Savannah Stevens – “I Love Toys & Boys”

“I Like Toys & Boys”

Apprentice Savannah Stevens is a 22-year-old Texan with big things ahead of her. If she had her way, she’d not at all wear any clothing and just run around out of a stitch. And, since she loves a lot of sex, Savannah’s picked the lifestyle for her. We had the impression that Savannah was a cheerleader in school. This babe has the look.

Savannah not at all wears a bra. “My breasts look and feel great with out one. Plus it’s unbending to find my size. I adore yoga and kick-boxing. I’ll wear a sports undergarment when I am working out. It keeps ’em in,” says Savannah. Absolutely. Who wishes to watch a girl’s greater than standard bra buddies pop with out her top when she’s at the gym?

“I have a diminutive in number toys at home. I think it is important for a goddess to know her particular spots so she can come even harder with a husband. Deep penetration really receives my G-spot. I can take over 2 feet of 10-Pounder. You’d at not time expect it since I’m so dunky!”

2 feet of wang? The Masters & Johnson clinic would be very interested in that.

Welcome aboard, Savannah Stevens.

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Angel Gee – Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube suit, SCORE Hotty Angel Gee writes a letter to her smooth operator in the army. “Can’t await until you cum all over my fun bags,” Goddess writes. What a tender sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. That babe rubs her whoppers and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There is a knock at the door, Angel wears a hawt negligee as a ravishing homecoming gift. Seeing Angel’s monumental mangos beneath sheer lace, he’s on her in an instant, palming her immense, giant mounds and pierced nipps. They’re not even 2 feet from the front door as Goddess kneels previous to his thick meat-thermometer to worship it with her wet face hole and downy hands.

They move to the sofa so Angel can have her pussy licked and fingered as foreplay for rogering. “You’re plan to need to break me in all over anew,” a hyper-horny Beauty cries. A very vocal beauty, talking dirty makes Goddess even hornier. Angel’s also a screamer. Beauties love that are rock hard to discover. “I like your weenie, baby!” Girl yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly mellons out of Cutie in enough rogering positions for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Beauty not solely earns one more set of wings, this babe earns a sticky load of cock juice all over her monumental jugs.

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Maserati – Creamed Cookie

Creamed Vagina

Creamed Cookie

The great Maserati is always a boner-maker whether she’s by herself peeling without a sexy garments or having a boom-boom joyride on a stud’s stick shift. That babe makes the pecker throb. Actually and sensationally stacked to the max, Maserati is Voluptuous perfection, and one in how many millions of girls? She did mankind a great service when she became an adult entertainer. It’s sex cream for Maserati’s hawt fur pie in this XXX scene. That babe hasn’t had a creampie glazing at SCORELAND in over three years.

There’re two sides to Maserati. One is the super-stacked porn star. The other side is the femdom-goddess… Maserati. In a candid interview, she’s openly discussed the one and the other sides, which sometimes conflict, and how that babe reconciles ’em.

We could check out Maserati for hours just walking around wearing that blue halter top and constricted pink trousers but there is some high-energy sexin’ that is about to happen very quickly in this scene. Maybe next time.

Always a pleasure, Maserati.

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P-Chan – New Name Same Huge Tits

Recent Name Same King-size Juggs

New Name Same Immense Tits

Scholars of big-bust models will know who this incredibly stacked Japanese cutie is and how big of a name she’s in the Japanese larger than typical tit scene. For reasons given in the clip portion, this babe will now be known as P-Chan, her fresh name.

The name P-Chan may be recent, but this magnificant goddess is sporting the same huge milk shakes and the same spectacular rack that brought her fame. So, for the 1st time at SCORELAND, and SCORE and Voluptuous magazines (November ’15 V-mag, February ’16 SCORE, please welcome this breasty legend of Japan.

“My knockers started getting big from around 14 years old,” told P-Chan. “I need to buy soever bras fit me so I can’t be picky as to whether they are cute. I can not buy off the rack in stores.”

“Normally I try to cover ’em up when I go out but because of their size, it’s difficult to hide them. If I go to a private party and wish to costume sexy, I’ll wear a low cut costume and flaunt my breast valley. When I go out, I always wear a bra. At home, I do not wear one.”

Thanks for becoming a SCORELAND Gal, P-Chan. We look forward to seeing u again.

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Ines Cudna – When Busty Babes Meet

When Big breasted Sweethearts Meet

When Big busted Chicks Meet

Ines Cudna was proclaimed “The Polish Princess” when that babe made her initial appearance at SCORE in March 2003’s edition. So many videos and pictorials were discharged of Ines that there’s a website with all of it called and it’s part of SCORE’s network of sites.

This was a historic collision, filmed in Spain for Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s DVD Maximum Insertion. “I think I could be looking at the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I’d more extraordinary be careful,” thinks Linsey when Ines lays down in a lounger next to her at poolside. “Do u mind if I’ve a check out your titties?”

Linsey has much larger and heavier natural bra buddies but Ines is no slouch herself in the bra department. Linsey gives Ines’ large fullsome funbags many licks and kisses and Ines pays her back in kind.
The angels receive completely undressed except for their fuck-me shoes. Linsey asks Ines if this babe can lick her own nipple and Ines does it easily. Ines leans back on a bar stool so Linsey can polish her clit with her tongue. Ines then returns the favour with a flicking tongue. Linsey picks up a sextoy that bears a resemblance to a ray gun from Battlestar Galactica and asks Ines, “Have u ever observed one of those before?” Yes, Ines has. Ines uses avid looking sextoys and toys constantly–she could probably write a Polish superlatively admirable seller on the subject.

Ines’ famous thick labia intrigues Linsey and she seems to enjoy working over Ines’ long-lipped pussy with this elaborate dildo and attached clit stimulator. LDM has made it with lots of well-known SCORE Girls (Minka, Danni Ashe and Angelique to name a hardly any). Ines is the 1st Polish girl that babe is ever done up.

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Kianna Dior – HardSCORE 2



Kianna Dior has her own approach to giving a lady-killer a superior orall-service. Instead of mouthing with her face hole and stroking with her hand, the diminutive and stacked Asian basically holds her breath and lets the gent bonk her throat until she feels the have to breathe another time. Then this babe grabs his cock, pulls it out of her mouth, takes two deep breaths and lets him go back to stuffing her face hole another time. She’s so worthwhile and so naughty, a true oral job darksome belt that other angels should study.

Says Kianna, “I like doggie-style. I adore being on top. I don’t mind reverse-cowgirl if I’m not doing it for also long. Reverse-cowgirl is stiff on the legs. It’s truly a workout. Although I know that boys who love bigger than typical bouncy bosoms adore that position ‘coz they can see my whoppers and watch the guy’s meat-thermometer going in and with out my cunt at the same time.”

After a healthy amount of head, Kianna lays back on the bed and widens her hairless snatch to get impaled by Rod’s bloated ding-dong. All porno stars should shag adore Kianna Dior. That babe acquires off his saddle-horn for a moment, merely to climb back for a more traditional ride. Then Kianna receives aggressive. This babe starts smashing her jugs into Rod’s face, daring him to take her hooters and absorb the punishment she’s dishing out.

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Alyssa Lynn – How Strippers Keep House

How Strippers Keep House

How Strippers Keep House

This is how all stacked cuties should do their housekeeping. Just like Alyssa Lynn. Wearing hawt lingerie and heels whilst they vacuum and dust. It makes their chores go faster. At least that’s the stud theory.

When Alyssa is not feature dancing on the club circuit, she’s expertly vacuuming rigid weenie and busting her partners’ nuts in such SCORE vids as “Cum In Alyssa” and “Private Lap Grinder.”

How does Alyssa love her big wobblers handled?

“No biting,” says Alyssa. “Sucking and squeezing is worthy. Thrashing and slapping ’em, not also stiff, is fine.”

When Alyssa 1st visited SCORE in 2014, that babe said this babe was not getting sufficient sex. “I’m a screw buddy angel. But they were lengthy shag buddies. I had one lengthy relationship, but I prefer screw buddies.” Now that this babe is a sex star, she’s doing just worthy in the no-strings sex department.

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Kitana Flores – Kitana Flores Is A Super Hottie!

Kitana Flores Is A Super Sweetheart!

Kitana Flores Is A Super Chick!

“I’m a bad beauty when I’m here,” said Kitana Flores. “Right now. For several hours. In the bedroom. Dudes are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don’t dress too hawt and I can be kind of easygoing, but when they receive me in the bedroom, I can be charming wild. I guess tons of Puerto Rican cuties are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don’t think it is proper to be also out there in public, even though we can costume hot.”

A double life? Expressing her hot sexuality fucking on-camera and giving boners to her fans watching her?

“I’m not the kind of hotty who would walk around with a short petticoat and no panties and wait for the wind to blow, u know? I am a lot more conservative than that, believe it or not.”

Kitana is so fucking sexy and sexy that feelings of jealousy can rear up when she sucks the bigger in size than run of the mill penis of this X-Man in this SCORE scene and widens her legs so that buck can commence boning her. This stud may or may not have actually understood how favourable that ladies man was to savor this hot South Beach Latina coz countless boyz would have loved to have taken his place.

“My nipps are very sensitive,” added Kitana, “so if a boy begins there and not fast works down my body, he’s gonna find that my love tunnel is already very damp in advance of he even does anything to it.”

Kitana’s twat is very luscious in this scene.

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