Holly Wood: Sealing The Deal

Holly Wood: Sealing The Deal

Here’s the thing about a girl having both big tits and a big badonkadonk. She can see who’s looking at her boobs but she can’t see who’s staring at her ass.

Holly Wood is a very determined girl with big tits and a big ass, and when it comes to the real estate industry, she always seals the deal. Resistance is futile against her secret weapons.

She’s ready to get her client Brick Danger to sign on the line and start the closing proceedings on an apartment she’s shown him. Suddenly Brick is reluctant, telling Holly he’s found another deal that has more benefits. That doesn’t sit well with Holly, not when she has those big buns that inspired the nickname Hot Ass. She’s not going to let this deal fall apart. She knows it’s time to aim her irresistible secret weapons in his direction and let him have it.

The sight of Holly’s frontal acreage hits Brick like a ton of…uh…bricks. Brick’s reluctance to sign evaporates when Holly sucks and tit-fucks his cock with her big, soft, heavy boobs and fucks his brains out. He loads Holly’s mouth with his cum to wrap up their negotiations.

“I am very determined, driven and business-minded,” Holly tells us. “I can converse with anyone. My tits and ass attract a lot of attention and open a lot of doors for me. People say I have a magnetic personality.” All the ingredients for winning at any game.

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