“I Got The Power!”

Every tit-man’s fantasy. This scene is dedicated to IT fellows everywhere. The great Maserati returns to score large at SCORELAND in “I Got The Force!” or “How A PC Geek Can Interface His Cable Into a Sexy SCORE Girl’s Port.” Here’s the problem. Maserati is trying to write her paper on her laptop but it’s slow. Then it fizzles out. So this babe calls Juan, her computer-whiz neighbor who works in his company’s IT department. That dude checks out Maserati‘s PC and finds the problem quickly love all iTit boyz do. The force cord was hanging without the wall. (Problem solved fast so we can must her attractive, humongous bouncy bosoms faster.) Maserati is glad another time and when Maserati is cheerful, this babe loves making others glad. Maserati has an app for that and it’s called screwing and sucking. This babe lets her 32G billibongs without her super-scooped halter top and gives him something large, warm, deep and squishy to interface his face with. She rewards Juan with her teats and within seconds, this geek is now a boob freak. This is step one of Maserati‘s bigger in size than standard group-sex theory and her software is designed for it. We ask one time more. Why can not gamers, geeks and techies have a chance to engulf on giant jugs likewise? When u plug and play with Maserati, you’re plugging the finest! A priceless, sloppy irrumation for Juan’s joystick and ball sucking is next on Maserati‘s program. Maserati may not be skillful to fix a computer but she can fix any guy’s wagon and has excited people skills such as drooling mouth screwing and magic jack skills. That babe was not built in China! Maserati mounts his external unyielding drive in reverse cowgirl and bounces away, his stuff filling her port in power thrusts. They don’t need a smartphone to know what to do next. Will Maserati receive that torrent of seed she craves and gargle his google? What Maserati desires, Maserati gets. U do not need an algorithm to figure that out! Wel-cum back, Maserati!

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