Annina – German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

German Superstar Likes To Be Ass-fucked

German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

Many say that super-sexy Annina is the hottest, wildest, nastiest (in a priceless way) big-boobed porno star in Germany. SCORE first met and photographed German porn superstar Annina in Berlin.

Her credits include ten SCORE magazines. The record for appearances by a German is held by Chloe Vevrier followed by Julia Miles, but they had posed for years during the time that Annina’s first magazine was May 2008.

“It was a fun for me,” told Annina about being part of the SCORE team. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the first magazine. It’s very great. Plenty of my fans in Germany sent me the magazine and asked me to sign the cover. They were very excited and happy to watch me on the cover. It is a bigger than standard deal to be on the cover of SCORE if you have greater than standard juggs.”

Annina hooked up with SCORE in the Caribbean to savour 2 fellows ravaging her anal opening and rogering her mangos, face hole and love tunnel in several videos. This babe likes anal. Loves it. This hard-pounding rencounter takes put in the kitchen with JMac. Annina indeed knows how to grind the meat-thermometer with her cum-hole and her chocolate hole.

Annina is very spontaneous about sex. However, she is not just one more porn star in it for the Euros and the fame and the fans. That babe is a genuine human sex doll who’s always sexy for banging and she can’t live without double penetration. We interviewed Annina at SCORE in person before that babe flew out of Miami to discharge this scene. Breathtaking on-film, that babe is even more excellent live and in person.

“I don’t like to plan sex. For example, I might go shopping today on South Beach and meet a stud who I crave to have sex with. Then I will just do it. It will not be like, ‘Oh, today I’m gonna have sex with this dude.’ It’s more love, ‘I wonder if I will meet a lady-killer and have sex today,’ and when it happens, it is much more exciting. In cars. On boats. Not all the time in ottoman, and I love it outdoors. If it happens, it happens. Without a plan. Sometimes I urge to have sex and I am not in a bedroom. Then u just have to have it right there, wherever you’re.”

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Mia Khalifa – Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Formerly known as Mia Callista, Mia Khalifa dressed up as a college coed for this second hardcore scene, a mighty popular look whether in a photo studio, a club stage or someone’s bedroom. It suits Mia just nice. She’s got the look. The glasses add a wonderful, accademically touch too. (Mia needs ’em, for real.) Love her very 1st XXX experience with Carlos Rios, this is a excited collision.

In a scarcely any months, SCORE discovery Mia Khalifa, has gone from toiling at a burger joint for low wages to the humongous porno star on the planet. If the editor of SCORE hadn’t viewed her out of her shitty uniform, this chab would have at no time pitched his fellow-perv colleagues about approaching Mia to model. So what was Mia wearing in the parking lot that day that attracted this perv?

“I was wearing a very tight top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted petticoat that was too very form-fitting and came down not quite adore a schoolgirl petticoat and dark pumps.”

SCORE: What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever done sexually?

MIA: Probably fucking a history teacher.

SCORE: You rogered your history teacher?

MIA: Yes, in the classroom and somewhere else.

SCORE: When you fucked him in the classroom, was school going on?

MIA: School was going on. And there were people in the hallways. It was lunch time.

SCORE: How did this happen?

MIA: It took a lengthy time to seduce him and convince him that it should happen. I would take clips of myself at home and take ’em over to his desk while class was going on and say, “Oh, watch my weekend tour to Fresh York,” and obviously have it on mute.

SCORE: And u were exposed.

MIA: Yes and playing with myself. Or I’d sit in his class in a petticoat and not wear any underclothes. And then one day this woman chaser asked me to come back during lunch. And I came to his classroom, and this chab put the curtains on the window on his door down and locked the room and closed the blinds and took me in a corner as far away from the windows as possible. This gent told me to receive on my knees, and I started mouthing his dick, then this smooth operator bent me over and rogered me and came in my throat.

SCORE: Are you a swallower?

MIA: Yeah.

SCORE: That was hot?

MIA: Definitely. I went to my next class with cum on my breath!

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Summer Leigh – Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 4 starts on the island of Saint Barthélemy or St. Barths. This French territory is a picture perfect location for photo discharges. Big boobed Dusty, a beach bunny and eager SCUBA diver, likes this place.

Following Dusty is Adele Stephens of UK, on board for her only Boob Cruise. Adele began her career as a famous Page THREE Goddess which brought her to the attention of SCORE‘s photo team. By sheer coincidence and timing, the noted Pandora Peaks was vacationing on St. Barths, heard the Boob Cruise was in town and came out to meet some of the shipmates. As the Cruise entered its final leg of the tour, the parties and shows on board the Star Clipper went full blast. This was the end. The dancers on-deck included Minka (who would always grab a volunteer for some oily one-on-ones), Summer Cummings, Skye Blue and Summer Leigh.

Cruise diarist Summer Leigh wrote, “I can see why everybody loves the Boob Cruise beach party. It’s so relaxing and everyone just parties adore crazy. There’s something about being on an island at night, with the water lapping at the shore, the moon and stars shining bright. It’s the ideal romantic setting and it indeed got me amorous. So, what did I do? I went back to the ship after the party and masturbated in my cabin! Lastly!”

And on the final night in advance of landfall, Summer wrote this entry, “Back on the ship, we’re all getting willing for the Captain’s dinner! The final dinner. I can not believe it’s not quite over. The dinner was great! It was valuable seeing everyone clothed up. Such class! I myself dressed up each night except for one because I wanted to make a good impression. I do not have to costume up that often, so it was joy. I got a little drunk on wine. I hadn’t been drunk all week except maybe the 1st day.

“And of all nights, they put up the sails this last night, which made it hard to walk on the ship in my high heels. I was trying to spend as much time as I possibly could to say goodbye. It was sad. I felt love they were family after spending a entire week with ’em. However, I did not acquire to know enough of the beauties. I guess cuz I was also busy with the passengers.”

Chuck, writer of the ship’s official log closed the book on Boob Cruise 1998.

“It will not hit the passengers until they get back that it is all been a mammoth SCORE dream that lured them in for a magical week, then spit ’em back out into the real world: the office, the boss, the wives, children, what have u. And that’s when they’ll indeed begin their vivid remembrances. That is what this dream does to you and these of us who know it all likewise well.”

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Chloe Vevrier – Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

This was the second and final XXX episode that SCORE legend Chloe Vevrier made in 1999. Both were discharged in London at SCORE’s studio. By this time, Chloe had been nude modeling and Boob Cruising for six years. The 1st clip featured Chloe and the very prolific “Russian” Kathy (where is this babe today?) and Kathy’s then husband Matt, an standard boy and not a experienced porn stud.

For this second scene, Chloe shows Englishman Tony DeSergio what she can’t live out of in sex. These days Tony is still a regular at SCORE and fucking a lot of hot, big busted hotty’s.

This scene mirrors Chloe’s new age thinking and lifestyle habits. That babe is into yoga, meditation and a “new age” diet. That philosophy crossed over into her sex life.

Chloe explains what Tantric yoga (a form of sex yoga) is to Tony and that babe demonstrates what she means on his body. Then they copulate. So this is different from 99% of a team fuck ’em porn scenes shot over the past Thirty years except for these hardcore carnal instruction vids. Originally, there was a longer explanation about what this kind of sex was all about.

Tantra or not, Chloe enjoyed Tony’s thrusting ramrod and that woman chaser enjoyed her hirsute, cock-milking twat and her world-famous bigger in size than run of the mill love bubbles.

Chloe still adult models to this day but has not touched a cock on-camera since this scene.

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Barbara Angel – Angel In Chains

Girl In Chains

Angel In Chains

When we asked Barbara Beauty what this babe thought about sex with porn bucks compared to regular boys, the cheery stacked brunette hair said, “Porn lads not ever disappoint but they hardly ever surprise. When I have sex with a regular gent I never know what will happen and that’s often the gripping part.”

When we next talk to Barbara, we’re plan to ask her if this crazy-hot scene with Neeo in a dungeon has changed her mind about being surprised.

Like majority mean and bad mistresses, big boobed Lady Barbara thinks she can lord over all bucks and treat them adore slaves with her psycho-dramas and heaving, heavy fun bags. That babe is about to meet more than her match in ramrodding man Neeo. That babe is about to meet her recent boss and become his sexy kitten in a cage.

Barbara flourishes her riding crop and desires to castigate him for arriving late to her dungeon playpen. Instead, he seizes her crop, seizes Barbara and begins his invasion of her body and will by seizing her big bazookas. Barbara, her tight bawdy cleft and her bigger in size than standard whoppers are about to be manhandled in a way this babe has not at all skillful before. Trained, spanked, punished, restrained and fucked as rigid as a stud can shag a lady.

All of Barbara’s nefarious dungeon devices and instruments are going to be turned against her and when Neeo is finished with the Girl, her body and mind will belong to him. Barbara will go from a female-dom without leniency to a whimpering, compliant plaything to satisfy his carnal appetites.

For a greenhorn to adult modeling, Barbara has expert more action in a scarcely any months than many experience in years!

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Emilia Boshe – Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

Cam legend Emilia Boshe has no problem sucking and tongueing her teats, not an effortless feat for many Big-Boob girls. In fact, many with very big mangos cant do it.

Writes Seanster, “This woman is super sexy. I literally receive to reach for the lube and tissues EVERY time I watch her at SCORELAND. One female-dom I so wish to see in XXX act.”

“I love polite males who know how to treat a hotty,” says Emilia. “I like lads who know how to make a goddess adore me with large zeppelins feel comfortable. It’s ok if they crave to ask me questions about my mounds but 1st they should must know me a little bit.”

Emilia says she’s too demure to approach a boy this babe might have her eye on. This babe has to await for him to come over to her. It appears to be strange that someone who resembles Emilia is coy when this babe could easily take her pick. All of us tend to think that beauties who are not shy about showing every inch of their bodies would not be bashful socially.

SCORELAND has an important announcement about Emilia. Check the Blog in February for it.

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Sandra Star – Miss Hot SCORE: Hot Ass Sex

Miss Hawt SCORE: Sexy Wazoo Sex

Miss Hot SCORE: Sexy Ass Sex

Sandra Star was a stacked university student in Berlin, Germany with a wild side. That wild side got a chance to emerge when Sandra learned about a contest called Miss Hawt SCORE Germany. This contest was sponsored by Hawt SCORE mag, the German language edition.

One of the judges of this contest was German porn superstar Annina, who’s been in SCORE magazine a dozen times.

“I 1st noticed her fetching smile!” Annina said. “Sandra has enchantment and a great, shapely body. This babe is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Sexy SCORE!”

Sandra knew all about SCORE and, surprisingly, that babe knew about the Boob Cruises even though the last one was in the spring of 2000.

When the American crew was visiting Berlin, they had to meet Sandra. That babe accepted our offer to glamour model for the international edition of the magazine. Sandra also wanted to try her talents at fucking with the cameras rolling. Sandra does it all: blowjobs, tit-fucking, str8 banging, anal and a cum facial. Yeah, this breasty coed who was studying business can’t live with out being taken in her consummate arse and felt there was no time to waste. Today’s modern college students with greater than average marangos don’t hold anything back, especially German students.

Sandra wore space-age, silver knee-high boots and purple monokini lingerie. Kneeling on the daybed, she kisses, licks and sucks her fuck-partner’s weiner, sucking the balls with reverence and adoration. Still kneeling, Sandra holds her stupendous bosoms jointly as the dick slides betwixt them, banging her deep cleavage and slipping into her mouth for her to engulf on. That babe looks at the camera with an expression that says “Look at me, watch what I’m doing. I shouldn’t be doing this but I love it.” How her dunky little butthole could accommodate such a large pecker is another sample of awesome German engineering.

Sandra Star, there could be no more fuckable and prettier Miss Sexy SCORE than you.

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Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii Sex-O

Hawaii Sex-O

Hawaii Sex-O

Lap dancer Claudia KeAloha keeps trim and fit through unbending work at the gym and by stripping around the America, sticking her large fullsome funbags and curvacious gazoo into the faces of innocent males. (Look at Claudia’s bathing costume episode that this babe discharged with editor Dave in the model’s dressing room. This babe attracts greater than standard attention at the beach and at pools.) That helps to give Claudia tremendous sex stamina in couch. SCORE talked to Claudia about doing the indecent dance with skirt chaser Tony DeSergio in this scene.

SCORE: What was your beloved part of this scene with Tony?
Claudia: I thought Tony and I looked worthwhile jointly. Adore we would truly be a pair in real life. I’ll be honest, Tony is quite “big” and I am quite tight. At first it was rock hard, no pun intended. But Tony was a real gentleman, his reaction to the fact that I was having a bit of a problem taking him in was a real turn-on. With his gentle manners, all of a sudden my vagina got wetter and gave in and allowed him to go into. As you see in the vid, after a while I was jumping on it.

SCORE: Do you love making pure sex scenes or ones with a “story?”
Claudia: The one and the other. I can do both. And I love doing the one and the other.

SCORE: We enjoyed listening to you. Have you always been this vocal in sofa?
Claudia: Not in my private life ‘coz I’m timid. But now that I know males adore it, yes, I adore being vocal sometimes and quiet sometimes.

SCORE: What are your favorite raunchy poses?
Claudia: Missionary, cuz I adore to have my juggs sucked whilst I’ve sex and also to be kissed. I adore to watch the guy’s face and have eye contact with him also.

SCORE: What’s the almost all unconventional position you’ve ever attempted?
Claudia: Maybe back in 2005 when I first shot for SCORE we did try some unconventional upside down positions for the Tarzan clip [SCORE Xtra 12 on DVD].

SCORE: What’s your least much loved position?
Claudia: Doggie position..I cant watch everything. [Laughs]

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