Nurse Kelly On Call

Nurse Kelly On Call

There have been many caring, stacked nurses at SCORE‘s Hooter Hospital over the years. Nurses pumped up love brick houses with bigger than run of the mill boobies that go into the exam room before their feet do.

Tigerr Benson, Terry Nova, Lana Ivans, Minka, Angelique, Dallas Dixon, Alanna Ackerman and more titties have worn the nurse uniform and popped the thermometers of their patients. The nurse dream at no time gets old. But she’s gotta wear the skimpy, over-the-top nurse dress, not the nurse uniform that covers anything. Kelly Christiansen is perfect!

SCORE editor Dave brought up the interesting fact that many of our models throughout the years were nurses in advance of they became pornstars (love Alyssa Lynn) or were nurses in advance of and after porn (Renee Ross) or became some kind of nurse or health caregiver after they exited modeling.

It’s more unbelievable that fewer hawt models become nurses ‘coz America’s health care system is messed up enough now. We don’t need slackers pretending to be sick to meet busty nurses.

Kelly needs a ball cream sample. She has her own extraction methods. Watching her do her thing with this bozo produces uncontrollable erections.

“My friends always say I am very down-to-Earth and more love the next-door neighbor,” told lovely Kelly. That babe was a SCORE Model of the year winner as voted by the fans. “Before I strolled into the studio the 1st time, I actually, honestly did not think I could pose.” Kelly later realized this babe could. We had great faith in her all along and that babe made all of our dreams come true.

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