Brooklyn Springvalley: Hula Hoopin’ Hooters

Brooklyn Springvalley: Hula Hoopin' Hooters

The history of hula hooping is colorful and interesting, but we’re here to watch bra-bustin’ Brooklyn Springvalley peel off her curve-clinging sports outfit, show off her huge boobs and spank one out.

Stuff you may or may not know about Brooklyn:

She’s a speed-reader. She likes to sing. She plays the ukulele and was on the swim team in school. She plays her boobs like bongos when they’re pushed up in a bra. She loves cosplaying, cosplaying with other busty cosplayers and going to cosplay shows. Cosplaying brings her joy.

“An immediate favourite,” Leigh commented. “Absolutely gorgeous, an incredible smile and goes all the way. Perfect!”

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