Breast Behavior

Breast Behavior

That spray bottle? It’s for Juliana Simms to spray water over her sheer white Henley so it becomes see-through. It’s a beautiful sight. Juliana is definitely blessed by Mother Nature in the breast possible way.

Juliana is dressed to thrill. High heels, a blue miniskirt and that thin top. Life is good for a breast-man. Even better when SCORELAND can find fantastic girls, and Juliana is every inch a fantasy girl–yet very down-to-earth and friendly.

“I am a good kisser,” says bright-eyed Juliana, talking about what excites her. “I like a man who knows how to kiss a woman. To make me happy, I wish to have a massage first with strong, gentle hands. Then he can make hard love to me and… how do you say it? Make the earth move for me.”

And don’t forget the spray bottle.

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