Barbara Angel – An Angel In The Bedroom

An Hotty In The Bedroom

An Beauty In The Bedroom

Barbara Angel is a new Voluptuous adult model. The Czech bra-buster made her mag initial debut in December ’14 V-mag. Barbara has large natural bra-busters (32I-cups!) that are veiny and fleshy and that babe measures a statuesque 43-34-42.

Barbara has a lusty, wicked gleam in her eyes and that was picked up when we watched her solo masturbation videos. In her interviews, this babe laughs and smiles a lot. This is Barbara’s 1st hardcore sex scene and that lusty, wanton gleam and natural, cheery personality comes through even more when she’s savouring the schlong.

Barbara desires to go out and explore the town, hit a scarcely any pubs and disrobe clubs and then have dinner. Richy urges to fuck and that buck craves to screw now. Barbara hasn’t dressed yet. She’s merely in her below garment, overflowing with her veiny, velvety breast-meat, and her little straps. This chab pulls Barbara to the couch and massages her bigger in size than run of the mill bra-busters doggystyle. This babe tries to receive him to go out but Richy is persistent. This chab wishes her, now!

Barbara enjoys nipp play. It gets her horny. Her areolas elongate and harden from the pressure of his fingers. Showing her lusty, assertive personality, she pulls off his panties, smiling as that babe does it. Her eyes light up like spotlights when that babe sees his penis.

Bending over him, Barbara happily sucks his pecker. Even though this is her first porn scene, Barbara clearly has an aptitude for screwing on-camera and resembles sex is a astronomical part of her life. And judging from what happens next, Barbara likes to have her bra buddies rogered. She looks genuinely lascivious about getting it on. Barbara is definitely the confident sort of goddess who enjoys getting rogered by rock hard ramrod. European honeys, such as Barbara, Sirale, Sharon Pink, Lola Hot and Krystal Swift, have a very naturalistic and earthy approach to sex and the camera lens picks it up.

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Cameron Skye – Shaved & Sexed

Shaved & Sexed

Shaved & Sexed

When it comes to Voluptuous neighbors-next-door with natural bigger than standard fullsome funbags, Cameron Skye rates very high. Cameron personifies that kind of all-American Voluptuous bra-buster (and reader’s wife) such as Cherry Brady and Elaina Gregory. Now Cameron’s back and ready for another sexing. This time, this babe asks her booty-call boyfriend Rocky to mow her ginger-hued twat lawn (what this babe called her “fire crotch” in a previous scene) in advance of they receive it on.

We asked Cameron about this very different copulate scene.

What was it adore for u having your twat hair, your “fire crotch,” as you put it, shaven in advance of sex?

Cameron: It was truly erotic to have my slit hair shaved previous to sex. There was tons of raunchy tension between me and Rocky, so it was subrigid to hold back during the time that this gent shaved me, but that made it even more electric when we finally got a chance to fuck.

Do you normally go shaved or do u keep the bush?

Cameron: I’m normally bald, but about every year, I let it grow out cuz there’re some boys that like a bushy bush, and I adore that they think it’s sexy.

Is sex for u more magnificant shaved or with a bush?

Cameron: If a smooth operator is into a bushy twat, I adore having a hairy snatch. I just adore turning boyz on. I know that having a hirsute snatch is something that not every angel is ready to have. When I am bushy and with a lad who likes a unshaved cookie, it’s a astronomical turn-on for me.

What is your beloved position in this scene?

Cameron: My prefered position in this scene is missionary. I loved having Rocky on top and absolutely in control of me, fucking me inflexible and deep. Every time his strapon moved in and with out me, it was pure bliss.

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Kerry Marie – On Location Costa del Sol Part 1

On Location Costa del Sol Part 1

On Location Costa del Sol Part 1

On Location Costa del Sol was the 3rd in the On Location series of feature films, following Portugal and Key Largo. This time, a team of busty gals wishing to become top adult models visits the exclusive school of a big-boobed teacher to learn her secrets.

The students are Kerry Marie, Nicole Peters and Ines Cudna and the instructor is Cassandra. Kerry and Nicole leave Great Britain to meet Poland’s Ines in Spain and they tour jointly to Cassandra’s estate on the famed Sun Coast.

During the time that the cuties are being driven to the school, Cassandra spends quality time working her cookie over with one of her many battery-operated boyfriends. When the girls arrive, Cassandra reveals them around the place.

One time settled into their rooms, Kerry unwinds from her traveling with a precious, hot, soapy shower. Certainly, it is much more than a shower that Kerry wishes. This babe needs some cum time also and the shower is the perfect place to get juicy.

A certified SCORE classic DVD.

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London Andrews – Boobs Over Miami

Billibongs Over Miami

Boobs Over Miami

London Andrews lived a nomadic, very unusual lifestyle as a adult model for years and that babe blogged about it regularly. I called her the “Beat” adult model. She traveled from town to city, town to city, posing for each kind of photographer imaginable, most of ‘em amateurs. Many of ‘em were amateurs with incredible technical skills and creative technique. So the pictures London made, either for intimate collections or for the photographers’ personal websites, are often better than the work of expert photographers who discharge mechanically with no excitement for their subjects. There are countless photography enthusiasts all over the States that no one knows about. London would identify ‘em. Or they would identify her.

London was constantly on the go, doing one lengthy road tour all over The United States of America. Not quite each state in the US. The yearly Burning Lady-killer festivals. She was adore the lady equivalent of the 2 guys in the mature TV reveal, Route 66, driving all over the USA.

She once wrote: “Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel On the Road is considered one of the defining works of the Beat Generation…I am intend to re-live the journey London Andrews style – as an art glamour model, half nude, pumping gas on an LA street for some specie – life is enjoyable, live it.” It was a difficult lifestyle at times. These days, London appears to be to be settled down in one place.

London made solely 2 full-sex hardcore videos and one Melons & Tugs jack-off episode. That was for SCORE only. That babe by no means did another to today although she would have been booked on the spot if this babe went to Los Angeles. Shooting porn regularly did not appeal to her.

“On a typical day if you ever ran into me on the street, you’d not at any time look twice,” said London. “My raiment are well broken in. The jeans are torn, my boots have observed four continents, my shirts go str8 to my neck and I don’t wear make-up. I do have precious things. I just wear ‘em when I feel that I’ve to.”

“I adore pushy, coarse sex,” London told when that babe was at SCORE. “That satisfies me just good! I’m not a passive person in bed and I am not a passive person in life. I have my close friends, my a-hole call allies, whom I can call whenever I receive to acquire off.”

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Goldie Blair – Wrestling Facesitter

Wrestling Facesitter

Wrestling Facesitter

Goldie Blair began making wrestling movie scenes about eight years agone. Cat fights and swim costume wrestling is her thing. Goldie demonstrates some of her moves step-by-step on JMac who obliges by serving as the practice subject. Whilst the Mac Charmer would have rather group-fucked Goldie (this babe jacked his penis in a Bouncy bosoms & Tugs six years agone), this skirt chaser looks like that buck kind of enjoyed having Goldie sit on his face.

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Maya Milano – Big Boobs In The Sun

Bigger than average Mammaries In The Sun

Big Mounds In The Sun

Maya Milano is a university first-year student who discovered while surfing the net. Maya always wanted to glamour model and was intrigued. She looked at the beauties on SCORELAND and was impressed by the number and selection of international large boobed adult models that babe saw, such as Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Hitomi and so many more. It was at that moment that Maya decided that babe wanted to join the Big Expose.

“I always acquire tons of attention because of my scoops, so I thought, ‘Why not?'” Maya told throughout a translator (watched in the episode “Bella Milano”).

In this fresh episode and photo set, Maya heads to a nearby park for a little outdoor relaxation. This babe stretches out on a blanket and enjoys the day during the time that you’ve fun her voluptuous body and gracious face. When it gets too sexy, a splash of H2O cools her off.

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Lola Hot – The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot

The Ravishing Body Of Lola Sexy

The Pleasant Body Of Lola Hot

Lola Hawt is a cute, juvenile, Czech-next-door and a recent initial appearance at SCORELAND. Lola’s recent to adult modeling and in advance of SCORE, had only done a petite in number local lingerie and swimsuit shoots. Lola is a voluptuous high school first-year student who glamour models on the weekends and was interested in glamour stuff at first. You know, images of models looking off into the horizon and all covered up in some fancy-schmancy outfit. “Top Model” shit. Then that babe met us.

Lola glamour models when it doesn’t interfere with her classes and studies. “I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” Lola confessed. Lola speaks Czech and German but little English. At first, she did not seem the type to wanna shoot full-sex XXX with males but that babe surprised everyone.

When Lola saw her 1st SCORELAND solo episodes in which this babe fingered her taut pussy-hole, that babe said, “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the movie scenes and fotos of myself afterward and it got me excited another time. I will play with myself when I’m alone at home. But I would rather have a lad give me enjoyment. I will masturbate thinking about that.”

“I get lots of attention coz of my melons and my body,” said Lola. “So I thought that I should try modeling. Guys are always telling me that and asking if I am a glamour model.”

In this scene, her second at SCOREVideos (“Prepared For Sex” was her 1st), Lola receives home from a date with Matt and they retire to the bed. This babe is dressed adore the everyday sexy, youthful chick: heels, constricted short-shorts, an open, taut shirt knotted at the waist.

They kick off making out and Matt goes right for Lola’s big, marvelous mammaries. Previous to u know it, he is got his shlong in her throat and she is sucking it like a sweetmeat. She even jacks him off herself into her throat after this skirt chaser shags her unbending. We tell ya, these beauties this day. Sex is no big deal to ‘em. They’re not looking to receive married. They’re like men. They wanna fuck and have orgasms. If they don’t have a partner or a wazoo call, they’ll whack one out themselves with a toy.

“I always receive attention ‘cuz of my hooters and I like it. My mounds grew big late. I was Eighteen years aged. I like my mammaries ‘coz they make me feel adore a lady.”

Amen to that, Lola.

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Bunny Brooks – A Bunny Tale

A Bunny Tale

A Bunny Tale

“G-spot stimulation is the almost any pleasuring for me,” Bunny Brooks says. “Lots of penetration. I’m more into penetration than clitoral stimulation. I adore being drilled hard until I cum and then creampied. If I was having my way, the lad would usually cum in my cunt. That receives me off. I loved being drilled doggy style, and I love riding a guy’s dong.

“Sex twice a week is valuable for me, if possible. I would do it more, but I cum so much during my webcam flaunts that I beautiful much manage to keep myself contented. Doggy style is a beloved so the boy can go truly unfathomable, and on top so I can control how unfathomable he goes and the motion. I think that’s my masterful side.”

“If you are already down there eating me out, I do not mind having a tongue pass over my backdoor. If you are plan to dive face-first into my a-hole, that’s not actually my thing, sorry. But if you are already down there, that feels wonderful.”

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