Mambos Brexit

Boobs Brexit

In Britain, there’s tea time, scoops time and under garment time. English rose Aurora Rose comes to fill the cups in a undergarment modeling session.

“I do not always wear a undergarment…unless I have invited a nasty guy around for a cup of tea,” tanalizes Aurora. “A constricted, squashy dress on with no bra is wonderful and then I can cheekily pull out my bumpers.”

Aurora talked about her masturbation and dating habits during a break betwixt the movie scene and photo discharges of this scene.

“I do self-pleasure. I’ve a crystal wand that I use to massage my sacred space and then I focus on my sacred G-spot when I am all juiced up. I plug in my magic wand fake penis and rub it on my love button. I like this.”

“When I’m dating a charmer, I love it when he texts me previous to we meet that that woman chaser is slutty to watch me. This is foreplay for me. I love gazing into a partner’s eyes, being still and holding every other. Being touched in a nurturing and non-rushed way can make me very turned on!”

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