Big Tits And Hot Wheels

Greater than average Breasts And Hawt Wheels

Big Funbags And Hot Wheels

SCORE doesn’t discharge very many hot-chick-on-a-motorcycle pictorials. In the past, there have been several with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Slone Ryder, Mia Starr, Christy Marks, Merilyn Sakova, Chica and Scarlet LaVey.

Amy Anderssen‘s a badass biker floozy and this babe does it so well, she appears adore she was born to have this mean road machine betwixt her hawt legs.

We don’t know if Amy rides but this babe did talk about her auto-erotic habits behind the wheel of her car.

“I drive charming fast. I am adore a New York taxi cab driver. That’s what my allies say. I am in and out of lanes. I don’t sit in traffic, and I’m pretty good at it. My pointer sisters are dangling over the steering wheel. I drive love a race-car driver.”

That is a Triumph Bonneville T100 Dark with a banana seat that Amy has parked her hawt butt on. With her strong sex-drive and big twin carburetors, Amy and that “Bonnie” are a ideal match.

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Minka On South Beach

Minka On South Beach

Minka On South Beach

Minka toured South Beach while shooting segments for the ultimate DVD Maximum Minka and came close to causing several fender benders. The photo of Minka standing nonchalantly at a bus stop is a classic. She caused quite a stir with passersby who spotted this super-vixen walking around Miami Beach. In a tight top, jeans and boots, Minka channels cult star Tura “Varla” Satana of 1960’s drive-in and Russ Meyer movie fame. If there is an award for longevity and dedication in the big boob community, Minka wins it, boobs down.

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Anastasia L’Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

Anastasia L’Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

Anastasia L'Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

“Whether or not I crave to emphasize my knockers, depends on the place and occasion or event,” told super-busty Anastasia L’Amour.

“If I’m going grocery shopping or to the gym, I’m definitely wearing a jogging outfit with sneakers, very low-key. But if I’m going out on a date, or to a club or a peculiar event such as Exotica, or filming a scene and doing photo discharges, then I am 100% gonna be emphasizing my love muffins and I will costume to the nines.

“As a teenager, I was a cheerleader and in my early Twenty’s, I started to do competitive swimsuit contests. I don’t do those anymore. I mainly focus on my daily workout routine with my tutor at the gym and my diet. Yoga and meditation are lifestyle choices I have now as well. Even when I’m touring, I will stick to my routine whether or not my tutor is there.”

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Shanie Gaviria: SCORE Super-Stunner Sensacional

Shanie Gaviria: SCORE Super-Stunner Sensacional

Shanie Gaviria: SCORE Super-Stunner Sensacional

When we were planning a journey to Colombia for several new angels, including Sofia Santana, we knew we had to see someone we previously photographed and load up on her one more time. Luckily, Shanie Gaviria was available during the dates of our visit.

SCORELAND: So, Shanie, how does a petticoat chaser acquire on your good side?

Shanie: Being a gentleman. I love being treated adore a princess.

SCORELAND: Would you have sex on a first date?

Shanie: It is a possibility but I prefer to know more about the person.

SCORELAND: Did u watch the scenes you shot last time in our studio?

Shanie: Yeah, they are spectacular.

SCORELAND: Did u view them alone or with somebody?

Shanie: Alone.

SCORELAND: What do you think about ’em?

Shanie: The sensuality I felt at the time of making the scenes was reflected.

SCORELAND: How did you feel overall?

Shanie: Honestly, SCORE really treated me like a princess, a top adult model, in everything. It was splendid.

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Well Rounded

Well Rounded

Well Rounded

“Watching my own scenes turns me on,” said Anastasia Lux. “I likewise learn from them so I can get even more precious.”

Anastasia knows that she turns-on each fellow and quite a scarcely any vixens, with her tighter-than-tight dresses…like this red number. On-camera, that babe builds up the expectation until that babe peels off the suit to flaunt her spectacular body: massive, dark-skinned areolae capping humongous 34H-cup juggs, thick haunches and fleshy ass-cheeks.

Naked beaches and resorts are not Anastasia’s speed.

“No way, not for me. I am indeed coy in my private life. I’m quite discreet. I have at not time done public nudity. If, however, I am hired to go an a hedonism-style vacation somewhere, then I become Anastasia Lux–my alter ego–and can definitely let loose.

Some of the more artistically inclined readers send in artwork of their favorites. CW from Canada once emailed Voluptuous mag his Anastasia illustration. We forwarded it to Anastasia and that babe enjoyed it.

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The Fucking Machine

The Screwing Machine

The Rogering Machine

SCORE editor Dave wakes up sleepyheads Helen and Erin Star, one as well as the other slumbering side-by-side in their cottage. This stud has the next challenge especially for ’em. Helen wakes up 1st, then this babe wakes up Erin.

By video-phone, Dave tells Erin and Helen what their challenge will be.

“Hello, gals. I am intend to keep this short and sweet: I, as well as every other SCORE Fellow and V-Man, has always fantasized about sisters. You 2 are the bustiest, sexiest, most-beautiful sisters I’ve ever seen, and I want you to put on a flaunt for me. We wanna know which Star sister is sexier.”

Right off the snap, Erin declares that she is the sexiest. Helen disagrees, certainly. The challenge is on.

Taking off their night-clothes, Erin and Helen, telepathic but competitive, initiate to flaunt who is the sexiest sister by grinding, gyrating, playing with their stupendous billibongs, engulfing on their nipples and fondelling their slick love tunnels.

“Great flaunt, cuties, but we’re not done yet,” Dave tells them. “What I’ve always dreamed of is having sex with two sisters, and this might be the best chance I ever acquire. I’d adore you beauties to acquire up and walk to the veranda and see what I’ve for u.”

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Year after year, Minka never fails to pull in a huge number of votes. Model of the Year winner in 2006 and Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2013, Minka has modeled since 1994 and gives no indication of retiring like so many of her peers have. She is determined to win MOY again in the future.

Minka’s amazingly huge tits and super-slim body, a result of her dedication to daily tennis practice, has the look of an Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge painting come to life.

In general, Minka does better in the paper ballot voting than online. One of the reasons for this is she has many long-term fans since 1994 who are more SCORE magazine readers and DVD collectors than they are web members. They never left the Minka party. These are guys who bought Maximum Minka (the history of her career with SCORE) and every DVD and magazine she appears in.

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Aly Guzman & Sofia Santana: Tit Chat

Aly Guzman & Sofia Santana: Tit Chat

Aly Guzman & Sofia Santana: Tit Chat

Aly Guzman and Sofia Santana take a break from shooting to spend some time chatting with the SCORE studio stylist. English captions were added since the complete chat is in Spanish. First, the cuties in swimsuits chat at swimming pool side and have a beer. Then they go indoors, change into different tops and bottoms, and proceed their conversation. They talk about being a busty goddess and how they like their toys. What a fun couple of stacked honey bunnys with voluptuous bodies and monumental marangos.

“Thanks to SCORE for the opportunity. For bringing us to this attractive abode. We are having a great time. They have treated us adore queens. We lack no thing. Attention, understanding, anything is very nice.”

“What do u want to say to your fans?”
“Hi, boyz, my name is Aly Guzman. I’ll be envisaging for u.”
“Hello, my name is Sofía Santana and I wanna please you and for u to know more about me.”

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