Cat Bangles – Cat’s First Anal!

Cat’s 1st Anal!

Cat's First Anal!

Cat Bangles’ moves are absolutely jaw-dropping in her 1st anal invasion scene. Beginning off with an fantastic deep throating, filthy and sloppy, Cat goes right for butt-hole heaven barely seven minutes into the act. That babe and Mirko alternate between slit and arse drilling in this completely ass-tounding close encounter of the anal kind.

Raunchy skills do not come any hotter. Cat has solely shot for SCORELAND.
That babe is the real Cat Female. Cat came close to making super-stud JMac lose his jizz fast in her first boy-girl scene. Mirko here merits a gold star for not blasting early after what Cat does to his hard-on in just the 1st not many minutes.

Cat says she’s ready for a trio and spoken about one she did.

“It was with a hotty and a lad. It was with a pair of allies of mine. We were all sat around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The angel was my finest ally and the boy was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. He wanted to do smth with me, and I basically said this chab could jump in and we could all have some enjoyment. Next thing you know, we’re throwing back some shots and we’re in the bedroom and the one and the other of us are giving him a oral and then we’re rogering. I would definitely do it all over another time.”

Would Cat be game to go again?

“I’d love to have 2 jocks at one time, one in my vagina and one in my arse. If they one as well as the other fit, let us go! I suppose I was definitely born for porn. It just took me a whilst to acquire around to it!”

Seeing is believing!

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Desiree – The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster

The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster

The Creamy Redhead & The Darksome Buttmaster

How do you feel about cheating wives or cheating girlfriends? Cheating wives are so bad they’re worthwhile. And that’s very valuable.

Redheaded bra-buster Desiree is a Voluptuous Beauty who returned ten years after a one-hit solo first appearance in 2001. Desiree was a tourist on Pompano Beach, Florida when one of our photographers sauntered over to her and gave her his card.

In this wicked knocker-knocking, Desiree pairs up with Assante, opening her love tunnel and butthole for his large dark-skinned fuck-stick. Desiree wasn’t kidding around when this babe told she planned to make up for lost time.

Desiree says rogering at SCORE with skilled cocksmen has actually amped up her sex life. “A lot of lads can’t keep up with me,” Desiree told us. “They cum also fast, or they don’t wish to have sex when I do. It was no pleasure for me. The boys I sleep with cant even final adore two minutes in my fur pie. They not ever even tit-fucked me. There is no way that these boys can try and bonk my gazoo!” Large things are ahead for this curvacious redhead!

On this day, Desiree acquires a phone call while that babe waits to head out for the evening with her boyfriend. He can not pick her up so this chab sends his employee Assante to pick her up and drive her to him. That suits Desiree just admirable ‘coz he’s banged her previous to. They haven’t viewed each other in a year and his jizz-shooter receives inflexible seeing her colossal 36F scoops ready to plop out of her tight reservoir top. They come to a culmination to acquire some sex time in previous to they do the drive. Desiree lays back on the sofa to have her wet crack eaten and her teats sucked. This babe wishes to screw his chocolate bar so bad she can smack it and that babe does, spitting and tongueing it to rock-hardness.

The couch is too diminutive so they head to the bedroom. This guy strips Desiree completely stripped and barefoot, and she gets on him in reverse cowgirl position. But instead of going into her P-hole first, that buck inserts his cunt-wedge right into her arsehole. “Oh yes…fuck,” mutters Desiree, her anal zone invaded by his meat missile. This bitch and her gazoo crack is his. All Desiree can groan is “fuck…fuck…fuck,” over and over, love the plaything this babe is, as his tool mercilessly stretches her lovely chocolate hole. “The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster” is based on a true story. Solely the names have been changed to protect the virginal.

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Alyssa Lynn – “I Have The Body For Porn”

“I Have The Body For Porn”

While plan to nursing school, Alyssa Lynn was also dancing at Club Risque in her hometown of Philadelphia to pay the bills.

“I started exotic dancing at 21. I’ve been stripping off and on for a whilst. I adore it. Where I dance is so family-oriented. Lap dancing club Risque in Philly. The cuties are nice and the managers treat u worthy, and the customers are lots of regulars. It is like a corner bar.

“There was a good reaction to my bigger zeppelins. They all knew I was getting them done, all the dancers, the customers. Everyone liked them, so I was cheerful. I started getting more outstanding tips. A lot more astonishing. Lads think with their other heads when they’re in a exotic dancing club. That is what they’re there for. Beer, boobies and baseball.

“I dance topless. I wear a knicker. Lap dances. Champagne rooms. Full contact on the lap dances. We’re not air exotic dancing! That is ridiculous. What’s the point of that? They have that in D.C. I danced there for a while.

“I definitely focus on the lad and make sure this chab likes my dances. I try to be precious. It’s worthwhile when they’re very polite about it, adore, ‘Do you mind if I grab them?’ I’m adore, ‘They’re there!’ But some fellows just grab. It is polite to ask 1st.

“It’s laughable because we’re so strict in Philly. There is no sex in the champagne room. Cameras everywhere. It’s a totally different ballgame than Los Angeles.”

Now Alyssa has 38H boobs and porn men are bathing ’em in nut-cream on clip.

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Cindy Cupps – The Cleavage Clinic

The Deep cleavage Clinic

The Deep cleavage Clinic

You have watched this story a thousand times in advance of on TV exposes such as ER, Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere, Scrubs, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Dr. Who and Marcus Welby, M.D.

Yet it begged for a remake so SCORE decided to tackle this sensitive subject.

Whilst examining this movie, the daydream of walking into the clinic where Nurse Kandi Cox is tending to patient Cindy Cupps and yelling “I’m a doctor! Let me throughout!” is very meaty.

So here are the facts: Stacked Florida black brown needs a routine physical. Click-clacks on her high heels and bounces into the SCORE Medical Clinic. Old nurse relocated from Vegas and in need of orgasms begins to take the vitals, adore height, weight, etc., when they are the one and the other afflicted with greater than typical boob medical madness. This condition causes soaked knickers, upright teats and snapped bra-straps.

In a few minutes, Kandi is tongueing Cupps’s cookie and using a tongue depressor made by our friend the esteemed Doc Johnson. Now you would think that Kandi Cox would have been the confident goddess from the get-go. But no, Cindy (in her first girl-on-girl) is the one putting on the strap-on and giving Nurse Cox a hard screw. A deep one likewise. That thing’s an eight-incher. (For the record, Cindy considers herself sexually assertive.)

Just about anything 2 stupendous titted broads can do to each other is accustomed. One as well as the other Cindy and Kandi are contented with the results. This is more priceless than Obamacare.

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Goldie Blair – Goldie Bare

Goldie Nude

Goldie Bare

“The funniest thing a guy’s told to me was ‘Nice bounce,'” says Goldie Blair, her body poured into a tight pink tube costume for “Goldie Exposed,” the final set and clip of her 2014 SCORELAND series.

“I swing both ways depending on my mood. I adore clit play during sex. My sexual fantasy is to share a cute gal with big funbags with my charmer.”

“I usually like rough-and-ready fellows with lengthy hair and tattoos, males who adore the out side and ride motorcycles. I’m really into watching bike racing, plan to bike displays and riding in the country. My flawless day is riding a Harley in the country.”

Fetish hottie, boxer, wrestler, domme, amorous “Auntie,” super-heroine and villain, Goldie has a full portfolio of cosplay roles and athletic activities. Life in her abode is at not time dull. You’d come home to a different woman every evening of the week.

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Harlow Nyx – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

“I do not work out. I am not much of a sports person so I don’t look at football or basketball,” says fresh SCORELAND arrival Harlow Nyx. The green-eyed redhead from Missouri is a smoking honey. We’ve a rebel in the abode and when they’re marvelous redheads with greater than standard zeppelins and a voluptuous body, they can rebel and display all they wish. We’re here to make ’em famous rebels.

In the one and the other introductory videos, Harlow tells us about herself, her interests and her wild sex life. Her bazookas are biggest and glamourous, tempting 36G-cups. In the Bonus vid, Harlow and the staff hit the streets of Miami and take Harlow and her guitar to a music store.

Harlow can’t live out of thrash metal music, horror films, gonna concerts, Chinese food, and rock hard, pile-driving sex. This babe is bi, loves to deep-throat and says she doesn’t have a lot of boundaries and limits. This cutie needs her own TV reality expose.

Welcome aboard, Harlow Nyx.

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Olivia Jackson – “My First XXX”

“My 1st XXX”

Hawt and stacked Olivia Jackson drew high ratings from SCORELAND members when that babe first took a bow in September. Now she’s willing to try her 1st boy-girl and, dude, is that babe smokin’ hawt. The prediction of the workers was that Olivia would scorch the set and Olivia proved that prediction right.

Olivia has the one and the other big mangos and a foxy caboose. Does this babe attract the tit lady-killer or the ass guy? Or one as well as the other?

“Sometimes if they’re boob boyz, they pay more attention to my ass, then the contrary happens with arse men,” says Olivia. “I just think I date boys who dig the one and the other. Lads adore to have me in doggy-style in front of the mirror. I assume when they’re hitting it from the back, it’s just this indeed beautiful, perfect gazoo, and then in the mirror you can see my boobs bouncing up and down. Boyz cum fast when we do doggy. We must make sure that’s the last position we do. The 1st thing they’re gonna do is take up with the tongue my fur pie. We do not get started until they have their face down there. So no doggy-style until I have had mine. My favourite is doggy, also. I adore it when they slap my booty. When they grip it and pound on it. I adore the mirror, too. I love to watch their facial expressions and watch how they’re trying to hold back. I like to tease them.”

Olivia enjoys going to disrobe clubs with her besties.

“Me and my friends go to Sapphires, which is off Industrial Boulevard, and we go to Desirous Horse II and III. We talk to the girls and hang out and gulp. Just have a wonderful time. The strippers touch me all the time. And I receive lap dances from the strippers. I give ’em lap dances, too. If they come to me and are smiling and have a wonderful personality, I’m love, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’ We just commence talking and they rub against my arm and slowly rub on my legs and I rub on their legs and we acquire into it from there.”

Olivia Jackson: a buxom supernatural who just did her first SCORELAND boy-girl and can’t live with out to go to lap dancing clubs. More power to her!

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Angelina Verdi – Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

Arse Missile For A Big boobed Doxy

Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

Delightsome bra-stretcher Angelina Verdi is a big-breasted female who knows exactly what that babe wants a fellow to do to her larger than average breasts, throat, snatch and butthole.

Angelina talks about herself and that babe describes how this babe likes her bigger than typical milk sacks to be treated, using her own hands first to display us. Then the appropriately-named Joey Hogger arrives to give Angelina what this babe wishes.

1st, plenty of attention paid to her nipples and jugs. Returning the favour, Angelina assumes the position on hands and knees to treat him to her mouth moves, taking cock deeply down her mouth, licking with tongue, sucking and giving a kiss the bloated beef as her zeppelins dangle. This chab straddles her chest so that babe can give him a healthy tit-job.

Hogger licks her fur pie to tickle her clitoris and lube her for elementary insertion. They fuck and during the time that that babe rides his bologna pony on top, tells him to shag her anal opening. This babe has prepared her anal opening for a fill-up, her 1st time on clip. That guy bangs her a-hole in reverse cowgirl and in doggie for deeper thrusts.

Angelina wishes to engulf his dong, and asks him to fetch out and bring it over to her face hole so that babe can “taste her gazoo.” “Taste her ass.” Those words make a man wanna cry tears of joy.

Angelina gives him a sloppy BJ and hand-job. Her face hole full of meat-thermometer, she is unable to answer when Hogger asks her how her wazoo tastes. That babe strokes and blows his meat when, with a moan, this chab spurts his ball cream out all over her melons. That babe hungrily swallows as much nut-slop as that babe can.

All in all, we were impressed by big boobed Angelina’s sexual talents. That babe is too managed so far to stay without the greasy clutches of the numerous porn producers who study and imitate what SCORE does. In fact, we haven’t watched Angelina at all since this scene was shot. That’s the big tit porn lover’s loss.

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