Angela’s locker room layover

Angela’s locker room layover

Angela's locker room layover

Angela has often been called “The Topmost Girlfriend.” She is a real stud pleaser. Many of you know Angela’s background. How she started her career at SCORE and Voluptuous in 2003, how this babe found us and how many hawt movie scenes and DVDs she’s made with us.

“I did not actually acquire much attention from males when I was younger,” Angela told. “I was little and tiny. I did not look much love a female. And I was truly bashful as well. They didn’t pay attention to me. So when I got my scones, my timid just went away. I wouldn’t talk to people before. I would not come out, wouldn’t talk to anyone. So after that, all the lads started paying attention to me. I spent all my money on fetching garments in advance of my zeppelins got bigger, so I owed my mum lots of money. Then my love melons got king-size, and all I had was my little marvelous clothing, so all I wore for a span of about six months was all those impressive garments that fit me love B-cups. So the shirts were stretched right out!”

If there’s any doubt that females (at least the right ones) belong in a locker room, Angela is the corroboration. That Aussie accent is hot, also.

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Totally Coated

Completely Coated

Totally Coated

Roxi Red is in the garage for a car discharge and that babe is clothed like an auto race adult model in a tight and tiny outfit. Except no racing model has ever had Roxi’s incredible mambos and body and never will. Roxi is one of the natural miracles of the world and only a handful are a physical match for her.

Suddenly, torrents of semen spray Roxi, coating her from her neck to her feet. Roxi goes with it and plays with her zeppelins as it keeps coming. Her super-whoppers ooze with the ram and so does her booty so Roxi peels with out her shorts and tops. Our photographer just couldn’t assist himself after filming Roxi the past tiny in number years and lastly exploded. This chab couldn’t hold back anymore and makes sure to acquire the one and the other sides of Roxi so that babe is totally glazed.

Now buffed and undressed, Roxi kicks back and proceeds with her brandish. That babe is one of the super-coolest beauties we know at SCORELAND.

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Holly Halston – Tit-Job Interview

Tit-Job Interview

Tit-Job Interview

Big-Boob blond Holly Halston needs a job indeed badly to pay her bills and keep this bra-shredding nympho in some valuable marvelous clothing and designer underware. So she pounds the pavement and starts going on job interviews at numerous offices. While she knows she needs to get a job, she too knows that her skills are limited. She doesn’t sort, this babe doesn’t take shorthand, she doesn’t file and this babe doesn’t have any PC skills. But does that deter her from trying? Not at any time. Holly knows that although that babe doesn’t necessarily have clerical skills, that babe does have some skills that may land her a position in this particular company. And by position we are referring to either doggy-style or missionary. You watch, Holly knows how to work the knob and all her skills revolve around that. So, she heads over to a company where this babe can try to discover a position underneath the CEO…literally. This babe lays down and lets this man bonk her jugs and spray baby batter all over her. She lets him know that if this babe acquires the gig, she will blow his load for him everyday. Now what boss would turn down an applicant adore Holly?

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Hitomi – Lipstick Nipples

Lipstick Nipples

Lipstick Nipples

Hitomi sucks and kisses her nipples until they are covered in red lipstick and they stay that way for the duration of her cum display as she rubs one out on top of a bar. Hitomi was in Prague for the first time to get it on with Lily Madison and tongue Lily’s taco in two hot girl-girls, one of ’em a kinky fetish party.

Hitomi keeps busy back home in Japan and does plenty of meet and greets at conventions and adult shops. She’s been to the States twice for the yearly Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Sheridan Love, a regular at conventions, got to meet Hitomi, who was either clothed in a Japanese kimono or a skimpy silver swimsuit. Hitomi too met Maserati and Bridgette B. Large boob angels are magnetically attracted to every other.

After reading comments on the Blog and in SCORELAND, Hitomi super-fan Bighorse once wrote about Hitomi adult modeling with SCORE, knowing the situation with Japanese beauties about their cookies having to be obscured. (No problem with the rectal hole; it’s a fur pie thing.)

“I trust u boyz at SCORE with Hitomi. When I 1st heard she was working with a foreign adult company, I thought this could be bad but that babe knew what she was doing. Now I’m highly pleased you chaps are understanding with how Hitomi works and have taken wonderful care of her.”

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Lila Payne – Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne. Lila Payne’s low-cut outfit with its overflowing boobage spilling forth has kind of a Renaissance Fair look. That babe is definitely the kind of girl knights would joust over!

So if a boy receives a session with Lila, what will happen between ’em?

“It can be anything the gent urges. I do traditional headmistress sessions. I do plenty of wrestling and strong-woman sessions for people who like to be picked up and carried around. I do breast feeding. I do wrestling in custard and sploshing. I love the freaky stuff. If you go to my web site, I have these packages I suggest.

“The 1st one is The Sanctuary, which is a really private, passionate girlfriend experience with no kink. The second one is The Awakening, which is for people who are interested in exploring a little bit of kink or they adore the idea of being with a dominating woman or being tied up and used adore a copulate toy. They wanna be with a sexually aggressive dominatrix-bitch, but they don’t know how kink works or what they crave, so I guide ’em through it.

“And then there is The Banquet, which is for people who are more experienced and know what they wish and wanna do. It could be cross dressing or wrestling or smth else. They might have particular scripts they wish to carry out. I create smth really elaborate for ’em with decorations, and the outfits are elaborate, also. It’s a indeed tailored, detailed experience. That’s what I love, when my clients have really special wants. I adore a challenge. I love to make the sessions truly special just for them.”

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Daphne Rosen – Tapping The Tight Tops & Big Tits Girl

Tapping The Tight Tops & Big Marangos Hotty

Tapping The Constricted Tops & Bigger than typical Fun bags Gal

Jewish adult star Daphne Rosen tries on taut tops and the effect is total boner producing. It’s subrigid to even make no doubt of that cuties love Daphne exist in the flesh & blood world. But she’s real. Unbelievably real. After Daphne tanalises, taunts and tantalizes in her tight titty tops, she’s brought to a abode and drilled in the wazoo. That babe will not let the woman chaser jerk off on her and strokes his meat-thermometer herself instead, milking his nuts so she can acquire his nut on her massive bosoms even though his jizz is not kosher. This is greater than typical tit porn for larger than typical tit porn’s sake. No story was needed. It’s true whack-off, go-to material.

“I was type of born for sex,” said Daphne. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no prepossession. My face hole is very, very talented. I can obviously do a great tit toss off. My pussy, I have heard, is absolutely outstanding. My chocolate hole, very accommodating. The one and the other my holes are very constricted at the beginning, and then inside, they apparently give the shlong a real hug. Sometimes it is rock hard to final with me.”

Fate dealt Miss Rosen a great hand.

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Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Lila Payne explained how she 1st got into the pleasure business in Australia where it’s legal and regulated in 3 eastern states, legal and not regulated in the rest of the nation.

“Before I started working as a intimate escort, I worked in a house of ill-fame in Sydney, and I was so full of beans when I started working. I had my earrings and my heels. I was absolutely dolled up in a way I did not get to be. I was so willing to go, and I was young, but I knew what I was doing. So they picked someone to watch me as my first client.

“He was a 30-year-old Indian gentleman. That man was cute and truly bashful. 1st we did this sexual health test where I put on gloves and checked him out. It is an elaborate carnal health test all clients go through, and majority people pass. Then we had a shower and kissed, and it felt completely normal. Then we had sex. It was actually quick and felt great, then I gave him a massage and we talked. Then we had sex again and rubbed, just love a couple would.

“I have people who pay me to sit around and just have pizza with them in our pajamas. And that was it, and I did not come out of the session feeling, ‘Now I’m a floozy.’ I just felt good and happy, and I just went from there. And I feel love I’m fine at it.”

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Christy Marks – Big breasted Riding Academy

Big breasted Riding Academy

Busty Riding Academy

Christy Marks and Terry Nova made quite a partnership in the movie scene Breasty Riding Academy and this scene is the centerpiece of the film as they take on 2 males near the barn. Part raunchy drama, part group boobapalooza, Busty Riding Academy was photographed on the grounds of an old castle near Budapest. Making hay was by no means this intense. “The pairing isn’t unconventional coz one cutie is American and the other is Czech or cuz Terry is a big-bodied Amazonian while Christy is much more small and her mambos are really the solely larger than average part of her body,” wrote SCORE editor Dave. “The pairing is odd coz 2 gals couldn’t be more different.” Christy is more flexible than Terry but otherwise the girls match every other thrust for thrust as they romp and roll. “I can get into some kooky positions,” Christy said, which makes her even more of a candidate for fantasy girlfriend or wife. “I like to be rogered in the piledriver position. I adore rogering and playing with myself at the same time. I do not do it all the time ‘coz some dudes receive really self-conscious adore, “Am I not doing my job right? This sweetheart is playing with herself.” And I must be like, “Yeah, you are doing it right, keep going!” And I adore to indecent talk during sex, too. That receives me hawt. But I don’t talk a lot ‘coz majority men are not into that.”

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