Bathing costume Buster

Bikini Buster

So you’re out shopping for your girlfriend. (Or at least that is the story you came up with the minute u spotted this jugg-tastic honey bunny in your local surf shop.) So, being the great husband that you are, u work out that your girlfriend truly needs a skimpy bikini. (Even though it’s not beach weather out.) So you approach Cassandra, who ironically appears to be to be the same size as your girlfriend. (How convenient!) Wearing your most-responsible, non-threatening smile, you ask her if she could do you a great, big favour and try some suits and model them for u so u can make the majority astounding purchase for your better half. (U actually are the foremost stud there is. So giving and selfless.) Luckily for you, Cassandra is selfless, likewise, and agrees to try on some bikinis for your viewing fun, er, gift research. During the time that that babe changes, you thank your favourable stars that this busty gal is generous enough to parade around, flaunting her assets for u. But wait…what kind of beauty says yep to glamour modeling bikinis for a flawless stranger? A lustful cock-slut, that’s who. Just as u realize that maybe you can receive more than just a fashion expose from this vixen, she widens the dressing room curtain and tells you to come inside for a private viewing. (And the engulfing and fucking of your life! Fortunate bastard.)
It just goes to brandish u, some vixens actually do love the schlong this much.

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