Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Pint-sized Colombian Grisha Petrov is a diminutive, living sex-doll. She’s married to a liberal spouse but as Grisha told, “I receive rod. He’s not allowed to acquire the fur pie. He likes to see me drilled by another ladies man. My husband filmed me with a younger buck who was Twenty five years old.”

Grisha was attracted to porn and sex with guys. She was a swinger but not a nudist. “It excites me for people to see my body scantily clad or in hot garments. My allies know that I love sex and I am very open-minded.” A boy needs to eat foods high in zinc and lecithin to keep a lady adore this proud.

“I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I earned a Masters Degree. I worked in retail sales for Eighteen years. I’m cheerful with my life.”

Grisha has some remarkable sex dreams.

“I love to fantasize that my boyfriend holds me during the time that numerous males shag me and cum inside me and during the time that their cum is leaking with out me, my hubby copulates me.”

Sounds like a lady who needs to wear inflammable briefs.

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Glamour Girl

Glamour Hotty

Glamour Girl

Estelle’s initial appearance for SCORE and the follow-up generated lots of comments. The magazine readers were slightly more prolific in their praise for Estelle than SCORELAND members.

When she was entered in the 2012 Greenhorn of the Year contest, M.S. voted for her and wrote, “Estelle is the almost all purely glamorous dominant-bitch of all of the nominees. That babe has a glamorous face to go with her flawless petite and stacked natural figure. Estelle is the sweet goddess next door. I hope that we will watch her for a ages to come.”

Hitomi wound up winning that contest but there is always the next level Porn star of the year contest.

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Shanie Gaviria: Total Oil Immersion

Shanie Gaviria: Total Baby oil Immersion

Shanie Gaviria: Total Oil Immersion

Wearing a bikini at poolside, a bottle of greasy oil nearby, Shanie Gaviria urges to know the answers to these questions:

“Does my a-hole look priceless? Do you like my ass? How do my scoops look?”

The answers are: Yep. Absolutely. Wondrous.

“They are king-size,” Shanie says. “I love my breasts. It is the sexiest part of my body. I like to stroke my bazookas.”

A accomplished showgirl, Shanie coats her suckable funbags and curvy body in baby oil. She gleams love a statue underneath the Colombian sun as she pets her slick bawdy cleft.

“For me, all chicks are attractive, strong and blessed. I consider that we are a compound of the one and the other physical and mental virtues. A guy need to be very gentlemanly and conquer my mind first to receive my attention. Then we will see what happens next.”

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Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Big Tits

Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Large Bra buddies

Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Greater than average Tits

Brittany Elizabeth, who was born in Florida and now lives in Hawaii, has an outstanding rack that does justice to taut tops of any kind: reservoirs, T-shirts, sweaters, tube tops. She overflows her swimsuit tops and bras.

Brittany used to work in a bank. Adult modeling is much more joy for her and that babe is a fan of other super-busty SCORE Angels. This babe has mega-energy and glows with positive vibes so Hawaii is the right place for her to call home.

“I’m gorgeous assertive,” told Brittany. “I like having my areolas sucked and bit. Giving head indeed turns me on. I always swallow. My motto is spitters are quitters.”

Brittany was a cheerleader for nine years. “I had sex wearing a cheerleader uniform on the 50-yard line. I haven’t had a three-some but I’d consider having one with some other angel and my hubby.”

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Triangle Of Sex

Triangle Of Sex

Triangle Of Sex

Talk about a hawt wife. Alyssa Lynn and Tony are entertaining Peter at their place. Alyssa has prepared a wonderful dinner as the studs talk business and she’s looking babely as she always does in a constricted costume that emphasizes her curves and big bra buddies.

Peter is reluctant to talk shop. Tony calls over Alyssa and has her sit on his lap. His pitch is coming. She breaks off a piece of bread and feeds her man. Tony makes Peter an offer that this lady-killer can not refuse. A 50-50 partnership in everything. Including Tony’s sexy wife Alyssa. Not 50% of her. Not just her zeppelins. Not just her legs. All of Alyssa.

Tony’s not above pimping out his wife to seal this deal and Alyssa is avid to be pimped. That buck tells Alyssa to feed Peter a piece of bread likewise. And then feed him her big scones too. Peter accepts. Why not? Peter acquires a recent business husband and this chab receives to bonk his partner’s hot hubby. The details can be hammered out later.

Tony and Peter stand up and flank Alyssa. This babe drops to her knees to jack and noisily engulf their schlongs. They take her over to the bed and their 50-50 deal starts. Since Peter is the guest, this woman chaser acquires to slip into Alyssa’s constricted little pussy-hole first while this babe blows Tony in the 1st phase of their triangle of sex!

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A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

While Casca Akashova is primping in the washroom, getting ready for date night with Oliver Flynn, he’s in ottoman fully dressed, surfing the net on his phone and complaining about envisaging.

Admirable things come to these who expect but there are these who can not wait to come, the result of today’s instant gratification, no-waiting society. So when Casca walks into the bedroom in a fashionable raiment, Oliver receives an eyeful and can’t control himself. The date is postponed during the time that they acquire down to getting down.

That fellow begins making out with Casca and she returns the passion, engulfing his ramrod and squeezing her whoppers jointly for a tit-fucking. Casca spreads her legs open for Oliver’s tongue on her shaved bawdy cleft.

Now willing for the knob, Casca’s legs are widen wider for Oliver to penetrate her and pump with deep strokes. Then it is Casca’s turn to pump. She likes to squeeze her meatballs and rub her clit when she’s getting rogered. Making the sounds of raunchy joy, she gets on top and bounces on his pole in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, a free hand fondelling his nuts. She urges him to pop and this buck does, all over her marvelous face. Casca has a way of eye-banging that drives lads desirous.

When Casca first took a bow, SCORE mag editor Dave advised blog readers who kept asking about hardcore to be patient, even though we didn’t know whether Casca would spread her cunt, let alone come to a completion to do XXX. Patience is everything.

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Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

Billi Bardot: Taut, Tighter, Tightest

Billi Bardot: Taut, Tighter, Tightest

It is a constricted tops reveal with Carolina honey Billi Bardot. She’s brought a scarcely any of her favorite outfits that unveil off her super-slim, super-stacked silhouette. Afterwards, Billi lies back and finger-bangs her hairless cum-hole.

“My breasts are 34M,” said Billi, a dancer and now a sex star. “I have bras made or I can squeeze them into Gs off the rack but I need to make the thong smaller. My ribcage is merely 32 inches. I’ve my bras made in France. They make tons of fine stuff over there for girls with greater than average melons, like sports bras. The sports bras here are a matter of joke. You cant run in these.

“I don’t even notice my bouncy bosoms majority of the time. I just love how they’re comfortable and cushioned, and when I am bored, I always have smth to do. I always have somewhere to put a gulp. They come in handy. I was in a home improvement store and carrying around a Red Bull and I didn’t have anywhere to put it while I looked at ram so I just stuffed the can right between ’em.”

Billi may not notice her large juggs almost any of the time but we do…all of the time, each time.

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Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Bikini Busting

Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Swim dress Busting

Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Swimsuit Busting

Aly Guzman is a fully loaded swim suit buster, but don’t take our word for it. The substantiation, as always, is in the pix and vids. Smooth operator, is this babe sexy!

Our photo team gave Aly a bottle of suntan baby oil and stepped back as this babe went total immersion, her bigger in size than average meatballs shining under the sun.

“I feel lewd when dudes love to view me and view what I do. It gives me joy to know how much boys adore me. They always tell me that I have a specific body and that I drive ’em mad. People often stare or say ‘Look at those delicious large bra buddies.'”

With her rack, Aly is an eye-catcher, coming at ya or walking away.

“I love to draw attention by dressing in a way that flaunts off my shape. I wear a bra depending on the outfit I’m gonna put on. Sometimes I do not need to if I’m wearing a top that supports my whoppers.”

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