Saholy – Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

Big busted Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

This babe liked to be called Sah. Saholy was born July 4, 1976, and, at the time this movie scene was shot, weighed 103 lbs., was 5’3″ tall, measured 37-24-36 and wore a 34DD-cupper brassiere. The story of how Sah came to be photographed is offbeat and unusual. One morning in August, 2003, our projects manager let a pair into the building after hearing them ring the doorbell. Sah and her spouse did not e-mail, write or phone in advance. They flew to Miami from Indonesia to visit the States and to watch if Sah could discharge for SCORE. They just showed up at our door, cold, which nearly at not time happens.

Fortunately, the studio wasn’t booked tomorrow and there was a porn-cock obtainable to sex-up Sah. The results were eventually added to the DVD SCORE Xtra #10. Christmas was early.

Her husband was one of those veteran SCORE readers who married the angel of his fantasies and liked to watch her getting nailed by amorous chaps. Dave, one of the editors, came up with the idea of the porn boy Matt shaving off Sah’s bush at the same time this chab is fucking her in the ass and snatch. (It was a little tricky.)

Here’s the video concept. With a big breasted maid love Saholy, the 1st command of the day is a long irrumation. Then Matt screwed Saholy’s damp aperture. Her cunt grasped his weenie as it slid in and out, his testicles slapping her on the down-stroke. Saholy cried “Oweee!” in her French-based accent as that fellow thrust unfathomable. It appeared to be to be her vocal signature, that “Oweee!” Then this chap entered Sah’s arse, which Matt said felt love a velvet vise. The digi camera operator wasn’t afraid to receive within inches of Sah’s slit and rectal hole.

We don’t know what Saholy’s doing ten years later but we’ll always have this to relish and jack to.

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Amy Anderssen – The Tighter The Better

The Tighter The More breathtaking

The Tighter The Better

Amy Anderssen’s 1st time in SCORE (April 2007) was as a different beauty. She’s changed since then. She used to have double-Ds. Now this babe has 34GGGs.

“I was totally different,” Amy recalled. “My name was Jayna James. I had way smaller love muffins. I was completely golden-haired. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now I am going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning.”

In “The Tighter The More amazing,” the first of many Amy SCORE shoots, petite and stacked Amy does a boobies in constricted tops expose, stretching sexy tops over her heavy mangos. It is brain-freezing to watch this bigger than standard top auditions. “I wear custom bras and mostly wear maternity bras for support and comfort.”

Amy is a high energy, playful girl and the SCORE studio employees loved her. They took her out for jet skiing in Miami one morning. The pictures and clip from that day are scheduled for June Twenty one and, certainly, XXX scenes are on the way.

“I adore the way it looks on me. I suppose I carry it very well. Most people with my body sort who are as thin as me and as long as me, it doesn’t look that fine. Not that I’ve seen many girls this busty. I just think I carry my proportions very well. I know I wear my bumpers valuable.”

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Angel Wicky – Rubbed Out

Rubbed Out

Rubbed Out

Hotty Wicky is the gal sculptors fantasy of immortalizing in stone… that painters dream of capturing on a canvas. SCORE prefers photography. This photo spread and video proves one time more that Girl is just as excited alone as she is with porn rod. And there is no man-face and man-ass blocking one inch of her heavenly mellons, ideal bawdy cleft and gorgeous face. With her hands and a pussy-stretching rubber prick, Gal flies on the wings of fun to cum-city.

Very rarely do SCORE Girls sing on-camera. You’ve heard Gal sing (in “Angel Face,” her first movie). One of her fantasy goals is to make a singing porn movie. “I’m glad I can sing in porn episodes. I studied singing and acting in school since childhood. From basic school for kids to conservatory and university of the arts. I do not have much time and opportunity to do some singing now, but for the future I would adore to make some CDs and be a singing porno star in classic musical or opera style. That could be nifty and original!” If anyone could sing with a dick or toy in her pussy or arse at the same time, that would be Beauty.

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Olarita – Big Buckin’ Boobs

Large Buckin’ Fullsome funbags

Big Buckin' Boobs

Olarita’s back from a hiatus that lasted for years. That babe suddenly appeared, discovered one of the TSG photographers based in Europe and said she wanted to pose afresh. Some of u might remember Olarita from 2007. Olarita TWO.0 has packed some boobage and buttage since that time and looks more outstanding now than this babe did in 2007. “Now I like to wear reservoir tops and constricted sweaters and watch how many boyz observe my chest,” Olarita told to the photographer.

Another difference is that she’s hairless off the twat that babe one time had. “It was too itchy and I didn’t adore how it felt under my thongs,” says Olarita.

The black brown Czech too has no piercings or visible tats. A lady you’d see at the market or working at an usual job and observe ‘coz of her big marangos, not at all thinking she is fucked strangers on-video. No thing about her screams pornstar.

Olarita now is lustful and batty for porn-cock with strangers and that is what this babe acquires when Novis crosses paths with her. It is an action-packed coupling with a Voluptuous girl who loves that rock-n-roll on that pole. Merely time will tell if Olarita sticks around longer or takes another sabbatical.

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Kali West – Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

Stylish Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

What makes a handsome, big breasted, fresh-faced goddess who just graduated from school, crave to wear lascivious, constricted, short, low-cut dresses that unveil breast valley and lengthy, gold bitch boots and wanna sell her recent, pink cunt on the street? What compels her to shamelessly ask total strangers in back alleys and desolate streets if they crave to shag her perfect throat, natural large scones and constricted, youthful love tunnel in a motel room for cash and at not time watch her one more time?

We do not know but we love to check out ‘em do it as our adults-only fuckumentary “Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex” dramatizes this reality with the participation of the lovely and expert Kali West and a fortunate porn-schmuck. It’s part of a planned series of fuckumentaries called “Balling For Dollars.”

We watch Kali in an alley adjust her garments, unmindful of any stray pedestrians or drivers who may be watching her. This babe lounges by the dumpster, a shocking location for a fashionable goddess to spend her day and evening fishing for clients she can service. What kind of smutty animals can that babe await to discover in this forsaken place? Sleazy studs with a hardly any hundred they earned from selling their goo and have a scarcely any pints left to spray on a hooker’s body and face. Why, Kali? Why? Do not go with that petticoat chaser. Our protests go unheeded.

View in growing excitement as this trick has his way with this nice-looking, tender flower in a pervert’s motel, fucking her vagina and face hole on impure sheets still luscious from the previous slut and her client. This babe has one of the majority adept snatches and throats a man could wanna pump. So blameless… so naughty.

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Kamille Amora – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Kamille Amora, a young Seattle, Washington dancer and now SCORELAND model. Isn’t this babe marvelous? Mother Nature has been crazy-generous to Kamille.

“I’ve been going back and forth betwixt stripping and trying to do this whole thing with u lads. I’ve been trying to glamour model for The SCORE Group since I was Eighteen, not quite 19. I adore being nude and showing off my body. I glamorous much walk around my abode nude all day.”

Kamille can’t live out of wearing corsets, tank-tops, halter-tops and camis. This has made the male population of Seattle who cross her path very cheerful.

“I was truly a 32C when I was nine years aged, and that is when I realized I was intend to have lots of problems with fellows looking at them. I was a tomboy, so that had to end. You can’t be a tomboy with wobblers like these, and then they kept growing. I was a Thirty four triple-D when I was 13, and by the time I was 16, I was a 36 double-E. I skipped F, went to G, skipped H and went to I. And I still do not know if they’re done growing. If they keep skipping sizes, I’ll be a K-cup in advance of lengthy!”

Kamille makes her Voluptuous magazine debut in the November ’14 issue, on-sale August 19th.

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Lori Pleasure – Busty Sex-Bot

Busty Sex-Bot

Busty Sex-Bot

“Hello, my name is Lori Joy. I’m your breasty sexbot.”

“I am buff to empty your balls at your order.”

“Touch the X key to activate my program… “

In a lab hidden deep within an abandoned warehouse, a inexorable scientist labors over the realization of his feverish dream. Having given up on Big-Boob human females coz they’re too fickle, flighty and flakey, this guy works to flawless the 1st of his big busted fembots. This babe will be the vanguard of a race of mechanical sex partners designed to serve his each whim. Someone who won’t give him any shit when that Lothario leaves his ribald socks on the floor.

Lastly, the great day arrives. Every circuit is in place. Her lifelike skin has been seamlessly molded. Every orifice could fool a medical doctor. Her batteries have been fully charged. That stud picks up a remote control device. A voice comes from her lips.

This scene from SCORE Xtra 10 stars Lori Fun. Lori solely modeled one time at SCORE. The golden-haired Californian, during the time that she dresses and appears adore a adult star, is an executive at Nasty Temptations, an online sexy garments company. Lori has the sex drive of several women wrapped into one and had all the right moves when this babe was mouthing and fucking her inventor, Talon.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Boobs Ahoy! Part 3

Milk sacks Ahoy! Part 3

Boobs Ahoy! Part 3

Chapter THREE is the last segment of SCORE‘s DVD Billibongs Ahoy! Boob Cruise 2000 was the fifth and final trip. Friday, May Fifth, 2000 was the last evening of this travel. The following day, everyone disembarked for home or for other ports of call.

The end of everything that’s admirable and pleasurable and gives a boob-man wood is always painted with a coating of sadness. So it’s was with the last Boob Cruise. This voyage was more of an experiment since solely four seasoned Boob Cruise Cuties returned from previous trips: Linsey McKenzie, Casey James, Minka and Dawn Stone. The rest of the cuties were sea-virgins. They were all peculiar in their unique, individual ways.

As for the passengers, this Boob Cruise was a reunion in many ways since so many were reiterate guests from many countries including America, England, France, Germany, Japan and Belgium. There were a few lady passengers likewise, including future SCORE Cutie Morgan Leigh who was inspired to emulate the chicks this babe partied with.

It was in August of 1994 that the first Boob Cruise set sail from Grenada. It was originally called Boob Camp. That didn’t fit the seafaring nature of this event. Boob Cruise was a better name for that inaugural event which blossomed into five sold-out specific editions. There’re hundreds of former passengers with shelves full of great pictures they took themselves. Some of the boys still keep in touch to today and even visit.

It is been 14 years since the Cruise reached home port in St. Thomas on May 6, 2000. To today, SCORE gets correspondence asking when the next Boob Cruise will sail.

“Going into Boob Cruise 2000, I had heard so many superlatives about it but I had some skepticism,” admitted Alyssa Alps who wrote the ship’s log for the mag and indeed modeled on the final day after declining all week. “‘How could anything be that valuable?’ I used to think. Now I know. And I realize that all of the comments I had heard about SCORE‘s Boob Cruise didn’t do it justice. It truly is the experience of a lifetime.”

Other companies have endevoured to copy the Boob Cruise and failed, not realizing the enormous challenges it presents. Will it ever sail one time more? Windjammer is out of business. The logistics of putting a Cruise jointly are a few and complex. It takes a full year to plan. Ever the optimist, CEO John Fox says at no time say not ever.

People have suggested that if getting a ship is also complicated, then have a Boob Cruise-type week at a resort. But no landlocked convention can enslave the spirit of adventure and freedom. It would not be the same.

“I have such fond memories of the Cruise,” said Boob Cruiser Brian. “Certainly no other event has made an impact on my life like that of the great Boob Cruises. The finest love muffins, the foremost time, the best trip ever!”

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