Casca Akashova: Desire Her

Casca Akashova: Desire Her

“Good chemistry leads to the best sex,” is adorable Casca Akashova‘s erotic philosophy.

“I love being wanted by the person I want. Sincerity makes me blush. Be honest, be respectful and be yourself with me.”

In this set, Casca’s wearing a very sexy outfit that requires magnification to see what it’s made of. It’s a cross between a swimsuit and exotic lingerie. Her mid-section is not nude. It’s covered by a fine tan mesh fabric that creates the illusion of nudity.

Some have asked about her name. Casca said it’s a mix of Swedish and Russian in honor of her heritage. The tattooed inscription on her left hip “fortes fortuna adiuvat’ means “fortune favors the brave” in the Latin language.

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