Encounter With The SuperVixen

Encounter With The SuperVixen

Amy Anderssen chats with SCORE magazine’s editor and then brandishes u exactly why she is so super-popular. Amy is part of Generation Nexxxt, inspired by the SCORE superstars of the Greater than average ’90s.

“I like my whoppers and my booty equally cuz both can acquire played with very well, and they just turn me on. I like when my mounds receive sucked and I love when I am getting rogered in doggy. My a-hole is just bouncing on the guy’s dong, and it is so carnal and sexually excited. It receives me truly juicy.”

“I had solely A-cups growing up. I was very athletic. I used to play basketball and workout a lot. That is how I spent majority of my time to stay with out trouble. I was very flat-chested, and I remember that I went into a hair salon one day, and for the 1st time in my life, I saw this domme with larger than typical, fake love muffins, and I remember looking at her and thinking, ‘This is the most-beautiful mastix I have ever watched. I wanna look love her.’

“So as in a short time as I hit 18, I got a part-time job working at the 7-Eleven convenience store. I saved up $5,000, and I went to a plastic surgeon and said, ‘Put the mountainous implants that you can insert me.’ It was December 17. I was Eighteen years mature. I did not tell my Mother. I just knew what I wanted. I did some research online, I went into the surgeon’s office and I awoke and told, ‘How larger than run of the mill?’ And this skirt chaser said, ‘The giant I could fit was 385ccs. I had gone to a D-cup. I remember intend to my mom’s place and I walk in and this babe looks at me and says, ‘You did your fullsome funbags,’ and I went, ‘Yup.’ They looked great. They looked marvelous. I was so pleased, and I asked the surgeon, ‘When can I go larger?’ That was my first question.”

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