Sheri Fox – Paddle that slit! Shave that muff! Fuck that cunt!

Paddle that fur pie! Shave that cookie! Fuck that cookie!

Paddle that cunt! Shave that love tunnel! Copulate that pussy!

Sheri Fox takes her long, sexy red hair and large wobblers to a baths, where she receives her fun bags without a Latex dress in a hurry. Indeed, her funbags are not at all really in the costume, which is nice for Sheri because that babe loves to pinch her nipples, and doing so is a lot easier when they’re not covered.

Judging by Sheri’s loud groans of delight, she’s relishing herself. Sheri, who’s 52 and from Central Florida, is one of those babes who can savour herself when she’s with a stud or by herself.

In this video, we receive some great angles of Sheri’s bigger in size than run of the mill billibongs and some very private looks at her funkily pierced snatch. Then we acquire to see her paddle her cunt, which is smth u do not watch also often. She slips the edge of the paddle betwixt her pink flaps, she moans louder, then that babe slaps her muff harder.

At around 15 minutes, Sheri grabs a canister of shaving gel and applies it to her cum-hole mound. She makes a real mess with that spunk and shaves off what’s left of her red fur pie hair. When she is done, this babe washes it off then grabs a dark-skinned fake penis and screws her slit rock hard.

What happens next? She cums. You cum. And if you don’t, you just might be dead.


Shyla Stylez – Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Shyla Stylez is in bed wearing hawt lingerie and “fuck-me” lap dancer shoes. This babe calls “Dial-A-Dick” and puts in an dictate. That babe rubs the phone all over her large hooters, hangs up and rips open her pantyhose so she can rub her snatch. Where are these beauties in real life?

JT arrives and Shyla is all over him, grabbing his pecker to suck and tit-fuck. They move on to a muff and booty banging. It is all action, no plot, no acting.

Despite her name, Shyla was not at all coy. She was fibbing! “I’m just a hotty from a miniature city in Canada who wanted to make it greater than average in the porn world. I moved to Los Angeles to try my luck cuz I thought I had what it takes.” And she did, in over 400 banging episodes since 2000!

After high school graduation, Shyla began to adult model exposed and dance in lap dancing clubs. Porn actor Eric Everhard spotted her and brought her into the adult industry in LA. “I like an alpha woman chaser, a gent who takes charge and wants to sexually dominate me,” Shyla told. She got one here.

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Mischel Lee – Wet & Wooly

Succulent & Wooly

Wet & Wooly

Mischel Lee made a surprise return to SCORELAND, with larger fullsome funbags and rings in her labia. She’s still the same bush supporter this babe was in 2014 and that slice of heavenly hair pie keeps her elevated in the eyes of like-minded pussy mavens. Let’s face it, boob-men, the grab thatch is out those days and hairless wet cracks are in.

Here we discover Mischel in the ladies’ washroom taking a shower. Our photographer didn’t have to put a costume and a wig on to come into with his digital camera. That gent has a peculiar license.

Mischel has no interest in going on social media, at least not yet. That’s often the case with off-again, on-again European adult models. She loves romantic dinners and a night at the movie scenes. As she said last time, she doesn’t spank-off much.

“I use dudes for oral stimulation when I am in the mood,” Mischel said us before. That babe could easily detect lots of studs just from SCORELAND‘s membership lap dancing club cheerful to take up with the tongue her out. A former hostess in a night club, Mischel gets hit on often but doesn’t date a lot and only adult models when the mood hits her. That babe up-sized her boobies ‘coz this babe is into scones and always wanted to have truly greater than run of the mill love bubbles. Now she does.

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Bunny De La Cruz – Picked Up And Fucked

Picked Up And Banged

Picked Up And Fucked

JMac sees Bunny De La Cruz and her 34JJ power-cannons packed into a thin top and he just craves to fondle and talk about their future. Really, no.

Bunny has an 60 minutes for lunch in advance of that babe has to receive back to work. That is just sufficient time for JMac to waylay Bunny and feed her a line about making lunch for her back at his place. A banging tell lies so this chab can truly feed her his sausage hero and then send her back to work. All’s fair.

But this Bunny is no dumb bunny. This babe knows tricks are for kids. She’s ready to play along with his routine so this babe can acquire some daytime tube-steak herself. Plus, this chab is not exactly subtle, squeezing his junk as this chab chats with her on the daybed at his house.

Gals receive hot for sex likewise but they don’t feel they need the subterfuge that guys think they need. They can just say, “Hi, who are u, I am horny to meet u.” But lads, we love to pursue ’em also. No guts, no brilliance.

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Terry Nova – The Wind Cries Terry Nova

The Wind Cries Terry Nova

The Wind Cries Terry Nova

If you have ever taken a picture of a girl at the beach on a windy day, u know what a floozy it can be to receive the right shots. Now try shooting a full magazine photo shoot. Terry is a great adult model and can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at her and bares her body in challenge of the weather. She is a real nature cutie.

Even though Terry and the Greater than typical Boob Paradise workers were in tropical splendor, Terry spent time with her head in a book. SCORE editor Dave seen that “Terry Nova spent plenty of time in her room learning English. That babe came to the Bahamas knowing very little English-just a not many words here and there-and this babe desperately wanted to talk to all of us. So she opened up her Czech-English dictionary and studied rigid.”

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Cindy Cupps – Cindy Cupps Double Feature

Cindy Cupps Double Feature

Cindy Cupps Double Feature

Before she retired from bare modeling and exotic dancing, Cindy Cupps used to be a stripper at Cheetah’s III, a Pompano Beach, Florida disrobe club. “I’ve met a few lap-danceaholics,” Cindy remembered. “There are lads who go daily. They’re there every day, for hours at a time for months. Then they’ll disappear for a month and then come back. It is a fantasy land. They have beautiful cuties paying attention to them, they can pick whoever they crave and that gal is gonna give them their undivided attention. Lads love that attention.”

Cindy by no means had any interest in getting tats and her solely body art was jewelry in her navel. “I do not adore tattoos. I think they’re stupid. Some people go overboard with them. I was not ever that kind of person. Maybe a tiny one on the ankle might be all right. I watch girls that have ’em all down their backs. What’s gonna happen twenty years down the road when their skin is not as firm as it’s now? They’re gonna look horrible. And my merely piercing is my navel.”

When it comes to girls with titanic bouncy bosoms and mammoth areolae, Cindy Cupps acquire to rate among the elite. In this double feature, Cindy shows why.

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Minka – The 44KK Sexperience

The 44KK Sexperience

The 44KK Sexperience

That number, 44KK, is the cup size of Minka’s below garment, as you know–important information to keep in mind as we savour this presentation. The location where the photos were shot is unlike the video location and Minka and her stunt jock shag on a sofa instead of on a couch but the breast-sex action is the main event. And with Minka, breast-sex is a absolutely unparalleled experience.

Carlos has screwed a lot of babes at SCORE (Daphne Rosen may be his biggest-breasted conquest up to now) but this chab is not at all gone one-on-one with the world’s #1 Asian busty dream hottie. He’s in for a real treat and a defiance.

As in the movie, Minka appears to be more sexually assertive, more assertive of her erection-producing powers, adore a super-heroine minus the spandex tights. Is her hyper-horny take-no-prisoner attitude one more by-product of her intense tennis workouts back home?

Minka snarls and exposes her teeth as Carlos licks her nude super-boobs and truly guides his head with her hand in a very controlling way. And there’s a challenging, come-fuck-me light in her eyes that’s stronger and bolder than it ever was. This is a different side of Minka with a hornier and more sexually aggressive, less pliant attitude.

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Rockell – An Oasis of Southern Beauty

An Oasis of Southern Stunner

An Oasis of Southern Beauty

Behind the canopy, Rockell awaits. It is great to have Rockell back at SCORELAND. This babe is been missed so it is time to play catch-up.

SCORELAND: Rockell, your pierced areolas are a recent addition. What do they do for you, stimulation-wise?

Rockell: I love when they are played with. I feel adore they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun ‘coz they are fully healed now! I would love to change the bars out pretty soon to something phat. I like the idea of my teats showing thru a white T-shirt. They tend to stay glamorous hard! Previous to, with out the stimulation, my teats didn’t truly protrude love they do now.

SCORELAND: What did you like about the barbells as opposed to getting nipple rings?

Rockell: I indeed had the option when they were pierced betwixt bars and rings. For me, it was honestly my personal choice. I think the one and the other are hawt but for the healing process I thought bars! I am definitely not opposed to some super-cute rings in the future.

SCORELAND: What size brassiere do u buy now?

Rockell: The newest undergarment I’ve is a 36G cup and I bought it from Belk.

SCORELAND: Thank u, Rockell. We’re up for watching this latest episode and welcome back!

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