Cat Grab Fever

Cat Grasp Fever

Sex-on-heels Cat Bangles is showing Largo a house. It’s difficult for him to concentrate on home inspection when big-boobed Cat is wearing a low-cut, cleavage-exposing outfit. Her top shelf sticks out so far u could place a gulp tray on it. No breast-loving man can think str8 in this situation.

“I always suit to unveil off these larger than standard gals. Push-up bras, constricted shirts that flaunt cleavage, wife-beaters…whatever reveals off my juggs, I am wearing it,” Cat told the first time that babe came to SCORE. That babe has our ultimate respect for this attitude. And she urges guys to look. That babe doesn’t suit to show off her naturally monumental mangos and then shoot daggers at boyz for checking out the scenery.

Cat is the total package, blessed with a beautiful face, a curvy, hourglass figure, beautiful legs and a fetching booty. The brunette pussycat stops her demo to point out that she lives in the house across the way…and that that babe needs worthy, stiff bucks in her life. What a sales pitch! This girl’s a winner. “I’ll take the house,” a breastnotized Largo says. “Good,” replies Cat, sticking the key chain between her large pantoons. “Come receive the keys.” And this man does.

Largo lip-locks Cat’s nipps after taking them with out her top. After a nutritious breast-feast, Largo pulls his jock out. It’s time to feed the Cat. Her throat juices leak all over her cleavage as this babe makes a unveil out of mouthing and touching with tongue his lipstick-coated dick and making wicked tongue gestures. They’re the one and the other still clothed, also worked-up to disrobe off just yet. Then Cat holds her gals together so Largo can slide his tool between them as Cat desires him on. Cat’s bra buddies are so bigger than run of the mill, his ramrod disappears. This charmer has been stricken with Cat Grip Fever. There’s no cure.

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