Rock hard SCORE: Marketa

Hard SCORE: Marketa

The SCORE Man’s style of motivational psychology is demonstrated in this video from UNBENDING SCORE #1 starring the great European bra-buster Marketa. Mr. Trousersnake’s goal is to convince Marketa into proving how hot she’s so this guy can slide her the mature trousersnake. Clever yet effective. Step one, getting her to hang out with him, is pro already. Now for step TWO. “You think your zeppelins are larger than hers?” Mr. Trousersnake taunts the Czech blond as they look at a glamour photoshoot of Rachel Like in an issue of SCORE magazine. “My bumpers are greater,” Marketa confidently replies, a little ruffled. Mr. T. then lowers Marketa‘s top to suck on her nipps, then this chab feeds her cock. Here we’ve watched an inspirational form of psycho-linguistics that combines convincement with persuasion. The stud could have been an attorney if this lady-killer could have kept his knickers on but a life banging hot hotty’s love Marketa was too tempting to not look for. Marketa was a mere 19 years-old, yet a very old looking 19, when this babe decided to switch from a nursing career to porn. But this babe really combined one as well as the other life paths in one, in a way, considering the size of those big natural fullsome funbags and became one of the greater than run of the mill three at SCORE with Czech boy-friends Iva and Veronika in films such as Busty Euro Maids.

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