Breast Intentions

Breast Intentions

 Breast Intentions

A TSG editor once noted that “Goldie Blair looks like one of those way-too-hot young moms who goes to her kids’ back-to-school and meet-the-parents nights.” In other words, a soccer MILF.

While Goldie is not a mom herself, the writer did tap into one of the fantasy roles that Goldie can cos-play. Goldie could also be a uniformed cop, a school teacher or a doctor. She’s best known as a wrestler and a domina, totally in control of both men and women, but sometimes winds up bound and gagged. Goldie says she’s not sure if she actually has any personal fetishes of her own although she has a blast at role-playing and has made it her life’s path.

Brit-born Goldie made her first SCORE appearance in the January 2004 edition but debuted in April 2000 Leg Sex magazine and returned in July 2002 Naughty Neighbors.

Goldie’s “Breast Intentions” here are to dress casually in a tight halter top, denim skirt and heels, strip down, hop into bed and pet the pussy until it purrs. Goldie doesn’t neglect her big, shapely boobs and gives them lots of attention too.

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The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

It’s always a pleasure to see Daria. She was one of the eight super-naturals in On Location North Coast. A fan herself of the SCORELAND Girls, Daria was enchanted by her island-mates and they were enchanted by her.

What makes Daria happy is “drinking wine at the seashore, thinking about the universe and enjoying the fullness of the moment.”

“I like a man to take the lead, keeping everything under control. I’m also into teasing. I like him to be natural, sincere, funny, emotional and intelligent. I guess that’s enough for the first time.

“If you were to ask me what my best qualities are, I would say I’m honest, ambitious, open-minded and I’m always ready to help. Physically, I really like my natural beauty, my eyes, lashes, my non-standard, sexy body shape and my skin.”

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Bra-vo For Jenni Noble

Bra-vo For Jenni Noble

Bra-vo For Jenni Noble

Jenni Noble has several bras laid out on the ottoman for her examination. That babe checks herself out in a full-length mirror and approves of the way her 38H bumpers are busting with out her brassiere and blouse. We likewise approve.

“It felt great to be back,” Jenni said. “I missed shooting, and everybody was very thoughtful and amiable with my return.”

Jenni has very pliable hooters. That babe can easily tug and pull on her teats. We’ve an expression around here: pointer sisters love taffy. Many beauties can not tug and stretch their hooters cuz it can be painful. She’s even done it in her hardcore scenes during the time that that babe is screwing.

Jenni tries on the bras, approving or disapproving of ’em. One brassiere is way likewise tiny for her. “I always wear a brassiere unless I’m sleeping,” Jenni said. “I get to be fitted. I can’t buy them off the rack. When I am dressing to brandish my cuties off, I love a plunging neckline to expose my cuties.”

After her under garment try-outs, Jenni switches her attention to her vagina. This babe reaches unfathomable into the bush and pats her love tunnel fast and stiff. “I masturbate at least once a day.”

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Chesty Czech Chick

Chesty Czech Playgirl

Chesty Czech Chick

Veronika keeps a low-profile and doesn’t look for publicity and exposure in the big-tit world. Not to be confused with another prolific, now-retired Veronika who starred in Big boobed Euro Maids, this Veronika got into adult modeling in 2003 and started at SCORELAND in 2005.

Veronika goes back to “civilian” life periodically, then resurfaces, usually with different colored hair, sometimes slimmer, sometimes heavier but with the same lusty, Big-Boob attitude and adore for the aggressive 10-Pounder pounding into her.

“I love boyz. I once said I adore a fellow who is an brute in daybed and controls me. I do not have so much interest in making movie scenes with cuties but I do have fantasies of fuckfests with males and women.

“Guys are always talking to me, wanting to take me home. One told to me ‘You have valuable, greater than typical eyes.’ That was a matter of joke.”

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Shut Up & Suck Them

Shut Up & Engulf Them

Shut Up & Engulf Them

Roxanne Diamond and her buddy Amorina are close allies of the Duchess of Dugs, the great Joana. Joana is a bare modeling mentor to the girls and brought them to SCORE.

“Guys are always asking me questions about my scoops or making compliments,” Roxanne told. “Not every buck, but tons of ’em. I suppose if I go out for the night, at least 2 or three boyz will talk about my mammaries and ask questions. The main question is whether they are real or not. Yep, they are real.

“If a stranger has manners and is a gentleman, I will be cheerful to make conversation. Certainly a not many chaps that are not gentlemen–men in the street–make comments that are not fine. I don’t pay any attention to them.

“I truly don’t have any carnal dreams, just being with a sensuous, passionate smooth operator who is virile. Sometimes I like to be tied up when I make love with a stud. I haven’t had sex in public and I don’t have arse slam but sometimes I feel adore trying it.”

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Rack It

Rack It

Rack It

Outside of a few photos Minka once mailed our office a few years ago, we’ve never seen Minka whacking tennis balls on a court. We asked if we could photograph her playing in one of her personal tennis outfits. We didn’t want a pictorial of Minka with tennis as a theme. We wanted to photograph Minka actually playing against an opponent on a real tennis court. The tennis pro who partnered with her for this series of photos was shocked at her extraordinary skills, how hard she hit and how she could handle her racket with such big tits. “She’s unbelievable,” he said. “Minka could beat any female player at this club and most of the men.”

Indeed, back home in Las Vegas, Minka is a sought-after teammate at tournaments and regularly travels out of state to play in singles and women’s doubles matches. Minka also plays in charity benefits and usually wins. Minka practices nearly every day and that’s no mean feat in Nevada’s brutal spring and summer heat. She’s not just the world’s #1 Asian Big-Boob Queen. She’s the world’s #1 Asian Big-Boob tennis superstar.

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Billi Bardot gets her man

Billi Bardot gets her lady-killer

Billi Bardot receives her man

Wearing a taut dress, Billi Bardot is putting on a unveil for JMac who’s out side watching throughout a glass door. This babe primps and runs her hands over her buxom body and humongous melons. JMac comes in to feel her up and suck her teats, lick her cookie, slam-fuck her love a superman and feed her cock. She’s diminutive, light and easy to pick up and blast in any position, including standing up.

“I’m very high-maintenance cuz I’m very demanding, but as far as the usual stuff that beauties are high-maintenance about, I run around with no makeup on,” Billi told. “I’ll throw my hair up in a ponytail. I don’t care, but emotionally, I’m very high-maintenance ‘coz I expect a chap to be ambitious. I wait a charmer to have aspirations, and if this stud doesn’t, he’s going to acquire hell from me. I can not stand laziness. I am greatly assured in every area of my life, but I merely have one fantasy and that’s to be dominated in the bedroom, and I have by no means met a dude who could do that.

“I’m still learning what my favorite position is, surprisingly. If I’m with anybody I like, variations of missionary are my favorite. If it is carefree sex, variations of ’em taking me doggystyle are my much loved.”

JMac has Billi overspread in both poses and more.

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Built For Bikinis

Buff For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Savannah Stevens has a body that’s athletic for bikinis, so doing the right thing was easy. A sunny day and a swimsuit goddess getting naked…what could be better?

“I love to be nude,” told Savannah. “I hate wearing sexy clothing. I am naked at home constantly.”

Savannah’s beloved thing is to be drilled doggy position while this babe eats out the slit of a very hot-looking gal.

“I’ve always wanted to try a clit piercing but I’m likewise scared! My fantasy is to be fucked doggie-style during the time that eating out a hawt gal. It may not be a talent to some but I can take over 2 feet of wang. You’d at not time wait it since I’m so tiny!” Wait, what!? Who’s got a 24-inch dong?

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