Good Golly, Miss Holly Garner

Good Golly, Miss Holly Garner

Good Golly, Miss Holly Garner

Voluptuous magazine editor Dave was about to send Volume 28 Number 3 off to the printers. Then he found out Holly Garner was being photographed. It was a real “Stop the presses!” moment because he wanted to get Holly into the issue. We haven’t had one of those STP events in a while.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Holly Garner: I am very romantic. I like cute walks through city streets, and coffee and croissants in a cozy cafe. But even more, I like it when we spend enough time on a passionate date and then rush home burning with passion.

SCORELAND: Are you into any kinky stuff?

Holly Garner: Nothing special. But let’s just say I like to feel defenseless.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate?

Holly Garner: Yes, I have fantasies, like all bad girls.

SCORELAND: What are those fantasies?

Holly Garner: They are about domination and passion. I’ve always liked being weaker.

SCORELAND: Do you have any special talents we should know about?

Holly Garner: I used to write heartfelt poems.

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Minka: Boyfriend Stealer

Minka: Boyfriend Stealer

Minka: Boyfriend Stealer

Minka is cleaning dishes in the kitchen when someone knocks on the door. For the record, Minka often wears sexy, low-cut tube dresses when she runs her domestic errands.

At the door is Jason, who introduces himself as her daughter’s boyfriend. That’s news to Minka. Jason’s there to meet her daughter. She takes him by the hand and leads him into the living room so she can grill him while they wait. He’s never met Minka and knows nothing about her. Doesn’t know who the world’s #1 Asian big-bust star is. Jason is clearly not a SCORE reader. He’s in for an education.

While making small talk, Jason subconsciously rubs his bulge. “Why are you playing with your dick?” Minka asks. He tells Minka he can’t control himself looking at her huge breasts and slim, tight body. Minka moves his hand and squeezes his junk, making an assessment. “Yah, you’re really big,” an impressed Minka says. “She never told me you’re this big.”

Jason asks if he can touch Minka’s tits. He gets the okay, and to make it easier, Minka lowers her dress to expose her mega-boobs. Jason quickly forgets why he’s there and who he’s there to see when Minka decides to give him a blow job. Minka usually prefers small cocks, but she’ll make an exception for Jason.

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Blondie Bombshell & Her Big Bombs

Blondie Bombshell & Her Big Bombs

Blondie Bombshell & Her Big Bombs

“I like big cock,” eye-banging Blondie Bombshell says in a seductive purr. She reaches into Milan’s pants to extract the dick she wants to suck, lick and stroke.

Blondie makes cock-worshipping sounds with Milan’s dick filling her mouth. He takes turns fucking Blondie’s boobs and her mouth. She spits on his dick to lube it for smooth sliding between her tits.

Blondie lowers her pussy on Milan’s pole in a reverse cowgirl and then switches to a cowgirl. She turns around and gives him her back so he can fuck her in a doggie position. They finish their fucking with Blondie beneath him getting railed in missionary.

Porn star Blondie said she doesn’t have any more sexual fantasies. She’s fulfilled them all.

“I have already had so many sexual experiences in my life that I no longer have any real fantasies,” Blondie said.

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U Bang Dominno

U Bang Dominno

U Bang Dominno

Opinions differ on this, but it seems like Czech chicks live on the wild side more than any other nationality. Here, Dominno worships the faceless SCORE Man with her tongue, big tits and slit in P.O.V. She gives him a sweet smile and a sexy look and knows she’s in for it.

What is it about these Czech girls that makes them so sexed-up? There are many theories. The proof is in their near-obsessive worship of cock on-camera. Most Czech models that do adult do XXX porn. Few do nudity alone. In fact, we have filmed them. But most have few limits, unlike Brits and Americans who vary in their boundaries and limits on-camera.

Her friend hands Dominno a tiny top so he can savor how her jugs look in it before he fucks the shit out of her. She expects a pounding or she’ll be dissatisfied. These girls crave male power, domination and control. That’s why they are doing this in the first place, not to mention that SCORE pays well and treats them like princesses.

After modeling numerous times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czech Republic, Dominno retired from porn and got married. Her wedding was filmed for a reality show in the Czech Republic. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles because the newlyweds are riders. But ya know, there really is no such thing anymore as retirement for a model. They can make a comeback whenever they want.

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Fill Miss Halston’s Asshole

Fill Miss Halston’s Asshole

Fill Miss Halston's Asshole

Are you glad you enrolled in adult education classes? Porn star Holly Halston will be the instructor of your human sexuality course tonight. Look at the top she’s almost not wearing and check out Mrs. Halston’s cleavage. You could set a lunch tray on that boob shelf.

Holly drops her bra and top to jiggle those fuckable jugs in your face. She tells you to stay after the bell rings. The other students pile out. You stay. First, Mrs. Halston shows you what she’s made of. Her fucking tits, her fucking cunt, her fucking asshole. She’s pretty, tiny and stacked with a 36-inch bust and 32DD-cup tits.

Mrs. Halston’s kept you after class for one reason. A close encounter of the fifth kind. What’s that? Hands, mouth, tits, pussy and asshole. You are going to fuck Mrs. Halston’s pussy and asshole right on her desk. Her pussy and butthole will grip your dick as you slide it in and out. And she’s not going to want you to spray your load of cum in her brown winky. She wants you to pull your cock out of her asshole and put it in her mouth. She’ll wants you to jizz-bomb her tongue so she can swallow all the fucking cum down her throat.

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Boobs With A Smile

Boobs With A Smile

Boobs With A Smile

We’ve enjoyed Sofie Style for a while now but knew little about her. She’s a charmer. We heard Sofie became a mom. She was looking forward to it.

SCORELAND: How much attention do you like a man to give your breasts?

Sofie: It totally depends on my mood. It’s always different.

SCORELAND: Have you shown your SCORELAND photos and videos to any male friends?

Sofie: I showed it to one male friend and he was shocked to see me like that.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate before you go to sleep?

Sofie: Yes, mostly that is the time I do it.

SCORELAND: Please rate your sex drive from 1 to 10.

Sofie: A solid 7.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on a free night?

Sofie: Just chill.

SCORELAND: What kind of exercises do you like to do?

Sofie: I like swimming.

SCORELAND: Do you belong to a fitness center?

Sofie: Not anymore. I did it for some time and, of course, the guys tried to chat me up. But I was not interested. I was there to train.

SCORELAND: Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours?

Sofie: No. Sorry, guys! I wish I could help you.

SCORELAND: Do car seat belts fit you comfortably?

Sofie: I never have any problems.

SCORELAND: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Sofie: No, fortunately not. I’m sorry.

SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beaches or resorts?

Sofie: Yes, I love that. I’ve gone for several years.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear.

Sofie: Just normal bikinis.

SCORELAND: Danke and good luck, Sofie!

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At The Carwash

At The Carwash

At The Carwash

You won’t be getting this kind of service at your local car wash no matter where you live.

Katie Thorrnton begins her detailing in shorts, a halter top and heels and gets all wet and soapy. Piece by piece, her clothes come off as she gives those wheels a sponge bath that should have set off the alarm the second she touched the car.

At this car wash service, lawn chairs should be provided. We’re getting a real education in car wash science here. Our photographer even goes inside the car to show you Katie pressing her big boobs against the windshield as she sponges away. By the time the car is showroom clean, Katie is down to her birthday suit and dripping with suds.

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An Oily Breast Massage For Joana Bliss

An Oily Breast Massage For Joana Bliss

An Oily Breast Massage For Joana Bliss

For the first time at SCORELAND, the famed Joana Bliss has her big, sexy breasts oiled and massaged by the hands of an unseen man. Since her debut in November 2004 Voluptuous magazine, Joana has only flown solo or posed with other hotties such as Crisa or Vanessa Y. It took some getting used to seeing a guy’s hands caress and rub those juicy tits in this POV shoot.

We again ask the question, does Joana drink from the fountain of youth? It seems like she does, or is it her New Age lifestyle of following a vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, performing Tantric sex and meditating?

Before her boobs are anointed with oil and manhandled, Joana shows off her shapely body by parading on the terrace. First, she wears a crop top and denim shorts, then changes into a pink bikini and does some hot walking. After the terrace stroll, Joana takes off her bikini and lies nude on a lounger. She dribbles oil on her world-famous torso and waits for Hands Solo to fondle her luscious bra-busters.

Joana knows all about massage, and she’s massaged girls on-camera. She’s just never explored that side of herself on-camera with a guy. “I know how to do erotic massage,” Joana told us in 2014 during a trip to the Dominican Republic. “I do therapeutic massage on the back.”

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