Holly Brooks – What A Piece Of Ass!

What A Piece Of Ass!

What A Piece Of Booty!

What a piece of wazoo is big-boobed Holly Brooks. Her bawdy throat fills the room with hawt talk about screwing her squashy face hole and her taut butthole. Holly’s puckering up the one and the other, and her cookie, for a rock hard dick to fill her up. When you’re with Holly, it is no holes barred.

“Shove your rock-hard penis in my tight a-hole,” says Holly, turning around to reveal us her buxom wazoo while widening her wazoo cheeks apart.

Rocky is watching all this. Holly’s legs shake as that babe makes her wazoo jiggle. She beckons him to her, her eyes checking out the rock hard cock sticking out. That buck grinds against her booty and that babe turns around to get a grip on it.

Pulling down the top of her corset, Rocky sucks Holly’s alluring big scones rock hard and squeezes and licks them. It is a breast feast. A lady-killer could spend an sixty minutes on these soft pillows and still desire more.

Holly acquires on her knees and takes the pecker in her face hole. This babe told that this babe wanted to receive hotter and nastier for her second visit to SCORE and this oral stimulation proves it. That babe goes down deep on his dick, coating it in spit. She sucks it hands-free, trailing spit strings connecting meat-thermometer to throat. It is a great, luscious, sloppy oral-sex. He hides the salami in Holly’s hills during the time that that babe cries out more of her filthy sex talk, then that babe resumes gobbling his bloated shaft.

They must the bed so Holly can jump on the cock in cowgirl and ride his shlong. After screwing her muff in doggie as Holly screams and her enormous breasts shake, the pont of time arrives. “Fuck my tight gazoo!” that babe loudly cries, begging for a arse boning. Rocky wedges it in and thrusts, spreading Holly’s cheeks apart. That makes Holly cry out even louder as their ass-tounding humping proceeds.

Holly Brooks: a living fuck-doll. Even sport-sex star Tigerr Benson told she wants to get down with the blonde bra-buster after seeing her.

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Lucy Love – Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

When your car breaks down anywhere, it’s not ever a nice situation. Hours of expecting for assist. Missed meetings, meals, sleep. The expense and aggravation. But in Europe, better minds have found a way to revolutionize roadside assistance. Our example is enjoyable Lucy Like.

Tow-truck companies shag their customers but usually not literally. But they do in this episode. Hungarian sex star Lucy Like is a tow-truck driver’s dream girl. Lucy’s job is to assist stranded motorists. More love copulate them is her real job. This tow van company bonks stranded drivers.

Who has met a big breasted tow-truck driver who has the appearance of Lucy? No one. After pulling over to assist a woman chaser who’s broken down, they acquire down to fuckin’ and suckin’. Lucy checks his greasy oil, checking his dipstick by suckin’ on it. They toss a shag blanket by the car. Lucy lies back so that Lothario can mount her in missionary, checking her transmission fluid with his jock, then rogering her doggy style and in reverse-cowgirl. He cleans her hood with his nut-fluid and that babe licks his stick clean as the cum leaks down her big fun bags. This is exceptional customer service.

When your car breaks down and u call the Stacked Bimbo Automobile Club, Lucy will be there in a hardly any minutes to get you back up afresh. For example, within a hardly any minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have almost all of your rod in her face hole during the time that her trained hands methodically squeeze your balls.

For safety’s sake, of course, u and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so one more motorist doesn’t drive over one as well as the other of u. She’ll assume the positions of your preference, dramatized here, and take your schlong deep–like a meat dipstick solely bigger–until u blow your gasket over her love muffins or butt cheeks, face, throat or love tunnel. And each Stacked Slut Automobile Lap dancing club representative is guaranteed to arrive at your breakdown location dressed in the skimpiest, cleavage-exposing way possible.

Happy motoring!

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Kerry Marie – SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.--Extras

The extras of On Location Costa del Sol includes footage of Kerry Marie, Ines Cudna, Cassandra and Nicole Peters posing for photo shoots plus an extended scene of Ines in bed. Shot in Spain, Costa del Sol featured Kerry using toys for the first time. It was the first and merely time those four all-natural superstars met.

After Costa del Sol wrapped, Kerry said, “I learned some new techniques for insertion poses with dildos and marital-aids, which I have by no means attempted in advance of. It was a new experience. It is the hottest clip I have ever been in. It’s marital-devices, fingers, things like that. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but Cassandra’s indeed pleasant and helped me out, so I was okay. This babe knows what to do. She helped me just by talking me through it. I really did not know what to wait, but this babe was valuable. I spent a admirable, idle day with her at the pool, and then we did our scene, which was brilliant. She showed me specific little ways so the boy can watch what you have got there. That babe showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right positions. All these things I have at no time done before. But it was very pleasant, very hawt. U see me doing things I’d at not time done previous to. Things I not at any time thought I would do.”

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Aspen – Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

This peeper is lucky this Lothario wasn’t dragged off in cuffs. Or wound up a puddle on the sidewalk. But this day, in this scene from Busty Semen Team, this guy was peeping on hot Aspen and this charmer caught her at time when she really needs a Lothario. Aspen is concupiscent and needs a rogering. You’re probably wondering what Aspen’s beloved position is. We’ll tell u. Or rather, she’ll tell you. “As old-fashioned as this sounds, there’s smth about being flat on my back that absolutely does it for me,” Aspen said us “I just love it. I adore doggie-style and I like to be on top, but I completely adore to be on my back. In fact, to truly acquire off the almost any valuable I’ve to be on my back. Maybe it goes back to that entire thing of being dominated that turns me on so much, and it’s also just the consummate angle for a guy’s cock to plunge into me that way. It just feels so worthy love that.”

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Melissa Mandlikova – Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

When final we saw Melissa Mandlikova at SCORELAND, that babe was six months preggo and her large hooters were king-size. A colossal difference from the naturally skinny and stacked body SCORE Guys have enjoyed since 2006 in her many pictorials and episodes filmed in Europe. That babe had to buy new bras to hold all that boob flesh.

Since then, the stork delivered and Melissa began lactating, so the call went out to her another time and now “Dairy Queen” is here in a peculiar appearance. Melissa takes a break from her churning to reveal off her titanic mellons and fertile body.

Melissa kids around in one discharged, holding the churning stick betwixt her marangos. For the main event, that babe squeezes her engorged marangos and jets of momma’s milk squirt out. Then that babe alternates between spreading and fingering her cum-hole and milking her big pantoons. Congratulations, Melissa.

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Daphne Rosen – Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

This is a SCORE case taken from the real life files of Dr. Daphne Rosen, sexologist and mega-chesty SCORE superstar. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You watch, Carlos wishes to shag his wife’s anal opening. That babe thinks it’s indecent and repulsive and doesn’t want to let him stick it in her gazoo. Dr. Rosen tries to display her that anal dance can be pleasurable and raunchy but the wife refuses to listen and stamps out in a huff. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes the partner by the hand and leads him into her intimate chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen will fulfill her obligation as a sexual educator and teach a distraught Carlos how to properly bonk his wife’s butt. That babe removes his pants and gives him a blow job, using his thigh as a boob-shelf. One of the things that shows Daphne’s magnificent sex talent is her oral sex ability. This babe uses plenty of trickling throat juice and she sucks the shaft all the way down her face hole. This babe is not a head-sucker, a cutie who solely sucks the 1st inch of jock. She also knows the worthy value of slobbering her drool on a hard wang. More girls of every size and shape must study Daphne’s cocksucking skills and copy her. When it’s time for wazoo entry, Daphne has Carlos fuck her arse while this babe lays on her back. Tutored sexologists such as Daphne call this the mission-assy position. It also allows a great check out of the girl’s bawdy cleft. To add more sweetener to the fudgepacking, Daphne unveils Carlos how this babe massages and stimulates her hairless, lubed vagina whilst this gent pumps his tool in and out of her tush-tunnel. Will Carlos be able to use his newly acquired ass-drilling skills to seduce his wife into ass-fucking and save his marriage? Who the bonk cares? Everybody just craves to watch Daphne take it up the butt, ’cause SCORE Guys like her and not at any time tire of the sight. Stay tuned for more adventures of Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, SCORE Sexologist.

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Tori Karsin – Executive Sweet

Executive Fascinating

Executive Sweet

Tori Karsin is looking adore a corporate executive who’s a little too frisky in that open blouse exposing bigger than standard breast valley knockers and the top of her undergarment. The kind of big-boobed boss you’d wanna be sexually harassed by in her office.

Tori says that babe is a bawdy gal. How messy? “Dirty messy.” Tori masturbates constantly and that babe likes “things in my a-hole.” That is what she is up to in this SCORELAND video, her second since her launch scene “Bikini Strip” plus her tour to Miami in a Bonus scene.

What’s that thing that babe is pulled out of her belt? It’s a stumpy anal-plug that she’s plan to stick in her arse. Then this babe is plan to rub out a large one, one hand getting busy on her wet crack and clit and the other working that tush toy. Tori does it standing, then she receives on the floor. 1st, on her back, then on her knees, giving us an eyeful of how that babe receives that O-face.

No wonder it’s so hawt in Texas.

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Tigerr Benson – Double Penetration Double Vagina

Dual Penetration Double Snatch

Double Penetration Double Vagina

She’s super-busty and this babe has a sexy body. That babe is charming. That babe is bright. She’s an exotic Oriental Brit with a sexy British accent. This babe is got a wild appetite for nasty sex and a very impure mind. This babe is got it all.

She’s Tigerr Benson.

And this time, Tigerr gets taken by two in a very rude double-penetration, uncommon double-vagina. Or does Tigerr take ’em?

We talked to Tigerr (covergirl of the upcoming Holiday ’14 SCORE mag) about this 3some.

SCORE: Tigerr, What do you love better: one-on-one sex, a two lad 3some, or a lad and hotty trio? And why do u love it more worthwhile? Tell us about that.

Tigerr: Mmmm, well, it’s changed for me. I appear to be to have got more greedy so I love most of all boys all to myself. Maybe I’ll try a three dude foursome one day. I wish to see how that feels, every of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my first DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so worthwhile. But it would receive to be three boys that are truly hot for me. [Laughs] I like attention.

SCORE: What do you savour about double penetration? Do u cum harder than throughout vaginal orgasms alone?

Tigerr: A little “sexcret.” I indeed started liking anal more than vaginal but feeling some other charmer filling me as well as a woman chaser in my booty is super sexy for me. I do cum harder because it appears to be dirtier. I’ve a ribald mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than what’s happening in my holes.

SCORE: When did u 1st begin having anal-copulation and Double penetrations?

Tigerr: I suppose my 1st anal was when I was truly youthful. But my first boyfriends were Chinese so…er…not indeed large. It wasn’t painful. Double penetration…I only had my first final year. Indeed I do not really receive many requests for DOUBLE PENETRATION but I not at any time say no.

SCORE: In your intimate life, you love most of all sex with two dudes?

Tigerr: No, not indeed, because it is just not quite impossible to identify two boys that will wanna receive that close to every other. [Laughs] It’s hard sufficient to discover one boy that can give me what I urge. [Laughs]

SCORE: How should a smooth operator handle your mellons? Unbending sucking or velvety? Coarse or gentle?

Tigerr: A bit of both. I like variation. When it’s passionate I love to be treated rough. I adore to feel the full force of an alpha male.

SCORE: Do the fellows you meet spend tons of time engulfing and fucking your bazookas?

Tigerr: Mmm, some do. Some just engulf my zeppelins, much more than banging my mammaries. They cannot keep their hands off ’em almost any of the time. They feel quite squashy even though they are bigger than average.

SCORE: When you’re making videos, is sex more thrilling than sex in private?

Tigerr: Definitely. I’ve always liked being viewed and the attention. My ex used to get off watching me with other men so I liked performing for him. It was hot knowing this stud was watching me, knowing he was jealous ‘cuz this chab didn’t have such a bigger than standard cock and seeing me enjoying it.

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