Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

22-year-old Oksana wasn’t busty until she turned 17. “At home I like to wear casual tops or be naked,” said Oksana. “When I leave my home, I wear a bra.”

Oksana prefers to be in a relationship before she has sex.

“I don’t have sex often. Sex in public sounds interesting but I think I would never dare to do that. I would be too afraid. I’m more relaxed when I have sex in private.

“I like to do blow jobs. I often imagine that a dick is a lollipop, but I don’t like it when they cum in my mouth. My fantasy is I’ve never had sex with a girl. So I really want to try that. I also dream of getting cum inside my pussy.”

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