So this scene of the great Rachel Love has everything. A sunny garden. A soaked tee-shirt. Ridiculously taut a-hole shorts. A garden tights to spray Rachel down with. A lad with a hardon to donate to Rachel. Most of the pics are shot with u, the viewer, in mind as Rachel’s copulate buddy.

When that babe is not feeling the desire to be a bad beauty, Rachel pays the bills with real estate work. But this kind of action is always on her mind.

“After the knob has been in my cunt for a whilst, I love to taste my muff off his pecker, then put that dick back inside. Rough it up again until I acquire so glad, I am intend to end up squirting on it.”

“I think doggie-style allows a little more depth inside my snatch. Reverse cowgirl is not the same cuz I’m in control when I’m on top whereas when it is doggie, my boyfriend is in control, so he knows how much he’s gonna give. When I am on top I wonder if I can take more of it inside me.”

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