Terry Nova – Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Love melons

Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova has been sorely missed at SCORE. Sorely because Terry inspires over-jacking. Everybody at SCORE likes Terry Nova. In this fresh scene, Terry’s first in a few years, Terry is Nurse Bigger than typical Melons. Notice anything recent about Terry?

Nurse Terry’s patient is in for a check-up. Terry tells him that his blood pressure check is fine. The patient entreats to watch and touch Terry’s bigger than run of the mill pointer sisters. That gent is boob-struck. Bewitched. Over the edge. Fallen unyielding. There is no cure. In fact, there is one cure.

Terry leans forward, her naked cleavage in nature’s garb love 2 fun bags of pure joy beneath her nurse’s uniform. This babe lets her patient reach out and touch ’em. This chab is in a trance and mumbles like a bonkers dude. The feel and heaviness of Terry’s love muffins are incredible. This Lothario proceeds to knead them and removes the stethoscope from Terry’s neck so they are with out the way.

The now-demented patient widens up Terry’s uniform, takes her milk cans without her brassiere and sucks on her magnificent nipps. Terry has inverted nipples and stimulation of his hard mouthing has raised ’em to a point. He is a breast-man, no question. Terry joins him and they each take a areola and engulf with all the suction vigour they can muster.

Boobies spilling without her uniform, Terry reaches out, lowers his trousers, takes his erect horn in her mouth and sucks deep, hands-free! Damn, did we miss Terry! Our cameraman receives in very close and knows to frame out the dude’s face whenever possible except when this chab licks Terry’s vagina to lubricate it for his pecker. Here is the cure for the health care crisis! And her name is Terry Nova!

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Katarina Dubrova – Kitchen Cream Dreams

Kitchen Sex cream Fantasies

Kitchen Ball batter Dreams

Back at SCORELAND with a fresh scene after a long absence, Katarina Dubrova from the Czech Republic is just as hot, slim and stacked as ever. Katarina hasn’t changed a bit and that’s a great thing. That babe is perfection and keeps herself in the foremost shape. No cupcakes for this cupcake! But this babe does have something cooked up that will bake your meatloaf.

Katarina performs her particular brand of kitchen magic, doffing her sexy homemaker hot clothes, playing with her pliable, bendable larger than average bumpers, fingering and toying her pink pussy-slit, and tongueing whipped jism off her pointy, suckable nipples. The temperature in this kitchen reached the boiling point by the time Katarina’s household activities wrapped up with her body absolutely ribald and creamy. Why the smoke detectors did not go off is smth that should be checked into.

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Lillian Faye – Hooray For Faye

Hooray For Faye

Hooray For Faye

“On the outdoors I appear more passive but I adore to tanalize a ladies man until this chab can not take it anymore and makes his move. That is called being passive-aggressive.”

“I love a lot of foreplay. I like being kissed all over, especially the back of my neck, tummy and back. I like oral-job by a lad who knows how to use his tongue and lips.”

“You must try your almost all good to look into my eyes rather than constantly looking at my chest. I know the effect that my juggs have on males. When boyz make demeaning remarks, it lowers my self-confidence.”

“I masturbate each single day. I adore a fake penis buzzing my clit and fingers in and with out my twat. I am a two-handed girl at masturbation. No matter what they tell u, all girls masturbate even if they have a steady lad.”

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Melissa Carey – Black Snake Moaner

Dark Snake Moaner

Black Snake Moaner

A SCORE Classic that started some controversy when it was originally released ‘cuz it was one of our 1st interracial sex scenes. Some letters were adept. Some were con.

Melissa Carey is a Florida gal who fell into hot adult modeling. That babe never behaved like it was a planned event. That babe has large bumpers and discovered out that we spend our lives looking for angels who have bigger than standard scones and that our paychecks don’t bounce. Melissa is merely 5′ tall. Her bazookas look even larger on her petite body in the flesh. Melissa had at not time modeled and no one had ever asked her to until us.

Melissa had a job in a retail store and went to high-school part-time. Melissa’s freshness and cuteness gave her a real baby doll look. This babe was in a car accident on a highway in advance of this discharge and this babe was feeling hard but that babe did valuable.

Melissa likes dressing to draw attention to her chest and she loves fucking daily so that babe agreed to try a boy-girl with a man she knew after warming up first with toy masturbation posing.

This babe had no idea that big-bust magazines even existed. “I not at any time even knew that there were magazines of beauties with larger than run of the mill bazookas. I had no idea. My boyfriends have always loved touching my mellons, and I love it, but I not ever thought to touch ’em myself for pleasure. I didn’t know that men adore to look at clips of angels playing with their mounds. I swear, I didn’t.”

A quiet, passive goddess, that babe has a obedient personality by her own description. “I kinda let the dude do anything he urges to me. I not at all make the first move. If I assent to go out with you, it means I’m already attracted to u. It is up to u if we wind up in bed at your place. I wouldn’t date you if I wasn’t plan to let u copulate me.”

This babe was girlfriend material. In other words, a baby doll fuck-toy.

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Gya – The Wonders Of Gya

The Wonders Of Gya

The Wonders Of Gya

It’s Gya time! Time to receive comfortable with the chesty Voluptuous playgirl. A beauty who’s become hugely popular in a very short time. This time Gya is plan to shave her wet crack and she’s invited everyone along. As in her previous episodes, Gya is very chatty. Her voice is very sensual and her kind of whispery, breathy, raunchy speech patterns make her even more of a living, breasty doll than this babe is.

Gya’s red top is so constricted, her Fourty four inch fullsome funbags spill over her polka dot underneath garment. She loves that. This is all part of her slaver gonna drive tit-men absolutely kooky.

“I adore bras that push up my juggs and make ’em look round. I like demi-cups and push-up bras. I love them to make my milk shakes look very greater than typical, so they have to be a little bit smaller and tighter than my size. I love lots of cleavage and smaller bras do that for me.”

The plan is working.

There are many unforgettable moments in The Wonders Of Gya: Gya squeezing her bra-busters together and licking with tongue the one and the other areolas at the same time adore she’s licking a double ice cream cone; the low-angle see of her snatch and drooping zeppelins.

Gya even walks over to the bathroom self-sucking her nipps! Once in the tub, this babe does many miraculous things in advance of she starts to shave. It is 20 minutes of pure heaven with one of the high reaching discoveries of the last 2 years

Props to Gya!

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Sirale – 45 Minutes With Sirale

45 Minutes With Sirale

45 Minutes With Sirale

Sirale hit a grand slam in her SCORELAND first appearance. Here she’s as the “Office Babe” taking over an executive suite to get nude and rude during the time that the rest of the company toils at their desks. Do u like the eyewear and the open blouse? These who email Scorecard about hotty’s wearing dark stockings on their curvy legs will discover this photo-shoot to be eye candy. This layout has it all with many sexy positions.

Sirale is yet some other angel who wants to try skydiving, the #1 activity on many models’ to-do list. What is it with jumping with out an airplane? The adrenaline rush?

The funniest pick-up line she’s heard so far, and that babe is heard plenty of ’em, was “There get to be a line of boyz envisaging to kiss your booty and I wanna be one of ’em.” This babe didn’t say if it worked or not.

Sirale makes her SCORE magazine initial debut in the September 2013 edition and her Voluptuous first appearance in August 2013’s issue.

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Nadia Vixen – Bad Girls Get Rewarded

Bad Cuties Get Rewarded

Bad Gals Acquire Rewarded

The title of today’s titty tale at SCOREVideos.com is “Bad Gals Get Rewarded.” The recipient of this rewarding reward is Miss Nadia Honey bunny, a brand new honey from Texas, home to many famed boobs.

Nadia was the bustiest girl in school. “I was!” says Nadia. “They called me Bigger in size than run of the mill Fullsome funbags McGee love in the movie Bigger in size than typical Dad.” We’ve heard this in advance of from other chesty gals and it is boobage jealousy, a common syndrome among beauties with A and B cups.

Nadia tells us this babe likes thrashing and is getting into downy servitude. This babe masturbates regularly and prefers love button stimulation not insertion.

Any specific talents? “I am a disciplined violinist. I have been playing since I was nine.”

Does that babe costume to emphasize her chest or does that babe low-key her bouncy bosoms? “I don’t purposely try to acquire attention but since I have a diminutive waist I must wear stretchy material as to not acquire lost in my hawt clothing.” Our friend Daphne Rosen calls this the “tent” effect. Nadia buys her bras at Frederick’s of Hollywood. “I gave up on Victoria’s Secret.”

We detected Nadia on a glamour model pursue web page and invited her over to roll after seeing her Fourty one inches of glory. This babe not only was potty to widen her wings, she also opened her legs for a rigid SCORE scene with one of the hired cock-slingers.

Nadia’s introduction to this gentleman is classic. That babe bows over him while he’s sat on a couch. Her big boobies are encased in a taut, low-cut cardigan. He eyes her ample cleavage.

“You love these bigger in size than run of the mill zeppelins?” Nadia asks. “You plan to observe ’em all day or are u going to take Them out and engulf on em?” Now that is somebody who’s willing for some action. A goddess who wants it and wastes no time on invitations.

Nadia reaches down and squeezes his penis through his pants whilst that buck is manhandling her wobblers. They remove her cardigan and brassiere so that fellow can feast on her nipples and savor the rich flavor and smack.

Trou is dropped so Nadia can grip his pecker and commence engulfing. She makes soaked, slurpy, squishing sounds. It is a lip-smackin’ fine oral! She holds her mellons jointly so this chab can screw them.

Back into her mouth it goes for more schlong mouthing in a different position followed by a titty-cock massage. Nadia stands up and poses herself over him so this babe can sit on his pole to bump and grind. Her legs assist to prop herself up higher as this babe rides his bucking bronco boner whilst he fingers her clitoris. Her riding intensifies.

Nadia likes it unyielding and fast!

Welcome to the bigger than run of the mill brandish, Nadia Playgirl. Bad gals get rewarded.

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Scarlet LaVey – Sports Or Big Tits?

Sports Or Large Wobblers?

Sports Or Larger than standard Bazookas?

Has the world’s obsessive interest in sports poked aside the healthier, obsessive interest in big hooters and negatively affected man’s behavior. The trickle-down effect impacts big-busted beauties as well. And we do mean trickle-down since this is a cock juice pie scene.

Sergio is glued to the TV whilst Scarlet LaVey is being extra-subtle in trying to distract his attention from chaps in hose to natural big juggs in a tank top so low-cut, there is more fabric in a handkerchief. Did we say bigger than standard? They’re colossal! Lovely Scarlet is priceless and patient. We know some cuties who would grab him by the neck and shove his head between their legs. Scarlet bides her times and rubs her vagina, book in her lap.

What book is that in any case? It is obviously not SCORE or Voluptuous mag. It’s titled Pornstar Secrets of Sex and it is written by Jeni West. Maybe the secret to attracting Sergio will be in this book or Scarlet can hit him over the head with it.

Lastly Sergio wakes up from his sports-trance and gives his daybed co-pilot some much needed areola sucking. You can bet the spread that Scarlet will repay the favour a thousand fold with some sport-sex and unfathomable face hole cock-sucking.

Sports or bigger in size than run of the mill juggs? The answer is obvious. It is the only way to score.

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