Meet Ricki Raxxx in the Shower

Meet Ricki Raxxx in the Shower

Ricki Raxxx is taking a shower. You’re invited in, if you can squeeze in next to Ricki and her 44M-cups that weigh ten pounds. She’s got a pair of the biggest areolae you can find. The shower’s going to be a tight fit ’cause Ricki’s girls take up a lot of room. And that’s the truth from us!

As Ricki plays soap girl, the suds drip down her twin treasures and thick black bush. The water turns to steam when it hits her hot bod. She’ll show you how she cums clean. She presses her tits against the glass. Turn up the volume to hear her talking whip-it-out jack encouragement in her sexy voice.

Ricki’s fetish is breast size. “The bigger the better” is her slogan.

“Guess what? My boobs are not big enough. So you’re going to have to keep watching to see me grow.”

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