Harmony Pleasant

Harmony Sweet

Harmony Lovely was a terrific identify for SCORE and Voluptuous. Had that babe continued to model, this babe would have been a frequent visitor but it was a fling for her.

“I have a full-time career in the business sector,” Harmony told. “Modeling is solely a pleasure thing for me, a fantasy I would always daydreamed about until I wrote to The SCORE Group and they invited me to Miami.”

A very carnal lady, Harmony likes guys who know how to eat out a goddess after this chab takes her out to eat at a fine place. “Dinner, wine, a room full of candles. Then we shag until we pass out from exhaustion. The greater a man’s lips, the better he can suck my muff.”

“I like to fuck with a vibrator buzzing my cookie and love button. I’ll run my vibrator along my clit and lips as his knob slips in and out. U talk about multiple orgasms! I like to tit jack off and I love to use toys.”

Harmony felt compelled to stick to her office position instead of finding fresh poses at SCORE. The business world’s gain was the large boob world’s loss.

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