Princess Super Doll

Princess Super Doll

Princess Pumpkins is a living doll. Naturally, she dresses love a living doll.

A cam-girl, Princess can’t live out of cosplay. U can tell she enjoys fantasy role-playing. That babe can’t live out of to attend cosplay and comic book conventions in costumes. “I adore movie scene games, sci-fi and manga. I am not really into sports unless you consider female Jello wrestling a sport.” In fact we do. Dominatrix mud and oil wrestling likewise.

SCORELAND: Has anyone ever told to u, “Are they natural?”

Princess: All the time. My second boob job, I thought I was plan to receive rid of that. I was 2000ccs. I thought “There’s no way anyone’s plan to think I have natural wobblers now,” but I got it then and now I still receive, “Those are real, right?” And I say, “No, but please identify me a beauty who has greater than average, merry love muffins adore this and I’d love to see her.”

SCORELAND: I can think of solely a handful of beauties whose hooters are as large as yours. Beshine is one. Do u think Minka is as big boobed as u?

Princess: I do not know. I’m finally up there where my bosoms are as bigger than typical as these girls’.

SCORELAND: I saw on your adult model info sheet that you know Sarah Rae, who’s an XL Beauty. She’s natural. Is this babe as big breasted as u?

Princess: I think I’m bustier than her. Her meatballs are very, very big, and in a undergarment, they look titanic. They are massive, but I still think I’m quite bustier than her.

SCORELAND: At what point did u become fascinated with large, fake fullsome funbags?

Princess: Probably around my second boob job when I was discovering more glamour models love Amy Anderssen, Candy Charms…those adult models really inspired me to get that look of large, round pantoons.

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