Natasha Sweet: Sweet Dreams

Natasha Sweet: Sweet Dreams

“I’ve watched my SCORELAND videos alone and with someone,” Natasha Sweet replied when we asked her if she watched her videos and looked at her pictorials. “Of course, I had sex watching them.”

Natasha’s voluptuous, fertility goddess body and her way of eye-banging the camera is always a pleasure to enjoy. It’s great to have her back. Her huge tits look even more huge than last time and she’s gone blonde for a new look.

“Natasha could give Micky Bells a run for her money for the title Queen of Cleavage,” Voluptuous editor Dave once commented, impressed by her size and shape and her breastacular talents. And Dave hadn’t even gotten to Natasha’s talent at fucking and blow jobs on-camera.

“I like guys who can be good slaves and guys very good at sex who know how to manage big boobs,” is one of Natasha’s many quotable comments. She needs men who belong to the big hands club to hold onto those knockers.

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