Ria Sakuragi – Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Wide-eyed Ria Sakuragi knows no English. Our Japanese is limited to words we learned from Hitomi, Ria’s friend. But that’s ok. Ria’s body speaks for itself. Her trademarks are her rock hard teats and brown areolae.

Ria’s mambos are very pliable and mashable during the time that her body is super-slim. She’s adore the Japanese counterpart of Lillian Faye or going further back in time, Mariana, an Israeli.

Ria lives in Okayama but travels around Japan appearing at episode stores and night lap dancing clubs. Japanese tit-men are no different than their American and European counterparts and they’ll travel to see Ria when that babe is at a store near them.

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Leanne Crow – Get Fit With Leanne

Receive Fit With Leanne

Get Fit With Leanne

Leanne Crow likes to keep fit and maintain that gorgeously busty body. Our digital camera was there as Leanne used the fitness equipment to have a fine, vigorous work-out. Feast your eyes on those bouncing melons straining to free themselves from her sports bra.

Leanne uses the treadmill, the elliptical and then does some hand weight exercises. This babe examines herself in the mirror after her work-out. Time for a refreshing shower and cool-down. The water leaks down Leanne’s giant naturals and stacked body. Those hand-held shower heads are truly great. While Leanne’s soaping and showering, she’s still putting on a brandish. There is no debate that Leanne has one of the almost any spectacular bodies in the whole history of big-bust modeling, and that includes Cro-Magnon Chaps drawing gals on their cave walls.

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Maggie Green – Tank Topped

Tank Topped

Tank Topped

Maggie Green basically needs to be greased down to get out of these super-tight jeans. We’re sure there’s no shortage of volunteers to assist Maggie in that, and other tasks.

Maggie keeps herself in super shape. She is always been strapping. The confirmation is in the photos. That babe does tons of exercise.

“I do lots of cardio. I’m a big fan of Zumba. I am a bigger in size than run of the mill fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I am likewise gonna be a Body Pump instructor. I’m a greater than run of the mill fan of that. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It is all weights, and it’s high-repetition, low-weights, so u do squats for love five-to-seven minutes without a break. It is a actually priceless workout. I savour it.”

All of this keeps Maggie fit, and fit for rogering, when this babe visits SCORE! And to think in 2009 Maggie solely showed her juggs. Do u see the benefits of what patience can bring?

“I started off pretty mild, but check out me now!” says Maggie.

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Brittany Kendall – Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Brittany Kendall is a newcomer snatch from San Diego, California and if that babe bears a resemblance to a pink and golden-haired beach bunny, it is ‘cuz she’s. This is Brittany’s first time on-camera and she is losing her clip virginity right away coz many of today’s newbies go right for the rod instead of beginning with striptease or masturbation vids.

Brittany could use some macho TLC to bust her stress out. Tony is always ready for the task of making buxom juvenile flowers feel precious and relaxed. His massaging hands work on her pliant body as this babe lies supine on her abdomen. The deep tissue work this chab plans to use on Brittany will be very unfathomable indeed.

Tony works on her a-hole first, using liberal amounts of baby oil, then has the fair-skinned hottie flip over so this chab can lay his hands on her juicy frontal acreage. Brittany’s 36FF whoppers obviously need careful attention and massaging 1st. Those babies could use a nice manhandling.

His breast work and areola manipulation tweak Brittany’s nipples to 3 times their size as the stimulation does its magic. Instead of removing Brittany’s white, sheer thongs, Tony simply rips the gauzy material apart to brandish Brittany’s sexy, hairless slit. She is only Twenty two years-old and her taco looks very new, clean and pink. She’s willing to have a tongue-tune played on it 1st in advance of this babe plays his skin-flute. During the time that Tony is tongueing her out, Brittany plays with her large meatballs.

Tony comes around the massage table and lowers his trousers. Brittany turns on her side and takes his man-horn in her mouth to suck on. Brittany may be a enjoyable youthful thing but she’s obviously sucked a man’s prick previous to judging by how well that babe does it. She blows him beautifully and now after her face-fucking, it’s time to permeate her slit with knob.

View as this golden-haired doll’s pink bawdy cleft is filled and drilled by the rigid pipe for the 1st time on-camera! There are several moments during the sexing when Brittany looks directly into the lens with a “I can’t believe I’m getting banged on camera” expression.

Everybody likes seeing a mountainous boobed blonde chick rogered, sucked and breast-banged. Brittany’s innocent-looking doll-like face makes it extra-thrilling.

Please welcome this fresh greenhorn to SCORE‘s big top of tantalizing titillators.

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Brittany Kendall – Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany

Welcome doll-faced greenhorn Brittany Kendall, a randy youthful thing from San Diego, California. When somebody says her most fun job was exotic dancing, u know u have a live wire. This babe is new to adult modeling and is mad to cut loose.

That babe learned about SCORE through a ally who recommended she try adult modeling. “Guys adore big mellons,” Brittany says. “So I suppose I was born lucky. I acquire lots of attention ‘coz of mine. I dress to emphasize them. I wear tank tops a lot. I love the attention as lengthy as the comments aren’t rude and offensive.”

Brittany has trouble finding bras that fit. “I need to acquire fitted each time I go out shopping for them. I usually buy bras from Fredericks of Hollywood that are very hot. I not quite always wear one when I go out. They’re too greater than average to go out out of one.”

“I use a marital-device when I masturbate,” Brittany says. “Most of the time I masturbate in the shower. I’ve a raunchy dream about having sex on an airplane but I don’t think that’s possible anymore. As far as foreplay, I like to have my neck and areolas sucked on, my booty slapped and gentle kisses all over my body. I appreciate a chap who knows how to give admirable oral-stimulation.”

We thank Brittany’s friend for this contribution to the society of Big-Boob appreciation!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Ultimate



This SCORE Classic time warps to the 1st hardcore movie scene that English superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie made with her new husband. Sadly, the marriage didn’t final but this XXX scene did and was a monumental hit on DVD (Preeminent Linsey) when it initially debuted. It was especially popular in the UK where Linsey rules.

Linsey was nervous about this on-camera virgin tour cuz she didn’t know what kind of effect it would have on her career and Linsey has always been mindful about how her fans react. It took a long-time for her to give a decision to go hardcore. But the almost all of them enjoyed seeing her sucking and banging her hub’s large penis whilst her world-famous HH-cup milk cans dangled and swayed.

Always candid, Linsey admitted this babe was “Scared, cuz a lot of things were channeling through my mind. Things like, ‘Oh my God, this is it. I am finished. Say goodbye to my career.’ It’s very nerve wracking. ‘Will they think I’m fine? Am I plan to let everyone down?’ These were some of the things going through my head. But it went well. At least I guess it did.”

Sixteen years after she initially appeared, LDM finished No. 1 in SCORE magazine’s “20 for 20” issue (June ’12) and No. 1 by a wide margin in SCORELAND‘s “20 for Twenty.” One as well as the other mag browsers and SCORELAND members acquiesced for the almost any part although there were the ordinary dissenters.

“I can watch how Linsey got the #1 spot on this list.” wrote jrgmz. “She was truly the reason I first discovered out about SCORE & Voluptuous. I remember going into a liquor store back in 2000 and seeing her on the cover of January 2000 Voluptuous, that was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with Linsey, SCORE & Voluptuous.” Many have shared that obsession.

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Hitomi – Wet Tee Teaser

Damp Tee Teaser

Wet Tee Teaser

The #1 Japanese breast dominatrix Hitomi is one of these huge-chested honey bunnys who knows how to dress for dudes. This time, her curves are pouring out of diminutive denim cut-offs and a white tank-top. Her body is unstoppable. It’s wonderful to know that hot babes adore to dress love this in Japan likewise. Hitomi’s in Mexico and this scene is from the DVD On Location Puerto Vallarta.

Slipping a hand down her shorts, Hitomi rubs her cunt rigid. Now that babe needs to nifty off. Walking over to the kitchen sink, Hitomi runs cold water over her tank-top. The succulent fabric becomes translucent and her teats, hard from the water, can be seen. She’s just getting warmed up. A lengthy cock-shaped toy gives Hitomi smth to suck on. She sticks it between her knockers and screws her cleavage also. Lap dancing off totally naked, Hitomi climbs on the kitchen counter and rubs her cunt again until that babe cums.

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Veronika – Center Piece Of Ass

Center Piece Of A-hole

Center Piece Of Ass

If there’s one centerpiece that can brighten up any dining room table for any occasion, it would must be Veronika, spread-out and ready for serving. She of course brings a touch of butt to whatever table this babe receives comfy on. A spritz of whipped man juice over her enormous jugs is simply supplementary icing on her deep cleavage cakes.

When we say that Veronika can’t live with out wood, we do not mean this oak table. That babe 1st came (literally) our way in 2005 when this babe decided she wanted to be a porn star. Since then, Veronika has periodically dropped out of sight for several years at a time but then always comes back, avid to get rogered afresh on-camera and expect seeing the finished result on movie, on-line and in print.

“I always view the pictures to watch how I appear,” Veronika told. “If I’m opening my cookie the right way or if I am holding my milk sacks so they look their foremost. What poses look majority remarkable for me with a man’s meat-thermometer in my face hole, or betwixt my milk shakes or banging my pussy. I always acquire amorous when I view what I have done. One day I wanna model with other gals. I’d like to meet some other beauties I have watched in SCORE and Voluptuous and make some vids together.”

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