Minka – Tit Attack

Tit Attack

Tit Attack

The notorious No-Tell Motel is the setting for this chapter of the SCORE Classic clip Tit Attack. Minka provides mega-boobed full service for Matt, who’s been cruising in his SUV with a pocketful of specie when luck strikes and this chab spots the Oriental superstar in a ridiculously small dress. “How much?” asks Matt, who’s got a yen to drill her. “I charge a lot!” Minka answers with a smile, bending over and thrusting her titanic meatballs into his passenger window. “Wow! Those are some stupendous billibongs! Hop in the car,” Matt tells Minka. “You’re gonna like them,” murmurs a assertive Minka. “You fuck between my pointer sisters, get sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky. I screw you lengthy time.” They adjourn to one of the motel’s exotic copulate chambers and acquire it on. During the production of the opener sequence, Minka’s presence on the gritty streets was easily famous by a caravan of horn-blasting drivers. Fortunately, no one was rear-ended.

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Aspen – Underwear Tosser

Underclothing Tosser

Underwear Tosser

A much missed V-Girl! Aspen was one of the greats of V-mag. The almond-eyed brunette hair knock-out is a very down-to-earth female-dom and enjoyed her trips to The SCORE Group. This babe works in a regular job and her magazine pictorials and hardcore clips were flings, a way to live out her carnal wishes in a safe environment.

“The photographers, make-up artist and set dressers make me feel like a princess and then they give me a really hawt prince to screw. What princess could ask for more?”

Aspen is satisfied of her body. In her words: “Most real vixens are pumped up love me. They have fun bags, they have booties. They have curves. They are so hot and so many bucks are totally clueless to that. That is why I generally merely date fellows who are at least five to ten years maturer than me. They appreciate a real woman who bears a resemblance to me. Studs my own age or younger always want the little Barbie dolls. There’s nothing incorrect with the Barbie dolls, some are very fetching, but real sweethearts have curves.”

In this scene from Voluptuous Xtra 9, Aspen is making a call when her room mate walks into her bedroom with a handful of her underware and other woman dainties. This ladies man complains that Aspen throws her underclothes and bras on the floor instead of putting ’em away. This is a valid complaint? Aspen begs to differ. So they bicker. And then have make-up sex in a very hot scene. Plus Steve gets to screw Aspen in the wazoo! The way these two got on was very natural. You’d almost think they were a real pair, not two strangers meeting for the 1st and final time in a episode.

Aspen can appreciate other Big-Boob adult models (such as Cherry Brady) but when it comes to sex, wang is king. “I prefer a cock that when I wrap my fingers around it, the tips just barely touch and is 7-inches to 8-inches when stiff.”

What’s the one thing, if any, that Aspen thought she can be more gracious at doing?

“Hand jobs. I am fantastic with my throat but I would adore to be adept to get a gent off just using my hands.”

That was a few years ago. Aspen may have perfected her clutch since then!

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Stacie Starr – Busty MILF of the Month

Big boobed MILF of the Month

Busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE of the Month

M.I.L.F. of the Month Stacie Starr is a real-life MILF originally from a small-town in upstate New York. Now this babe lives in Florida. An Army vet (three years), Stacie was a probation counselor and a customer service manager for three years. Now, that sort of work is productive and beneficial but so is having wild sex on-camera. She spends a lot of time on her knees at-home as well.

“I’m orally fixated,” says Stacie. “I like to engulf weenie. I enjoy light bondage and hair-pulling. I love having my gazoo spanked. I like choking on weenie.”

With that kind of attitude, Stacie Starr is a winner. What that babe does to this SCORE Lothario deserves some kind of award.

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Sensual Jane – In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

That babe managed a beach bar. Now Carnal Jane’s a adult star. “Getting your penis into Jane has to be one of the high reaching pleasures a stud can experience! ” observes SCORELAND member Groucho. Jock and Jane is right. We have a new hard-SCORE scene called “Rack ‘Er Up!” coming on February 1, ’14. Caught in the shower, Sexual Jane talks about the strangest places she’s sexed it up in. Such as sex in the street with passers-by around her and the boy. Jane remembers her experiences as we’ve to watch her soap down her big natural milk sacks and her competent cookie. More fun loving than we usually watch her, Jane jokes around with the showerhead, pretending it is a squirting wang. The dark-skinned brown honey, body oozing with water, turns around and giggles whilst that babe wiggles her marvelous a-hole.

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Sensual Jane – A Cream Injection For A 34DDD Brunette

A Sperm Injection For A 34DDD Darksome brown

A Sperm Injection For A 34DDD Brunette

At not time keep a female contemplating. Especially when that woman is raven-haired sex bomb Sexual Jane, one of Europe’s majority well-known breasty porno stars and a very popular name at SCORE. Jane has clothed for her bedroom date and waits. Dressed in a dark body-suit, black nylons and dark-skinned pumps, Jane is beginning to pout. This babe urges a schlong to play with and this babe urges it now.

Lastly, her date Matt exposes up. Jane pulls him to her by the shirt. Hypnotized by Jane’s large titties, Matt spends a full five minutes on her wonders, mouthing, touching with tongue, squeezing and doing everything a stud can do with a couple of beautifully shaped mellons. Because this babe is skinny yet shapely (In fact, a perfect body for her height and weight.), Jane’s melons look even bigger in size than triple D-cups.

A lady who takes things into her own hands, Jane spreads Matt’s fly and pulls his tool out for her to suck on. On her knees, her meatballs out and in nature’s garb, Jane blows Matt hands-free. Her cock-sucking lips encircle his shaft and her head bobs up and down. She makes slurping and groaning sounds as she enjoys her meat hero lunch.

Matt lays back in couch and Jane straddles him, wedging his shlong betwixt her whoppers and fondelling it. This babe resumes her oral-stimulation exercises, tongueing the underside of his pole and occasionally looking into the lens, a POV pont of time from this angle. Then Jane resumes her girl-on-top tit-banging.

Kicking off her slut-spikes, and exposed except for her dark nylons, Jane gets on top of Matt anew, not to slip his cock into her fur pie, but to lower her shaved wet crack over his face hole. That babe craves her slit licked while she rubs her pantoons. In this position, she grinds her haunches as his tongue lashes her swollen clit, her lips and her pink sugar-walls. (The cameraman adds a very unusual discharged for a not many seconds from Jane’s POV, looking down at her love muffins as her tongue licks a areola.)

With their irrumation dissertation completed, Jane gets on her side, scissors open her hawt legs and waits for Matt to bonk her juicy muff. The pussy-plugging begins and Jane is mad for the pump. When a petticoat chaser shags her wonderful and rock hard, Jane becomes a very happy camper.

“I urge the boyz at home to see his load trickle without me,” Jane told earlier. So when they shag in a reverse cowgirl and Matt blows his cum inside Jane, she spreads her lips and squeezes. His nut-juice flows out and leaks down. The digi camera then moves to Jane’s wide-eyed face, capturing her expression of erotic excitement, gratification and what can solely be described as carnal triumph.

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Sheridan Love – Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker

Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker

Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker

“I was out having some drinks with some friends, and some lad came up to me and said, ‘You have great tits. Can I touch them?’ I said ok. Then he said thanks and traipsed away.” That’s what Sheridan Adore said during a SCORE visit. If this babe was wearing this little nothing, no wonder that lady-killer worked up the nerve!

U have met Big-Boob cocktail servers previous to but not many with the juggs and gazoo that Sheridan Like has! And she knows it. After dropping off your Martini, Sheridan says she noticed you checking out her booty. She then turns around and sticks it out. She has every right to stick out that a-hole and her large boobs because they’re astonishing. Usual babes get miffed when a goddess love Sheridan passes them by ‘coz Sheridan looks the way they wanna look.

Sheridan doesn’t leave the table. She takes one of the chairs, a transparent chair no less, and sits down to join u. You’re about to be rewarded with one of Sheridan’s special intimate brandishes. Anything but her heels come off. That babe leans back and widens her worthy legs wide open to display her pink taco and titanic bare juggs. Her fingers will do the walking. Savour the expose!

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Vicky Soleil – Tag-Team Fuck For A French Maid

Tag-Team Screw For A French Maid

Tag-Team Shag For A French Maid

Being a maid can get boring. When the maid is a hot-blooded lady, it’s even more boring to feather-dust furniture all afternoon. So when Vicky Soleil is cleaning house for two boyz, the Voluptuous dark-skinned brown comes to a conclusion to draw their attention with her large mambos. She has no problem doing that. Work is suspended for the afternoon so this trio can have a sex party. Tom makes the first move on Vicky, feeling up her milk shakes, then taking ’em out of her French maid costume to engulf on.

Enzo joins in quickly and takes on Vicky’s other nipp. Now she’s got 2 bucks mouthing on her areolas. Getting her to drop her duster and sit on the couch, Enzo two-fingers Vicky’s increasingly damp cookie during the time that Vicky jacks Tom. Whilst Enzo tickles Vicky’s like button and thick pink flaps, Vicky blows and jacks Tom.

Vicky gets up and turns to Enzo. He needs a little lip service too. Whilst Vicky fills her hungry face hole with Enzo’s horn, Tom pulls down Vicky’s white knicker briefs and, with his pants still on, pushes his penis into her slit doggy position, pumping fast and unyielding. Vicky’s tits hang and wobble as his hips bump her wazoo cheeks with each forward thrust. It is merely the beginning as Vicky Soleil finds a new way to avoid maid service, the hard way!

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Candace Von – Put Away Wet

Put Away Damp

Put Away Wet

Candace Von likes “laid-back dudes.” And dudes like her ‘coz this babe lays back. Born in Fresh York City and living in Los Angeles, Candace moved to LA to be where the act is and that action is porn. She is well-known now in the city of bad gals cuz of her large love muffins and grinding haunches.

Hot Candace Von is wearing a T-shirt in the ladies’ room for a nice cause. She’s here to bounce and shake those large, swinging whoppers. “Big, wet wobblers. All natural,” Candace boasts. “Wanna watch?” Sure.

Then the shower receives turned on for a juicy tee party. Candace gets hosed down by a affable hand wielding a shower head. Her tee receives shredded by the unseen owner of the hands. Candace jumps, our cameraman below her to capture her pendulums of flesh bouncing adore avid. This babe walks over to an adjoining bedroom to bonk and suck a inflexible knob. Her hubby bangs Candace’s deep cleavage roughly, the head of his meat-thermometer getting tongue from Candace when it approaches her face on the up-stroke. Nothing beats a angel squeezing your dick betwixt her bumpers unless it’s an even tighter grasp. Cupping her big, brown cuties, Candace waits for her load of man-spray after she has been boned unyielding. Miss Von’s jiggling jugs and her bawdy throat deserve an award.

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