SCORE Classics

SCORE Classics

The SCORE Classics opening of Casey James jogging in an apartment complex (with some added slow motion) was truly shown on the Jay Leno-hosted Tonight flaunt in 2009. Jay was definitely impressed. This ladies man couldn’t brandish the rest of the episode. That would have led to early retirement.

After Casey’s jog, this babe feeds the neighborhood ducks, does some garden watering, takes a shower back in the apartment, moisturizes, makes lunch in the kitchen and settles back to look at a copy of SCORE. Leaning back in the comfy chair, Casey fingers her pussy, popping a finger in her face hole to taste her juices as the show ends.

Casey (The Mega-Boob Olympics) was one of the presenters on Boob Cruise 2000, oozing the on-deck striptease unveils and managing other ship and beach activities. She was on 3 Cruises. Majority fans know that Casey is a sports superfan but few know that Casey sings. This babe once told Alyssa Alps, “I have a natural talent that I’d adore to develop. I’ve enjoyed singing since I was kid and I would love to develop my talent.”

One of the gigantic names on the feature dancer circuit when the lap dancing clubs were booking huge-boobed SCORE Angels, today Casey can be observed on her web camera.

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