Three’s Not A Crowd

Three’s Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

Three’s Not A Crowd was the first three-some that Brittany O’Neil did with 2 bucks. Miss O’Neil one time teamed with the amazing mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one boy but this scene was her 1st time with two chaps at the same time.

While Brittany changes into hot lingerie in her bedroom, her bonk dates sit on the sofa and speak in hushed tones about the opportunity they have been handed.

Brittany returns, looking sexy-generous and ready for a filthy ride. They lay back as that babe strokes their rock hard rods, one knob in every expert hand. This is the woman who wrote the handbook on hawt porn-sex.

A date with Brittany may not end at the door.

“I usually love to crawl up on the guy’s lap and tanalize him and get him real rock hard and touch him through his pants, and then I’ll acquire down on my knees. This chab is sitting on the daybed because I wish him to be relaxed, and then I’ll commence giving him head.

“Then we’ll bonk, then I’ll give him head another time, then he’ll cum. I love to see my charmer, but I might close my eyes one time in a while, too. I do not desire to make him nervous. On the other hand, some boys are indeed into it when their cutie keeps her eyes open whilst this babe is giving him head, so I’ll do that, too.

“Guys go potty when their beauty swallows and acts love she truly loves the smack of their cum. I love the smack of it or else I would not do it. But almost all of all, I just urge to make my hubby feel fine.”

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Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can U Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Fresh air and sunshine do a body worthwhile, and when that body belongs to super-chica Sofia Damon, look out for these big swinging milk shakes. They could knock a lad out. The fickle finger of fate pointed at Sofia when she was fourteen and chose her to develop the kind of bra-busting love bubbles that other vixens pay to acquire.

Sofia takes her workout session outdoors. Oozing in place, jumping, swinging and hopping, her enormous natural love bubbles are not strapped down by a sports undergarment. They’re free to move out of restraint. (Some much smaller-busted beauties wear two sports bras when they workout.)

The movie scene too includes brain-freezing slow motion that can easily make a boy boob-drunk after a scarcely any minutes. Sofia, who’s in great shape, doesn’t play sports or workout regularly.

After her workout, Sofia gets totally nude for a different kind of exercise, digital manipulation of her soaked, pink pussy.

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Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

“I think boyz mostly look in my eyes, but if they are looking at my chest, I do not say anything. Sometimes I’m not looking at their eyes, either! I love when a dude can acquire me talking. If I am appreciating the conversation, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Glamour models should relish and Cheryl Blossom appears like this babe is having fun on-camera, whether it is in a studio or doing livecam exposes.

“I consider myself to be 95% heterosexual. Sometimes my ally and I are on the web digital camera together but anything that happens there’s just kidding. Now I am collision more big boobed cuties adore myself and it’s very thrilling.”

Cheryl takes over the home bar in this shoot and makes the countertop her stage. Swallow up!

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Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

“I love to flirt, I adore to dance, I adore to have joy,” told Lana Ivans.

“I go to the Fitness Centre to stay in shape and I eat a healthy diet. I eat lots of corn.”

Corn? Does corn stimulate breast growth? Or is being Romanian the true reason?

“I think it’s our secret,” Lana told with a laugh. “I do not have somebody in my family who’s as large as me.”

So if a skirt chaser wishes a big-boobed wife, this guy should look in Romania? “Yeah, for sure!”

Lana has an weird hobby, the kind a nerd has, not a sexy honey bunny. That babe collects foreign currency and coins.

Another fitness program Lana follows is sex. “I like to ride on top. U can burn tons of chunky with sex.” Some other Romanian secret revealed here.

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As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

One of the majority photogenic of all the SCORE and Voluptuous Angels, Karina Hart was a Slovakian art student who liked to check out South Park and practice yoga when she contacted TSG.

Like other newcomers who ignited a sensation when she debuted, Karina had no idea that this babe would become one of the all-time greatest big-bust stars.

“I at not time dreamed it would be love this when I discovered SCORE,” Karina said. “I thought I would model one time or twice and that would be it. I didn’t plan on becoming a star.” Karina would eventually glamour model in England, Hungary, Prague and St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Karina won Voluptuous magazine’s Arse of the Year so many times, that contest was ended.

SCORE mag Vol. 28 No. 1 dedicated the issue to “Ten Years of Karina Hart,” with a three-image cover of the Slovakian big-bust star and a 10-page layout.

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Diana Frost’s Horny & Hot Big-Tit Threesome

Diana Frost’s Lascivious & Hawt Big-Tit Three-some

Diana Frost's Amorous & Hawt Big-Tit Threesome

Diana Frost talked about her dreams. That babe can get as much sex as she urges. Is there some specific kind of sex this babe desires to have?

“I just want to have sex with 2 lads,” Diana replied.

“I also want one man and another female-dominant. Cuties often want me so sometimes I assent.”

Tom Holland and Steve Q. are standing by to give Diana the intense two-man threesome that babe commented about. They stand and view as Diana enters the room in lingerie and stockings, brandishes them her big boobed body and touches her nipples and clit.

Tom and Steve flank busty Diana and take a breast each, vigorously engulfing on her teats. This babe reaches for their schlongs, unbending from the fellows looking at her, and jerks ’em, then gives every one her oral smack test, mouthing and touching with tongue.

Diana’s partners like to play with and fuck her large bumpers and these 2 mad-men zero in on her now-wet milk sacks, taking turning squeezing ’em together with their dicks sandwiched inside her cleavage. One skirt chaser fucks her boobs during the time that the other stud fills Diana’s face hole. “Some studs only love to play with my bra-busters ‘cuz they say they’ve by no means watched bazookas so greater than standard,” Diana told us.

Steve goes down on Diana, then screws her while Tom keeps Diana occupied eating his wang. They swap sides and poses, screwing, engulfing, grinding and pumping until the boyz, now delirious, can no longer hold back and squirt all over Diana’s velvety globes.

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Star Boobs

Star Zeppelins

Star Boobs

Max provides the charmer service succulent blond German bra-buster Sandra Star likes. That chap should feel honored and blessed to be chosen for this scene.

“What satisfies me depends on the smooth operator I’m with,” Sandra said. “I don’t have a prefered position. Every one is quite priceless. My cunt is constricted. My a-hole is tighter than my snatch. I’m confident so a buck should be more assertive than me. As for going out, I am old-school. I like elegant dinner dates so we can talk and flirt first.”

“People ask me if I’ve any fetishes. I tell ’em not actually but I do adore kinky shoes.”

The green-eyed blonde doesn’t smoke. Except when she’s taking her hot clothes off. Then that babe truly smokes.

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