Ms. Yummy Gets Chummy

Ms. Yummy Gets Chummy

Ms. Palatable Receives Chummy

Ms. Palatable can’t live with out walking around in lingerie or bare. We had just the place for her to do that. Whether coming or going, that babe can receive a lady-killer boob-drunk or butt-drunk. This little shapely girl is solely 5’1″ in her in nature’s garb feet and has the sex drive of a few angels in one voluptuous body.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public?

Yummy: I would adore to. I’ve solely been fingered, once in a episode theater. But we didn’t have sex.

SCORELAND: What about anal invasion? Do u adore it?

Yummy: I adore anal play. Licking with tongue and fingering. Having my a-hole spanked and kissed. I had pleasure with Tony in my 1st SCORE shoot. I am still on the fence about real anal-copulation.

SCORELAND: When you give a lad a BJ, do u swallow his man-juice or do you spit?

Yummy: When I give blow jobs, I drink, depending on my perverted mood. I spit sometimes. It can depend on how his load tastes.

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Lezzies In Paradise

Lezzies In Paradise

Lezzies In Paradise

Angela and Christy Marks, two of our most-popular naturals ever, enjoy some tit-sucking and fur pie play on the beach in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. They’re not just doing it for the males at home. They love it, also.

Although they are separated by half the world, Angela and Christy are BBFs (Big breasted Breast Allies). Rencounter in The Bahamas was a highlight of Big Boob Paradise week for ’em. Coupling on the beach was some other highlight. You can see in the pics how fascinated they were by each other’s bodies as they explored their areolas, cookies, asses…every body part. The taste, the feel, the scent…the licking with tongue, giving a kiss and engulfing…it was truly paradise for ’em.

It’s difficult to tell who is the more aggressive of the 2, the more passionate. It seems as if they dared one some other to escalate the heat, staring into each other’s eyes intensely, under nature’s blue canopy.

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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

“I think porno sex and sex at home are a little different,” says Gianna, a mega-porn star who should know. That babe is still one of the best-known breasty sex stars in the world. (She’s retired these days but still works in the adult industry. “I’ve noticed that sex on episode has become more aggressive. I like rough sex, pussy-wise. This is the thing in regards to me doing pornography and my sexuality in general: I feel that it is unyielding to fake emotion, but the emotion that I give is merely what’s provoked by that certain person.

“So, some pornos might not be as hot as others, but that is cuz of the attraction between the gentleman and myself. If this skirt chaser I’m going off with is provoking nice emotions, the movie scene of me that this chab saw that was potty is probably what he’s intend to acquire.”

Gianna and Tony D. go at it just short of a wrestling match. “I like a lot of talk, love when I am getting drilled and this gent is telling me what to do, I am just adore, “Tell me what’s in that naughty rogering mind of yours.” I like to do that while we’re screwing cuz that’s when you receive true emotion. Nobody has time to think. You are too busy trying to copulate, so just trying to throw something in there, it is interesting to see what I get inside return!”

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Stacked For Sex

Stacked For Sex

Stacked For Sex

Patty Michova keeps herself trim and slim and hits her gym each day, all the more magnificant to practice her erotic acrobatics. Now Patty’s back at SCORELAND and her athletic moves keep Max plenty busy in her return to hot and slutty humping. 1st, this babe treats him to a short fashion brandish to elevate his blood pressure.

They say worthy things come to these who wait but Patty doesn’t make him await long at all. The 1st thing this ladies man does is receive Patty on her hands and knees, slip off her belts and check her cum-hole temperature with his tongue thermometer. Patty says getting worthwhile oral job ranks number one for her.

Tit for tat, Patty unleashes her deep-throat BJ skills, mouthing off Max hands-free with lots of saliva and gagging. How that smooth operator managed to not bust a nut during Patty’s wang swallowing is an outstanding expose of self-control. When the shagging starts, Patty and Max run through a flurry of brawny poses right out of a sexology manual. All that’s missing is a hot dancer pole so they can bonk upside-down! Props to Patty. When this babe acquires it on, that babe goes all out.

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Bikini Bustin’

Swimsuit Bustin’

Bikini Bustin'

What would u do if u were vacationing and saw Roxi Red in a swim dress at poolside? Walk over to her and say u recognize her from SCORELAND? Gawk? Suggest to buy her a pina colada? Ask if you could take a selfie with her? All of the above?

What’s the most valuable way to receive Roxi’s attention?

“Pay attention to me and be a wonderful listener,” Roxi advises. “I love a Lothario with a positive attitude, anybody who knows how to give nutty compliments.”

Having her bazookas sucked and getting licked heat Roxi up. “When I see my latest vids, I acquire turned on. It is made me crave more sex. I don’t have any favorite positions. I adore ’em all.”

Roxi thought her love muffins were near a triple-K a while agone. Now they’re in the L division.

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Super Nova

Super Nova

Super Nova

“Nothing could be more enjoyment than doing what I have been doing. Sex!” Terry Nova says. She is a very quiet beauty but her curves are very loud. “I must voyage, meet people, receive all the sex I crave and live well.”

“I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter and I do not want one. I am just not interested. Maybe some other time. I adore to dance and study art in my spare time. I don’t play any sports and I don’t check out any sports”

“I love to wear a sports undergarment almost any of the time. I can buy them in a shop if they have large sufficient sizes for me. I definitely adore to emphasize my milk sacks at all times. I wear tight dresses and sweaters. They get me tons of attention and I adore it!”

Terry goes looking throughout a wardrobe closet loaded with gal stuff. That babe checks out a brassiere that babe finds but receives what she is indeed looking for by digging deeper.

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A Hot Ride For A Busty Bride

A Sexy Ride For A Big breasted Bride

A Hawt Ride For A Big boobed Bride

Breasty Arianna Sinn is a cutie you’d be satisfied to bring home to meet Mother and daddy. They would encourage u to marry a girl like her. Imagine the wedding night when all the formal stuff is finished and u can have joy the velvety and supple body of your fresh bride all to yourself.

Arianna was an potty bride in this dream scene. “I know tons of people do not have sex on their wedding night, but that is what I want! I’d give you the almost any priceless orall-service I have ever given coz u are my angel. We would shag however u wanted, and maybe I’d engulf u some more. And you could cum in my fur pie if you wanted cuz you would be my hubby, but perhaps you would love to cum on my milk sacks. Whatever you urge, I’m yours now. Each night is my honeymoon night.”

After Thomas ties the knot with Arianna, he unhooks her corset and savors every inch of this Romanian mastix.

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Sweater Buster

Sweater Buster

Sweater Buster

Minka brandishes how that babe stretches out constricted sweaters in this layout. The matching episode is part of the DVD Big busted Sex tool Paramours 4. It is 2002 and Minka exudes confidence and assurance of her powers. But that wasn’t the case in the starting.

“The first time I was on a expert stage was In Fresh York at Recent York Dolls. Just topless. I had to wear a G-string. I didn’t have any costumes. I was wearing army impressive raiment. Easy. But the men threw money! The 1st time I was on stage, I was very nervous cuz so many people were watching plus I didn’t know when to take off my impressive garments.

“So I started throwing off my gracious clothing, and every fellow was holding cash. I danced for four songs. I liked it. Make the gent slutty? I like it. Why? Coz of the look in their eyes! View Tiger Woods. It doesn’t matter how much money a lady-killer has, his brain is not up here. A man’s brain is down here!”

Minka knows how the male brain operates.

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