Camille Morgan’s Double Header

Camille Morgan's Double Header

Camille Morgan is back at SCORELAND, and now that she’s broken her “camera-cherry” with her 1st boy-girl “Camille Morgan‘s 1st XXX,” Camille wishes more. This babe desires to hook up with 2 chaps. This doesn’t happen often and mostly with European SCORE Beauties. Rachel Adore took on two bucks in Mamazon and Daphne Rosen and Cutie Gee had a foursome. Camille is watching TV with Juan and Sergio but she’s not into the sofa travel. “I’m tired,” she tells them. “I’m gonna receive willing for couch.” “Okay,” Juan replies. “We’re plan to finish this episode and I’ll be right up.” Camille leaves and goes to the bedroom where she really is dolling herself up in lingerie. That babe is not weary. Meanwhile, Sergio says, “Dude, I got to take a make water.” “The bath down here is broken,” says Juan. “You have to use the one in the upstairs hallway.” That suits Sergio just worthwhile. He knows it’s by the bedroom. Just as Camille is about to holster her 34 quad-D milk shakes, this gent walks in. Camille reckoned this and that’s why she is wearing the skimpy scanties. “Are you just intend to stand there and observe?” she says invitingly. Sergio goes for it and starts mouthing her nipps. Camille wants his pocket pal and gives him a orall-service and then rubs it betwixt her humongous jugs. During the time that Juan is wondering where Sergio has gone to, Camille is mounting the stiffie in couch. As that babe grinds and bounces, Juan walks in. “What the bonk is going on?!” this buck says jealously. Caught with his trousers down, Sergio throws Camille beneath the bus, an unsportsman-like move since Camille had thoughtfully thrown Sergio beneath the bust. Her bust. “I can explain…it wasn’t me. This babe just pulled me in.” But Camille is the topmost peacekeeper. Furthermore, this was her plan. “Come here, baby,” this babe tells Juan. “I just wanted a little 2 on one action. U know, I’ve enough titty to go around for the the one and the other of you. If u just do this for me, I promise next time I’ll bring my friend Sheila over with the biggest whoppers. I crave some double shlong tonight.” She puts Juan’s knob in a adore lock to seal the deal. Juan gives in when she grabs his ramrod. “You said Sheila, right?” Juan says. “Okay, I am intend to let you’ve your pleasure this once. You are such a rogering bimbo. But I knew that when I hooked up with u.” Whatsoever Camille Morgan urges, she gets. Don’t ever forget that, SCORE Dudes. And tonight she wants two.

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