Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

“This cunt is for you,” 46-year-old Nicky Ferrari says in Spanish in this video. When she says it, she has two fingers buried unfathomable inside her aged cookie, and you can hear how soaked she is. So, not solely is her love tunnel for u…it’s ready for you, also.

When the video spreads, Nicky is clothed in a very hot outfit: a taut, white top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps. When the top comes off, we watch that she is wearing hot lingerie. Then it all comes off and Nicky climbs onto the pool table to play with her muff and work her ass. She has large whoppers and darksome nipps. This babe has a tight rectal hole.

“I am very wet for you,” Nicky says in Spanish. Throughout this movie scene, she speaks in English and Spanish.

Nicky is a Mother. That babe has two sons. This babe is too a pornstar in Southern California, which is where this babe lives. It have to be interesting to have a pornstar as a Mama. What’s that love? It would make a great reality show. “My mom’s a porn star!”

Nicky is not a swinger and considers herself sexually passive. That babe prefers traditional roles where the Lothario makes the 1st move. She says that babe can’t live without gentlemen, but that’s solely until this babe acquires to the bedroom. Then this babe urges a caveman who will fuck her senseless. This babe loves to acquire drilled rock hard and doesn’t mind being called a wench. And she’ll let you cum wherever u desire. With a body like hers, there are many options, and you are about to see all of them.

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Mega-Boobs Office

Mega-Boobs Office

Mega-Boobs Office

Minka could have taken a job as an executive with The SCORE Group. She wanted to work near her home in Vegas so the world’s #1 Asian big-tit star since 1994 took a job in a nearby office. We’re frustrated about that even though we understand why that babe declined.

The problem is a supervisor in this company. This fellow doesn’t get Minka’s sense of humor and her working style. That charmer receives annoyed when that babe makes copies of her 44KK bouncy bosoms with the office copier. Her habit of working at her desk with her blouse raised over her pointer sisters bugs him. That skirt chaser spills coffee on the floor, distracted by her protruding pontoons. This chab just doesn’t receive Minka.

His first mistake is when that petticoat chaser asks to speak to Minka and lays down the law. She quickly turns the tables on him and sucks his penis. That straightens him out fast, and previous to he knows it, that charmer is breaking every rule in the company handbook by boning Minka on the conference room daybed and nutting her mega-boobs.

Who’s the boss now?

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Lara Jones’ Really Big, Bigly Real Boobs

Lara Jones’ Indeed Large, Bigly Real Scoops

Lara Jones' Actually Large, Bigly Real Boobs

When Lara Jones walked into the kitchen as the camera lights were being set up, this babe told it would be fun to play with fruit, so the photographer’s assistant went out and came back with some. It was the 1st time a banana got a boner.

In the episode segment of this scene, it takes about a minute for Lara to pull down the top of her dress once the camera begins rolling. She did it in a very teasing way and even a minute appeared to be like an 60 minutes. How her bras can support enjoyable Lara’s mind-blasting twin peaks without the thongs snapping at some point during the day is a miracle of engineering.

“I adore to flaunt my mammaries,” Lara said our photographer. “I am not coyness about showing my breast valley at all. I actually feel outstanding about the attention I receive. I love to be admired. I don’t adore to hear crude comments. Majority guys are precious. I don’t dress in a way that makes my bumpers hang out, but I always dress in a way that they look nice. I will dress in a way that makes my juggs look hot but tasteful.”

Tasteful. We’re sure they are.

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Swimsuit Day For Magnificent Micky Bells

Swim costume Day For Magnificent Micky Bells

Swimsuit Day For Magnificent Micky Bells

Micky Bells has the whole spa and swimming pool to herself. Our workers placed a sign on the door, “Closed on account of Micky Bells.” It worked out well.

Micky tries out her swimsuits and goes for a dip. Naturally, her hands stray to her massive fullsome funbags and shaved cookie at pool side. That is second nature for Micky at this point. If anyone has a figure that is the template for a fertility dominant-bitch, that girl is Micky.

Micky is one of the all-time greats. That greatness is locked in. “I savour doing what I do,” Micky said. “It is always pleasure for me.”

What passes for busty in magazines, television and newspapers is a joke compared to Micky.

“Many studs have at no time observed bosoms as bigger than standard as mine. They are taken aback when they see me. Sometimes I guess they are intimidated. They receive coy and don’t know what to say to me.”

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Spilling Out

Spilling Out

Spilling Out

Mandy Pearl was encouraged to send her images to SCORE in Miami by her ally Kevin from a city called Huddersfield in Great Britain. The way Mandy pronounced it, it sounded adore Knockers Field.

Mandy is in the looker profession back home in the England, the birthplace of so many naturally stacked girls. She’d by no means watched SCORE or Voluptuous magazines or the SCORELAND web page before. She knew that boob-hounds like us existed but had no direct knowledge.

Mandy too made the jump to television, as one of the “Flirty Thirty” girls on the mega-popular, long-running in a relationship with game expose “Take Me Out” on ITV. In the show, a single lad tries his luck on the sexy “Flirty Thirty” cuties. They signal their disinterest by switching off a light at their podiums. That allows the host Paddy McGuinness the chance to say his patented phrase, “No likey, no lighty.” Many men have been degraded on this show but the applicants keep pouring in.

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Kitchen Magic With Ariane Saint-Amour

Kitchen Magic With Ariane Saint-Amour

Kitchen Magic With Ariane Saint-Amour

Montreal super-model Ariane Saint-Amour brings her fleshly talents to the kitchen for a fruit flaunt and French lesson. She has plates of bananas, strawberries and grapes on the counter and translates the word for each. The word “French” is also a slang word for oral-job. A banana is in precious hands with Ariane as she demonstrates a different kind of French lesson.

“I’m a fetish model, you know,” Ariane said SCORE. “I love to watch my dude with one more goddess. I love Latex. I adore anonymous action. I adore to masturbate alone, in duos, in groups…toys or no toys. Do other people count as toys?

“If there is a way to have sex in public with out getting into trouble, I will try it. Public foreplay is a plus, even more if it’s in front of his girlfriend. I adore to eat balls! Blow jobs and hand jobs are my thing. I leave no drop. My kinkiest experience is leading bang, ordering the poor beauty to service the studs and the gals, some with strap-on and a dick-girl.”

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Brown Eye of the Tigerr

Brown Eye of the Tigerr

Brown Eye of the Tigerr

“Doggie can’t be beaten during wazoo slam!” Asian-British Tigerr Benson said. This babe finds enjoyment in all poses when a fellow is popping her cunt.

There’s anal doggie in this scene and more anal when Tigerr sits and bounces on the wang in her ass, facing the digital camera, her nude feet on her fuck partner’s hips for leverage.

Tigerr is usually supple to smooth operator power but there’re times when things are reversed. We have seen Tigerr exert dominatrix force before. She unveils Angelo a gift box, flashing a sweetly naughty grin that means the unexpected is coming. There’s a couple of metallic handcuffs in the box and she wishes to snap the cuffs on him so that babe can drive him insane mouthing and licking with tongue his pole. Tigerr turns around to sit on his pecker, getting every millimeter up her pink squeezebox. This is before she even got undressed.

Tigerr is a wild cat at sex. “I don’t actually perform,” the exotic buxotic said us. She lives it. “It’s just what I like to do. I like engulfing and ball-licking a lot. I can take indeed big weenies in my a-hole and enjoy it.”

In the June 2017 issue of SCORE, editor Dave wrote, “We can read Tigerr’s mind. Her thoughts come across loud, clear and amorous in all of her scenes. It’s her excitement for engulfing and banging weenies on-camera that made Tigerr our 2016 Hardcore Performer of the Year.”

SCORELAND: Tigerr, this scene started off with tons of teasing and edging as you sucked and banged Angelo during the time that this stud was shackled. Does teasing receive u hotter?

Tigerr: I like teasing. It makes me super horny and soaked. It is all to do with the lead-up and playtime. With out the teasing, it is boring.

SCORELAND: What does the tattoo on your interior right ankle read?

Tigerr: Hot Wife. [Laughs]

SCORELAND: What do the fans ask to see u discharge latterly?

Tigerr: They love seeing me in stockings and suspenders. Especially being lighthearted. Like food play foot fetish, tons of kissing, bouncing around, making a boy worship me.

SCORELAND: Any comment for the fans about anything?

Tigerr: Have a ravishing Christmas and the rest of the year admiring sexy hotty’s on SCORELAND. Please savour me lots!

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After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Sharon Pink is inexhaustible. That babe has a sex drive that very not many babes can match. Yet she stays as recent as a daisy after this babe copulates. Is this erotic superwoman from the Czechia or from the planet Krypton?

On this night, Sharon is planning to go out, visit several parties, go to a diminutive in number lap dancing clubs and make an evening of it. So she’s clothed to kill…men. A constricted skirt that will split if that babe bends over too far. High heels that arch her back, thrust her pelvis and meatballs forward, make her butt stick out and tighten her calf muscles. A constricted underneath garment that shoves her boobies up and out to create a under garment shelf. An even tighter shirt that will pop its buttons if Sharon takes a unfathomable breath.

And then Mr. Klein walks in. Instantly lewd at the sight of her killer body, this skirt chaser makes a play for her bigger in size than standard boobies. This babe slaps his hand away but this charmer is persistent and doesn’t back off. Sharon doesn’t play rough and slap his face adore mate Czech Terry Nova did to her friend in her goo pie episode. No, Sharon caves in as her lady-killer manages to remove her top and manhandle her jugs. Resembles Sharon won’t be out on the city lap dancing and having cocktails tonight after all. She’ll be eating Klein’s frankfurter for starters.

Once Klein’s filled up on Sharon’s heavy bumpers, he moves down to her pierced cum-hole and laps it up. Sharon’s hips gyrate in a screwing motion and her eyes roll back as this chab enthusiastically tongue-fucks her. They exchange poses so Sharon can suck dick. This babe holds it by the base and slaps her throat with it, spitting on it to give it some natural lube so that babe can jack it faster. A man’s rod is in very worthwhile hands when the hands belong to Sharon Pink.

She acquires on her side for the first wang invasion of her love tunnel, her buxom leg in the air and they slip it right in for the 1st sexy fuck thrusting of the night. Sharon was planning to get laid in an after-party sex party when she got back from clubbing but it’s happening earlier than this babe thought.

Sharon actually did manage to receive dressed once more and go out and party that night. But that is another story.

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