Joslyn James: The Good Stepmother

Joslyn James: The Good Stepmother

Joslyn James: The Good Stepmother

Joslyn James overhears her stepson Nicky Rebel talking about big tits. Specifically, her big tits, which are bigger than big and look even bigger because she has a slim body. Joslyn charges into the living room where Nicky is on his phone and chides him for speaking about his stepmom like this.

Joslyn has something she wants to get off her chest…and that’s her dress. She taunts him by flaunting her huge knockers in his face. That gets him even more excited. He’s spent a lot of mental fantasy fuel thinking about his dad’s new trophy bride, and now she’s sticking out her giant tits for real.

Joslyn decides to alleviate Nicky’s stress by draining his balls. She tells him she’s tired of seeing him walk around the house with a hard-on. He helps Joslyn strip down, removing her tight dress and thong and shoves his tongue up her pussy.

Joslyn and Nicky shift into a 69 position and have a lick fest. Joslyn is now gagging for a hard dick in her pussy and sticks her ass up for a boning from behind. Nicky’s brain has short-circuited at this point and forgets he’s fucking his hot stepmom. Big tits always win in the end.

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Minka & Letha Weapons

Minka & Letha Weapons

Minka & Letha Weapons

Letha Weapons was one of the greatest SCORE Girls of the 1990s. Like all of the mega-boobed stars of SCORE during that decade, Letha flew to London to shoot her SCORE videos and photos with the John Graham staff. From Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Whoppers to Tawny Peaks and Busty Dusty, every huge-boobed magazine star went there to model. The entire list of girls including naturals such as Alexis Love and Chloe Vevrier is massive. Occasionally, there were shoots in Palm Springs, California. Sometimes there was criss-crossing and the girls were filmed together. Letha and Minka was one of these pairings in London.

Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man John from Des Moines, Iowa once wrote “When Minka first appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and couldn’t wait to see her in other features. She is definitely the biggest-titted Asian woman I have seen, and I hope that she can maintain that distinction for a long time.” Indeed, while almost everyone from that time has retired, Minka continues on.

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Brooklyn Springvalley & The F-Machine

Brooklyn Springvalley & The F-Machine

Brooklyn Springvalley & The F-Machine

Super-busty Brooklyn Springvalley is on her phone and her facial expression makes it clear that this is not a good conversation. She’s getting a “Dear Brooklyn” call from a dude she’s been seeing. He tells her that she needs to be better at sex. This offensive schmuck doesn’t know what he’s babbling about. He tells Brooklyn she needs to “practice, which is even more ridiculous. All of the porn studs say Brooklyn’s as hot as a volcano.

Since automation is taking over the world, Brooklyn doesn’t need this bum and his opinion. She orders a sex machine until she can find a new flesh and blood boyfriend. The F-machine makes girls’ cream their pussies, doesn’t say stupid things and doesn’t leave wet towels on the floor.

To mark her first time with this sex machine, Brooklyn changes into sexy lingerie that could make its hydraulic fluid boil over. She experiments with different robot sex positions in bed, getting throat-fucked, tit-banged and pussy-pumped. Her ex will regret breaking up with Brooklyn when he sees them together at the re-charging station.

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Hooked On Dominno

Hooked On Dominno

Hooked On Dominno

Dominno is dressed, or should we say, partly dressed, to attract a lot of traffic. Surely, some of that traffic will help her steer a horny driver to a room where she can make some cash. She breezily, as if without a care in the world, lights up a cigarette as she waits for a cruiser to pick her up and make her day. She checks her garters, her make-up. Gorgeous. The hottest lady of the night on her turf. She doesn’t have to wait long for business, not with her face and body.

A car comes to a stop and Dominno and the driver play the negotiation game. It goes fast, a deal is made and her trick plays hide the bills as a sort of economic foreplay to stimulate the whore-meter in her.

They get back to her place and the action starts immediately. No wine and chat for them. Her john lavishes his attention on her big bazonkas and curvy hips. Dominno is happy to have a virile, young stud with a big cock to suck. Her beauty and sex appeal get him charged up to fuck the shit out of her. She’s an exquisite piece of ass, and while the clock is ticking, she’s all his. She gets him so worked up, he nuts all over her upraised tits. No doubt, this muttering trick will be cruising by Dominno’s spot again, and very soon. You never know when these streetwalking sluts come and go, and Dominno’s a keeper. He’s hooked on Dominno.

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Kati Rico: Seriously Sexy At SCORELAND

Kati Rico: Seriously Sexy At SCORELAND

Kati Rico: Seriously Sexy At SCORELAND

Kati Rico comes from the land of the hotties. She has a smokin’ horny body and really big, sexy tits. Forget about doing anything else while you check out her photos and video. What Kati’s got and what she’s doing will capture your complete attention. Her eye-banging is one of her many super-powers. Some girls just have this “sex factor” and Kati is a prime example.

SCORELAND: What kind of date is your favorite?

Kati: Go to a park, have a picnic and drink wine.

SCORELAND: Do you keep sex toys under your pillow?

Kati: Yes, and when I masturbate, I like to watch videos and use my toys.

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like?

Kati: Vibrators and dildos.

SCORELAND: Are you assertive or passive?

Kati: Sometimes I’m passive and other times I’m assertive.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you best?

Kati: Kissing my vagina very softly.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Kati: Every day.

SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite position?

Kati: Me on top.

SCORELAND: Any sexual fantasies?

Kati: To have sex with a transsexual.

SCORELAND: What was the most-unusual place you had sex in?

Kati: In the sauna at a water park.

SCORELAND: Sauna? It doesn’t get hotter. Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Kati: One time, I was a bit drunk and I kissed a girlfriend. We got naked and she started to kiss my vagina and I liked it. After that, I started to like women.

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Busty In Red

Busty In Red

Busty In Red

Lily Madison says she can be shy, believe it or not. Shy in what ways?

“Sometimes I can be uncomfortable around people I don’t like, but apart from that, I’m confident. I’m not afraid to make the first move with a guy. I’ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a guy, I’ll let him know it. No sense waiting around.”

Girls with big boobs face challenges that ordinary girls don’t face. “Guys just always shout things about my boobs like, ‘Hey, big tits!'” Lily reveals. “That’s about it. Never anything too imaginative. I think if a guy ever said anything imaginative, he’d probably get my attention.”

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Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

If you’re not a geek in an IT department, you could fast-forward right away to the cock-sucking, but why not enjoy Amy’s tight cardigan show which opens this video? She’s an Otis Sweat painting made flesh.

Seeing Amy Anderssen jerk a hard cock until it explodes cum into her mouth, which then drips on her huge hooters, is one of the highlights of “Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie.”

But let’s backtrack. A computer nerd has been asked by Amy to fix her computer at work. This is a great fantasy for any guy who ever worked in the IT department and dreamed of banging a co-worker with big tits. Actually, big is not the word for Amy Anderssen’s rack. Giant, fucking knockers is more appropriate.

SCORE veterans may remember Amy when she first appeared in April 2007 SCORE magazine. She did not look like she does now. Back then she was Jayna James. She was a blonde Canadian from Ontario with a hot body and big, but smaller, boobs.

“I was totally different,” Amy recalled. “I had way smaller breasts. I think then I was around 900ccs. I was totally blonde. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now I’m going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning.”

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The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

Desiree is visiting a new doctor because her knockers have unexpectedly grown larger recently and she’s feeling a kind of tightness in her chest. The medic tells her to remove her top so he can give her a boob exam. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of this. If he’s lucky, that is. He sure looks like he wants to get to Desiree’s bottom.

Desiree gets off the exam table to remove her tight top. Her miniskirt rides up when she does. The doc is all eyes. Top off, her overflowing tits spill over her 32DDD bra like a river bursting through a dam. The answer is obvious why Desiree feels tightness around her chest. That bra is too small for her. However, her mounded, rounded tits look great in it. They look pretty good and healthy to the doctor. He suggests that he weigh them. She looks around for a scale. There is none. He tells Desiree that he can weigh them with his hands. That sounds like a very scientific way to weigh tits.

“Nice and heavy, eh?” he says while jiggling them. He has Desiree turn around so he can measure them from the back. Yes, very scientific measuring here. Is it a surprise that he graduated from SCORE Medical College?

“Yes, very healthy,” he repeats as he kneads them like dough. He has the redhead shake them and bounce up and down as he continues to check their “health.” Is this dude a real doctor?

He tells her to sit down again, to open her mouth, stick out her tongue and say “Aaah.” Then he sticks two fingers into her mouth. It’s good to see the latest medical breakthroughs being used to ensure Desiree’s wellness. This will be a very comprehensive and detailed breast exam. Not every doctor cares enough to tell his shapely female patients to spit on his cock.

Desiree will be getting a heavy cream pie prescription as a reward later. That’s why the title of this SCORE Video is “The Doctor Is In.” Really in.

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