Belting Blonde Bra Buster

Strapping Blond Undergarment Buster

Jenna Jayden stretches a tight top, rendering it unwearable except by one more gal as stacked as she’s.
Jenna on bigger in size than average boobs:

“I’m a 38H,” says muscular golden-haired exotic dancer Jenna Jayden, a apprentice from Ohio. “I’m proud of ’em. My bra-busters are just also bigger than average for regular underneath garment stores so I usually need to order my bras online. I love my billibongs and not a day goes by that a lady-killer doesn’t compliment me about my chest. I have seen fellows checking me out travel over their own feet. I’m definitely a cutie who feeds on attention. It gives me energy and motivates me. Wearing very hawt clothes and revealing tops is so joy.”

Jenna on dating: “I do not date much. I do, but rarely. I find go out with sorta awkward and boring. A casual walk or grabbing dinner or drinks is more my style. As a dancer, we all meet a lot of lads. Hearing pick-up lines is laughable, some are funnier than others. I adore relaxing at home but I likewise savour being high-maintenance, plan to salons and spas for tanning and getting my nails and hair done. One day I’ll settle down but not in the near future.”

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