Exposed At Blackjack

Stripped At Blackjack

Majority card games are not designed in the player’s favour. But not at SCORE. The bet is elementary. If you lose, u remove a garment. If Brandy Dean loses, she removes a piece of garments. Either way, u win so go for bust ‘coz Brandy’s packing plenty of hooter in her top.

Brandy’s a blackjack dealer but we prefer to think poker as in “poke her.” Brandy bets that that babe can win the trousers off of you and if not, u receive her voluptuous body absolutely bare and widen on the green felt for u to rod. Take the bet!

Brandy explained her philosophy about sex the final time this babe was here. “There’s subtle sex and then there’s just sex. Sometimes you don’t crave to make love. You want to copulate. Men think the same way as hotties do, but chaps just usually crave to acquire from A to Z. I am more A than Z but not all the time. U gotta have diversity. If not, sex gets boring.” Sex with Brandy could not ever be boring. No banging way.

Miss Dean is holding a pair of 38DDD queens below her tube-top but she can be beaten. “Stores usually don’t have bras that fit me on the shelf. I either dictate ’em or do love this one’s doing and cover them a little, but that doesn’t work very well,” says Brandy and thank heaven for that. Brandy sucks weenie in ways that can make a man’s hair stand on end.

Brandy appears adore a pleasant, corn-fed, wholesome mid-western playgirl. Which she’s. But this babe is also a beauty you wish for indecent, smutty, carnal, spit-covered screwing and engulfing. And we would not urge it any other way.

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