Venera – The Impossible Dream Cutie Part 2

The Impossible Fantasy Angel Part 2

The Impossible Dream Angel Part 2

SCORE covergirl Venera has a new swimsuit and she’s nutty to get out of it…after u receive an eyeful. Venera knows she’s special, a natural marvel. Dudes observe her. Hotty’s view her. “Girls stare at me all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren’t very nice,” Venera says. Yep, that same old thing. Jealousy. Envy. The ordinary emotions big-boobed gals face. But we hope the admirable things outweigh the pettiness of some people. “They say, ‘Look at that goddess! Check out what she’s wearing. Look at her fake pantoons!’ They do not understand. They cant make almost certainly of that my fullsome funbags can be so bigger than average and natural. I think if they had scoops adore mine, they would be wearing the same sort of raiment.” Venera speaks the truth. “Right now I’m single. It’s glamorous rigid to have a hubby who will understand what I do. Not each woman chaser will accept his girlfriend shooting bare photos and traveling around the world and rencounter people and so many chaps looking at me. Maybe one day I will avoid bare modeling and settle down, but not yet. I am having likewise much joy!”

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Harmony Heart – Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Doxy Bash

Busty Bathing costume Bitch Bash

Here’s Harmony Heart, a hot, heavy-hootered babe who should have kept the momentum going but she only did several scenes and that was it. This was one of 2 that this babe did. It was not just her face and body. Harmony had tons of sex appeal.

“I didn’t know I was so precious at giving blowjobs,” told Harmony. “He [SCORE smooth operator Colton] told to me that he’d done a lot of scenes with adult stars but that no one had sucked his schlong as fine as I did. That made me feel really nice. I’ve observed plenty of porn. Being said that I rated so high compared to ’em made me feel satisfied.

“I’ve always been very fellatio. I like giving head. Every skirt chaser is different. Some boys receive off preeminent when I take up with the tongue the head. Some boys adore unbending suction during the time that I squeeze their balls in an upward motion… like to poke the cum out. Some chaps just lay there. Some boyz adore to hold my head. Other lads adore to see my eyes with my face hole stuffed with their dongs. Each man I meet can’t live out of his shlong sucked in a different way.”

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Terry Nova – Terry’s Tit Reveal

Terry’s Tit Brandish

Terry's Tit Show

Even though Terry has become better known as a hardcore porn star than a big-bust adult model in the years since her discovery, this babe still has the magic to thrill just by playing with her astronomical, nude bazookas. When it is sexy, she likes to walk around in a tight top and gazoo shorts. That must receive the local citizenry perked up. One of these super-quiet gals who seems to know everything, Terry is nice to everybody. We’ve by no means heard her say a harsh word about anything. And even if she did, we would not know it since we do not understand Czech. That babe could be calling us dirty names in Czech to our faces and we’d not at all know. Come to think of it, that sounds gorgeous thrilling. And even though Terry does some mighty lusty sexin’ on digital camera, if she hadn’t, we’d still wanna find out her boobs and arse as much as possible.

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Shione Cooper – Shione & The Man From S.E.X.

Shione & The Charmer From S.E.X.

Shione & The Lothario From S.E.X.

Shione Cooper’s a ardent, sultry lustful dish, getting into energetic banging positions, staring into the lens during the time that taking her partner’s ramrod in her muff and mouth–worshipping it with her pierced tongue, the sure sign of an ultra-sexual playgirl. Her hubby in this scene, as in all of her scenes, wound up tired.

Shione is the ideal shag doll, desirous, willing and ready to savour a pounding pipe fitting. Growing up, Shione was a punky girl with short hair, then that babe changed her style. She became a dancer, then decided to try very velvety modeling. This babe changed her mind about glamour and went full steam ahead into hardcore. That was surprising but girls always make surprising moves. Shione is too a models’ agent back home in Prague.

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Danni Ashe – Danni & Minka Encore

Danni & Minka Encore

Danni & Minka Encore

Opposites do attract sometimes. Minka and Danni may look on the surface like they have no thing in common but surface appearances can result in hasty judgments. They had no objections to sucking on each other’s pantoons and playing with their love tunnels while the cameramen tried rigid not to drop a load in their pants.

Produced back-to-back with their bathtub glamour photoshoot, the girls changed into highly hawt, low-cut mini-dresses and jaw-dropping heels. If u adore lezzie pictorials, this Minka-Danni pairing will help pop your nuts real good. Being a Danni pictorial, there is no vibrator beneath the pillow. Minka being Minka, there would have been no objection to vagina sex-aids being used. What really shocked Danni about Minka (off-camera) was the Asian superstar’s legendary appetite…for food. Minka could eat a meal fit for two hefty chaps and by no means gain an ounce, a talent any glamour model would envy.

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Sandra Star – Rock Star Of Big Boobs

Rock Star Of Big Breasts

Rock Star Of Bigger in size than average Boobs

The “Rock Star of Bigger than standard Boobs” Sandra Star says she was inspired by Elizabeth Starr and Minka. Dolly Fox has also told this. SCORE mag editor Dave wrote in the April 2016 edition, “Sandra looks a little like a younger Elizabeth Starr and copulates love her, likewise.”

Sandra knew about SCORE in advance of this babe even began naked modeling, one of those beauties attracted to the world of big breasted worship and who admired very breasty adult models and entertainers. This babe knew about SCORE‘s Boob Cruises also. That was a surprise.

“The Boob Cruise is illustrious in Germany,” said Sandra. “Everybody who knows about SCORE knows about the Boob Cruise. I would love to go on a Boob Cruise one day. It looked love so much joy. The attractive islands, the water, the warm weather and, certainly, dangling out with all of the attractive cuties and the boyz. It would be my fantasy to go on the Boob Cruise.”

If the Boob Cruise should ever sail one more time, we know that Sandra Star would be one of the rock stars on the ship.

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Angela White – Angela’s cock-sucking launch

Angela’s cock-sucking initial debut

Angela's cock-sucking debut

For this fellatio occasion, her first oral-sex scene, Angela is wearing a taut, green tank-top and very taut jeans. She can’t live out of dressing adore this daily. But she wishes to wear smth hotter, hornier, more erotic and less girl-next-door for this particular event. Smth, as she says, that would make every boy in a room turn their heads and wanna get it on with her. Angela desires to expose a side of her that no one has ever watched in advance of.

“I urge to engulf some jock,” Angela says as that babe changes into the outfit this babe has selected. When the stunt wang enters, Angela is all over him then kneels in advance of him to eagerly unzip his fly and fetch out his shlong. Angela’s eight years of thinking and fantasizing about performing a fellatio in front of countless male eyes, and some female eyes, is now a reality.

Being in marvelous St. Maarten, the Caribbean, made Angela even hornier. Just as woman tourists become super-horny on exotic vacations, so likewise is Angela charged with extra carnal energy. All inhibitions were carried off by the ocean breeze as this babe opened her throat wide, her lips potty for the smack of prick. And later, of course, cum. It is a oral-job well done.

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Ophelia Vixxxen – Ophelia goes solo…because she wants to

Ophelia goes solo…because this babe urges to

Ophelia goes solo...because that babe craves to

Ophelia is a 46-year-old beauty from the Gulf Coast of Texas, and here, that babe gives the gift that each buck wants: the gift of twat. Ophelia can’t live with out to have sex with multiple partners at the same time, especially if they are hot, juvenile vixens with charming cunts.

“I adore it when girls are sexy and look adore they take care of themselves. That really turns me on,” that babe told.

And what does this big breasted, blonde cougar do when she’s not involved in some orgy frenzy?

“I love to soak in a sexy washroom and masturbate, a lot. The minute my body hits the hawt water, I’m aroused. I take a pair of bathroom a day.”

No thing not correct with an extra-clean headmistress with bawdy thoughts, we say.

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