Dr. Rosen, Marriage Counselor

Dr. Rosen, Marriage Counselor

We miss Daphne Rosen. That babe was the paramount talented and always gave 200%. If we had to pick one scene as an example of her hotness, this scene with Carlos Rios would be it. Daphne also looked and dressed the hottest, wearing a top that truly showed off her 34G supersized tits.

This scene was based on Daphne’s interest in sexology, a subject she studied in high-school. Daphne’s done many total sex videos. In this one, that babe is a sexologist. Carlos and his pretend-wife (who was really one of our makeup artists) visit Dr. Daphne to settle their sexual problems.

Carlos complains that his wife will not let him screw her chocolate hole and doesn’t wish to be his fantasy-sex partner. That babe wants romance and affection and complains that this dude doesn’t give her that. Dr. Rosen tries to explain to her that cock in her wazoo can be pleasurable but the wife will not listen. Husband and wife argue and she walks with out the office. Daphne steps in by rogering the hell without Carlos and giving him what this chab urges. The backdoor. Screwing the husband doesn’t do much for the wife but what the hell! Ya can not make everyone pleased.

In our polls, we have asked if you love most of all a scripted episode or just raw act. The results were split in half, as the polls usually are. But the SCORE crew looked at it adore this: if you’re not into an opening story, all u get to do is fast forward. In this case, the story added an supplementary dose of hotness and all ‘coz Daphne commented about her personal interest in becoming a able sexologist.

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