Holly Jerks It Priceless

Holly Jerks It Good

And now we come to one of the all-time nastiest, filthiest and sluttiest busty little bitches in all of SCORE, and incidentally a very priceless dominatrix, Holly Halston. A woman who gave up her taut asshole to extramarital jocks just for SCORE in the video My Wife Your Meat.

Leave things in Holly’s hands for this private jerk and tit-fucking party. You’ll be pleased you came. On her. Holly’s got just the right clutch on the situation. This babe always does! That babe has one of the dirtiest throats in all of porndom. And the almost any remarkable palms. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Holly’s non-stop torrent of dirty-tongue chatter. The same tongue that licks up all the spilled sex cream.

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