Miss O’Neil Will Jerk U Dry Now

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

If you know a sexy, busty receptionist who bears a resemblance to Brittany O’Neil and does what Brittany does in this SCORE movie scene, we crave to know her name and info as soon as possible. (Contact us at BeASCOREModel.com)

After playing with her cunt in POV close-up (God bless the photographer of this episode), Brittany tit-fucks and jacks you off with 2 hands and plenty of lube until you spurt like a pipeline geyser in a Texas oilfield. What a mess at the end. What a lady.

Who starts the balls rolling when it comes to sex for Brittany in her off-camera sex life?

“It can go either way,” said Brittany. “It’s a mutual thing. Or sometimes he’ll just be sat there, and I’ll unzip his trousers and take his pecker out. But I usually like to crawl up on the guy’s lap and tanalize him and receive him real rock hard and touch him throughout his trousers, and then I’ll get down on my knees. He’s sitting on the daybed coz I wish him to be relaxed, and then I’ll begin giving him head.”

What about size? As a pornstar, Brittany bonks lots of porn guys with bigger than usual cocks. Did that turn her into a size queen? “For all you lads out there, don’t ever worry about the size. It is not the size. It’s how you do it. It truly is. It is all about your technique. It is not necessarily the size.” The lad in this scene has a regular weenie, not a porn cock.

There is a misconception by the public that porno stars are naturally wanton, unpredictably wild honey bunnys who flash their wet cracks and meatballs in public and get out of control. This is a false stereotype of porn angels. If u ever met Brittany, you’d identify a lady who is proper, fetching and each inch–every greater than typical inch–a class action. You would not think she’s a porn star–unless u found yourself in ottoman with her.

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