Gianna told about male and female dominance: “It depends on my mood. I’m a Gemini, so I’ve 2 sides. Sometimes I adore to be dominating and I adore to be on top of the situation and just receive mine. Fulfilling his needs as well, certainly, but I desire it how I desire it. But other times, just take me any way u desire me. Whatever u desire to do.”

Gianna plays one as well as the other Gemini roles here, female-dominant in control and then unrepining shag doxy. Which is not effortless for her.

“I’m actually into fem-dom stuff love bondage,” Gianna said. “Usually I play a role where I’ve full control over what’s going on and I’m the whore in charge. I want to flip the role and be the uncomplaining, but it’s inflexible cuz I don’t like people telling me what to do, and I do not like being bound up or letting anybody else have full control of my body. It copulates with me mentally. I’ve done one discharge where I was yielding, and by the end of the shoot, I was telling her what to do.”

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Sandra Star – Wunderbar!



Wow! It is been four years. You haven’t forgotten Sandra Star, have u? Sandra is the former university scholar who sent her photos to the German edition, Hot SCORE and won the title of Miss Sexy SCORE 2010. Sandra too won a photo discharge which resulted in 2 thrilling boy-girl scenes in addition to her solo discharges. Sandra didn’t need to “act” or memorize a script. That babe simply did what came naturally to her and what came naturally to her too included excited anal sex. Sandra is an remarkable sex spouse.

All jointly, Sandra appeared in four editions of SCORE magazine and the DVDs Big Tit A-List TWO and The Breast of SCORELAND TWO. Sandra’s very 1st interview can be viewed in “Meet Sandra Star, Miss Hot SCORE Germany.”

Now Sandra Star is back and bustier.

Just a dunky in number weeks agone, an email arrived from Sandra. Would SCORE love to photograph her one time more? Something changed. Sandra was very big boobed, skinny and stacked before. Now this babe is much bustier and still as hot and attractive as ever.

Wearing a yellow crop top, constricted shorts, knicker panties and heels, Sandra enters the room. This babe looks astonishing. A vision of slim and stacked erotic heaven. Every inch a SCORE Girl. Her bigger in size than typical milk cans were a handful before. Now they are super-huge.

Sandra not fast does a striptease reveal until she’s totally exposed in heels. She gets comfortable in a chair and, purring like the sex kitten she is, faps her cookie with her toy and fingers her chocolate hole until liftoff is achieved.

SCORE Theater features a separate clip chat with charming Sandra in her delicious accented English. The next time u watch Sandra, she’ll be sexing with a gent. Welcome back, Sandra Star.

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