Ashlee Chambers – Big Tits! Huge Clit!

Greater than run of the mill Tits! Titanic Clitoris!

Big Boobs! Mammoth Adore button!

Ashlee Chambers is a fitness model and personal trainer from Dallas, Texas who decided to become a total porn bimbo. She takes that position, and other positions, very seriously as you’ll watch and hear when Ashlee introduces herself.

Ashlee describes herself as a cum-craving nympho cock-whore. That is very accurate. This babe is super-freaky and loves cum-eating, thrashing, wrestling, swinging, domination, bondage, strap-ons, screwing machines, uniforms and a lot more so you can safely say that that babe keeps herself busy. This babe enjoys the feeling of soreness from getting banged very unyielding, smth lots of honey bunnys do not talk about much.

A guy needs to be in top condition to screw her senseless and that babe admits it. In fact, just one dude probably could not be her everything. That babe bears a resemblance to this babe could take on a football team. The everyday fellow can’t handle this one. She needs an aggressive “manimal” with a large weenie.

One of Ashlee’s attributes that you’ll just now notice and that’s one of the most talked about is her greatly greater than average, stripped clitoris. It is a massive clit that extends way beyond the hood. Clits this stupendous are very rare. She’s also got one of the dirtiest face holes ever heard in a SCORE movie.

We like a goddess who knows she’s a bitch and enjoys acting adore one. Ashlee is a non-stop torrent of impure words as John screws her in bonkers porno-sex positions and continues even as that babe licks his 10-Pounder and sucks his nut-bag. There’s a lot to be told for a beauty who acquires dressed up to buzz her incredibly sensitive cum-hole when she is short on boys to copulate.

“I am multi-orgasmic. I masturbate all the time. I love to use my magic wand the almost all. I put on something hot and pick out my beloved couple of heels and make myself cum rock hard. You’ll never catch me out of heels on except at the gym.”

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Rockell – The Busty Hitcher

The Breasty Hitcher

The Big-Boob Hitcher

So you are driving along a lonely road when you spot her. Double wow! Is this a mirage? Are u fatigued and sleep-driving? A handsome blond dressed in a casual-sexy outfit is on the shoulder with her thumb out. She looks exactly like SCORE and Voluptuous Cutie Rockell. What luck!

You prevent and pull over. How can u aid? The golden-haired hitcher with a larger than standard smile comes over to the passenger window. Her car’s broken down and she needs a lift. This babe was on her way to a photo shoot. This is too worthy to be true. Rockell acquires in the back seat and after some chat, you’re getting a look at to a thrill in your rear see mirror.

SCORELAND: Hi Rockell, welcome back. What did you think of this hitcher shoot? Have u ever taken pictures inside a car adore this?

Rockell: I thought the hitcher scene was very different from everything I have ever done, honestly. I would like to know who thought of this scene and thought this would be hot. I had tons of fun shooting it with the crew. Jose, the photographer, always keeps me cracking up. I love it when u can be yourself ‘coz it definitely flaunts through.

SCORELAND: Our editors came up with the idea. We’ve done it several times before. Did any passing drivers notice you in the car or on the shoulder?

Rockell: Yeah, they got ’em an eyeful! Ha-ha, I loved it. It is all about having pleasure. u know!

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Chavon Taylor – Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Chavon Taylor is a hot, big-chested scientist researching bio-erotic drugs. Who else would be qualified for this kind of work but a busty thang with a major rack and a craving for the big banana? They call such researchers “boobologists.”

Chavon has invented this orange gulp that makes fellows lascivious one time they gulp it. Dr. Taylor makes a decision to test her latest formula on the simpleton delivery stud who by no means pays any attention to her or her world-class jugs. (There’s a name for these boyz.) This chab gulps down the stuff and gets a boner for Chavon just now. The chemical appears to be to work on Chavon also because that babe gets to sucking on his rod love she hasn’t had a smooth operator in years. It’s a wonderful thing they did not wreck any lab equipment ‘coz the act receives wild. Science marches on. More good living throughout chemistry!

After a vigorous pounding, she jerks him off on her large tits. “I always wear a brassiere of some kind,” says Chavon, who developed large knockers juvenile and recognizes the force of her boobage. “If not a regular brassiere, then a sports underneath garment, cuz I don’t desire to have saggage in the future!”

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Terry Nova – Cummin’ All Ova’

Cummin’ All Ova’

Cummin' All Ova'

Our cameraman is lascivious to greet the always smiling Terry Nova. She’s one of those gals who is so warm and good, no one ever worries about catching attitude from her. She is not at any time bitchy or snooty, just friendly and cheery. A goddess who radiates sunshine. That dude needed a sexy cutie with bigger in size than average mangos to drop by on short notice and shag the shit with out a stunt-cock. That is why this fellow called Terry. She doesn’t speak more than numerous words of English so it helps to be telepathic as well as use tons of hand gestures. Terry’s chest is a masterpiece of nature’s handiwork. You need 2 hands to lift one up to engulf the nipp. Usually we’re happy if a gal as stacked and as hawt will show her naked body and flaunt the pink. But early on, Terry was enthusiastic about full-sex. She likes the strapon and enjoys engulfing it and getting screwed. This babe is a cutie who makes your life whole and cheerful. Observe Terry Nova in act! We love Terry Nova!

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Sophia Capri – SCORE Classics

SCORE Classics

<i>SCORE</i> Classics ” title=”<i>SCORE</i> Classics ” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Sophia Capri, in this SCORE Classic episode, helped pop many a woodie. In advance of Sophia was Sophia, she called herself Cat Tailer. She explained why.

“I’ve always been called Cat since I was youthful. When I called an gogo dancer agency, they told me I needed two names and that stumped me! I had no idea what to use. I was hoping to use just ‘Cat.’ My grandma used to call me ‘Cat-Tail’ so I was playing around with that and it just came to me. ‘Cat Tailer.'”

Love many beauties, Cat became a dancer and then a adult model to earn tuition money and living expenses to go back to school and not receive to take out expensive student loans. “I went to Michigan State U for 2 years and studied animal science genetics with an emphasis on equines. It was natural for me ‘cuz I was on the Michigan State Equestrian team and I have my own horse. Of course, exotic dancing was the next logical step after genetics! Plenty of people go from genetics to lap dancing….”

A diminutive in number months later, Cat changed her name to Sophia Capri and sailed on the second Boob Cruise.

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Hitomi – A Japanese Bikini Looker Crosses The Pacific

A Japanese Bathing dress Stunner Crosses The Pacific

A Japanese Swimsuit Ravisher Crosses The Pacific

It is almost 14 hours in the air alone from Tokyo, Japan to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi did this trip for the sheer delight of SCORE Guys avid to enjoy the gorgeous face and handsome body of this Asian wonder cutie. This is her 1st group get-together with other SCORE Beauties and of course not her final. This United Nations of all-naturals is an awesome sight. On this, her 1st journey out side her native Japan, Hitomi enjoys group dinners and lunches, sings karaoke with Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, revels in the sights of Puerto Vallarta and much more. This day, Hitomi wears a taut mini-skirt and tank-top. Below those feminine adornments, a skimpy bikini. And below that, pure paradise! Hitomi speaks little English or Spanish so we’ve flown in a translator with Hitomi to expand her comfort zone. ‘coz SCORE is all about first-class with SCORE girls.

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Minka – Big Oil Spill

Bigger in size than typical Greasy oil Spill

Big Baby oil Spill

Minka’s king-size mounds look breathtaking in a string swim dress as she relaxes at poolside. How can that swimsuit top contain her enormous marangos? Her scoops were made to be oiled in the Florida sun. That babe removes the top so each inch of juicy breast skin can absorb the slippery stuff. They glisten in the Miami sun, two objects of fantasy art. Minka remains an Otis Sweat painting come to life.

Minka calls Tony (a SCORE cock-jock) over to finish the oiling job cuz it’s always more excellent when someone else does the work. A recent ladies man, he’s at no time met Minka in advance of and has at not time felt such gigantic melons in his life. “Make u lewd. So rogering lustful?” Minka asks, her usual teasing self. That babe tells Tony to undress so she can give him a rub likewise.

The sight of Minka’s oiled zeppelins is amazing. And Minka, who has a comedic flair to her personality, is astounded at Tony’s tool. “I did not know you’ve got a greater than run of the mill wang,” Minka tells him. That babe is impressed. It bears a resemblance to he is plan to have the privilege of tit-fucking Minka and more. In this photo set, Minka goes to city on the meat-thermometer at poolside, whilst in the movie scene version, they head into the abode for the sex.

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Alexya – The Alexya Effect

The Alexya Effect

The Alexya Effect

Alexya, the gal with the Mona Lisa smile, has a body made for swimsuits and for peeling off these suits. We brought her to a spa with a swimming pool, turned on the digi camera and turned her loose so we could observe her receive comfy and cozy. Alexya has a seductive, raunchy style all her own. Sexual and yearning, relaxed and uninhibited, laid-back, dreamy and informal. This babe knows that the “Alexya effect” drives us insane.

Alexya’s been the number-one rated goddess in the Model Directory since her launch. Considering how mild her posing is compared to so many other SCORE and V-mag Cuties, that speaks volumes, not just about Alexya but the mind of the SCORELAND Dude too.

The July 2016 Voluptuous awards issue features the contest winners of 2015 and Alexya is the Newcomer of the Year winner. Juliana Simms was second and Larissa Linn was third. Alexya had 30% of the web resource votes in advance of all of the magazine ballots and emailed votes were included in the last count.

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