The Office Honey

The Office Hottie

Maggie Green can heat up any office, any corporate workplace. The business world’s loss is SCORE’s gain. in a more mind blowing world, you’d be rogering an office full of huge breasted hotties during the work day. Productivity would actually skyrocket. But no one makes almost certainly of us.

We at not time thought Maggie would do hardcore with boyz when she 1st began glamour modeling. This babe merely did topless. This time, it’s a wonderful thing to be incorrect! Especially with this piece of walking eye candy. Maggie talked sex, screwing and cumming with us.

“Blow jobs are more awesome on my knees coz if I bend over for likewise long, it hurts my back. The Lothario can be sat down or standing up. Sometimes it’s hawt if he can stand over me and shag my face. I like face-fucking. I’ve at no time had a lad wanna stick it down there roughly, but a little gagging is precious. I am into that. “
“I like tons of positions. I don’t really have a prefered. It depends on my mood. I can talk nice-looking obscene.”

“I’m pumped up for tit-fucking. I like to do it. It is one of these things that at 1st, I was love, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the chap indeed acquires into it, and I adore the noise it makes. It makes a hot noise.”
Maggie Green: Office Honey!

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