Marina Rene – DD-cup marangos and 13 fur pie piercings

DD-cup love bubbles and 13 slit piercings

DD-cup boobs and 13 cum-hole piercings

In this scene, huge breasted, pierced housewife Marina Rene works over her wobblers and twat with her fingers and dildos. This lady actually knows how to make love to the camera. Marina invites us into her bonk den, then we acquire the feeling we’re watching one of her private masturbation sessions. This is true gonzo ram of a female who was born for porn.

By the way, there’re 13 rings on Marina Rene’s pussy, but that’s not what attracted us to her. We first spotted her walking around topless at the Venus Display, the world’s largest raunchy expo, in Berlin, Germany, where that babe lives. This babe was trying to acquire attention. That babe got it. Every eye was on her larger than average, floppy pierced bouncy bosoms.

Marina said, “One of my prefered things is to have my husband’s penis in my vagina, a stranger’s penis in my butt and one more female engulfing on my juggs.”

These milk sacks are natural DD-cups. Just thought you’d adore to know.

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Alanna Ackerman – Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Alanna Ackerman said that babe is a sex freak. She is a Florida gal and is used to wearing skimpy little outfits that expose everything all year long. “I adore sex more than life itself. I’ve a astronomical teat fetish so I adore looking at angels that have bigger than run of the mill fun bags. I cant go a day out of fucking. I’m likewise a chronic masturbator.

“Sex in a photo shoot and episode can be more exciting than private sex ‘coz I am gonna be viewed by so many boys that I wish to look as sexy as I can. The sex is a expose. The fashionable garments, the shoes, the dirty poses, being a villein to the man’s cock. In real life, in private, a hotty can coast. But if she urges to attract the attention of thousands of fellows, and keep their attention, it’s a way different story.”

How many bucks has Alanna drilled in her life, on-and-off screen?

“I avoided keeping track when I was Eighteen. At some point you just must give up. Do not worry though. I remember every fellow by something that fellow did I liked or maybe he was just actually hawt.”

Does that babe acquire jointly with girlfriends and describe their hottest carnal encounters and the dudes they’ve had with the humongous dicks?

“I guess u could say this is where I’m a little selfish. I do not love to give the angels names, but, yep, sometimes we chat about the last sexy piece of butt we got. I am just not likewise quick to give out my favorites, the ones I crave for myself.”

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Sandra Star – Three The Hard Way

3 The Inflexible Way

 Three The Stiff Way

Dellon got an added erection bonus anyway his workmen’s compensation when he drilled in Sandra Star’s light bulb in “The Working Man’s Utmost Fantasy.” As in Sandra drilled the pants off him.

Coming home late from a date with the show stopping Sandra, they detect Dellon’s bro Denis passed out in his apartment. Sandra’s meatballs look willing to pop without her low-cut dress and Dellon can not wait to acquire a lip lock on her pointed nipps. His snoozing buddy doesn’t prevent Sandra and Dellon from getting into ottoman and starting to mess around. A giggling Sandra is wide open to Dellon mouthing on her large jutting mounds.

Just as Dellon’s about to give Sandra head, Denis wakes up. This chab acquire to have big busted radar. This doesn’t cock-block Dellon’s act at all. Sandra’s amused and that babe is glad to have Denis join in. That babe can easily handle 2 chaps and double her pleasure. Every charmer receives to bone Sandra’s booty too. The alluring, bountifully-buxom blond is very accommodating! What a vixen!

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Casey Deluxe – Oiled & Showered

Oiled & Showered

Oiled & Showered

Casey Deluxe oils and massages her giant baby bump, then showers in the last segment of our preggy Casey series. Mom and sweetheart are doing worthy. The German delight will be a mama adult model as well as a glamour model mommy.

SCORELAND: Casey, congratulations. How is life since you gave birth?

Casey: It’s a bit stressful but likewise very good with the baby.

SCORELAND: What modeling plans do u have?

Casey: I will go on as before, but now as a MILF glamour model.

SCORELAND: What size are your wobblers now?

Casey: I did not measure ’em but they have grown since the birth. My bra size is now 80K EU (36J US). I’m wearing maternity bras.

SCORELAND: Are your milk cans more sensitive now after childbirth?

Casey: Yeah, they are much more sensitive now than in advance of.

SCORELAND: What makes your teats very rock hard?

Casey: Stroking, massaging, licking with tongue and engulfing.

SCORELAND: Are you producing big amounts of milk?

Casey: Unfortunately, not. I rub-down each single day to improve the performance and I’m using a breast pump.

SCORELAND: U told that u were exceedingly excited during gestation. Are you still as lustful now?

Casey: Oh, yeah. Nothing has changed. I need lots of sex.

SCORELAND: Thank’s, Casey Deluxe.

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Carmen Hayes – Busty Hooker Carmen

Big boobed Hooker Carmen

Busty Hooker Carmen

When it comes to extreme contortionistic sex poses, enthusiasm and hyper-energetic screwing, love screwing with her ankles behind her neck, Carmen Hayes is at the very top of the list of agile and busty sex stars. This scene is likewise in the DVD Big breasted Hookers, a go-to jack episode.

Carmen’s minding her own bad goddess bizness, just holding up her end. Wandering the streets looking for the right hooker, Jean Val Jean (that is French for “John”) is going without his mind. If that chap doesn’t shag soon, he’s plan to need a wheelchair. Then that ladies man spots Carmen. Does this stud have enough bread to receive her to widen? The question’s rhetorical.

Jean eyes Carmen’s wiggle as they stroll to the sleazy motel that that babe calls her work station. Her bountiful jugs get peculiar handling first one time the door is locked, as is merely proper. That babe throat-fucks his meat-thermometer with lots of drool and filthy saliva strings, giving him a meat-thermometer engulfing fit for a king, or at least the CEO of a publicly held corporation.

Carmen discovered how hyper-flexible her joints were when this babe was watching a TV brandish about people with unconventional abilities. She continued to hone her talents in fitness classes and says that babe feels no discomfort in her behind-the-neck pretzel-poses. “If I hadn’t made it in porn, I would almost any definitely have been in a sideshow in a circus,” Carmen told on SCOREtv Season 1 Video 6.

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Terry Nova – Sexy Scoops

Hot Pantoons

Sexy Breasts

Terry’s one of our go-to beauties. Always hot. Always dependable to make a boy cum. This babe was one of the angels who joined SCORE in the Bahamas for the super-DVD Big busted Paradise. We hooked up again with Terry in Prague for hardcore sucking and pussy-stuffing action. Terry has large, heavy F-cup scones that defy the imagination, and this babe always has this look on her face that says, “I wanna engulf your jock.” Terry knows what she’s doing, whether this babe is posing by herself with a dildo or sitting on top of a 10-Pounder and ridin’ the cum with out it. You know her, you adore her, Terry Nova.

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Alysha – It took two to handle Naughty Alysha

It took two to handle Nasty Alysha

It took 2 to handle Wicked Alysha

Florida MILF Nasty Alysha gave two veteran stunt-cocks, Mr. Largo and Sergio, an afternoon’s worth of act so sexy the air conditioner struggled to phat the room. Three’s company? We’re not sure who’s playing Jack and who’s playing Mr. Roper but Alysha is the flawless fuck-slut Chrissy.

The 3 receive on the ottoman and the two bucks suck on her fun bags, one boob to every smooth operator. Alysha urges weenies in her face so they drop their trousers and this babe goes for the double blow and hand job. Sergio eats Alysha’s slit while that babe blows Largo.

Now to the fucking. Mr. Largo provides the first penis for Alysha’s muff. This chab lies back and that babe sits on it whilst engulfing Sergio. They use Alysha’s body in as many different poses as the three of them can think of. Alysha is too very pro at taking facials and eating cum. See more Alysha vids and pictorials at You may get hooked on her.

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Minka – Minka’s Fashion-Titas!

Minka’s Fashion-Titas!

Minka's Fashion-Titas!

Minka tries on more titty-tops and leaves ’em stretched out, if not all of ’em ripped at the seams. When Minka came to the United States in the early 1990s, her boobies were double-D. What was the progression to her current size?

“The first time, I put in TWO,300 ccs,” Minka said. “Then they put in double implants. One was saline and one was silicone, 3,500 ccs, and I could not stand up. I had a neck problem, so right away I went to the doctor and I took them out, and then a new thing came out, inexperienced string, and that is what I have now. But that’s very enormous, too, so I must exercise each morning. Each morning, I do crunches and stretches. I weigh 130 pounds. Before I got those bouncy bosoms I have now. I weighed maybe 90, 95 pounds.”

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