Holly Wood’s House-Warming Party Heats Up

Holly Wood's House-Warming Party Heats Up

“My boobs are pretty much double the size they were before,” statuesque blonde bombshell Holly Wood told us. “So, there are two ways to talk about boob sizes. You could talk about actual bra size. I was like a 36DDD or maybe a 38DDD, and now I’m a 38H. Or, as I like to say, just M for massive. That’s all that matters, right? The other way to speak of it is how many CCs they actually have on the inside. I started with 650-700 and now I have 1,250, so literally almost double in size. I have one girlfriend who makes my boobs look small. Other than that, I have the biggest of anyone I know!”

Holly’s ass drives ’em crazy (which is why her nickname is HotAssHollywood) and now her huge tits do the same. Coming or going, the views are spectacular.

Nicky Rebel shows up for Holly’s house-warming party with a gift but he’s miscalculated, or so he claims, and is several hours too early. Looking like twenty million bucks in her leopard print party dress, Holly is getting her place ready for her guests. So what can she do with this early arriver?

Since Nicky is there, and Holly knows exactly why he showed up too early, she decides to have some fun. Holly takes him into her bedroom and gives him what he really wants, starting with her big boobs…so good to suck on. It’s Holly Wood heaven.

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