Nyx Monroe: The Hot Body Girl & The Peeping Tom

Nyx Monroe: The Hot Body Girl & The Peeping Tom

Nyx Monroe: The Hot Body Girl & The Peeping Tom

Slim and stacked Nyx Monroe loves hot, porn-style sex and Nicky Rebel (and JMac and Brick Danger) will testify to that. Nyx goes after what she wants and the hard cock is at the top of her list.

Nicky is in a side-yard when he spots Nyx through her window. At first, he sees only her shapely torso and hangs around to peep some more. Then Nyx spots him. She digs bad boys, so instead of screaming, she pulls Nicky to her so he can suck her nipples and play with her big tits.

Nyx beckons him to come to her bedroom so they can get to know each other with a big bang. Nyx is a wild cat in bed. She gives Nicky a pussy ride that he won’t soon forget.

Nyx has watches her SCORELAND videos.

“I watched them alone, not with a friend,” Nyx said. “I love them. I thought I looked great. I love to give head and watch myself giving head.”

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House of Correction For Busty Girls

House of Correction For Busty Girls

House of Correction For Busty Girls

Larissa Linn doesn’t need any correction in this dank yet colorful dungeon. She does everything right. Hey, she’s worked as an accountant and auditor.

With her beautiful face and hourglass figure, Larissa is a sensation on-camera and has the purring, soft-spoken personality that makes it all complete.

Dressed for mysterious behavior with a dangerous-looking spiked glove and tight corset that can’t contain her big tits, Larissa spends some quality time on the ropes, making herself cum and her nipples hard with oil and pleasuring hands.

Says F-cup hottie Larissa, “I still have trouble finding bras that fit me. It was difficult to find good-fitting bras when I was growing up. My breasts grew so fast that I outgrew my bras. I don’t think my breasts have stopped growing.”

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Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

SCORELAND: You’re wearing mighty hot lingerie in this photo shoot.

Holly Wood: I love fancy, well-made lingerie that shows off my body and feels good against my soft skin. I like seeing a guy’s face light up. His eyes tell me exactly what’s about to happen. The primal, animalistic hunger–that he’s about to have his way with me–gets me wet. I wish I could see everyone’s face when they see me like this.

SCORELAND: What about sex on a first date with a potential love connection?

Holly Wood: Yes, absolutely. Because I’m always horny, and sex–good sex–is mandatory in my relationships. I’m actually very shy when it comes to hot men. I will make a lot of eye contact but he will need to take the first step to say hello.

SCORELAND: You began modeling when you were nineteen but things changed when you began with SCORE.

Holly Wood: It showed me how much I love being on-camera and how much I love being filmed having sex. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve met so many people because of being in SCORE. I’m eternally grateful for the connections and friendships that have blossomed.

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Natasha Nice: Curvy Paradise

Natasha Nice: Curvy Paradise

Natasha Nice: Curvy Paradise

Natasha was the girl with the big boobs in school. “I lost all of my girlfriends when they got so big,” said Natasha. She favors lace, push-up, sports and T-shirt bras to cradle and support her sucklers.

“I prefer to wear tank tops with built-in bras or just sports bras. When I go out, I wear low-cut, V-neck crop-tops with a tight skirt or a low-cut, tight dress.”

“I like having my nipples played with. I masturbate and use my Hitachi wand all the time. It’s insane how hard I can cum. I must look like I’m being exorcised,” Natasha said with a laugh.

Natasha’s favorite kind of date?

“The kind when you come over and I jump on top of you.”

Straight and to-the-point.

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Stacked SCORE Stars of the Big ’90s

Stacked SCORE Stars of the Big ’90s

Stacked SCORE Stars of the Big '90s

They’re not just stacked. They’re MEGA-stacked. The covergirls and centerfolds of the big ’90s in this video: Lisa Lipps, Pandora Peaks, Alyssa Alps, Deena Duos, Colt 45, Minka, Casey James, Letha Weapons, Toppsy Curvey, L.A. Bust, Angelique, Busty Dusty, SaRenna Lee, Lulu Devine, Honey Moons, Tawny Peaks, Kayla Kleevage and Wendy Whoppers.

“I work out and eat right,” said Lisa Lippps. “It’s part of who I’ve always been, who I am, and who I’ll always be. Being in porn, you can’t be a fat, ugly pig and make it. Well, I guess you could, but, why would you want to be when you can work out, eat good and keep yourself in shape?”

Pandora Peaks was a banker. “One weekend I was ahead at the office, so I took the weekend off and danced! It was a thrill, and I received all of this attention. It gave me so much energy. Guys were handing me money like they were potato chips, but that wasn’t important.”

Many of the model columns in men’s magazines were written by male editors who cranked out the copy while eating lunch. This was not the case with SCORE. Alyssa Alps wrote her “On The Road” photo-column for four years beginning with the January ’98 issue and never missed a deadline.

“The ’90s were a very special time for me,” said Deena Duos. She described herself as boring. “I’m a homebody.” She was working as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home when she decided to become a dancer and model. “I actually am a nurse. I have my LPN, but I decided to take a step back from that because I wanted to enjoy this part of my life with my fans. I figured that later on in life, I could always go back to nursing. I’m very much a people person. I like to nurture people.”

“I was unloading clothes and boxes at K-Mart,” Colt 45 said. “But, the waiters at El Chico’s, most of whom were gay, would tell me all the time, ‘Girl, with your body you need to be a dancer.’ They got me drunk on beer, took me to a gay bar and I danced for women. I was drunk. The girls went crazy. I was very shy then.”

Minka: “I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my tennis partner said to me, ‘Why don’t you get into the men’s magazines?’ I said to my friend, ‘How can I do this kind of modeling, showing my pussy and everything? I cannot do that.’ And she said. ‘You have the look. Do it.’ I didn’t even know about the magazines. So she brought SCORE magazine the next day.”

Sports super-fan Casey James went on three Boob Cruises. She was one of the presenters on Boob Cruise 2000, managing the striptease shows and managing other ship and beach activities. After she retired from feature dancing, Casey got into cam shows from her home.

Letha Weapons was SCORE’s covergirl for the August 1992 edition, the second issue of the magazine. Letha was a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show and many other TV talk shows. Supersized girls were a big ratings topic back then. She did her first porn scene with Ron Jeremy. Letha’s also a professional singer and has a social media presence.

Sister of Lulu Devine, Toppsy Curvey, was making headlines in the sports section because she was chasing baseball players around the diamond trying to score a kiss. They called her “The Kissing Babe.” Toppsy’s final pictorial was in April ’96 SCORE. She stopped her dancing road trips and performed in two Massachusetts clubs until she hung up her giant bra.

SCORE‘s first covergirl (June 1992), L.A. Bust, talked about her dancing. “Imagine an exotic dancer stripping down to her G-string or nude if legal and physically seducing you right at your table. We do this by rubbing up and down your body, sometimes stopping with our mouth on your zipper and rubbing our chin on it. Then we turn around and bend over, swaying our hips as if to invite you in. Once your dick is so hard, it’s ready to blow, we sit in your lap and grind our ass on it.”

Many of the girls in SCORE in the early ’90’s were feature dancers. Angelique is the only one in this group who wasn’t, but in 1995, she tried dancing with Minka in London at a club called For Your Eyes Only. Angelique was a popular shipmate on two Boob Cruises. She made a brief comeback to SCORE in 2002.

Busty Dusty sailed on three Boob Cruises: 1995, 1997 and 1998. She was a certified scuba diver and that was worked into several of her photo shoots. “The real reason I ever got into dancing in the first place is because I was stuck in Brazil and my mother paid for me to get back home. I came back to the U.S., had to pay my mother back, didn’t like this thing hanging over my head and dancing was the best way to clean it up. I used to be wild and crazy.”

SaRenna Lee: “I definitely don’t like a guy focusing strictly on my breasts. Most of the guys I’ve had relationships with weren’t breast enthusiasts. They liked butts and feet. I don’t know why they liked me. They got used to them and they dealt with them, but they didn’t originally come to me for that reason. Then, by the time the relationship fizzled, they were breast-men more than they were before.”

Lulu and her sister Toppsy Curvey became known outside of the exotic dancer and big-bust modeling world for running onto major league baseball fields during games in progress and trying to kiss the ballplayers. The newspaper sports columnists loved them. “I became a Blue Jays fan because when I started running out onto baseball fields, the first time was in Toronto. The fans were really responsive to me and enjoyed it. Plus, the ballplayers and the organization were good about it.”

“I’m just myself,” Honey Moons said in an interview. She was a feature dancer living in San Francisco. Her home club was the Market Street Cinema. It was a notorious, anything goes club that was cleaned up after the Spearmint Rhino chain bought it. “I was fired from every club in San Francisco, except Market Street, because I have a low tolerance for shit! People at the clubs always tell me I should be stupid, act dizzy and I’ll make a lot more money, but I don’t like to sell out. I want to be myself and still succeed.”

Tawny Peaks was discovered by SCORE publisher John Fox and photographer John Graham. “I was vacationing in Daytona, Florida working on my tan during spring break when John Graham approached me about modeling and becoming a feature entertainer. I was very shy and a little apprehensive so I just took his phone number and blew it off. About two years later, I found his number and gave him a call.” Before she became super-busty Tawny, she used the name Helena. Tawny sailed on the first Boob Cruise in 1994.

Kayla Kleevage began as an exotic dancer, started her own production company, did mail order, got into the web, became a mentor to other big-boobed girls and also photographed them for the big-bust magazines while she worked on her own career. “I find myself comfortable in T-shirts and jeans. Regular clothes are a little hard to find. I keep saying I’m going to the same store and having somebody make me stuff but I never get around to it. I don’t have a whole lot of normal clothes. I have my slutty stuff and my costumes, which, of course, I get made to fit.” Kayla rides a motorcycle and often attends biker events, such as Sturgis.

When Wendy Whoppers first started dancing, she used the names Lacy and April. When she began feature dancing, she used the name Tommy Tatas. Then she became Wendy Whoppers, a key figure in the big-bust world. Wendy often appeared on the many TV talk shows of the 1990s and became a hardcore porn star in 1993. When she was a guest at adult expos, usually with Lisa Lipps, the lines for autographs were massive. Wendy downsized her boobs in 1997, posed a few times and moved into website design.

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Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Ria is one of those girls who prefers the video camera to the still camera. She likes to keep moving. She also mashes and squeezes her soft, pliable tits a lot. Ria started as an AV (video) model, so that explains her desire for constant motion. She says she gets antsy when she has to hold still for a photo. She would rather keep playing with her boobs and other girl parts.

In this video, Ria can’t keep her hands off her tits. This is a good thing.

Ria is one of the thinnest SCORE Girls and that makes her boobs look even bigger. She has trouble finding bras and usually needs a fitting because her back is so thin.

If you think that Ria spends several evenings a week doing karaoke with her model girlfriends, you pretty much have her pegged. Nothing can tear her away from her social life with her girls.

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Into The Night

Into The Night

Into The Night

If ultra-slim brunettes with big boobs put a rocket in your pocket, Nadia Night may be the girl for you. The Italian-Columbian-American (Florida-born and raised) babe, who lives in California, recruits men with big dicks who know how to use them. Nadia knows exactly how to handle a hard cock with her trained, pierced tongue. If you need your dick sucked by a blow-job expert, she is the one to feed your dick to, morning, noon or night.

Nadia’s not big on masturbating to get off. She’d rather get her cunt walls spread by thick cock. She decided to combine taking off her clothes with fucking as her career goal. There’s always room in show business for a girl who wants to show her business. Here is the proof.

Nadia gives off a nasty, slutty vibe in this scene that feels like old-school porn. This is not for those seeking neck-kissing foo-foo videos for the “erotica” audience. This is raw, raunchy porn for red-blooded men.

Nadia is 6’1″ in what she calls her “naughty, fuck shoes.” She is a girl who likes to taste her pussy. She says it tastes yummy. “Yummy” is a word Nadia uses a lot besides “naughty.” That’s a topic you don’t see much about: girls who like to taste their own pussy juice. How many are there out there? The highest compliment a man can pay Nadia is to drop his nut-glue all over her tits or face or jack his spunk at the sight of her doing “naughty” things.

If you haven’t seen Nadia before, you may find her habit-forming. “I like yummy cock,” says the yum-yum, naughty girl.

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Joana Bliss Phones For Male Service

Joana Bliss Phones For Male Service

Joana Bliss Phones For Male Service

Without naming her, the SCORELAND Blog announced that a well-known, very popular model would be making her boy-girl debut. Over one hundred comments followed. Some guessed correctly that she would be Joana Bliss, one of the all-time greats in big-bust modeling. Others made logical guesses but missed the mark.

Joana began posing in 2003. Our photographers met her for the first time during a trip to Europe that year. Over the years, Joana did girl-girl scenes but always declined offers to do hardcore with guys.

She explained why.

“I can’t just have sex right away…it can’t be just sex. There has to be more of a connection.”

The connection and the timing was right for Joana.

Joana phones a stripper agency to send their best man to come to her place and entertain her. She approves of Deni Adonis when he shows up. They kiss passionately while Joana helps him strip down. Joana can’t keep her hands off his bod and shows him her big, world-class boobs. He sucks her natural wonders and she helps him pull down his pants so she can eagerly get her hands and lips on his cock.

Joana sucks his dick as passionately as she kisses. She tugs his dick and turns around, guiding it into her pussy. Many thought this would never happen on-camera. For Joana, it just took the right connection.

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