Michelle, You’re Swell

Michelle, You are Swell

Did anyone await Michelle May to stand on her head just to please everyone? Well, she indeed did, in fotos Thirty eight to Fourty two. So, u see, Michelle is the kind of great cutie who will bend over backwards for u. “Men fall over themselves when I’m braless,” says Michelle. If these same men could see this pictorial, they’d probably need oxygen. In high school, some called her “Tits McGee.” Michelle didn’t mind. “It was all in valuable joy,” Michelle remembered. “No one ever went out of their way to be nasty to me.” Now who would do that to this California angel? Michelle is the only model we’ve photographed who said she had sex on a football field. “I one time dated a dude in college who said that charmer wanted to have sex on the 50-yard line and so one night we snuck into the stadium and we went at it. It was hawt.” So beware! Behind that innocent gal-next-door look is one hot mom.

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