Pleasing In Pink Lace

Sweet In Pink Lace

Lovely In Pink Lace

This mid-90s discharge was discharged at the same time as “Minka Goes Greater.”

“I think my dedication comes from tennis. I always had to take care of myself,” Minka said. “Starting with centre school, I was on my own. I had to take care of myself. In centre school, I got a scholarship. In high school, I got a scholarship. High school, I got a scholarship. Nobody was going to assist me. If u don’t take care of yourself, you are finished. So when I came to the United States in 1994, yes, I cried a lot. ‘What am I plan to do? I cannot identify a job.’ When I was little, all I wanted was tennis, but when I came to the United States, I knew I had to take care of myself. And now I’ve anything. I have my dogs. I’m a very worthy cook. I have a Mercedes. I’ve a large abode. Whatsoever I desire to buy, I can buy. If I crave to slow down, I can slow down. But life is short, and I try to savour it and always be the superlatively good at soever I do.”

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Katie Thornton – A Plum Pair

A Plum Couple

A Plum Pair

Pursue Katie as she picks plums out of a tree in this bonus movie. There’re Tescos in Prague that sell plums, but here, u must watch Katie wearing a reservoir top and climbing a ladder. Katie whips her top off at the end, and these are definitely not plums she’s got underneath her tank.

SCOREtv Season 2 Movie THREE has a segment with Katie and her bosom Brit buddy Danniella Levy romping at poolside and admiring every other’s large melons. It is a preview of their upcoming SCORELAND pictorial and clip. Danniella, from Essex, is very a matter of joke imitating Katie’s Manchester accent.

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Beach house boob bunny

Beach abode boob bunny

Beach house boob bunny

Angela White is not just a glamour model. She’s a fan of her charmer models.

“I love to pursue the models’ careers and know what they’ve done,” she told. “Lorna Morgan is one of my favorites and I got to meet her in Eleuthera and I was so horny about it. I said her how I loved various photo shoots she’s done and how I’ve followed her career. She is just fabulous. So, I’m not just a adult model, I am too a astronomical fan.

“I adore big-boobed gals even if they do not glamour model. Honey bunnys with bigger in size than standard bra buddies are handsome. They are very natural and womanly and have fabulous, buxom bodies. Adore Lorna, she is so curvacious and nice. Or Christy Marks. Her melons are just with out this world!”

And now, prepare to fall in adore with Angela all over again with this photo shoot, shot in the beach abode where the angels stayed during the Big-Boob Paradise shoot in Eleuthera.

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Lana Ivans – A Busty Fantasy

A Big breasted Dream

A Big breasted Fantasy

Did you ever wake up to identify a really sexy babe you’ve been thinking about, or one of your go-to SCORE Gals, indeed slipping into bed with u to bonk the cum out of your fuckin’ meat-thermometer? No? The fact is, we haven’t either. But it’s a precious dream, and it’s exactly what happens in Lana Ivans’ “A Big boobed Dream.”

Lana wakes this joker from his snooze with a luscious fellatio then sticks his jock in her vagina and copulates it unfathomable in a multiformity of meaningful poses. No story, no acting, no plot. Just horny sex with a little dish blessed with large, natural milk cans.

Romanian delight Lana says eating corn has given her bigger than run of the mill scones. (Czech angels, such as Sophie Mae, say it is beer.) Whatever the bio-chemical reasons (possibly estrogen in these foods), it works.

After a healthy run of XXX scenes for SCORE in Europe and in the Caribbean, Lana now does web-camming of the solo kind and apparently doesn’t do boy-girl banging on-camera anymore. Dude, did this break our hearts. Why are girls so heartless? We hope she will change her mind and call us, nutty to do XXX one more time.

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Olivia Jackson – Tits & Ass Superstar

Love muffins & Booty Superstar

Tits & Booty Superstar

Olivia Jackson has a smokin’ body, bigger than run of the mill zeppelins and a large booty. She’s an eye-catcher whether she is walking toward you or walking away from you.

Olivia’s career plans:

“I’m going for my bachelor’s in accounting. I already have my associates degree. I like accounting. I’ve 2 and a half more years to go. I am going part-time. I have not ever had an experience with a pervy teacher. And I have had love bubbles since I was in the first grade, and I’ve not at all had a teacher observe me in any way, not even in college.”

Staying in shape:

“I run two miles, very lazily. It can be a little painful. It begins to hurt ‘coz my chest is so large. My meatballs bounce and bounce and bounce. I put on a regular brassiere and 2 sports bras. It holds ’em in, but they still bounce adore barmy when I run.”

Run of the mill clothing:

“My milk shakes are king-size, so they just stick out no matter what I wear, and my booty is large, so it does the same thing no matter what I put on. If I don’t look love I’m dressing for the Amish, people assume I am a stripper.”

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Autumn-Jade – The Autumn-Jade Jackumentary

The Autumn-Jade Jackumentary

The Autumn-Jade Jackumentary

When SCORELAND and SCORE magazine did the “20 For 20” 20th anniversary contest in 2012, Autumn-Jade was voted the eighth-best hotty ever. Two of the legendary angels who preceded Autumn, Linsey (#1) and Chloe (#4), had made girl on girl movie scenes with her when that babe visited Great Britain.

This Jackumentary focuses on Autumn-Jade’s American photo shoots, from playing tennis to pool side to shooting in SCORE‘s restrooms. Wherever this babe was, on-location or on a studio set, Autumn enjoyed herself and made it pleasure, not work. This displays on Autumn’s face and in her body language in these movies.

When the cameras weren’t pointed in her direction, Autumn was on the demure side.

“I dress very conservatively in public,” Autumn told. “I do not flaunt my breasts much. I suppose there’s no hiding these. In the grocery store, there are times where hotties will view me and I’m adore, ‘Why are you looking at me?’ For the 1st four or five times with my first partner, I wouldn’t take my shirt off. I was constrained.”

We called her the unsurpassable Southern-girl-next-door. Autumn-Jade from Alabama was every inch that hotty.

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Whitney Wonders – Beach Sex

Beach Sex

Beach Sex

Whitney Wonders was one of the wonders of the 1990s. This SCORE Classic video was shot in The Bahamas. It’s a rare deserted beach-sex scene. Whitney is savouring a fashionable day in this paradise and relaxing on a hammock.

The redheaded beach bunny is in a hot swim costume designed to expose off her fuckable FFF-cup marangos and buxom body. When accustomed ladies man Alec Metro’s pecker shoves throughout the hammock netting by her throat, Whitney’s natural instinct is to engulf it. Whitney loves her fur pie eaten and tongue-lubed, too, in advance of getting a cock thrust into it. During the time that the hammock makes a great sex swing and is perfect for missionary pounding, it’s not so great for other moves, so they make a decision to fuck in the surf. They have the whole beach to themselves and can copulate all day.

Whitney doesn’t desire him wanking off on her adore many of these porn bucks wind up doing, so that babe jacks him off. She wraps one arm beneath her mounds and lifts her jugs to provide a landing spot for his ball cream whilst this babe jerks his meat. This babe squeezes the ball batter onto her bigger than run of the mill chest. Whitney is a worthwhile tropical shag toy to have around. This babe expertly knows how to treat a gent.

Whitney dropped with out sight for numerous years then resurfaced as a web-cam beauty, love so many glamour models do these days.

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Juliana Simms – Give Thanks For Juliana

Give Thank’s For Juliana

Give Thank's For Juliana

We give thank you for Juliana Simms and all of the girls at SCORELAND who give so much of themselves. You might watch 300 angels athletic love Juliana and maybe one of ’em will expose her pleasant ram on-camera.

Said Juliana, “When your model finder introduced himself and told I’d be a great adult model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of. I love to try new things. Glamour modeling is something I wanted to try.”

One of our scouts was pleasantly surprised when he sauntered into a florist’s shop where Juliana worked to buy some flowers and saw her. No self-respecting boob stud could miss her. He asked Juliana if that babe had ever modeled and explained what The SCORE Group was all about. Juliana was interested. Our scout took some fotos (see for the kind of test shots we require) and sent them our way. We were smitten by this kitten.

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