Holly Halston – Busty hooker

Busty hooker

Busty hooker

Big busted hooker Holly Halston is fiercely territorial of her turf and will follow off any other ladies of the street who violate Holly’s beat. She is one more badass doxy with a mad sex drive. That girl’s got some indecent face hole on her and that babe knows how to use it. When we say impure throat, we mean it. The words that pour from Holly’s cock-licking lips are absolutely dirty. The trick who picks her up is hot for that throat, her tight fur pie and her magic butthole. The little golden-haired with big boobs does things his wife will not at all do! They wangle and bargain until they reach a deal. No one gets over that babe. Holly acquires her compensation and he acquires the wildest group-sex of all the pro-hos that chap brings home to fuck and semen!

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Sheridan Love – Great Big Boobs Of Love

Great Large Milk shakes Of Adore

Great Larger than typical Titties Of Love

Continuing our chat with Sheridan Like, a SCORE Cutie who has it all.

SCORE: When you’re trying on a below garment, what do you do to test whether it is gonna fit right?
Sheridan: If I can find a bra in my right size I like to put it on and jump up and down to see if my marangos will pop out.

SCORE: Everyone likes seeing SCORE Gals do that. How lengthy does a under garment last you previous to you throw it out?
Sheridan: I’m the world’s worst about keeping a bra way after it should be thrown out. It is adore your fav shirt that has holes in it but u cant appear to be to make yourself throw it out. I have a not many bras like that. (Laughs)

SCORE: Do u wear a below garment all the time?
Sheridan: I am a nudist whenever I can be. I like to be nude!

SCORE: Do you lounge around the abode topless or bare?
Sheridan: I am stripped all the time.

SCORE: Do you think honeys should be allowed to be topless anywhere it’s legal for bucks to be shirtless?
Sheridan: Adore I told, I am a nudist whenever possible, so I guess that would be wondrous. We were all born exposed. It is no thing to be constrained or ashamed of. The human body is a fetching thing no matter what shape or size. If chaps are allowed to be topless, hotty’s should have that same right.

SCORE: What do your pierced nipps do for u?
Sheridan: I’ve always thought pierced teats were hawt, so I had to get mine done. I have always had super-sensitive nipples, but after getting ’em done they became even more sensitive. My 1st shower after getting ’em done was so orgasmic!

Thanks, Sheridan!

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Lana Ivans – Lana Cums, Naturally

Lana Cums, Naturally

Lana Cums, Naturally

Big boobed and Lusty Lana Ivans is a little SCORE honey who quickly made the leap from solo adult modeling to boy-girl and girl-on-girl and she did it with her own peculiar brand of Euro-sultriness, kittenish personality and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Her hot body adorned in below garment and thongs, brunette Lana introduces herself in the opener and gives us an eyeful. That babe is short and stacked, curvacious but not heavy, with ravishing muscle tone and merry, beautifully shaped mambos. Her bonk ally enters and Lana gives it up as he begins mouthing her areolas.

Lana receives on her knees to engulf his penis, jacking the shaft with her right hand and engulfing the head while she pinches her left nipple with the left hand. This woman chaser places his hand on her head and lowers it to acquire his hard-on deep into her sexy face hole.

Lana sucks beautifully, merely slightly gagging as the sausage fills her mouth and throat. The gal can take a large one. They commence their fleshly coupling with Lana sitting on him love a hawt dancer, the pole making headway inside her enchanting va-jay-jay. This ladies man should be mailing us thank’s cards for the gift SCORE has bestowed upon him!

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Jaded Dawn – “Hottest Body” Winner: Miss Nude World

“Hottest Body” Winner: Miss In nature’s garb World

Las Vegas resident Jaded Dawn grew up on a farm in Iowa. It is a long way from a farm to the neon glitter of the Glitter Gulch. Now Jaded travels the world lap dancing on stage and entertaining audiences with her many different exposes; stomach and snake dancer, fire shows, burlesque and, of course, cowgirl brandishes. She likewise has a exotic dancing partner Shay Lynn. Jointly they are the “Evil Pinups.” If you ever catch their displays, tell them SCORE sent ya.

“I love my scones and I adore to show ’em off as much as I can. I acquire plenty of attention, nearly too much but I adore it. When I’ve any free time, which is not often, I love to go horseback riding and check out football. I am a Steelers fan. My kinkiest carnal encounter was in a barn and I am part of the “mile-high disrobe club.”

Check out Jaded’s movie version of this photo-shoot for some wide-screen cum-hole and dark hole widening. That babe is slim and stacked with a foxy arse!

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Betty Boobs – Boobalicious



This rare Betty Scoops hardcore scene comes from deep inside the SCORE Archive. Filmed in London, this screw collision pairs up Betty with British petticoat chaser Marino, a petticoat chaser who nailed many a SCORE and V-Girl. Marino works Betty over with an Hitachi marital-device first, then screws her, feeds her schlong and shags her, blowing his load on her large bazookas.

Betty, a super-flexible feature exotic dancer from Seymour, Indiana, (as in “see more!”) was a popular name on the larger than standard boob club circuit. She could touch the back of her head with her foot and put her ankle behind her neck…standing up!

Betty first took a bow in March 1997 SCORE during the tail-end of the greater than average era of the big boobed feature strippers, when mainstream USA caught sexy dancer fever and TV talk shows from Jerry Springer to Jenny Jones to Richard Bey regularly brought ’em on as guests and local residents were protesting against all the strip clubs opening up in their neighborhoods.

Back in those days, exotic dancers posed for magazines as exposure for their stage appearances and getting billed as a SCORE glamour model was great publicity on a marquee. Just ask any of the now-retired dancers of these years.

There have been a few Betty Tits in the adult entertainment biz but this Betty Billibongs only made one XXX movie, this one, and posed for a photo set (no video) with darksome brown Boob Cruiser Melody Foxxe.

Miss Bouncy bosoms dropped off boob radar screens in the late ’90s. Now over 40, it is been years since browsers and club fans have heard any news about her.

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Jenna Jayden – Strapping Blonde Bra Buster

Belting Blonde Bra Buster

Strapping Blond Undergarment Buster

Jenna Jayden stretches a tight top, rendering it unwearable except by one more gal as stacked as she’s.
Jenna on bigger in size than average boobs:

“I’m a 38H,” says muscular golden-haired exotic dancer Jenna Jayden, a apprentice from Ohio. “I’m proud of ’em. My bra-busters are just also bigger than average for regular underneath garment stores so I usually need to order my bras online. I love my billibongs and not a day goes by that a lady-killer doesn’t compliment me about my chest. I have seen fellows checking me out travel over their own feet. I’m definitely a cutie who feeds on attention. It gives me energy and motivates me. Wearing very hawt clothes and revealing tops is so joy.”

Jenna on dating: “I do not date much. I do, but rarely. I find go out with sorta awkward and boring. A casual walk or grabbing dinner or drinks is more my style. As a dancer, we all meet a lot of lads. Hearing pick-up lines is laughable, some are funnier than others. I adore relaxing at home but I likewise savour being high-maintenance, plan to salons and spas for tanning and getting my nails and hair done. One day I’ll settle down but not in the near future.”

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Casey Deluxe – Rooftop Rack Show

Rooftop Rack Brandish

Rooftop Rack Show

It’s always enjoyment taking a big breasted cutie up to the roof. We and Casey Deluxe are in Brno, a historic town but the topmost observe is of Casey.

Casey Deluxe began as a bathing suit adult model. Her pictures often appear in German magazines and newspapers. Casey’s posed topless in advance of, and when she was contacted by a SCORE photographer, that babe decided that it was a worthwhile mag to pose stripped for.

“I am very concupiscent to see my pics in SCORE,” told Casey who makes her launch in print in the February ’15 edition. “SCORE is where a goddess like me can go to be appreciated.”

“Everything is real,” says Casey, a hair stylist by profession before this babe began modeling. “I don’t need silicone. I’ve been said I have a captivating body. This gave me the confidence to reveal my body.”

“Men always ask me if my bumpers are real,” told Casey “I tell them, ‘Yes.’ I always wear T-shirts and dresses that display my cleavage. Tons of very short dresses, hawt trousers and high heels.

Casey Deluxe: her body is luxe.

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Sha Rizel – Busty Covergirl

Big boobed Covergirl

Busty Covergirl

Sha Rizel’s scene starts with a talk with the SCORE covergirl (August ’13, November ’13 and February ’14 plus girl-group covers). Her interviewer is the SCORE studio director.

The voice you hear translating Sha comes from the pleasant mouth of Valory Irene, Sha’s boyfrend Ukrainian chick and roomie in the Dominican Republic.

Sha talks about her life in her homeland. That babe models and appears on television, can’t live with out to cook traditional Ukrainian dishes, garden and work out. Sha’s a very balanced gal!

“I adore to go to the videos, go out side in the forest, be with nature and take lengthy walks. I like yoga. I am always busy so I don’t have tons of chances to chill out and go to the spa.”

Everything there’s to know about this stunner is in this clip. Interspersed through are sexy scenes of Sha showing off her sensational body.

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